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Every Tuesday, a pair of Top 6 lists from elitist jerks. Join Michael Tocci and Adam Lees, strong-minded and bull-headed friends as they offer their top six choices on topics spanning the entire spectrum that is the experience of life. It's foul, it's funny, it's the most entertaining hour of the week; Your Weekly Top Six!

Every Tuesday, a pair of Top 6 lists from elitist jerks. Join Michael Tocci and Adam Lees, strong-minded and bull-headed friends as they offer their top six choices on topics spanning the entire spectrum that is the experience of life. It's foul, it's funny, it's the most entertaining hour of the week; Your Weekly Top Six!


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Every Tuesday, a pair of Top 6 lists from elitist jerks. Join Michael Tocci and Adam Lees, strong-minded and bull-headed friends as they offer their top six choices on topics spanning the entire spectrum that is the experience of life. It's foul, it's funny, it's the most entertaining hour of the week; Your Weekly Top Six!




The End

With forty episodes, Your Weekly Top Six has come to an end! Michael and Adam are at work on their next project, set for release in 2018. Until then, thank you everyone for listening and sharing the experience with us. We hope you enjoyed the ride!


Episode 40: The Great Food Debate

After a lead-in centered around cannibalism, Michael and Adam answer the food centered questions that have intrigued them for ages…or at least the past seven days! Muffins, non-traditional milk and the best bites of the year are discussed; followed by Adam recalling his favorite misunderstood musical lyrics. Enjoy this one with a hot dog, or any other delicious sandwich! RATE AND REVIEW US ON APPLE PODCASTS!!


Episode 39: Seinfeld Episodes

For the first episode of their new weekly release date, Michael and Adam dig into the best episodes of Seinfeld; including a consensus #1! Discussion of the state of television comedy, meat slicers, man hands and marine biology ensues. How many lines from the show do the guys use in their daily lives? At least a dozen!! Will a Rick and Morty reference somehow be made? Of course!! RATE AND REVIEW US ON APPLE PODCASTS!!


Episode 38: Superpowers

After discussion of Adam's frustration with his dry cleaner, the guys discuss the best superpowers they would want for themselves. Michael and Adam are fairly united with their picks this week, so that leaves plenty of time to discuss the greatest movies of all time; including Friday the 13th Part VI, The Santa Clause 2 and What Women Want! You're welcome, planet Earth! RATE AND REVIEW US ON APPLE PODCASTS!!


Thanksgiving Break & Coming Attractions

Michael and Adam, just like you, will be enjoying tryptophan comas and relaxing this holiday. Michael provides a glimpse at future episodes as he announces that the show will take the week off and return next week to discuss their top superhero powers. Happy Thanksgiving, pilgrims!!


Episode 37: Fictional Places

After chastising the premise of “The Problem with Apu” documentary, and praising “Impractical Jokers”, Michael and Adam take a cue from a listener and debate their favorite fictional places of all time. Along the way, Adam presents a defense of Ted Kaczynski, Michael taps into the roots of his contempt for humaity with Simpsons’ nostalgia, and both guys pinpoint the moments in their lives they’d re-encounter if time was a tesseract. Thank you, Marjorie_nova!! RATE AND REVIEW US ON APPLE...


Episode 36: Historical Figures For Which You Would Go Back In Time And Kidnap To Create A History Report

In an homage to the Keanu Reeves classic, Michael and Adam become Bill & Ted as they choose which figures from history they would travel through time and kidnap to present to their high school classes for their history reports. Discussion of existentialism, the human condition, athletes and sociopaths ensues. It’s their most excellent episode yet! RATE AND REVIEW US ON APPLE PODCASTS!!


Episode 35: TV Talk Show Hosts

This week, after unveiling the celebrities that onlookers have said they resemble, Michael and Adam breakdown their choices for the best TV Talk Show Hosts. In the interest of equal time, multiple tangents are drawn toward some of the worst shows as well! Magic Johnson, we’re looking at you! RATE AND REVIEW US ON APPLE PODCASTS!!


Episode 34: 21st Century Films

After another hyperthetical to open the show, Michael and Adam list their top films of the 21st century while also debating the state of modern film as art. What starts as a unified front with crossover on half of their picks, ends with Michael and Adam berating each other over their final entries; with discussion of love, dreams, man-children, serial killers, Facebook…and Katherine Heigl. How many Melissa McCarthy films do the guys pick? Yup…you guessed correctly! RATE AND REVIEW US ON...


Episode 33: Gas Station Foods

Whether commuting to work or hauling across state lines; Michael and Adam, for your listening and eating pleasure, provide their top selections for grab-and-go gas station food. After discussion of a moral quandary to start the episode; the guys break down the hierarchy of Reese’s peanut butter cup products, crossover on a certain cinnamon flavored breakfast bar, and praise pre-packaged meat sticks. Unsolicited advertising abound! RATE AND REVIEW US ON APPLE PODCASTS!! Sponsored by Philly...


