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You Watch, I Listen is here to tell you the movies you need to see, and the music you need to hear. Diving into a variety of topics, Dan & Ralph look to pick each others brains, criticize each others opinions, and take you along for the ride. Special guests, passionate debate, and other surprises. Prepare to be disappointed and mildly amused.

You Watch, I Listen is here to tell you the movies you need to see, and the music you need to hear. Diving into a variety of topics, Dan & Ralph look to pick each others brains, criticize each others opinions, and take you along for the ride. Special guests, passionate debate, and other surprises. Prepare to be disappointed and mildly amused.


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You Watch, I Listen is here to tell you the movies you need to see, and the music you need to hear. Diving into a variety of topics, Dan & Ralph look to pick each others brains, criticize each others opinions, and take you along for the ride. Special guests, passionate debate, and other surprises. Prepare to be disappointed and mildly amused.




#94 - Ruby's Whole Wheat Bread

It's week two of the guys removing in as the COVID-19 crisis continues to hit the NY/NJ area hard. Dan reviews Minority Rules's Whole Wheat Bread, while Taylor and Josh do a Landlord Challenge and review Ruby Sparks starring Paul Dano. Taylor and Dan give their picks for next week and the guys have a conversation about how Coronavirus is impacting everything from movies, politics, onlyfans, Porn Hub and so much more on episode 94 of You Watch, I Listen!


#93 - Ending Is The Beginning Out Of Space

Peculiar times bring peculiar circumstances on You Watch, I Listen. Join the guys as they host episode 93 via Skype, bringing you the most unique episode of YWIL yet. This week Dan reviews Suicide Silence's Ending Is The Beginning and Taylor reviews HP Lovecraft's Color Out Of Space. The guys talk about everything that has unfolded in the last week as the COVID-19 threat continues to spread across the US, including the pausing of the NBA season, the cancellation of March Madness, the first...


#92 - Thank Richard Jewell Later

Josh is back on the show this week after his scare with NOT COVID-19. This week Dan reviews Drake's "Thank Me Later" and Taylor reviews Richard Jewell. The guys give you their movie and album pick of the week, talk about all the chaos surrounding coronavirus, Josh and Taylor eat terrible chocolate, then Josh hits Dan & Taylor with a taser. The guys talk about UFC 248, Resident Evil 3, Corey Feldman's documentary, Gronk going to WWE, what movies and shows we've been watching, and so much more...


#91 - Peoples Instinctive Waves

This week we review two albums - Funeral For A Friend's "Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation" and A Tribe Called Quest's classic album "People's Instinctive Travels & The Paths Of Rhythm", and then we review the A24 film Waves. From there, Dan & Taylor dive in to talk about Coronavirus, the fears, the hype around it, and how it's delaying the next James Bond film. The guys talk about what they've been watching, who should play the next Wolverine, Spike Lee being the Knicks mascot, Tom...


#90 - We Don't Have Honey Boy

This week Taylor reviews Honey Boy, and Dan reviews Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties "We Don't Have Each Other". The guys give their picks for the week, Dan explains how he's an emotional terrorist. We talk about a flat Earther who failed in his attempt to prove the Earth is flat, Wilder vs. Fury, the XFL fixing games, the history of Nicolas Cage movies, we listen to Antonio Brown's new song, and what shows we've been watching. All that and more on episode 90 of You Watch, I Listen.


#89 - That Brave Thing Faces Everyone!

This week Taylor reviews That Thing You Do! and Dan reviews what he considers the best album on YWIL to date, Spanish Love Songs "Brave Faces Everyone". Later in the show, singer and guitarist from Spanish Love Songs, Dylan Solcum calls in talk to about the album, their current tour, and much more. The guys also talk about Sonic's big box office opening, the Harriet Tubman Visa card, Stranger Things 4, the death of Pop Smoke, Steven Spielberg's daughters new business venture, Nyla Rose...


#88 - You're Not Good Time

On episode 88, Dan reviews Andrew W.K.'s "You're Not Alone", and Taylor reviews Good Time. The guys dive in and discuss the Oscars and Parasite's big night, the first weekend of the XFL, Birds of Prey and the box office failure, Jon Jones vs. Dominick Reyes, the continued fallout from the Astros sign stealing and how badly Rob Manfred has handled it, MLB rules and playoff changes, Logan Paul's diss track on Antonio Brown, and so much more!


#87 - Feeling Last Blood

This week Dan reviews Semisonic's "Feeling Strangely Fine" and Taylor reviews the latest Rambo movie, Last Blood. The guys talk about Super Bowl 54 and the phony outrage toward the halftime show, the absolute mess that is the New York Mets and their ownership, give their Oscar predictions, talk about the new Fast & Furious movie, and a few other shows and movies on the horizon. All that, and so much more on the newest You Watch, I Listen.


#86 - Proper Dose From Doctor Sleep

This week on YWIL, Dan reviews The Story So Far's "Proper Dose" and Taylor reviews Doctor Sleep. The guys welcome Josh back from his trip out west, before Josh sends the show to a halt with the biggest mistake in the history of You Watch, I Listen. We talk Kobe, the Royal Rumble, coronavirus, and so much more on episode 86 of You Watch, I Listen.


