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WEE #131.5 - Bourbon, Please V: Mayoween V: Another Another Cthulhu Raw Unedited Cut

Was our two-and-a-half-hour season finale not long enough for you? Check out the raw, unedited cut of our latest annual drunken WEE, including nearly an hour of material left out of WEE #131: Bourbon, Please V: Mayoween V: Another Another Cthulhu. What was the origin of Pee Pee Time again? How long is a dog's age? How do we rank the Chrises? All that plus carcinogenic mic filters and our William Sadler podcast. www.weepodcast.com


WEE #131: Bourbon, Please V: Mayoween V: Another Another Cthulhu (S30E04 - Treehouse of Horror XXIX)

Live on Periscope, it's our season finale! Jack & Dan carry the V with special guest Geoff Wolyniec and get drunk and more to cover Season 30's Treehouse of Horror XXIX, an episode that shows us the wrong things. Where are the Black Mirror parodies? How do you do a gravestone joke? Why isn't "Sit Down, Shut Up" on Netflix? Who says "baby" now? All that plus much, much, much more, including Wiggum-Lisa corner, joke limbo, L. Ucifer, and Passage Talk with Jack and Dan. Visit us at:...


WEE #130.5: Under the Precious Nipple You Were Raving About Outtakes

Once again, Jack didn't tell me what's in this episode, but it is deleted scenes from episode 130. I hope you enjoy it. I know for a fact that we just breathe into the microphones and go back to barking for a little while. Enjoy? www.weepodcast.com


WEE #130: Under the Precious Nipple You Were Raving About (S19E08 - Funeral for a Fiend)

Jack and Dan watch yet another episode in the ongoing Sideshow Bob saga with Season 19's Funeral for a Fiend. What is Kirstie short for? Who do you masturbate to? Who is the Crimson King? All that plus new bus stop character Pitron, good hamlettes, the Book of Demo, and the return of Dan's product placement conspiracy theories. Visit us at: www.weepodcast.com Discuss at: www.reddit.com/r/worstepisodeever Shop through: http://amazon.weepodcast.com Support us at:...


WEE #129.5: No Lust for Old Pods Outtakes

Jack usually sends me a little recap of what's in the deleted scenes, but he didn't do that this time, so it's a mystery to me and to you. www.weepodcast.com


WEE #129: No Lust for Old Pods (S24E09 - Homer Goes to Prep School)

This week Dan & Jack watch season 24's Homer Goes to Prep School, an episode that is not about for-profit institutions but doomsday preppers led by Tom Waits. What can't you prep for? How are the kids pirating Sync Points? What's wrong with watching children? Or would you rather be a fish? All that plus Bit Bingo, winkwink.com, mommy-wives, and the classic tale of getting come in your eye. Visit us at: www.weepodcast.com Discuss at: www.reddit.com/r/worstepisodeever Shop through:...


WEE #127.5: Pear Nerfect Outtakes

Deleted scenes and outtakes from WEE #127: Pear Nerfect including our Mission: Impossible podcast, Uptown Dan, Uncle Cousins, Jack's Staten Island kangaroo story, and Dan's spot-on impression of Simpsons Index host Elliot Jay O'Neill. www.weepodcast.com


WEE #128: I Pity the April Fool (S25E04 - YOLO)

This week on the Fyre Festival of WEE episodes, Dan and Jack are unstuck in time and watch Season 25's "YOLO" and rank it on our patented OPIH scale. What is the trouble with Hank? How is this episode like a vegan restaurant? Who or what is Ack by Ack? All that plus Paul Blarf, animaticmanics, jah vort, and Jeni from the Docks. Visit us at: www.weepodcast.com Discuss at: www.reddit.com/r/worstepisodeever Shop through: http://amazon.weepodcast.com Support us at:...


WEE #127: Pear Nerfect (S06E16 - Bart Vs Australia) (with Elliot Jay O'Neill and BT Calloway from The Simpsons Index)

Dan and Jack collect call very patient guests Elliot Jay O'Neill and BT Calloway from The Simpsons Index, the Simpsons podcast from Australia that covers episodes from all eras of the show. We're breaking the formula a bit and watching Season 6's Bart vs. Australia, one of the first proper "go-to" episodes of the series. Is this episode really a jump-the-shark moment for some fans? How do Australians watch The Simpsons? Who was almost our guest for this episode? What's the most Italian...


WEE #126.5: The Seemingly Never-Ending Intro Deleted Scenes and Outtakes

Outtakes and pre-roll from our season premiere, WEE #126: The Seemingly Never-Ending Intro, including several references we alluded to without context in the final, released episode. What is Dan using as a coaster? What are our favorite beans? Guess who's back? Back again? All that plus more of our Venom podcast, Robert Baccala, Double Batman, and sustained eye contact. www.weepodcast.com


WEE # 126: The Seemingly Never-Ending Intro (S17E13 - The Seemingly Never-Ending Story)

Jack and Dan are back from hiatus and back from reality to discuss Season 17's The Seemingly Never-Ending Story, an episode that contains weak stories within weak stories within weak stories. How do WEE celebrate Christmas? What is the stupidest moment of this episode of WEE? What's the deal with taking breaks? Is this the Night Court theme? All that plus two idiots barking, Bibles Gone Wild, lots and lots of 90s commercials, and Pure. Gibberish. Visit us at:...


