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You’re Killing Me with Patrick Renna is a new show from and about actor Patrick Renna, the guy who played Ham Porter in The Sandlot. He’s joined by co-host Justin Mooney as they discuss Patrick’s life in Hollywood, current events and welcome in different friends and guests.

You’re Killing Me with Patrick Renna is a new show from and about actor Patrick Renna, the guy who played Ham Porter in The Sandlot. He’s joined by co-host Justin Mooney as they discuss Patrick’s life in Hollywood, current events and welcome in different friends and guests.
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You’re Killing Me with Patrick Renna is a new show from and about actor Patrick Renna, the guy who played Ham Porter in The Sandlot. He’s joined by co-host Justin Mooney as they discuss Patrick’s life in Hollywood, current events and welcome in different friends and guests.






Clash of the Gens

Another Moon-less episode as Patrick & Tommy welcome in guest co-host Albee Barad. Fun fact, Albee was the first guest of the YKM podcast but the episode was shelved due to Albee poo-shaming a child. The guys discuss this and the frustrating fact that Albee refuses to participate in fantasy football despite the fact that he would enjoy it thoroughly. On Mooney-and-the-News (can we call it that without Mooney?) they talk Canadian Banks and American Lawyers. They wrap the show with the Clash...


Zeke Who?

Fantasy sports are on the brain and Patrick feels his league has disrespected him as deputy commissioner, Tommy gets to boast about his Yankees beating the Dodgers and the boys argue about meatballs. Then in Mooney & the News the boys discuss the Instagram Hoax, the Fire in the Amazon, Matrix 4 and Tay Tay re-recording her early catalogue. In Sports with the Sports Dork, they talk about their fantasy draft, Dwight Howard to the Lakers and how to fix all Sports forever.


4.92 Stars

The guys are back together and talk about the week Mooney missed. Then Patrick has a big problem with his Uber rating. In Mooney and the News, the guys talk about the hottest month on record, POTUS wanting to buy Greenland and Russia’s nuclear fiasco. Then in Sports with the Sports Dork, they revisit the all-NBA teams, give their predictions on sports champions for the coming year and list their top athletes of all time.


Moon-less in LA

On the latest episode of You’re Killing Me, Patrick and Tommy discuss Mooney being a jerk and ditching them for Jackson Hole. They also talk Patrick’s most recent trips to Chicago and New York City. Next, they discuss Social Media being a possible downfall of society (like we didn't know that already!). Then on Sports with the Sports Dork they discuss the new Field of Dreams field and actual MLB games being played there soon! They also discuss Kobe being named to only the 3rd team for NBA...


Time Travel is Stupid

The guys talk about the Democratic debates, and after Mooney and the News, the Sports Dork explains how to bond with other guys about sports when you don’t know what they’re talking about. Then Pat and Tommy discuss time travel and (Spoiler Alert) they review Stranger Things Season Three.


Squints & Ham

The guys are all back in studio this Sandlot-centric week and Patrick tells his tale of heroism in an elevator and disdain for LA traffic. In Mooney and the News they talk Meth Gators and Tommy has some opinions on the moon landing. Then they’re joined by a very special guest, Chauncey Leopardi, “Squints” himself. Patrick and Chauncey talk about his experience shooting the Logic video (check it out if you haven’t yet and some Sandlot memories and...


Sick Day

Tommy’s on vacation so Patrick and Mooney go it alone. Patrick fights an illness and Mooney tries to diagnose it. Then, in Mooney and the News the guys discuss Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise, the potential fraudulent moon landing and the Russian FaceApp controversy. Then in Sports with the Sports Dork (sans the Sports Dork) they recap Wimbledon and talk The Open Championship. Also... next week we’re interviewing The Sandlot’s Chauncey Leopardi - send in your questions to...


I Can't Hear You!

Patrick and Tommy talk their travel likes and dislikes... mostly dislikes. Then they talk Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell before Mooney Skypes in from West Virginia for another rousing edition of Mooney and the News where they set the record straight on Scooter and TayTay. Then they talk Patrick’s bottle cap challenge success and his challenge being accepted by Aaron Judge. They wrap it up with The Sports Dork where they catch up with Anthony Bennett’s potential signing with the Houston Rockets...


