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Episode 26: Brian Moses, Host of Comedy Central Roast Battle

Hello Working Comic Fans! I interviewed Brian Moses, the host of Comedy Central's hit show "Roast Battle." We talk about a TON of super cool stuff. In this episode, I learned that he essentially CREATED THE ROAST BATTLE FORM! Wow, that's huge. This interview is super informative and I attempted to break it up by topic below if you want to skip ahead to different parts. Hope you enjoy! Here's what we cover: - Pornhub Awards (0:50) - Formation of the Roast Battle (~10:00) - Selling a show to...


Episode 25: Fahim Anwar (From Hour Lunch Breaks To Hour Specials)

I interviewed Fahim Anwar! He is really cool and shares a ton of wisdom from his experience starting stand up in college (at UW) to becoming a Mechanical Engineer at Boeing in Long Beach to making it big in LA and getting an hour stand up special and, as of recently, an hour sketch comedy special! From his bio: "Fahim Anwar is a Los Angeles-based standup comedian, actor and writer. Formerly an aerospace engineer at Boeing, Fahim traded the cubicle for the stage and has never looked back. His...


Episode 24: Brent Pella (NACA Comedy, Character Work, Stand Up Cartoon)

In this episode, I interview the very talented character comic, actor, and comedian Brent Pella. His comedy sketches and music videos have gained millions of views around the world and have been featured on Funny or Die, College Humor, BroBible, The Chive, and Worldstar HipHop. In this episode we talk about: - NACA College Shows - Doing his first hour - Comedy and Health - WHERE to put characters in comedy? - UCB and Groundlings Improv - Making a stand up cartoon (Dane Cook style)


Episode 23: Chad Kroeger ("Chad Goes Deep" not Nickelback)

In this episode of Working Comic Podcast, I interview Chad Kroeger from "Chad Goes Deep" on YouTube. Chad rose to fame when a video of him asking San Clemente City Hall to erect a statue of Paul Walker went viral. He made a name for himself by making similar viral videos. Chad is an activist and budding comic that you can catch on his web series "Get Sent" on Facebook. This interview is honestly very weird and pretty different from the previous ones. Half way through, my buddy Derek 2000...


Episode 22: Bo Johnson (Kevin Hart's "Hart of the City")

Bo Johnson is a good friend of mine and an up and coming comic in the Pacific Northwest! He's been featured in Seattle's Bumbershoot music festival and Kevin Hart's "Hart of the City" show on Comedy Central. He was also just featured in Montreal's "Just for Laugh's" for Kevin Hart's stand up comedy app "LOL." We talk about a ton of cool things in this episode including: - Getting TV Credits - Producing shows to get stage time - Early stand up success - Competition Set vs Normal Set...


Episode 21: Andrew Rivers on 4-Walling, Touring, and Putting Stuff Online

Sorry for the delay in posts recently! I am in the middle of moving to Los Angeles and have been on a pretty hectic schedule. Last week, I had the opportunity to interview the very funny, talented, and entrepreneurial Andrew Rivers. Andrew has several stand up comedy videos with millions of views online and has toured both nationally and internationally. In this episode, we cover the following topics: - Viral internet stand up comedy - Effectively promoting shows and 4-walling - What comedy...


Episode 20 1/2: Rob Schneider (Short)

In this short episode, I talk with Rob Schneider after I drive him home from Laugh's Comedy Club in Seattle! He gives me some great comedy advice. Full blog post on


Episode 17: Multi-City Producing and Featuring with Erin Ingle

In this episode, I had the chance to speak with Erin Ingle. Erin is one of the first people I met in the Seattle Comedy Scene when I moved out here. My friend Nathan Mosher told me to message her when I came to Seattle because she is so friendly and well known within the scene. Erin is the Head Producer at Jai Thai's Punchline Comedy Shows - these guys put on some of the most happen' shows in Seattle. They're basically at the heart of the Seattle DIY Indie comedy scene. She also just...


Episode 16: Ryan O'Flanagan (30 Minute Comedy Central Special, American Vandal)

In this episode, I interviewed Ryan O'Flanagan. You may know him from his viral sketch comedy group Dead Kevin or maybe you've seen him in American Vandal, Corporate, or New Girl. In this enlightening episode we talk about: - Getting on Funny Or Die - Sketch comedy - Joining American Vandal - NACA and College Comedy - His Comedy Central Special - The pilot pitching process - Croissant Party 2k18 Enjoy this episode!


Episode 15: Emmett Montgomery Part 2, Character Work and Last Comic Standing

This is part II of my interview with Seattle's Favorite Comedian, Emmett Montgomery! Emmett is a stand up comedian, storyteller, puppeteer, character comic, curator of talent, and just a quirky cool guy. You might’ve seen him at Bumbershoot or on Last Comic Standing! Emmett talks about a ton of cool stuff in this interview including: - Coming up with new characters - Why watching drag and professional wrestling will make you funnier - How to do comedy professionally against all odds - Having...


