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Episode 76 - Lethal Weapon 3

This week Dom decided on Lethal Weapon 3 because he was apparently out of regular action movies to choose. Dom defended the greatness of the movie to Marcus who was bored and bitched about this flick the whole time. Kenny seemed to be confused about a lot of things in it, but he loves love so he was happy with how Riggs found love again. Of course Marcus hated that moment too. We also learn that Kenny prices his dates out on the low end and that he believes adults Trick Or Treating is normal...


Episode 75 - A Low Down Dirty Shame

This week Marcus purposely picked a movie for Kenny to watch and he ended up sick so he didn't show up for the show. Dom called Kenny a piece of shit a record number of times this episode. We watched A Low Down Dirty Shame Starring Keenan Ivory Wayans. Marcus calls Dom out for a slip of the tongue about a woman looking like a small boy. They decide to give Kenny a call and he really didn't sound sick. I'm sure he was avoiding the movie which means he looked into it and surprisingly we...


Post Credit Episode 1

We had another week of bad scheduling thanks to Dom, so we shift focus to the elongated discussions from our cold opens. Sorry for the second half of this episode as it is from a time we were adjusting settings to our new recording room. The topics range from furries, manscaping, dating and what disturbed Dom when he was watching porn. Kenny gets locked out of his house and wants to go on a man date with Dom to a dog park which seems more odd to us than it does to him. Marcus is around...


Episode 74 - Above The Law

This week we learn too much about Dom and his actions with a particular fruit. He also screwed up the movie we were supposed to watch because most Steven Seagal movies are fairly similar. We ended up watching Above The Law and Marcus was bummed there weren't going to be any Eskimos in this movie like the one we were supposed to watch. Who cares though since we all know he hated this movie. Kenny got confused as normal and Dom tried to defend the movie. Oh yeah, Kenny thinks the McRibb is a...


Episode 73 - Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man

This week there was a pizza discussion that didn't need to happen and we talk about a broken penis. Plus Dom talks about a porn move that made him lose his chub post haste. Oh yeah, we watched Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man this week thanks to Kenny. Dom and Kenny thought it was great so you can imagine what Marcus thought of it. For some reason, Kenny immediately goes to the attractiveness of Don Johnson and Mickey Rourke. Dom trays to parallel the movie characters to Kenny and Marcus...


Episode 72 - The Mummy

This week we watched a more well known movie starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz now known as the original, The Mummy. Kenny couldn't get over that fact that Brendan was in Encino Man and didn't see him as anything else and his explanation was mind numbing. The worst part is when Marcus asked Kenny what he would do if he had the Mummy's powers. Don't think about it too hard. We let you know how well the movie stood the test of time and Kenny's plot description focuses on the wrong part...


Episode 53 - Hard Rain

Marcus once again chooses a snore fest!!! On this episode we review the 1998 film Hard Rain starring Christian Slater & Morgan Freeman. Kenny once again gets stuck on the most random things while Marcus almost falls asleep during the movie. Dom loves it of course... Sit back and enjoy the show!


Episode 52 - Beverly Hills Cop

Dom chose the action/comedy movie Beverly Hills Cop for the one year anniversary episode! We were all shocked how little action there was in this movie and Kenny described the wrong movie of course. Kenny learned a new word and was just waiting to use it! Also he was stuck on something the movie clearly explains. Marcus decides to over think the movie like always and Dom had Spongebob sheets! Kenny also found out that InspectorTodd reminds him of his father. Sit back and listen to us get...


Episode 51 - Predator

This week we watched Kenny's pick for the month, Predator starring the legend himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Kenny of course comes up with fun facts that we already know about the movie. We find out that Marcus doesn't really care for the plot and Dom once again professes his love for Arnold and the action genre.


Episode 50 - Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

This week is a continuation of Marcus pissing off Dom with Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom. Kenny appeared to understand this movie until the end when we hear his true feelings for Indiana Jones. Marcus blows up at Kenny, Dom blows up at Kenny and Kenny says, "Yeah..." Give it a listen and enjoy another episode of us trying to figure out what's wrong with Kenny!