WEE #123/124/125.5 National House of Thick Shit Podcast Outtakes

WEE are scraping the bottom of the audio barrel with outtakes and pre-roll from our last three episodes, WEE #123: National House of Pancakes, WEE #124: Thick Bits, and WEE #125: Everything's Going to Shit Podcast. What are Jack's four K's? Who's playing Ozymandias in HBO's Watchmen series? Is this an episode of Good Eps? All that plus our Starfox podcast, getting weinered, and our shitty webcam. www.weepodcast.com


WEE #122.5: Daft Mug Outtakes

Deleted scenes and outtakes from WEE #122: Daft Mug featuring stuff even too blatantly dumb for the final cut off the full episode. What's our new format? Was Dan invited to Kevin Howard's birthday party? Is it WEE you're looking for? All that plus Studio Double D, our Ducktales podcast, and a cash crop of crap bits. www.weepodcast.com


WEE #121.5: Mayoween IV/Falling Maude Outtakes

Outtakes from our Google Hangout recordings of WEE #120: Mayoween IV and WEE #121: The Falling Maude including about five seconds of actual Simpsons discussion. What was the original title of Mayoween IV? What color is gold? What does Jangle think of Freet? What kind of butt does Jack have? All that plus jeans & butt machines, bad sync points, and The Gilcast with the Grumple. www.weepodcast.com


The Best of Worst Episode Ever - Volume 1

It's the greatest hits of Jack and Dan, courtesy of listener Peter Wakeman (or Ghostbuster Peter Venkman?). Enjoy reliving some of our favorite moments from our first 100 or so episodes, or listen to it for the first time! Visit us at: www.weepodcast.com Discuss at: www.reddit.com/r/worstepisodeever Shop through: http://amazon.weepodcast.com Support us at: https://www.patreon.com/weestudios Sign up for the newsletter at: newsletter.weepodcast.com


WEE #125: Everything's Going to Shit Podcast (S10E19 - Mom and Pop Art)

Dan and Jack noses their thumb at season 10's Mom and Pop Art, an episode with a couple of famous lines where Homer becomes a renowned outsider artist. What are the two types of Simpsons podcasts? Which Simpsons spin-off almost came out in the 90s? Who should join the cast of Westworld? Can you name everyone who's dead? All that plus snapping the fiction, WEEcoin, full fuckin' arcs, and Wiggum-Santa Corner. NEXT TIME: Season 17's The Seemingly Never-Ending Story Visit us at:...


WEE #124: Thick Bits (S21E17 - American History X-Cellent)

Dan and Jack celebrate Independence Day: Revocation with Season 21's American History X-cellent, an episode where Mr. Burns goes to jail and is also canonically a Nazi. What's in Jack's Dumb folder? What other fluids have a pre-form? Who the fuck cares? All that plus our thoughts on Arrested Development's season 5, TV tells, bee plots, Clapping With the Klinks, and good ideas done poorly (good ideas and they're done poorly.) NEXT TIME: Season 10's Mom and Pop Art Visit us at:...


WEE #123: National House of Pancakes (S15E13 - Smart and Smarter)

Goth-adjacent Jack and Dan watch Season 15's Smart & Smarter, an episode where Lisa becomes jealous of Maggie's genius, sabotages her, and loses her identity. What should they call the second Simpsons movie? How much should we talk about pop culture? Is this the break? All that plus Wiggum-Nothing Corner, the Jedi vapors, Pontius Berry, and Smart and Smarterer: When Maggie Met Lisa. NEXT TIME: Season 21's American History X-Cellent Visit us at: www.weepodcast.com Discuss at:...


WEE #122: Daft Mug (S22E21 - 500 Keys)

Birthday boys Dan and Jack gift themselves with a possibly good Season 22 episode, 500 Keys, featuring four key-based storylines that may or may not intertwine or actually be entertaining or logical. Who has the dirtiest of butts? What is the only reason Dr. Manhattan exists? What's the number one video on YouTube? What's your favorite unit of measurement from the back of a marble notebook? All that plus two mugs, giant neon mug helmets, Mike Muggings, and our favorite root beer brand. NEXT...


WEE #121: The Falling Maude (S11E14 - Alone Again Naturally-Diddily)

Dan and Jack bamf the fiction and discuss Season 11's Alone Again Naturally-Diddily, the infamous Simpsons episode where Maude Flanders is killed. What does Jesus do in The Book of Maude? Who is in Aquaman's rogues gallery? Why isn't Josh Brolin Juno enough for you? All that plus The Looming Frowers, Margers, Banjeemus, trigonometry humor, and the Mighty Morphin Podcast Rangers. NEXT TIME: Season 22's 500 Keys Visit us at: www.weepodcast.com Discuss at:...