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with Pete & Marissa Phillips! A podcast where two friends try to tell you about things you might not know about, but you probably should!

with Pete & Marissa Phillips! A podcast where two friends try to tell you about things you might not know about, but you probably should!


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with Pete & Marissa Phillips! A podcast where two friends try to tell you about things you might not know about, but you probably should!








The Great Goofy Debate

This week, we bring in our resident Disney expert, Carlos Phillips, for an open discussion about whether Goofy is a cow or a dog (and other species of Disney favorites). We also dip into childhood ambitions, fanny packs, summer fun, and more. Don’t cut out at plugs or you’ll miss the post-credits scene! Where do […]


The Allagash Abductions

This week we go out to Maine to dish about some alien antics in the Allagash wilderness. We also learn about friendship, as we talk about being snooty, paranormal resources, and familia. Just kidding. Have you ever been abducted? Why do people camp for 10 days in a row?


Potluck Pt. 2

This week, Marissa leads you through Pete’s potluck of mini-topics in Religion, Language, Conspiracies, and Animals (birds). Pete’s miserably back to work, Marissa goes full cottagecore, and we talk about things we collected. Marissa’s plug is a request, too (see below). Will you fulfill her request? Do you have any ideas for the show?


Britney Spears

Pete really drops the ball on his podcast homework this week, but Marissa still excels as she explores what’s going on with Britney Spears. We don’t have law degrees, but we do summarize things so you don’t have to read/watch/hear so much. We also talk about melting icecaps, train bathrooms, and how long we hope […]


Rerun: To the Stars Academy and Hollow Earth

What makes you cool is that you’re still listening, despite this being a rebroadcast. We’re just too full of joyful activity and our schedules didn’t work out. And, given the recent discussion of the Pentagon UFO report, we thought it’d be a good time to revisit To the Stars Academy, which is paired with a […]


Georgia Guidestones

Pete explains that if you survive the apocalypse, you should get your butt to Georgia. A mysterious monument may hold the key to survival… or they key to a New World Order. It’s really up to you. Pete is podcasting laying down and Marissa is compared to Lady Gaga for wearing purple. Who would you […]


Parasocial Relationships

Do you find yourself emotionally invested in celebrities lives? Pete explains parasocial relationships with a few recent sources. He also begins a two-episode arc of his back going out. In the meantime, Marissa is going shopping and meeting medical folks. Who do you have a parasocial relationship with? How’s your health?


Air Rage

Marissa will be flying soon, so she decided to explore air rage. Are people losing it on planes because they’re drunk and confined? Or is it that people can’t socialize after COVID? Pete has a controversial plug and Marissa seeks to calm through beverages. When are you flying again? Ever been to Montana?


Grabovoi Numbers

This week Marissa introduces us to life cheat codes, from the mouths of babes on TikTok. Will she gain riches? Will Pete lose weight? Only numbers will tell. We also talk masks, sandwiches, Quibi, and more. Don’t forget, if you try this numbers technique with us, let us know!


Rage Bait

Despite your favorite hosts not knowing how their weeks were, they do know how to baptize inanimate objects. Pete examines what may (or may not) be rage bait, Marissa congratulates Blake Wexler, and we talk about bands we want to come back. Do you like ‘Twilight Barn Rock’? Is Marissa 80 years old? Are you […]


Cute Aggression

So you know how Baby Yoda is so cute you’d take a bullet for him? You know how that dog is so adorable you want to squeeze it to death? Marissa’s familiar with that feeling and she’s going to tell you what it’s all about. What would you do if your kid was a werewolf? […]


Parkour & more

Fresh off the thrill of talking with Blake Wexler, we’re having sleepy laughs and indulging all distractions as we jump into parkour. We don’t tell you much that you can’t get from Wikipedia, but we’re a lot more fun than them. Note: we mean no offense to the athletes mentioned in this episode. We also […]


Generational Beefs w/ Blake Wexler

We have a guest! Blake Wexler joins us as we talk about the dust-ups between Millennials and Zoomers, possibly title his next special, and plug his stuff. Have you ever met a dad-ager? Did we buy mydaughterswallet.net? Will people ever stop blaming other generations for stuff? Go see Blake in Philadelphia on May 5!


Comics Code of America

dd This week we talk about fro-yo triggers, dying plants, and visits home. Then we dig into the Comics Code of America, which led the way as a governing body of comic book decency. Find out how they came to be and their weird regulations. Ever felt judged at a store? Know how to save […]


Satan Shoes

This week we talk about Lil Nas X’s brush with evil, Nike, and marketing as Marissa explains what went down with his Satan Shoes. Additionally, we talk about bad facial hair, urban horseback riding, crypto, and more. What would you pay for Satan Shoes? Do you sport awful facial hair? What do you think of […]



In a podcast first, we will be learning from someone else– a guest! We talk wood with professional amateur axe man Mike Jackiewicz. He tells us about dust builds, CNC machines, and live edges. We also talk kids, hear from Alex, and most importantly, plug @flagfiber on Instagram. Follow her to show her our power! […]


Rabbit Cryptids

In honor of the Easter Bunny, we each research some rabbit-based cryptids. Pete stays in America and Marissa tries to say words in German. We break ice with a cryptid personality test, neither of us has anything to report in life, and Marissa wants you to know that it doesn’t matter who Q is anymore. […]


Jeremy Lin (working ep)

Pete presents living legend, Jeremy Lin! Speaking of hoops, Marissa is a #womanwhohoops. We also do an icebreaker from Alex, talk about a Gatorade sponsorship, and Marissa talks about prestige streaming TV in plugs. Do you remember Linsanity? Do you hoop in any form?


Water Sommeliers

You’re in for a treat. Marissa can’t remember Pete’s birthday for 5 minutes, we talk about a special Grammy’s performance, and we hear from Alex. All this before Marissa sips thickness from the murky glass of the world of mineral water experts. Did you put Pete’s birthday in your calendar? Are you getting bored by […]



Pete is NOT going to live underground, despite his 2-week exploration on the topic. This week he talks about actual bunkers, who sells them, how to get one, and where to go on vacation. Marissa hate-watches that sexist pastor, Pete Googles footvolley, and both plug movies. How much would you spend on a bunker? Where […]