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We're a small up and coming show gaining traction and listens, and would love to be on Tune In.

We're a small up and coming show gaining traction and listens, and would love to be on Tune In.
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We're a small up and coming show gaining traction and listens, and would love to be on Tune In.






YWIS Episode 52 – 420 Blazin’ Lobsters

This week Alex and Connor discuss the fact that Alex is turning into an old man because he bought an expensive chair. Beyoncé is apparently practicing black magic and ruining the life of one of her previous drummers, although she may be mentally unstable? She is trying to file a restraining order against Beyoncé. A chef in Maine is getting lobsters high on marijuana before boiling them alive, deeming that it’s the more ethical thing to do. She doesn’t supply them with Doritos though. Find...


YWIS Episode 51 – Predator Can Consent & Airplane Pee Panic

This week Connor regales us with his trip to Geelong, his haircut shenanigans and his airplane bathroom piss problem. We also discuss some genius who drank a case of beer, a bottle of Jägermeister and some cocaine and stole a tv only to be caught by police. A Chinese restaurant serving roadkill and some imaginary miniature clowns causing mayhem. Our friends at Dark Remnants Podcast - website Find all our shows and info @


YWIS Episode 50 – High Crocodile, Tanks & Dynamite Candles

This episode Zippy and Alex discuss the SoundCloud rapper plague, A lady lit dynamite thinking it was a candle and it blew up in her hand. We discuss the Darwin Awards and American high school/college parties. A Russian man who had his house raided by the police finding an arsenal of AK47’s and a Crocodile recently ran over kids in his tank. And more dumb dumb stuff. Visit our friends from the promo These Drunk B’s @thesedrunkbs on Twitter & Facebook & Instagram. iTunes >...


YWIS Episode 49 – Monkey Mondays & McMeth-Heads Drivethru

Alex and Cherry talk about a couple in Florida who made their mobile home into a drive-thru. A lady who sits on cakes sexually for money and a man who put his seed in his female co-workers drink multiple times. A monkey bit a child at a restaurant and much more stupidity! Visit our friends from the promo @ The Earliest Breakfast Game Show on iTunes Find all our shows and info @...


YWIS Episode 48 –The Batman of Paragliders

Alex and Connor find themselves recording a podcast already highly intoxicated because of a corrupted audio file. They talk about a paragliding menace causing mischief in the UK, a lady who hired a dog sitter and come home to find two shirtless men, bodily fluids and the dog sitter in the shower. Connor discusses some traumatic experience he had as a child and the boys try to pronounce words without slurring. Buckle up this one is a drunk doozy!


YWIS Episode 47 – DJ Khaled Sucks But Doesn’t Lick

This week Alex and Zippy fail to talk about a news story for forty minutes. Dj Khaled doesn’t go down on his wife. We ramble about Facebook and talk about the movie The Meg. The boys discuss Nine Inch Nails, gambling, mobile games and cryptocurrency mining. Zombie talk too! Find all our shows and info @


YWIS Episode 46 –Cows, Blade Movies, Yes and…Feat. Josh Rice

Alex and Connor are joined by Josh Rice from “The Earliest Breakfast Game Show” Podcast! We talk about the Blade movies in depth, Quantum Of Solace and one solitary news story about the adorable security guard who was fired after his farting video went viral. Our back stage experiences, a hippy music festival in Adelaide called Womad, Sore backs, Improv and a whole bunch of other stuff! Find The Earliest Breakfast Game Show on Facebook @...


YWIS Episode 45 – Sex In Public & The Brown Hole

This episode, Alex has to explain that this is a satire show after possibly committing a crime on this podcast. Connor and Alex talk about the YouTube influencers Logan and Jake Paul. A Mexican city has made public sex acts sort of legal. A snake wrapped around a mailbox… yeah, slow news day! We get a formal introduction to Politically Incorrect Bot or PIB for short. Connors discusses his pet spiders too. We also discuss the brown hole in depth. Find all our shows and info @...


YWIS Episode 44 – Florida Man Microwaves A Smaller Microwave

This week we have special guest Charlie Chopshop on from the ChopShop Network! Alex, Tom and Charlie talk about a Florida man who microwaved a smaller microwave and blew himself up. Charlies own Florida stories, a guy who broke into an apartment to eat hot dogs and smoke marijuana and a new public urination system in Paris. A special promo from Shooting Breezes too! ChopShop Network Twitch - ChopShop Network YouTube...


YWIS Episode 43 – Spectrally Experienced

Holy Moley! What an episode! A lady wants to have a baby with her ghost boyfriend, which is totally a thing that can happen…right? A man got caught having sexual relations with a horse, claims he was drugged and a man found with large amounts of animal pornography on his computer. We discuss a lot of other stupid stuff too. Find all our shows and info @ Leave us a review, subscribe and screenshot it and we will send you a free stubby holder/beer cosy and some tasty...


