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s01e33 - Year End Review and Yikes! Where's Timpsy

It's late, you've lost your mates and some old bloke with a beard is bleating on about his albums of the year. No. Not the New Year's Eve Party you're about to go to... It's the one-man year-end-review episode of Wolfmania the Podcast. This week we ask: where's Tim? And could next week really be the last ever episode? Aiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!


s01e32 - Xmas Special: First order, New Order, A big musical number and everybody learns a lesson

Ho! Ho! Holy sh*t! The Wolfmania Xmas Special is here. And it's seasonally stuffed with all the gifts, gags and years of seething unspoken resentment you'd expect from 51 minutes in the company of your family. This being a showbiz Christmas, of course, we are joined in studio by some very special guests (no spoilers, but its NEW BLOODY ORDER! doing a totally exclusive Christmas song. Yes. Really!) and at the end there's a big musical number, and everybody learns a lesson. Plus! X-Wings...


s01e29 - Unbreak my Heart (featuring Kitty Somerset)

Not going to lie, this week's Wolfmania is a pretty difficult listen. It's probably not for the faint hearted. Speaking of which, Andrew gets some bad news, and struggles to talk about it. Don't worry though, he has no such trouble chatting about the movie S.M.A.R.T. starring Tim, or giving top model David Gandy the business. Oh, and he's written a song. Instead of a will. This is uneasy listening. To make matters weirder, in an out-of-character burst of diversity, the boys are joined in...


s01e28 - True Bromance, Tiny Adventures, Trick or Treat, Trials and Tribulations (mp3)

It’s T time in the Encyclopedia of Everything and there’s True Bromance in the air as Andrew and Tim are joined by very-special-guest-host, nineties heart-throb, Christian Slater (Mr Robot, Gleaming the Cube). Plus! The gang get massively small when they are turned into six-inch Star Wars figures by a mysterious Russian scientist! There’s Trick or Treat trauma in the Wild West Midlands! Trials and Tribulations on the Heritage Rock Trail! Timpsy Time! Throwing up! Weezer! A friendly witch!...


s01e27 - Special Day, Spoiled Brat, Surprise Surprise and Star Wars Figures

It’s someone’s birthday in the Internut Space Station and controls are set for spoiled baby in this week’s very special episode of Wolfmania the Podcast. Andrew, Tim and Big Paws throw a big podcast party (and then an even bigger strop when only Dave Storey the rocking Geordie shows up). There is plenty of potential to ‘feel your presence’ as the gang exchange gifts and talk Star Wars, plus a a bit of “no Luke, I am your Father” when one of those gifts turns out to require a DNA sample....


s01e26 - Rated R, Risky Business, Ramble On, Robot Wars and a Remix

I don't care if Monday's black, Tuesday, Wednesday: Heart attack, Thursday never looking back, it's Friday and I'm at lunch. Today we at Wolfmania have something very special for your weekend: Actual Wolfmania exclusives from LCD Soundsystem and The National! A real robot war! R Rated Erratic IT erotica! A Whiskery bear! The Gig Pig returns! A touching tribute! Getting down with the MAMWOO sound! NHS LOLs Vol 2! Euromillionaires! A kitten on a quadbike! A carrot that looks like a penis!...


s01e25 - Q and A, Q and Not U, Quincy Punks and Quiz Night

Q: Where is the best place to find massive LAFFS, monstrous new music, charming chat (both kinds: serious and silly) AND at least 40 minutes of hot nineties guys playing board games? A: The new ‘Quiz Night’ Episode of Wolfmania The Podcast, of course. In this week’s very special, ever-so-slightly-harrowing, 100 minute monster jam Andrew and Tim pay a surprisingly heartfelt tribute to the great Harry Dean Stanton and Grant Hart (and then ruin it with a still-heartfelt-but-possibly-poor...


s01e22 - Nothing

Famously, Seinfeld was billed as the show about nothing. That was nonsense of course, there were characters, stories and jokes. All the usual boring sell out comedy stuff. Not so in the 'N' episode of Wolfmania the Podcast. No, in 102 minutes of breathtaking broadcasting we really redefine what it means to natter about nothing. Not-for-profit businesses, numbers stations, new music... Plus! All your favourite features: Celebrity Pedalpast! The Gig Pig! Mistakes and Regrets! A dog show! A...


Wolfmania Bitesize - The U2 Ukulele Orchestra

Wolfmania Bitesize is the pocket-sized podcast perfect your busy lifestyle. Mechanically separated laff morsels that you can eat between episodes. Best bits and bloopers from Wolfmania the Podcast with Andrew and Tim. It has the greatest theme song ever recorded. This week. The U2 Ukulele orchestra.


s01e20 - Marc Maron

WTF! We've had to keep this one under our hat a bit, but this week, to celebrate the half-way point in their incredible chat journey, Andrew and Tim travel to LA to meet up with King of the podcast Marc Maron and talk about their craft! What the Flip! Plus! Gavin Rossdale from Bush is stopping on the futon! Big Paws the cat gets a clipboard! Enough new jingles to last three Christmases! Our milkshake brings all the nerds to the yard! Celebrity Pedalpast! The girl on the platform's smile!...


s01e19 - Leonard, Luther, Loch Ness, Legends and Lagerbeck

Andrew and Tim are reunited in the internut space station on the hottest day of the year and celebrate with an extra long, extra sweaty comedy jam. Marvel at the mysteries of the deep as we explore the depths of Loch Ness! Thrill to the behind-the-music exploits of the legend Luther Grosvenor, Uncover the Scandinavian noir crimebuster Lagerbeck (insert your own umlauts on that). Plus! the ghost of Leonard Nimoy! KISS live! Country Grandma! Michael Portillo! MORE! MORE! MORE!


