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The Groamy Show-"Jon Ruggiero and Kyle Haunhorst"

Comedians Jon Ruggiero (Toledo, Ohio) and Kyle Haunhorst (Cleveland, Ohio) perform on The Groamy Show. Taped on location at Groamy's cds and tapes in Lima, Ohio


Exploder-Ep.24-"The Foam Finger Of Doom"

In "the Foam Finger of Doom", Exploder takes a look back at wrestling merchandise that was uniquely 90s. From foam tombstones to my god, the jean jackets, it's all here in podcast form.


ZTO Radio-"Outlandish Statements On Voting"

ZTO Radio is back with all new stupid discussions and all our favorite locally produced Ohio music. In this supersized episode Ray McGuff (SchlockFest, Area 42, Strange Findings) sits in with Frank and Scott to talk about everything ranging from the glory of Malcolm X to a rotten tale of drunken antics and shitty underwear. 00:32-ZTO Radio-"Outlandish Statements On Voting" 08:17-Bundy & The Spins-"Batwing" 10:30-Gudger-"Midnight Visions" 15:55-ZTO Radio-"A Sad Sports...


Exploder-ep.23-"Family Jewels"

Exploder looks at Crown Jewel, the nostalgia factor, and big ol' paydays. That's right, all that and much more in this new episode. Check it out for yourself.


LRHSpod ep.25-"Creepozoids, Mountain Of The Cannibal God, The Fly and Shadowbuilder"

Another set of films is pondered by your favorite assholes on this edition of the Last Roundup Horror Show podcast. The guys contemplate podcasting in the realm of physical media and Frank tries to say some foreign words again. Movies reviewed this episode: Creepozoids-----Jared's pick Mountain Of The Cannibal God-----Frank's pick The Fly-----Frank's pick Shadowbuilder-----listener poll pick If you'd like to send us mail for any reason just drop us a line at lrhspod@gmail.com Thanks...


ZTO Classic-The TakeOver podcast ep.3-"Ray McGuff & The Case Of The Canadian Tit Job"

Ray McGuff AKA Rand McNally AKA Rand Daddy AKA Randabilly Rockawoten AKA Squints finally makes it to the studio for his first appearance on the Takeover and he has a bag of tricks to share including tales of his scandalous Canadian vacation. J-Palms shares a tale of his recent dental work and explains his allergies at length. Random discussion about film and movies as well as whatever else comes up credits from ZTOTV​.​COM's TakeOver podcast 2012, track released April 15, 2012 Josh...

LRHSpod: Best Of Season 1

In this very special episode we reflect back on the past year and some of our favorite moments. This episode is perfect for new listeners who have yet to experience the #LRHSpod and are looking for a good entry point If you'd like to write in to the show just send your messages to lrhspod@gmail.com and we'll read your letters on the air. If you'd like an easy way to download our entire first season including special episodes and our very rare live episode just download the album on the...


ZTO Classic: Forcefed-"Mud (2012)"

Martha picks an acclaimed Matthew McConaughey film "Mud" and Frank actually enjoyed many parts and even develops a theory that women are snakes. credits from The Forcefed podcast, released May 29, 2014


LRHSpod-"Halloween (2018)"

Happy Halloween!!! In honor of the one year anniversary of The Last Round-Up Horror Show and our favorite holiday we bring you this discussion and full review of the new Halloween film recorded by the #LRHSpod crew directly after watching it in the theater. Sorry for the audio quality but we recorded this in a moving vehicle so there's a little road noise.


The Groamy Show-"Morning Theft"

One of our favorite Columbus acts performing at one of our favorite Columbus venues Groamy talks with Morning Theft and they perform a full set of live music for your earholes. Recorded live at The Tree Bar in Columbus Ohio Originally Published on Oct 2, 2017 #GROAMYSHOW #supportlocal #weareohio You can find Morning Theft on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/morningtheftmusic/ or at their website www.morningtheftmusic.com


ZTOTV Remixed-"Drippings! Mistresses!"