Episode 32: Beatles Songs

Drawing from their organic inspiration in the previous episode, the guys breakdown their lists of the greatest works of the incomparable catalogue of The Beatles. Listen and see why Michael and Adam are the Lennon/McCartney of the podcast world! RATE AND REVIEW US ON APPLE PODCASTS!! Sponsored by Philly Fair Trade Coffee Roasters, for $2 off any pound of coffee use promo code "topsix" at


Episode 31: Grab Bag II - Electric Boogaloo!!

It’s the triumphant return of Michael and Adam, as they dip back into the grab bag for more rapid-fire topic discussion! Listen as Adam calls for a new anthem for the country of Panana, and Michael proposes a model for all women of the world to emulate. Michael also shares trade secrets about his concept for a 24-hour nonstop streaming cute animal channel…and these aren’t even discussions involving the actual grab bag questions! It’s the archetype of random topic episodes! RATE AND REVIEW...


A Brief Respite

After thirty straight episodes, Michael and Adam are taking a week off. No need to fret though, as they'll return the first week of October stronger than ever; ready to conquer all their enemies and produce further topics of discussion for all! RATE AND REVIEW US ON APPLE PODCASTS!!


Episode 30: Destinations To Flee To In The Event Of A Zombie Apocalypse

Fill your bathtubs with water, then listen as Michael and Adam pick their ideal havens in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Hear how Adam has been preparing for this episode his entire life as he lays out the scenario and specific details and parameters of the event in the ground rules (7:23), and follow the guys on their journey as they discuss the importance of the odor of locations to Michael, cruise ship deaths, and their favorite Stooges before unveiling their top choices (48:02)....


Episode 29: Things For Which You Can't Go Generic

Joined by Michael’s colleague Rob McCarthy, the guys discuss the things for which only the brand name items will do. Listen as Rob unveils his love for the single serve Heinz ketchup containers of Chick-Fil-A, Michael’s explanation for tossing the free batteries that come with remotes, and Adam’s rationalization for traveling to Ikea for hot dogs. Stick around to hear Adam ask the most disgusting question he has posed thus far on the show; have your Charmin and Cottonelle ready! RATE AND...


Episode 28: Robert De Niro Films

As an homage to the man who has entertained us all for years, Michael and Adam celebrate (and partially lament) the career of Robert De Niro as they discuss his Top Six films in belated observance of his birthday. Is there room for Dirty Grandpa, Analyze This and Last Vegas on their lists? I think we all know the answer to that…happy birthday Bobby D! RATE AND REVIEW US ON APPLE PODCASTS!!


Episode 27: Ancient Civilizations (Featuring Mikey Ilagan of Geekadelphia)

Think back to History class, and join Michael and Adam as they discuss the greatest of ancient civilizations with guest Mikey Ilagan; editor-in-chief of Geekadelphia. After proposing a new economic platform for network television, listen as Adam provides some hidden gems from societies of the past and Michael weighs the merits of ancient Babylon compared to modern day Iraq. All three guys agree on what would likely remain standing from the ruins of modern America, listen to find out if they...


Episode 26: Reasons Why Things Have Never Been Better!

Our most positive episode yet! This week join Michael and his father for a multi-generational perspective on the reasons why things are as good as ever, and why people need to shut the fuck up and embrace life! You’ll also learn the surprisingly positive pick of Michael’s dad for his favorite movie, hear about his childhood experiences of dining out; and listen to Michael give unexpected props to Millennials and Generation Z for the first time ever! Can you follow along with the didactic...


Episode 25: Insults

Hey bozos! Michael and Adam welcome back their friend Jason Yucis (author of the online comic: Cattle and the Creeping Things) as they add to the cultural lexicon with their Top Six insults. Michael moderates as Adam and Jason square off once again, with Adam relaying stories centered around Ellio’s pizza as well as a breakdown of The Grinch’s theme song; while Jason shouts out Run the Jewels and dishes out multiple comedy ‘K’s. The listeners are also introduced to the horror that is the...


Episode 24: Female Characters

In praise of the fairer sex, Michael and Adam extol the virtues, vices, nuance and depth of their favorite female characters from the world of fiction. After bashing Pete Rose and bowties, as well as contemplation of how women aren’t running the entire world, discussion spans from Ayn Rand’s objectivism to the sexuality of Biclops from Simpson’s lore. Which female sociopath makes Michael’s list? Who is Adam’s preference for a mother amongst his choices? Let’s get jammin’!! RATE AND REVIEW...