K-Town (Chapter 3)

The concluding part of K-Town from Wolfmania the Podcast and This West Midland Life. Everybody dies.


K-Town (Chapter 2)

What follows bad news? Bad sport and worse weather. New from Wolfmania and This West Midland Life, K-Town is a podcast that delves into the just-about-beating heart and troubled mind of a middling carpet town a bit South of Birmingham and forty miles east of Wales. This week's treasure hunt uncovers some thick soup, a surprising amount of Captain Beefheart and a little bit of Mark Clemmit. Plus! pooh sticks on the radio! Live Mini Golf! Everybody learns a lesson! Chapter Two: Everything...


s01e15 - Just me then, Jobs, Jaw dropping sentence and Jersey Boys

When Wolfmania is struck by the sidekick strike, Andrew is faced with a dilemma. Strike out solo, or create a CGI Tim out of newspaper, string and a bit of bad back. You know, like they do in the Star Wars films. This week's fun-filled fifty minutes features BIG CHAT (TM) about jobs, and the most jaw-dropping sentence ever spoken on the radio (or anywhere else) plus, we are joined in studio by internet fashion vlog sensations (yes, that's a thing) The Jersey Boys to learn about 'the 5...


s01e13 - Wolfmania Late Night - Higher than Hell, Hot Dates, Heaven and Hell - Explicit Content

Things get HOT! HOT! HOT! in the easier-to-edit / not-quite-ready-for-bed-yet LATE NIGHT version of Wolfmania the Podcast. This week, in a move likely to cause years of psychological trauma. Andrew catches up with Tim in his childhood bedroom and grills him about his hottest date ever and getting higher than hell. Plus! Heaven and hell! What is English Dim Sum! Harpsichord stories! Hugh Jackman update! Wolfpack's Paradise and 'I Like to Get High'!


s01e12 - Heavy Metal, Heroes and Villains, Holland Hates Me, Hair and Hardware Megastore

Like all the best concept albums and toilet paper, Episode H of Wolfmania the Podcast is tough, strong and very, very long. In this career-high instant classic, Andrew pays tribute to the headbanging heroes of heavy metal, raising a horned goblet to Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest and legendary Loughborough video diarist Chris Needham. Meanwhile, Tim gets a very metal eye test and loses his mind listening to some seriously Satanic sounds. But that's not all (oh, you're going to wish that was...


s01e10 - Game of Pricks, Geordie Gangster, Gandalf Style, Godfathers of Grunge, and Golf Rap

Episode 10 of Wolfmania the Podcast ain't nothin' but a G Thang. And it really is quite a thang. This week Andrew and Tim meet Magneto in an off licence, unearth an unreleased rarity from a mystery Boston grunge band and unleash Geordie Gangster, the greatest song in the history of pop. Twice. But that's not all! We horrify They Might Be Giants, snigger at a bad tattoo and, seeing as how this is Masters week, bring you m-m-m-m-m-mind golf, the zen of Caddyshack and three minutes of...


s01e09 - Festival Fever, Function, Fishermans Grotto and Fossil Hunting

Episode F of Wolfmania the Podcast is a sprawling, glittering, chat odyssey. An epic word jam full of laughs, songs and sort-of facts. This week, Tim and Andrew come down with a terrible dose of FESTIVAL FEVER (everything’s a festival these days isn’t it?) FISHERMAN’S GROTTO! (The adventure! The horror! The fashion!) and FOSSIL HUNTING ON THE RADIO (can we dig it? Yes, we can). As if that wasn’t enough, we unveil Tim’s FURTIVE FEATURE and listen to the amazing ‘MY OWN NEWS’ an exclusive...


s01e08 - Wolfmania Late Night - The F Bomb (explicit content)

Come over to the dark side with the first episode of Wolfmana Late Night - the slightly more erratic, marginally more erotic after-hours version of Wolfmania the Podcast. This week Andrew and Tim drop the 'F' bomb and talk filth, fighting, fear, football and freedom. Or at least they try to. (If you found this episode on an Indian restaurant menu it would probably have two little chillies next to it.) Episode F features the songs 'Wolfmania Late Night' and 'How Do They Stay in the Air'...


s01e07 - Magic E, Early Stuff, Extra Terrestrials and Egg Battle

Extra big, extra funny and a-bit-more-clever-than-you-think, this is the best episode of Wolfmania the Podcast EVER! Andrew and Tim open up the Encyclopedia of Everything for a bit of Magic E and unearth some practically Jurassic Early Stuff! If that's not enough, there's an extra terrestrial abduction, an utterly brutal EGG BATTLE and (hold the front page) the boys get a sponsorship deal. Plus! Rain, Sleet and Snow! Andrew evolves! Brian May! BADGERS! Sisqo! Thumbs up from a ghost! A rare...