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Featuring the founder of Texas Humor, Jay B Sauceda talks to and about Texas and Texans. New episodes published every Tuesday.

Featuring the founder of Texas Humor, Jay B Sauceda talks to and about Texas and Texans. New episodes published every Tuesday.
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Featuring the founder of Texas Humor, Jay B Sauceda talks to and about Texas and Texans. New episodes published every Tuesday.




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Emergency Hot Take: New Jersey vs. Texas

This week, Twitter has been abuzz with a debate over which state has the best "Mount Rushmore of Musicians", if Mount Rushmores of Musicians were a thing. New Jersey thinks they're supreme. We naturally don't. We brought in a fella from New Jersey who agreed with us to lay down the law.


We tried In-N-Out so you don't have to

It has recently come to our attention in the Texas Humor office that our fearless leader, Jay B Sauceda, has never eaten at In-N-Out. Every Texan knows that you have to pick a lane when it comes to your go-to burger & fries so this week we decided to take y’all to the drive thru lane at In-N-Out to settle this once and for all. Hear about the good, the bad, the ugly, and a small emergency detour we made on the way back to the office.


Who has the worst traffic?

Traffic y’all, amirite? This episode we decided to discuss potentially the worst part of our great state: its highways. Sometimes it literally seems like the construction on i35 has being going on since before Willie Nelson was born. But which city really has it the worst? We’ll tell y'all how we ranked the roads and give you some tricks for getting back and forth without hearing “are we there yet?!” on repeat from the back seat. Check out Silo Road's album here:...


Would Y'all Rather?

We decided to play a game of good ole fashioned "Would Y'all Rather" for our first Friday episode. Painstakingly hard "this vs. that" questions that no Texan should ever have to encounter out in the wild. But, if you do, our team tackled a few for ya. Hear what we decided when faced with a colony of scorpions vs. a nope noodle (snake) in our bed or drinking sweaty beer from Willie's bandana vs. George's boot, and neither isn't an answer this round, y'all. And for reference sake, this is the...


Is Austin Texan?

We wanted to debate whether or not Austin is a Texan city, but we realized that we needed to understand what it meant to be Texan in the first place. On today’s episode we settled the debate once and for all. Or at least for this week. Since Austin is changing so fast, we’ll probably need to debate it again soon. For reference, the Dallas Morning News article that we dig in to on the air can be found here. It’s great:...


Crawfish, Kolaches, and Game of Thrones in Texas

We decided to dive in to Texan foods a bit further this week since I'm trying to figure out what dishes are uniquely Texan and which foods we like just because they're tasty. I also have a sneaking suspicion that Buc-ee's is part of a conspiracy. Plus Julio's Chips needs to hire a new engineer. With all of the Game of Thrones attention this week, we also thought it was important to at least discuss the idea of it taking place in Texas. Also, if you dig the song at the end of the show, make...


Cowboy Boots & Nice Kicks

On today’s episode we dive deep in to the group of people known as Sneakerheads. Surprisingly, the digital gathering place of sneaker collecting is based right here in Texas. The founder of that site, NiceKicks.com, Matt Halfhill joins us in the studio to talk about Texas, sneakers, and why he picked the hill country over Canada or Fresno. We also hear from y’all about what types of shoes you wear regularly. And the shoes we reference in the show are here. Check em out. Air Jordan 1 -...


Whataburger, Vegetarian BBQ, and King George

We heard from A LOT of folks who wanted to tell us their late night Whataburger order, which led us to talk vegetarian BBQ. Should it be a thing? Is Game of Thrones worth watching? What part of the state is most survivable during a zombie apocalypse. And is George Strait being influenced by Post Malone? We covered those and more topics with the Texas Humor team this week.


Texas Stereotypes, and a bit of BBQ&A

On today's episode we tackle stereotypes. Which are accurate and which ain't? We also rolled out our newest segment, BBQ&A, during which we answer questions submitted by the followers of Texas Humor. We talk Chili, celebrity Parents, what to take when traveling outside of Texas, bro country, and train etiquette.


Musician Charley Crockett, and Rio Grande Valley Love

I sat down with Texas musician Charley Crockett to take about his love for South Texas, recent heart surgery, and ramblin' tendencies. Plus we hear from folks around Texas about their love for the Rio Grande Valley. Of course, those topics include South Padre Island, Tamales, and Tex-Mex. Check out Charley's single, How Low Can You Go here: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/how-low-can-you-go/1451643782?i=1451643786&mt=1&app=music How Low Can You Go is copyright The Next Waltz and...


The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott

Because of a beer and Texas Independence Day, we're kicking off our show with a very special guest. Governor Greg Abbott sat with us at his reception room at the state Capitol. We discussed invading other states, whether he'd run for President, and whether beans belong in chili or not. See the Wooly Willy we made for the Governor here: https://yallneedthispodcast.com/news/2019/3/1/our-first-show-the-governor


Introducing the podcast y'all all need

Our first season of Y'all Need This Podcast launches soon, and we want everyone to know about it. We've got great interviews with the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, as well as other well known and not so well known folks who call Texas their home.