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043: Where are they now: J-Man

In our brand new segment 'Where are They Now?', the YDKM team brings J-Man, our Tinder Files guest from Episode 20, into the studio. According to him, YDKM just might be his lucky charm. Tune in to hear how a few major things came together right after coming onto the show. Also, head over to to read more about J-Man and listen to his original episode. The music in this episode is courtesy of


040: Clarkston's Mayor Ted

Mayor Ted of Clarkston is an all around unique individual - from being a self-proclaimed Berniecrat in Georgia, to his characteristic 'protest beard', to being mayor of one of the US's most diverse small towns. Home to a large refugee resettlement community, Clarkston has been host to a special mix of cultures that Mayor Ted hopes can serve as an inspiration to communities everywhere. Tune in to hear all about the young and rambunctious Mayor Ted, his plans for Clarkston, and head over to...


39.5 MINISODE: sQuishiepuss and Friends

We couldn't leave out the infamous Pee-wee Herman story, could we? So, sQuishiepuss is back in a bonus minisode! Be sure to listen to sQushiepuss's original interview in Episode 39 before tuning in, and don't forget to visit the blog at! The music in this episode is courtesy of


039: sQuishiepuss: From Sucking to Success

With his wry wit and radical candor, sQuishiepuss has a way of cutting straight through pretenses. In this doozy of an episode, he talks being a small town punk, and how hitting rock bottom, twice, taught him valuable lessons about investing in himself. We especially love his “Do what you love and don’t be an asshole” mantra, and his enduring belief that a little bit of punk-era ‘f**k the system’ is what the world really needs. Take a look at sQuishiepuss's work and read more at...



YDKM is on Spring Break this week, but we'll be back next week with a brand new episode! In the meantime, be sure to catch up on our previous episodes. The music in the episode is courtesy of


034: Makin' It Happen

Three years ago, Elliott was in a bad place - he had just watched his business fall apart, and was left with an unclear path of where to go next. It was at that point that Elliott discovered a maker space, and an incredible community of creatives that would, over the next few years, become his family. Together, they’ve paved the way for other aspiring creatives and nerds to discover their inner ‘makers’, and of course, build really cool stuff. Read more about Elliott and Making It Up...


033: Into the Cannes

YDKM listeners we proudly introduce to you the wacky and zany podcasting duo, Philthy and Michelangelo! Come join Tink and Veeps as they learn more about their new show, In the Cannes with Dr. Randall McNally. Be prepared to laugh a lot as the unlikely duo shares their path to self discovery and all of the crazy characters they’ve met along the way.. Be sure to check out the show notes at for information of Michelangelo’s films and Philthy’s burgeoning career in wrestling.


031: Indiana Jones: Return of the Lost Millennial

Indiana Jones (the Atlanta native, not the Nazi-fighting Harrison Ford) did not intend to become an archaeologist, but through a series of interesting life events, stumbled into it as a career and passion. This Indiana Jones covers common misconceptions about archaeology, the history of the Bible, America's perception of Israel and Palestine, and the black market for antiquities. Head over to for notes and an in-depth look into his world. Music in this episode is...


030: Video Dreamin'

Veeps and Medusa are joined by an old college friend, AJ 2.0, who shares her experiences with leaving the corporate world and following her dreams on a whim and a prayer. Hear about her daring leap of faith and experience a unique moment in one woman's crossroads as she finds and explores her niche. Learn more at The music in this episode is courtesy of


029: Chainsaw Church Camp

Our old friend Andy is back! This time with a story about church camp that will scare the pants off your inner 10 year old self, as well as a few bonus stories about a particularly awkward religious convention that made him question his faith altogether. Head over to for more. The music in this episode is courtesy of


028: Mary Strawberry

Clowns, burlesque and Prague, OH MY! Mary Strawberry, an Atlanta burlesque dancer and clown, sits down with Medusa and Tink to talk about her life on stage, her eclectic Clown Family and her crazy vodka filled adventures in Prague. Who would have thought that clowns could be sexy? Or that sensual, comedic dancing can be a powerful tool to challenge our social mores? Listen to hear one artist's surprising, subversive journey and maybe even learn to relate to clowns. Read more about Mary...


027: The Robot Hot Glue Gun Revolution

Action N’s love affair with 3D modeling began to blossom long before he understood where the technology was heading. He never could have predicted that he would end up spearheading a project to teach the Atlanta public about 3D printing, or that his non-traditional path would bring him to the threshold of a bleeding edge technology. Listen to hear more about Action N's journey, and head over to to read about what you need to know about the future of 3D printing. The...


026: The Karma Ride, Part 2

Sitting at his favorite bar, Andre plans a biking trip to Los Angles that will not only change his life but the lives of many. It was in that moment that the Karma Ride was born. From the little old lady in a coffee shop that gives him a helping hand, to the girl who was saved at the Grand Canyon, Andre's chance encounters intertwine into an incredible story. Despite dehydration, theft and exhaustion Andre makes it to Los Angeles, where a chance meeting with a man whose life was changed...


025: The Karma Ride, Part 1

Without even the slightest clue 'how' he would make it happen, Andre (Mr. Chameleon) made a promise to embark on an impossible journey to see his son several states away on the back of a bicycle. His story evolves from an inspiring story of determination, to one of hope and generosity, as strangers all along his route open their hearts, homes and wallets to make sure that Andre reaches his destination - leaving him forever changed in the process. Check out the show notes at...


016: Get Your Flu Shot! [REBROADCAST]

The DiseaseDoctor (DD) has arrived at YDKM! Veeps and Harponious sit down with DD to talk about his, sometimes strange, rural Iowa childhood and his current work as an epidemiologist - including some of the top ‘need to know’ facts about modern disease. To read more about these topics, check out the show notes at The music in this episode is courtesy of


004: The Tinder Files [Rebroadcast]

Tink and Veeps recall their best botched Tinder dates, including: When Veeps cried on a date, the local Danny Phantoms, and Tink's relationship PTSD. Music in this episode is courtesy of


024: "How Saturday morning cartoons saved my life"

When Spoonman sat down for this interview, we had no idea his incredible life story was about to unfold. His is a tumultuous tale of isolation, grappling with mortality at age 11, selling drugs by age 13, and turning it around only to watch it crumble again. But just when it feels all is lost, his story becomes one of whimsy, imagination and hope. Read our show notes at The music in this show is courtesy of


020 Tinder Files: J-Man, Between Love and Cynicism

In our fifth Tinder Files episode, J-Man weaves us a tale about how his (often hilarious) Tinder shenanigans, along with his crazy friends, brought him back to life after crushing heartbreak. To learn more about J-Man, head over to The music in this episode is courtesy of


019: Surprise! It's a baby!

Our guest, Avery, comes to the show with a heartwarming tale of how love and purpose trumped panic when her five year plan turned into a one year plan. Tune in to hear her talk about the pregnancy from hell, 'momsplainers', and the beautiful baby boy that makes it all worth it. Check out the show notes for more info at The music in this episode is courtesy of


Episode 18: MacLovin's Garden State Relate

Having been in love with the movie most of his life, new guest MacLovin, has recently found himself in a transient place similar to the film’s main character, Andrew Largeman. Listen as he talks about his hitchhiking adventures, experiences with Tinder, relationships and the romance of a lifetime that got away. To watch MacLovin's films and to learn more about The Mako Project, head over to The music in this episode is courtesy of