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We're a small up and coming show gaining traction and listens, and would love to be on Tune In.

We're a small up and coming show gaining traction and listens, and would love to be on Tune In.




We're a small up and coming show gaining traction and listens, and would love to be on Tune In.






Doritos Pig vs Pigs

We're back from our Christmas break! we talk animals lured with Doritos and the things people put in their bodies during 2018. Find all our info and shows @



Alex is joined by the one and the only Andy Codron. This week the boys talk about a man stuck in a grease vent for two days, clearly trespassing. A russia robot that turned out to be a man in a suit and some morons who broke into an escape room thinking it was a bank.


Monopoly Movie

This week Alex and Cherry talk about the Street fighter movie and its creation, spoiler alert a lot of cocaine was involved. The Millennial Monopoly game that has angered the Twitter-verse, fission, Japanese cyber security, a trolley hero and much more stupid news. Find all our shows and info @ Instagram Find us on Twitter @BroHoneyPodcast Facebook @


Pineapple & She's Old

This week Alex and Connor are joined by Jake Buckerfield and Tamara. We talk about an owl statue. Iceland’s president responds to his opposition towards pineapple on pizza, and the gang holds their own vote about pineapple on pizza. Matching with Tom Cruise on a dating app and much more. Find all our shows and info @


Balls of Silicone

This week Alex, Connor & Cherry discuss a homeless man who had sex with a dying beaver, a tractor riding domestic violence incident, a Dutch man who wants to legally change his age, and a man who died after injecting too much silicone into his genitals. Check us out at


Cat Scratch Fever

This week Alex, Connor & Cherry talk penises in toasters, a dog eating it's owner's peanut butter smeared penis, strange marriages and Connor's encounters with his cat. Enjoy!


YWIS - Ice Cream On The Stove

This week Alex and Connor are joined by Jack B to talk about all this stupid in the world! I forgot what we talked about in this episode besides Connor heating up ice cream on the stove Enjoy!


Your Week In Spookid – Murder In The Toilet Stalls

This week Alex and Connor embrace the spooky season that is upon us. We bring to you “Your Week In Spookid” the spooky news from around the world. We talk about two young girls who got caught trying to murder other school kids. We talk about Port Arthur, Tasmania and Paul Blart Mall Cop 2. We also talk about a bunch of other crap. Promo by Bicker Bots Podcast on iTunes > And on Twitter @BickerBots Find all our...


Bringing Tide Pods Back

This week Alex and Connor are joined by Jake again to talk all things stupid. A Nigerian scammer who made off with millions and tide pods coming back into the mix? We discuss our new challenges we submit to the internet and Jake and Connor try some Carolina Reaper paste on mic! Find all our shows and info @


Home Alone Trap Gone Wrong

This week Alex and Connor are joined by special guest and local stand-up comedian James Gilbert. The guys discuss an envelope of cash that was shredded by a toddler in the states. A real-life Gran Turino character who shot himself with his own Home Alone'eske trap. If Alex pooped his pants as a toddler with James and much more stupid news! Find all our shows and info @


Crinkly Crunchy Justice & The Bumble Games

This week Alex and Connor are joined by Mel and Liam. The gang discuss the looming issue of bumble rappers in our society and offer a solution to the problem. A lady who put a petrol pump into her anus has died and a man shot over salt and vinegar chips. Find all our shows and info @


Broken Bones & Gene Simmons Trademarks The World

Connor and Alex are in the new studio! The boys talk about broken bones, skate park mishaps and concussions. Online dating and its users' potential sexual racism. Gene Simmons and his trademark escapades and some other stupid stuff! Enjoy! Find all our shows and info @


Extreme Badminton: The UK Sweat Porn Obsession

This week Alex and Cherry give their views on the extreme sports of Badminton & Dodgeball, along with discussions about sex toy safety standards, the UK's obsession with sweat porn, and other stupid news stories. Find all our shows at


Not The Funnest Lap Dance

This week Connor and Alex are joined by Josh 'Bonesy' Rice from "The Earliest Breakfast Game Show" Podcast on The boys discuss wet socks, tattoos, bad movies and some stupid news from around the world. Find all our shows at


Test Tubes & Lindsay Lohan Gets Punched

This week Alex, Cherry and Connor are joined by special Guest Liam! We discuss a girl who went to high school with Alex and Liam who put a test tube up her vagina. A man in India who put an electrical wire up his pee hole. Lindsay Lohan finds herself in some trouble in Russia and a whole bunch of other dumb stuff!


Kid In A Claw Machine

This week Alex, Connor and Zippy talk about a bunch of nonsense. A man used his child to climb into claw machines to steal prizes. A man pistol whipped his friend over a Bruno Mars song and a grandpa who was intimate with his long-lost granddaughter. The two met through OkCupid. We talk a lot of other crazy stuff.. enjoy! Find all our info, shows, social media @


Champagne & Tequila Feat. Jake Buckerfield

This week Alex and Connor are joined by special guest Jake Buckerfield! We talk about a lady who found she had a tortoise inside her vagina. Spooky locations that we have been to and Jake regales us with the time he shat the bathroom of a plane for a while. An episode fuelled by tequila and champagne… enjoy! Find all our info, social medias and stuffs at


420 Blazin’ Lobsters

This week Alex and Connor discuss the fact that Alex is turning into an old man because he bought an expensive chair. Beyoncé is apparently practicing black magic and ruining the life of one of her previous drummers, although she may be mentally unstable? She is trying to file a restraining order against Beyoncé. A chef in Maine is getting lobsters high on marijuana before boiling them alive, deeming that it’s the more ethical thing to do. She doesn’t supply them with Doritos though. Find...


Predator Can Consent & Airplane Pee Panic

This week Connor regales us with his trip to Geelong, his haircut shenanigans and his airplane bathroom piss problem. We also discuss some genius who drank a case of beer, a bottle of Jägermeister and some cocaine and stole a tv only to be caught by police. A Chinese restaurant serving roadkill and some imaginary miniature clowns causing mayhem. Our friends at Dark Remnants Podcast - website Find all our shows and info @


High Crocodile, Tanks & Dynamite Candles

This episode Zippy and Alex discuss the SoundCloud rapper plague, A lady lit dynamite thinking it was a candle and it blew up in her hand. We discuss the Darwin Awards and American high school/college parties. A Russian man who had his house raided by the police finding an arsenal of AK47’s and a Crocodile recently ran over kids in his tank. And more dumb dumb stuff. Visit our friends from the promo These Drunk B’s @thesedrunkbs on Twitter & Facebook & Instagram. iTunes >...