#85 - Being As A Parasite

Dr. Bob Roberts joins Dan & Taylor while Josh is off to Disneyland alone. Dan reviews Being As An Ocean's "How We Both Wondrously Perish" and Taylor dives into Dan's favorite movie of 2019, Parasite. There's so much discussed in this episode that is absurd, offensive, hilarious and stupid that words won't do it justice. Episode 85 of You Watch, I Listen is nonsense, period.


#84 - The Flood: Chapter 2

After a week off we are back! Dan reviews Of Mice & Men's "The Flood", and Taylor reviews It: Chapter 2. After being off for a week, the guys had a ton to talk about, including Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes, The Oscar Nominees and the backlash about no female Best Director nominees, Stephen King's comments on the subject of diversity in nominations, all the movies and shows they watched while off, Jillian Michaels "fat shaming" Lizzo, the AFC and NFC Championship games, and everything...


#83 - Welcome To 2020

It's the first episode of 2020! This week, Dan reviews Stand Atlantic's "Skinny Dipping, and Taylor revisits Rogue One. Dan tells the great story of how former co-host Ralph ended 2019, the guys discuss The Rise Of Skywalker and show how nerdy they can be(Dan especially). Dan brings a list of all the things people got stuck in their nose, ears, throats, butts, and more in 2019, Josh plays us the top 10 songs of the decade, Dan lists the Billboard top 50 rock songs of the decade and more....


Christmas Comes On You Watch, I Listen

Merry Christmas from Dan, Taylor & Josh of You Watch, I Listen. We took some time to discuss our best & worst Christmas gifts, the best and worst Christmas Days we've had, how to deal with talking to children about Santa, and so much more. Listen as we dive into nonsense, and Dan's suggestion for parents who don't think we should tell children that expensive gifts don't come from Santa so the poor kids don't get upset.


#82 - The Night Before Page Avenue

This week Dan reviews Story Of The Year's "Page Avenue" and Taylor gives his review on The Night Before. This week the guys focus on their top 10 albums of the year, and top 10 movies of the year, with a few movies appearing on both lists, and a few surprises. And they close out by giving their picks for week 16 in the NFL, with Taylor needing a miracle to make sure he doesn't finish in last place. All that and more on episode 82 of You Watch, I Listen!


#81 - Ex Machina Came Suddenly

This week Dan reviews Attack Attack's "Someday Came Suddenly" and Taylor reviews Ex Machina. The guys talk about the SJW world going after the new James Bond, Billie Dee Williams being labeled as "gender fluid", Nick Cannon's diss track on Eminem, the next WWE Hall of Fame inductees, Artie Lange's new podcast, the new Ghostbusters trailer, modern art being awful, UFC 245, the Golden Globe nominations, the Mount Rushmore of films, and give their week 15 NFL picks. All that and more on episode...


#80 - The Irishman Burning Alive

It's episode 80, and this week the guys welcome Grohow back to the show. This week Dan reviews two albums, Coheed & Cambria "In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth 3" and CrazyEightyEight's "Burning Alive", while all four guys give their reviews of The Irishman. The guys also talk about the top 30 PS1 games of all time in celebration of 25 years since PS1 came out, Louis CK's joke in Israel, the controversial Peloton commercial, the Black Widow movie, the Snyder cut of Justice League, iTunes top...


#79 - The High Life's High Life

This week on YWIL, Manfro sits in for Taylor on the one year anniversary of his very first appearance. Taylor does call in to give his review of High Life, and Dan reviews Mac Miller's "The High Life". Dan opens the show with a major announcement! This week the guys discuss Manfro's trip to Canada and the world of hockey card trading, Coldplay sucking ass, upcoming video games, Elon Musk's new truck, South Dakota's latest slogan, the latest West Milford Masterpiece Theater, desserts we want...


#78 - Dolemite Is My Sleeptalk

On this week's episode, Dan reviews Dayseeker's "Sleeptalk" and Talyor reviews Dolemite Is My Name. The guys talk about the box office failure of Charlie's Angels and Elizabeth Banks comments, Sonic's massive budget due to fan backlash, a Joker sequel in the works, Nicholas Cage playing Nicholas Cage in a movie, this week's top 10 songs on iTunes, the Grammy nominees, and our week 12 NFL picks. All that and more on Episode 78 of You Watch, I Listen!


#77 - Peanut Butter Ecliptic

This week on You Watch, I Listen, Taylor reviews "The Peanut Butter Falcon and Dan reviews Between The Buried & Me's "Coma Ecliptic". The guys discuss an Instagram influencer who thinks students shouldn't be taught about World War II, Dan gives his reviews of Doctor Sleep & The Irishman, a new edition of West Milford Masterpiece Theater, the top bands and artists we wish we could have seen in concert, Josh plays the top 10 songs on iTunes for the guys to see if we know ANY of them, and we...


#76 - Life's Not After Hours

Josh sits in for Taylor on episode 76! This week, Dan reviews Neck Deep's "Life's Not Out To Get You" and Josh reviews a lesser known Scorsese film in "After Hours". Dan introduces a new segment known as "West Milford Masterpiece Theater", the guys talk about the number one way to make sure your daughter isn't having sex, a mother who made poor decisions with her daughters boyfriends, new additions in AppleTV+ , all the WWE Saudi Arabia controversy, and our week 10 NFL picks. All that and...