Episode 49 - Escape From LA

Dom picked this week's movie starring Kurt Russell in Escape From L.A., a sequel no one asked for in Marcus's opinion. It suffered from Die Hard 2 syndrome will Kenny suffered from a lack of attention due to a minimum amount of women in the movie. He also tries to impress Marcus by reading the entire movie from his notes. Marcus couldn't stop bitching for a while as Dom attempts to defend the movie even though a little piece of him dies inside. Give a listen and enjoy!


Episode 48 - Bulletproof

Marcus picked another cheesy action movie for this week called Bulletproof. It stars Gary Busey which should be all you need to know. We all attempt to explain the movie which was a cultural appropriation melting pot of confusion. If you don't take it seriously and like well done bad movies, it is one hell of an entertaining flick. We also finally find out why Kenny wants an easy life and where his future career was headed. Dom and Marcus are glad it didn't work out and you should be as...


A Special Kenny Love Show Episode

With all of our extra behind-the-scenes discussions, we thought it was the perfect time to release another cut focusing on Kenny and his uncomfortable relationship with sex and butt play. Our special guest Thomas joined us on this harrowing journey of questioning Kenny's sex logic. We all a share a little bit of ourselves and you can decide how truthful Kenny is really being on this episode.


Episode 47 - Speed

This week Kenny picked the movie Speed while angering Marcus to the edge of his own sanity. The intro is a little long due to Marcus loudly detailing Kenny's four strikes against him. Dom and Kenny liked the movie all the way around while Marcus had the most problems with it. I mean, how did Dennis know about Keanu's favorite coffee shop? Kenny somehow didn't understand almost this whole movie... I know. It's a bomb on a bus. Enjoy!


Episode 46 - Raw Deal

Dom picked an actual action movie this week starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in Raw Deal. Dom thinks this movie is an underrated Arnold movie, Marcus bitches like he always does and Kenny lets on that an exchange of money combined with saxophone means sex. We also find out that Kenny takes good notes! He just refuses to read them back later since he has a thing against reading.


Episode 45 - Rambo: First Blood

This week Marcus chose a true action movie, Rambo: First Blood starring Sylvester Stallone and some other people. Dom was all about it of course and Marcus was kind of surprised by this film. Kenny is going to school to become a mine expert after watching this movie. We also learn exactly what needs to be in a movie to keep his attention. Enjoy!


Episode 44 - The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane

Wow... We watched Dom's pick this week starring Andrew "Dice" Clay in a movie clearly written for him called, The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane. Our guest, Thomas Cowley, joined us this week as Marcus and him attempted to break Dom's spirit for making them watch this movie. Kenny somehow confused himself on whether or not he even liked this movie and they all try to figure out Dom's reasoning for his undying devotion to this supposed... "film." Enjoy!


Episode 43 - Goldeneye

This episode Marcus chose the first of the Pierce Brosnan Bond movies, Goldeneye! Dom laments this version of Bond and goes off on British people even though he loves the character. Kenny gets lost five minutes into the movie and will always equate Pierce with a lime throwing incident. Marcus liked the action, but the ridiculousness of it all made him roll his eyes too many times. Plenty of interesting fun facts in here and then there is the character Xenia Onatopp... Kenny will explain the...


Episode 42 - Lethal Weapon 2

This week we tackled Dom's pick which was Lethal Weapon 2 starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover! Kenny got stuck on how nice Murtaugh's family was and gets upset about it being too perfect. Dom calls out Kenny on why he was late for this episode and we also talked about the movie. Marcus tells us why he liked it better than the first one and explains to Kenny why bad guys have to wear masks. We all discuss who wouldn't take the drug money and who would. Speaking of Kenny, he also explains why...


Episode 41 - Bad Boys

This week we watched Marcus's pick, Bad Boys staring Will Smith, Martin Lawrence and an actress that Kenny drooled over. We learn what other actors were supposed to play the two main roles, Marcus recognizes the family dynamic of Martin's character is in trouble and Dom loves when two dudes stand up together in slow motion. Kenny also sees color in film better than the other two, and the list of action movies he presents are flawed. Enjoy!