Episode 14: Emmett Montgomery, Comedian and Cultivator of Human Emotion

Hi Working Comic Fans, this is a very epic episode! I interviewed Seattle's favorite comedian, Emmett Montgomery. Emmett is a stand up comedian, storyteller, puppeteer, character comic, curator of talent, and just a quirky cool guy. You might've seen him at Bumbershoot or on Last Comic Standing! I really enjoy this interview because it gives Emmett a chance to showcase his incredible storytelling skills. He is absolutely captivating and runs some really cool unique shows in Seattle that will...


Episode 13: The Joke Editing Process with Sarah Martin

Hey Working Comic Podcast fans, I had a very interesting episode with Sarah Martin. In this episode we cover the joke editing process and talk about the following: - What bits to do at open mics - Which bits to develop - How to allocate stage time at mics - Recording sets - Reviewing your recording - The New England Comedy Scene


Episode 12: Bill Conway, Co-Founder of TheHardTimes.Net (1m+ unique visitors per month)

In this interview, I speak with Bill Conway and we discuss his experience creating The Hard Times, an online satirical newspaper with over 1,000,000 unique visitors every month. In this episode we talk about: - Creating viral content - The nature of the internet landscape for comedy - Leveraging social media for your comedy career And more! Hope you all enjoy this one.


Episode 11: Natalie Holt (Comedian and Producer), How to Run a Great Open Mic

In this epsiode, I was lucky enough nto meet up with Natalie Holt. Natalie is a leader in the Pacific Northwest Comedy scene. She produces several shows and runs the famous Comedy Undergroud Open Mic, the longest running comedy open mic in Seattle. Natalie has appeared at Seattle's large Bumbershoot festival, the 208 Comedy Festival, Asheville Comedy Festival, and 10,000 Laughs. In this interview we talk about some of the following: - Natalie's first stand up comedy experience - The state of...


Episode 10: Chris Reinacher, Former BuzzFeed Star, Going Viral and STILL Being Funny

In this interview, I had the privilege of meeting with Chris Reinacher. Chris is a former Buzzfeed celebrity and current writer, actor, improvisor, filmmaker, and editor to name a few. He has over 800k followers across his social media platforms and has mastered the craft of making viral content that is ALSO funny and doesn't sacrifice comedic integrity. In this interview we talk about a lot of cool things including: - Being in a popular sketch group - Learnings from BuzzFeed - Dealing with...


Episode 9: Building UCLA Comedy Scene featuring Nathan Mosher

In this episode of Working Comic Podcast, I co-host with one of my best friends, Nathan Mosher. Nathan Mosher is a stand up comic based out of Los Angeles. He helped me start and run Shenanigans Comedy Club which has grown to be one of the biggest comedy groups at UCLA. In this more free-formy episode, we share our experiences producing shows and developing a comedy scene from the ground up. We recorded this out of my girlfriend's car in Westwood right before performing at Boyband at The...


Episode 8: Kortney Shane Williams (Best in Northwest), Opening for Chappelle, Producing an Album

I had a great phone interview with Kortney Shane Williams - one of the TOP comedians of the Pacific Northwest Comedy Scene. We talk about what his experience was like getting into comedy, how to produce a comedy album, how to open for Dave Chappelle and Hannibal Buress, what moving to New York TWICE is like (and back), and some tips for up and coming comics! Enjoy!


Episode 7: Susan Jones, Road Warrior & Prepping for EVERYTHING from Bar Shows to Cruises

Hey guys, welcome to Episode 7 of Working Comic Podcast. In this episode, I had the privilege of interviewing the great Susan "Cupcake" Jones. Susan is a nationally touring comedian that has toured with Dana Carvey and Rob Schneider. She's been featured on several networks and just dropped her 30 minute album on Ride TV. In this conversation, we cover the following topics: - Handling crowd work - Preparing for different types of shows (i.e. bar show, club show, theater show) - Building a 30...


Episode 6: Ahmed Bharoocha, Different Comedy Scenes, Nailing a Late Night Set, and Sketch Comedy

This past Sunday, I had a fantastic interview with Ahmed Bharoocha. He was generous enough to have Marlina (my girlfriend) over his house on a Sunday evening even though his little baby was sleeping. Ahmed is a stand up comic featured on Conan O'Brian and Comedy Central (30 minute special), was featured in Montreal's Just for Laugh's, has a viral sketch comedy channel called Dead Kevin, and is on Adult Swim's Dream Corp LLC. In this conversation we cover a variety very interesting topics...


Episode 5: Michael Rousselet, from Cult Leader to 5 Second Films to Cyanide and Happiness

I had the amazing opportunity to interview the Michael Rousselet. Michael is one of the original members of the viral success YouTube channel '5 Second Films' which has featured Patton Oswalt and Weird Al Yankovic, he wrote the comedy movie 'Dude Bro Party Massacre III', is currently a writer for the popular online cartoon site 'Cyanide and Happiness', and STARTED the cult following for the movie "The Room." He is a very cool guy and I gained a lot of valuable insight about writing and...