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EP8: Katt Williams / Norm Macdonald - with Martha Chaves

Canadian comedy legend Martha Chaves joins us to discuss her hard fought career, Katt Williams & Norm Macdonald's troubles in the press & what it takes to make it in this tough business.


EP7: Roast Writing, Ageism and WTF Louis CK

How is comedy different in a small town? Ageism is a big issue in acting, but why is it a factor in comedy? And what the fuck was Louis CK expecting? Danish Anwar (@terrorsuspect) is joined by Hamilton based comedian Gerry Hall for an interesting discussion from the so called “culturally irrelevant” Straight White Older Male persepective.


EP6: Robots, Equality & Representation

In this episode we're joined by comedians Bobby Knauff and Ana Marija Stojic to discuss robots, equality and representation. Is she human, or a Robot? Is Artificial, The Podcast just her attempt to groom humans into being comfortable with the Robot takeover? Find out Danish Anwar's many theories as to how Ana Marija does so many great projects so consistently. Also discussed on the show, Gerry Hall is the most unsung Comedy Roast GhostWriter in Canada, and everyone's favourite topic: white...


EP5: Kenny Robinson

Canadian comedy legend Kenny Robinson joins Danish Anwar (@terrorsuspect) for an insightful one on one discussion about the evolution of comedy, changing demographics and tastes, and the next wave of killer standups from Canada. The Winnipeg born, Chicago bred Robinson has hosted The Gemini Awards and was twice nominated for his writing and performance in his ground breaking one hour special "Thick and Thin" on the CBC. Kenny has earned accolades as the creator, writer, producer and host...


EP4: Women of Colour in entertainment / the roast of Oshawa

Anubha Momim (VICE, CBC) & Cathryn Naiker (The Beaverton) join host Danish Anwar (@terrorsuspect) to discuss the experiences of women of colour in entertainment, navigating the unique and often problematic dynamics in immigrant communities & safety issues for female comedians. Plus a short roast of Oshawa!


EP3: Asians, British Columbia & Star Wars

Host Danish Anwar (@terrorsuspect) is joined by Toronto comedians Leonard Chan & Joe Vu. With multiple TV, radio & festival credits between all 3 comedians, they discuss the relative advantage minorities have in the entertainment industry, how jokes are shaped by the responsibility of representing your race, and the specific kind of online harassment experienced by entertainers of colour such as Kelly Marie Tran. Plus the roast of British Columbia!


EP2: Roseanne Barr, Dark Comedy & India

In Your Hood's A Joke: The Podcast - Comedians and academics discuss the nature of conflict, why cultures clash, free speech & the art of dark comedy. IN THIS EPISODE: Host Danish Anwar (@terrorsuspect) chats with comedians Rahil Shaikh and Bobby Knauff, both of whom are well versed in the art of dark comedy. Roseanne Barr: Free speech or asshole? Is she responsible for her off camera antics and that of her fans? Is she batshit insane? Rahil Shaikh, having lived most of his life in...


EP1: China vs Iran / Immigrants vs Immigrants / The Roast of Quebec

Comedians and academics discuss the nature of conflict, why cultures clash, free speech & the art of dark comedy. Host Danish Anwar (@terrorsuspect) is joined by comedians Cassie Cao & Foad HP along with Edward Escalon Jr, a PhD Candidate at University of Toronto who also teaches Diaspora & Transnational Studies. Did you know about the Asian Hierarchy? We got bad news for the Philippines, but atleast the Chinese system of racism is easy to understand. Why do so many immigrants vote...