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The Best of Worst Episode Ever - Volume 1

It's the greatest hits of Jack and Dan, courtesy of listener Peter Wakeman (or Ghostbuster Peter Venkman?). Enjoy reliving some of our favorite moments from our first 100 or so episodes, or listen to it for the first time! Visit us at: www.weepodcast.com Discuss at: www.reddit.com/r/worstepisodeever Shop through: http://amazon.weepodcast.com Support us at: https://www.patreon.com/weestudios Sign up for the newsletter at: newsletter.weepodcast.com


WEE #125: Everything's Going to Shit Podcast (S10E19 - Mom and Pop Art)

Dan and Jack noses their thumb at season 10's Mom and Pop Art, an episode with a couple of famous lines where Homer becomes a renowned outsider artist. What are the two types of Simpsons podcasts? Which Simpsons spin-off almost came out in the 90s? Who should join the cast of Westworld? Can you name everyone who's dead? All that plus snapping the fiction, WEEcoin, full fuckin' arcs, and Wiggum-Santa Corner. NEXT TIME: Season 17's The Seemingly Never-Ending Story Visit us at:...


WEE #124: Thick Bits (S21E17 - American History X-Cellent)

Dan and Jack celebrate Independence Day: Revocation with Season 21's American History X-cellent, an episode where Mr. Burns goes to jail and is also canonically a Nazi. What's in Jack's Dumb folder? What other fluids have a pre-form? Who the fuck cares? All that plus our thoughts on Arrested Development's season 5, TV tells, bee plots, Clapping With the Klinks, and good ideas done poorly (good ideas and they're done poorly.) NEXT TIME: Season 10's Mom and Pop Art Visit us at:...


WEE #123: National House of Pancakes (S15E13 - Smart and Smarter)

Goth-adjacent Jack and Dan watch Season 15's Smart & Smarter, an episode where Lisa becomes jealous of Maggie's genius, sabotages her, and loses her identity. What should they call the second Simpsons movie? How much should we talk about pop culture? Is this the break? All that plus Wiggum-Nothing Corner, the Jedi vapors, Pontius Berry, and Smart and Smarterer: When Maggie Met Lisa. NEXT TIME: Season 21's American History X-Cellent Visit us at: www.weepodcast.com Discuss at:...


WEE #122: Daft Mug (S22E21 - 500 Keys)

Birthday boys Dan and Jack gift themselves with a possibly good Season 22 episode, 500 Keys, featuring four key-based storylines that may or may not intertwine or actually be entertaining or logical. Who has the dirtiest of butts? What is the only reason Dr. Manhattan exists? What's the number one video on YouTube? What's your favorite unit of measurement from the back of a marble notebook? All that plus two mugs, giant neon mug helmets, Mike Muggings, and our favorite root beer...


WEE #121: The Falling Maude (S11E14 - Alone Again Naturally-Diddily)

Dan and Jack bamf the fiction and discuss Season 11's Alone Again Naturally-Diddily, the infamous Simpsons episode where Maude Flanders is killed. What does Jesus do in The Book of Maude? Who is in Aquaman's rogues gallery? Why isn't Josh Brolin Juno enough for you? All that plus The Looming Frowers, Margers, Banjeemus, trigonometry humor, and the Mighty Morphin Podcast Rangers. NEXT TIME: Season 22's 500 Keys Visit us at: www.weepodcast.com Discuss at:...


WEE #120: Mayoween IV: Same Podcast, Different Dimension (S29E04 - Treehouse of Horror XXVIII)

Jack and Dan are back with another season of episodes, starting off with their fourth annual Mayoween celebration and watching Season 29's Treehouse of Horror XXVIII, the most recent Halloween special that forced us to watch Homer cook and eat himself. How will Jack die? Is Grandpa Joe a scumbag? What's a more fitting line for the Bible? Is Dan's mic on mute? All that plus lodge-is-ins, country-fried bumpkin, Vampire Seinfeld, and Classic Literature Lines with Jack and Dan. NEXT TIME:...


WEE #1.5: First Episode Ever Extended Cut (S11E13 - Saddlesore Galactica)

For the first time ever, we're releasing the very first audio recording from WEE Studios, the pre-roll takes from WEE #1: First Episode Ever, covering Season 11's Saddlesore Galactica. Also included are the parts of the conversation initially left on the cutting room floor, before we released deleted scenes minisodes. After several attempts at both scripted and unscripted introductions, Jack and Dan blindly attempt at recording a podcast with little to no preparation or knowhow. All that...


WEE #119.5: Me Jack, You Dan Outtakes

Deleted scenes & outtakes from WEE #119.5: Me Jack, You Dan including more banter and stories from "Dan" and "Jack." Is it easy to tell our voices apart? Do we care about our WEE Newsletter? Who doesn't love Jell-O Pudding Pops? All that plus possible names for the episode, Tim "The Stephen King Man" Taylor, and video games and all sorts of 90s shit. www.weepodcast.com


WEE #119: Me Jack, You Dan (S15E12 - Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore)

Don't jerk us around and listen to Jack and Dan watch Season 15's "Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore," an episode where Bart and Lisa get too close for comfort and Homer becomes a hobo and shouts gibberish, because comedy. Why did we lose 90% of our audience? Do happy people play the harmonica? Why was Dan asked to stop using the sensory deprivation tank? All that plus Simpsons Fashion Police, RSJWs, panhandlin', and The Reawakening of Vincent Vega. NEXT TIME: We're not sure! Visit us...