Extra Extra

You’re Killing Me returns and introduces two new additions to the team: co-host Tommy Savas and Producer Jaden. Patrick tells us how he feels about the term “extra” and then the guys cover the big Southern California earthquakes in Mooney in the News. They introduce a new segment called The Sports Dork where they break down the recent NBA trades and signings as well as the US Women’s Soccer Team. Then they wrap it up with a spirited top five list of their favorite TV shows of all time....


Politics for Dummies

Patrick and Mooney discuss mini-moons, skunk disasters and POTUS pants. Then they’re joined by friend and political scientist (is that a thing?) James Crowder who attempts to educate our heroes on Primaries vs Caucasus. Will the dummies actually learn anything? There’s only one way to find out! Plus another exciting edition of Mooney and the News where you probably won’t learn as much.


All About The Sandlot

All podcasts have led toward this one: Patrick and Mooney are joined by The Sandlot writer/director (and narrator) David Mickey Evans to reminisce about the classic film and their experiences making it. They also discuss the forthcoming prequel and television series! Finally the guys chat about the end of Game of Thrones, their weight loss challenge, Jeopardy and their worst review yet.


Don't Call it a Comeback

Patrick and Mooney are back after their long hiatus and explain why they were gone, what we all missed (Mooney got married, Patrick turned 40) and what’s happening in the future. Then they discuss Tiger, playoff hoops, birthday cake fiascos and of course, Game of Thrones. Then Patrick challenges Mooney to a weight loss challenge. It’s everything you want and nothing you don’t on the return episode of “You’re Killing Me.”


Potpourri Volume 2

Patrick talks about being heckled giving a speech at Mooney’s bachelor party dinner. Mooney loves Tesla’s... Patrick not so much. They do a dramatic reading of a scene from the Sandlot with a stunning revelation. Is Facebook listening to us? Are the Bears for real? Are the Patriots done? And finally a rebuttal on the controversy around “Baby it’s Cold Outside.” Happy Holidays!


Stars Get Calls (Guest - Michael Peña)

Patrick tells Mooney about his shocking new ancestry update and they are then joined by Michael Peña (Narcos Mexico, The Mule, Ant Man and the Wasp) where they talk about becoming a part of the Narcos series, what you say when Clint Eastwood asks you to be in his movie, going down under to shoot Dora the Explorer and the upcoming Fantasy Island reimagining. Then they talk golf holes-in-one, Tiger vs. Phil and then wrap it up with their predictions for Bears vs. Rams. Finally in a new...


The Future is Z (Guest - Jade Pettyjohn)

Patrick and Mooney recap their thanksgivings, Mooney tries another diet and Patrick has a noisy new neighbor. Then they’re joined by actress Jade Pettyjohn (School of Rock, Destroyer) to discuss working with Nicole Kidman on Destroyer and shooting the Deadwood movie. Next she alleviates all our fears of the future generation as she represents the entire Generation Z and tells us what they stand for. They wrap it up with another Mooney and the News where they talk good/bad Phil/Tiger and the...



Patrick and Mooney discuss their thanksgiving musts and disgusts and then Patrick makes Mooney feel bad for eating turkey even though Patrick is eating turkey... and ham! Next, Patrick tells us how a respectful thief stole his wallet (kinda) and Mooney flew on a private plane (kinda) and drove a VW Beetle convertible. Then, in a new Mooney and the News, the guys discuss a whole different kind of travel misadventure and the adventures of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.



Patrick and Mooney discuss the past few weeks in California. Then they shift gears to talking about mid-terms, the impending return of Game of Thrones and Patrick shares a parenting story that’s a little messy.


Passing the Bar

Patrick and Mooney return after a week off to recap Patrick’s trips to Philadelphia (historic/cheesesteaks), San Antonio (where Patrick keeps meeting really tall athletes) and St. Louis (it rained). Mooney relays another meal misadventure and then, as it's Election Day, they discuss the mid-terms, voting and understanding what the hell they’re voting for.


Go Sports! (Guest - Marisol Nichols)

Patrick proves his claims that he predicted the World Series back in April and Mooney calls him out for being a polyamorous sports fan. Then they’re joined by actress Marisol Nichols (Riverdale) where they discuss where they met, the incredible popularity of Riverdale and how to work a comic-con. Then Marisol tells them about her amazing work fighting human trafficking with


Mustaches And Socialists

Patrick and Mooney discuss some Twitter criticism, Mooney’s mustache and Patrick’s inability to binge watch shows anymore. Then, in a return of “Mooney and the News” they discuss the La Croix controversy, paper straws, BYO shopping bags and climate change.