ZTOTV Remixed Re-Released and Rehashed Drippings! Mistresses! The Shed! Hoverboards! Drayton Sawyer! Ray Is The Best At Sports! Arise The Titan! Abigail Breslin=HOT? The Out! Police The Rich! credits from ZTOTV Remixed, released March 30, 2014 Randy Ray McGuff Woten, Adam Totten, DJ Estranged (Adam Thayer), Josh Palmer, Aaron Franklin England, Scott Kramer, Samoan Ralph Wilkins, Arise The Titan, Jason Miller, Derik The Fisherman Dunson, The Out


LRHSpod ep.24-"Camp Death 3 in 2D, Murder Party, Tales Of Halloween and All Hallows Eve"

In this pre-Halloween special Jared, Frank and Jason discuss a wide variety of films, Freddy Krueger's moral compass, electric chainsaws, shitty aliens and more. Featured Reviews: 1.Camp Death 3 in 2D- film maker submission 2.Murder Party- listener pick 3.Tales Of Halloween- Jason's pick 4.All Hallows Eve- Jason's pick Thanks for listening, if you'd like to send us an email please send all messages to lrhspod@gmail.com and we may read your letter on the next episode.


Exploder-ep.22-"WCW: What the Hell? Merchandise"

Not every piece of merchandise can be a winner. Just like WCW itself, some of its merchandise is confusing, wrong, and made for no one in particular. Join Exploder as we look at some WCW toys, games, and even bears (yes, bears) that just make you say "What the hell?".


ZTO Classic-The TakeOver podcast ep.2-”Naming Random Movies/Take My Son's Weed Please″

Jared Collins and Derik The Moustache sit in again on our second official episode. In the first portion we discuss what we were watching at the time and also things we have watched in television and the moving pictures in the past. After the break We decide to get down to the dirt with Ray McGuff about his absence on the podcast and we give the ole boy a call. Also....Jared re-tells a story we've all relived a thousand times, the day we got a bunch of free weed from a random housewife in...


LRHSpod ep. 23-"Chernobyl Diaries, The Changeling, Meatball Machine and Teeth"

The Last Roundup Horror Show is back with 4 more horror movie reviews and our usual ball busting nonsense. Spoiler alert! we don't refrain from discussing these movies at length so we may ruin these films for you if you have not seen them movies reviewed this episode: -Chernobyl Diaries (2012)-Jared's pick -The Changeling (1980)-Jason's pick -Meatball Machine (2005)-Frank's pick -Teeth (2007)-listener poll selection #LRHSpod #ZTOTV If you'd like to email the show drop us a line at...


The Groamy Show-"Cane Toads"

We've decided to start releasing "The Groamy Show" as an audio podcast. Previously this content was only available in video form but essentially the Groamy Show is a musical program recorded live at Groamy's cds and tapes in Lima, Ohio. Groamy is the host and he welcomes bands into his store to perform and promote their music. In this episode of #GROAMYSHOW you will hear the laid back psychadelic rock flavors of The Cane Toads from Columbus, Ohio. If you will be in the Ohio area and wish to...


Exploder-Ep.21-"Wrestling With Celebrities"

Celebrities and wrestling go together like apple pie and razor wire. Or something like that. Regardless, pro wrestling has seen its fair share of celebrities over the years and in this episode, we look at some of the best...and worst celebrities who bravely showed up to a wrestling event to promote their latest project without fear of being powerbombed by Kevin Owens.


Strange Findings-"Kavanaugh and other buckets of crap"

Frank and Ray are back with another mildly informative session of "Strange Findings". Three strange news stories are discussed and in this day and age even regular front page news is riddled with scandal, lies and bizarre occurances. Ray's Findings: I. Kavanaugh Confirmed For Supreme Court Position II.An Indian Airline Incident Results In Multiple Injuries III.Banksy's Self Destructive Art Frank's Findings: I.A Haunting Song Torments Townspeople II.Angry Patron Dumps Feces All Over...


ZTO Classic-The TakeOver podcast ep.1-"Unrealistic Views Of Archaeology/Colorblind at 27"

Mississippi Bones' Jared Collins and The Fisherman sit in as our first guests. Comic books, Indiana Jones and after the break we discuss Jared's colorblindness among other random topics. credits from ZTOTV​.​COM's TakeOver podcast 2012, track released March 21, 2012 Josh Palmer Aaron Franklinstein England Jared Collins Derik The Fisherman Dunson


Exploder ep 20-"And Then It Gets Weird"

When wrestling gets weird, Exploder is there to explain what the hell just happened. We can't stop it from happening, but we sure can make fun of it. Check out the weirder side of pro wrestling in this special episode. And learn about Yoshihiko. Trust me, I'll be fun.