YWIS Episode 42 – The Acrobat Who Fell In A Deep Fryer

The boys are back discussing some stupid crap. A Chinese man drove his car into a river trying to clean it. He ended up totaling his car. A meth head tried to re-open a KFC by gunpoint. Plastic surgeons are finding a new problem with people wanting unattainable Snapchat filter surgery. More more stupid conversations too! Genuine Chit-Chat Facebook Page - Twitter @GenuineChitChat Instagram @genuine_chitchat iTunes -...


YWIS Episode 41 – Goats For Hire & Hairy Scissors

In a very Dude Files eske episode of Your Week In Stupid, it’s just Alex and Andy! The boys talk about a child who ate crystal meth thinking it was cereal, a heard of goats unleashed on the public lawns and some old men escape a retirement home to go to a metal concert. Alex discusses his recent shower hair dilemma and the boys also discuss their worst poop stories. Find all our shows and info @ Leave us a review, subscribe and screenshot it and we will send you a free...


YWIS Episode 40 – Shark Heist From A Marine Place!

The boys are back! Talking nonsense yet again! The new trend of pouring boiling water on yourself in the “Boiling Water Challenge” is discussed. We also talk about a Japanese porn star who looks like a seven-year-old and is directing his own porn movies to try and fill a niche. The best heist of all time! A man in Texas stole a shark and dressed it in baby clothes and used a baby carriage as the getaway vehicle! Find all our shows and info @ Leave us a review,...


YWIS Episode 39 – Who Pooped Their Pants? Featuring Cory Schwendiman

We have special guest Cory Schwendiman on from Domesticated: Marriage Meets Comedy. We talk about a lady who is trying to get the world’s biggest bum by eating 15 jars of Nutella a month. A kid charged with assault for shooting a French fry at a lady through a straw, sun baking with coca cola. Connor recounts his story of the time he pooped his pants in public. Alex then tells about his testicle minor surgery. Find all our shows and info @ Leave us a review, subscribe...


YWIS Episode 38 – Pushing Rope & Beer Stories

Tom is back in the sack! After a brief absence, he is back! Alex, Connor, and Tom talk about current trends in pornography. A stupid kid tried to hide marijuana in a fake bag of bacon, a Hawaiian man set himself on fire and a man drove his car into a bar! Plus a few of our own drunk stories. Find all our shows and info @ Leave us a review, subscribe and screenshot it and we will send you a free stubby holder/beer cosy and some tasty stickers! Once a month we pick a...


YWIS Episode 37 – Gimps of the Caribbean & Fartpods

The boys are back talking nonsense! The boys come up with the billion-dollar idea of Farts in a can or pod is heavily discussed. They flesh out the entire market for farts in a can. Also they talk a wild gimp bondage cruise, Star Wars laser guns are becoming a reality and a discussion into pornography statistics. Please consider donating to Life Line Australia and support suicide prevention. Also reach out to people who may be in trouble. A simple conversation could change...


YWIS Episode 36 – Tranquillised Gator Meth Intercourse: A Florida Man Story

Alex and Connor find themselves talking about a Florida man who was found by authorities in the Everglades having sex with a tranquilized alligator. The boys also talk about DC movies and how they’re not very good. A bit of video game talk and then into some hairy news about a porn star Johnny Rockard who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and wants to crowdfund a penis coffin that can get hard or rise up. With many more shenanigans and stupid news. Please consider donating to...


YWIS Episode 35 – Jim's Blowing

The gang is back talking about stuff... mainly pornography. We dabble in some E-sports and pornography websites team up. An above ground pool that is being removed because the fear of a burglar falling into it. A homeless Florida man with no arms stabbed a person and much more stupid news! Find all our shows and info @ Leave us a review, subscribe and screenshot it and we will send you a free stubby holder/beer cosy and some tasty stickers! Once a month we pick a...


YWIS Episode 34 – How Not To Empty The Trash

This episode is an intimate episode with Alex and Connor. The boys discuss their time on farms. Connor recounts his attempt at changing the trash bag, which didn’t end too well. An American tourist who tried to take an unexploded WW2 bomb on a plane as a souvenir. Jam-packed with 10% more stupid stories too! Find all our shows and info @ Leave us a review, subscribe and screenshot it and we will send you a free stubby holder/beer cosy and some tasty stickers! Once a...


YWIS Episode 33 – Wish Upon A Gimp Suit

The gang gathers to discuss the mystery of the Wish gimp suit fiasco. Connor talks about how he blew up a hot water bottle. We discuss the father and son con artists from India who used tinfoil to dress up in space suits to pull off a con. A twenty-pound bag of human poop found in public, a young boy shoved a USB cable into his pee pee and a man pretending to be a smoke alarm inspector to break into a college dorm to steal underwear and much more stupidity. Find all our shows and info @...