WEE #118.5: UNCUT Bourbon Please IV with all Outtakes

​If you want to see what it's really like, here's the completely unabridged raw audio from our drunken New Years episode, WEE #118: Bourbon Please IV: Nunb & Crumb: A Star Wars Story, with over an hour of previously unreleased audio. What did we think of the paper-cutter gag? What did we think of the mo-cap gag? What nonexistent marathon is Jack trying to DVR? When are we coming out with the WEE Studios Christmas album? All that plus lots of scooching, our Pee-Pee Time podcast, all the...


WEE #117.5: Breaking the Fiction Outtakes

Outtakes and several deleted conversations cut for time from WEE #117: Breaking the Fiction, including discussions about the Otto gag, the Milhouse gag, the Twilight Zone gag, several Rainier Wolfcastle gags, and an extended talk about the episode's Eye on Springfield opening. What does Kent Brockman have in common with Oliver Stone? Why does Jack look like Julius Caesar? What the hell was "Bart of War" about? All that plus Wings-based bits, Chuck O' the Irish, Groophic's Batman cameo and...


WEE #117: Breaking the Fiction (S14E09 - Strong Arms of the Ma)

Dan and Jack try recording for the first time from separate locations and watch one of their most requested episodes ever, Season 14's Strong Arms of the Ma, an episode where Marge takes steroids and sexually assaults Homer. What happened to our original Bay Ridge Studio? How close is Jack to becoming a hobo? How does Burgess Meredith's Mickey like his Batman Begins DVDs? All that plus Moetic license, racist elbows, the fourth trimester, our Conference Call Humor Podcast, and bus stop...


WEE #116.5: Do Your Kids Know About Paul Bunyan? Outtakes

Deleted scenes and outtakes from WEE #116: It's 10PM, Do You Know If Your Kids Know About Paul Bunyan? including discussions about a Wiggum joke and Connie's name. What's wrong with this world? Y'all ready for this? All that plus circadian podcast rhythms, pinging our brains, and Warm Warm Meh. www.weepodcast.com


WEE #116: It's 10PM, Do You Know If Your Kids Know About Paul Bunyan? (S12E21 - Simpsons Tall Tales)

Jack and Dan cry tears of laughter and say Goodbye Solid Gold Brick Road for one final recording in WEE Studios Prime and watch Season 12's Simpsons Tall Tales, featuring three Americana vignettes and lots of hobo humor. How tall are these tales? What episode do WEE want to see in Season 30? Can you name our new legally distinct alien character? It's 10pm, do you know if your kids know about Paul Bunyan? All that plus butt-based humor, winky-winky jokes, True Stories from the Kubrick...


WEE #115.5 - Dewy Dewy Come Outtakes

If you missed the full video livestream of WEE #115 - Dewy Dewy Come, there was plenty you missed that didn't make the final cut - and now it's finally available in all its outtake-worthy glory! You know what was good? You know what wasn't good? Does Homer have a Shinning with Bart? All that plus Bart's Poon Party, Frederick Goldberg, and WEE Toronto's Strange Brew Podcast. ​ NOTE: Life stuff has thrown us off our normal schedule, but we have a few new full episodes coming before year...


WEE #115: Dewy Dewy Come (S15E04 - The Regina Monologues)

Jack and Dan are live on Periscope to formally say goodbye to their original Bay Ridge studio and watch Season 15's The Regina Monologues, a Moon party and guest star-filled Simpsons Go To London episode. What's the opposite of oomph? Do you want to live with Jack and Dan? Who's the fourth member of Dart for Dart's Sake? All that plus Nilpod, "We're Here" episodes, Frew Stretch, and the Podcast's New Clothes. NEXT TIME: Season 12's Simpsons Tall Tales Visit us at:...


WEE #114.5: Octoween III: Megans and Arnolds Go First Outtakes

​Outtakes from WEE #114 - Octoween III: Megans & Arnolds Go First including mostly nothing to be honest. What Flaming Moe joke has always gone over Jack's head? What can't we think of anymore? What Marvel movie did we see together? All that plus the Story of the Typo, gawblets, and our Lil' Jon Podcast. www.weepodcast.com


Worst Episode Ever #114: Octoween III: Megans and Arnolds Go First (S16E01 - Treehouse of Horror XV)

Jack and Dan host their third Octoween special, covering their fourth Halloween episode in October, Season XVI's Treehouse of Horror XV, something which is not confusing at all. Bookended by the Perfect Strangers theme, this Simpsons entry covers vignettes spoofing The Dead Zone, Victorian England(?), and Fantastic Voyage. What episode is this? Don't you want to see Flanders murdering someone? What will The Simpsons' patriotic 30th Season look like? And what's the WEE Cult's second rule?...


WEE #113.5: 1 For Them, 100 For Us Outtakes

Deleted scenes and outtakes from WEE #113: 1 For Them, 100 For Us including a discussion about the color of the Canyonaro and another 100 more for us. Why was our unedited Cut All This too tasteless to leave in the final cut? Which came first: Curtis E. Bear or Sexual Harassment Panda? What do we think about Billy on the Street? What did Burt Reynolds and Willem Dafoe co-direct? All that plus more of our bad driving stories, the Hippo-Chrissy, and Podcheck: our all-Paycheck...