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Hillbilly Therapy-"Trophy Kids"

In this episode, Jake and Dan give some age old advice about kids. They each have one, and they're still alive, so maybe they know what they're talking about. Maybe. If you'd like your questions read on Hillbilly Therapy just shoot us an email at zombietakeovertelevision@gmail.com


ZTO Classic: Strange Findings S1 E1-”Robot Brains And Tales Of Pissing On Candy”

In this first ever episode of Strange Findings (circa 2014) Frank and Ray talk about annoying coworkers, transplanting human consciousness into robot bodies, police violence, unusual crimes, and more. Some of the topics discussed on this podcast are dated so keep in mind that this was taped in 2014, recorded in a pre-Trump world #ZTOTV #StrangeFindings


Hillbilly Therapy-"Kneeling and Nudists"

In this country fried episode of Hillbilly Therapy, Jake and Dan discuss what's in the news and go over the finer points of nudist dating habits. Trust us, it gets interesting. Check it out


LRHSpod ep.21-"Basketcase 3, Death Proof and Mother Of Tears"

3 brand new horror movie reviews, the guys try to land a sweet sweet pizza sponsorship, the LRHSpod Mailbag returns and a new catchphrase "Girl, yo tiddie out" is born on the latest edition of the Last Roundup Horror Show. Featured films reviewed on this podcast are: Basketcase 3-Frank's pick Death Proof-Jared's pick Mother Of Tears-Jason's pick If you'd like us to read your email on our mailbag segment send your questions or comments to zombietakeovertelevision@gmail.com Thanks for...


Exploder-Ep.18-"Worst Wrestlemania Matches"

Sometimes it's Shawn Michaels and Undertaker...sometimes it's LT and Bam Bam. WrestleMania has had its share of great matches. But for every one of those, there's more than a couple diva pillow fights (yes, that one). In this episode, we look at the Worst matches in WrestleMania history.


ZTO Radio-"Taking A Knee Or Setting Your Shoes On Fire"

A brand new episode of ZTO Radio hosted by ZTO producer Franklinstein and his cohost Scottt "The DeliveryMan" Kramer and featuring regional music from underground bands, support for our fellow Ohio podcasters and a whole lot of fun. 00:34-ZTO Radio-"The efficiency of amber alerts" 12:28-Solar Disco Force-"Pelvic Thrust" 15:28-Takeover podcast-"The Shopebusters" 20:49-The Inturns-"Unstoppable" 24:45-ZTO Radio-"Taking a knee or setting your shoes on fire" 31:06-Race Of Devils-"Last Rib...


Exploder-Ep.17-"The Good, The Bad & The Summerfest"

In this episode, Dan reminds you of some things you'd much rather forget: bad GMs of wrestling past. From Adamle to that damn laptop, we've got them all. #Exploder #ZTOTV


It Isn't Ezee To Hear ep.1-"Chainsmoking Cigarette Butts"

Let It Go/Cursive Z vocalist Kevun Ezee rants and rambles, listens to some tunes and speaks his mind unapologetically. #ZTOTV


I Hate You Alexa ep.2-"Let's Talk About The Dark Web"

Frank tries once again to communicate with the Amazon Echo A.I. and fights to get the truth out about the dark web. Will this damned machine ever answer his deep web inquiries or will it keep changing the subject?


ZTO Radio-"Grass: The Kryptonite Of Motorcycles"

Filling in for Scottt on this episode of ZTO Radio is cohost of SchlockFest and Area 42 Randal "Ray McGuff" Woten talking with Frank about a variety of topics and you'll hear some great Ohio based music and other fun content as well. Thanks for listening and supporting #ZTOTV 00:00-ZTO Radio with Frank and Ray-"The Flag Status" 07:39-Wandering Stars-"Rabbits" 11:57-Dustin and the Daydreamers-"Getaway" 19:17-ZTO Radio with Frank and Ray-"Grass: The Kryptonite Of Motorcycles" 27:17-Killed...


LRHSpod ep.20-"Abominable, Basket Case and In The Mouth Of Madness"

Last Roundup Horror Show is back with a brand new episode full of laughs and fun discussion. The guys also discuss the top 10 movies from 1995 according to our online poll and launch a new segment "LRHS Mailbag". If you'd like to send us some mail drop us a line at zombietakeovertelevision@gmail.com or lrhspod@gmail.com In this episode we review 3 feature films: SPOILER ALERT! We discuss these films at length and will ruin the plot 1-Abominable (2006)-----Jason's pick 2-Basket Case...


Exploder-Ep.16-"B Players"

In this episode, Dan takes a look at wrestling's B shows, glorious programs where you can find out what happened on RAW last week and Repo Man can finally main event. If it has Todd Pettengill, you know it's good. #EXPLODER #ZTOTV


Hillbilly Therapy-"Divorce Is Always Better Than Arson"

Another country fried therapy session with Jake Hill and Dan Fraley. If you'd like our unlicensed amateur counselors to help you with your problems just send all your questions and quandries to zombietakeovertelevision@gmail.com FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!!! #HillbillyTherapy #ZTOTV


Exploder-Ep.15-"Dead Ringers"

Dan's back with a brand new episode of our pro wrestling centric podcast Exploder and with the recent deaths within the industry he decides to discuss a less humorous topic by highlighting some of the most noteable passings in professional wrestling. #Exploder #ZTOTV


Hillbilly Therapy-"Legos, Lawnmowers & Fights"

Jake Hill and his cohost Dan Fraley help a lady with her parenting problem, help an edgy homeowner with his lawn maintenance question and resolve a dispute between two fight fans on the debut of the Hillbilly Therapy podcast. We are happy to welcome this brand new show to the #ZTOTV family of podcasts.


I Hate You Alexa ep.1-"Let's Talk About Marijuana"

Frank talks to the Amazon Alexa AI in this experimental podcast It's weird but sometimes you get an idea and run with it. #ZTOTV


Area 42 ep.4-"Bigfoot, Krakens & Other Cryptids"

On this episode of Area 42 Ray and Jake take on the elusive cryptids that may or may not be real. Bigfoot, Krakens,The Mothman, Megalodons, Blobsters, Sea creatures and beyond. Have you ever had an unusual experience you can't explain? Want to share your story on our show? Email Area 42 at zombietakeovertelevision@gmail.com and we'll read your story on the next episode. Thanks for listening. The truth is around here someplace. #ZTOTV #AREA42


ZTO Classic: Strange Findings S1 E15-"Creepy, Kooky and All Together Spooky"

This episode of The Strange Findings podcast was released sometime in 2014. Strange Findings is still a current ZTOTV podcast we are just on a brief hiatus. This episode of Strange Findings involves many different talking points but one of the main things discussed is The Addams Family when Frank reports on one f his favorite classic television programs. Look for more classic ZTO podcasts to appear on this feed. We've been doing this for a while so we like to re-release things...


ZTO-Radio-"Jerry O'Colon Is The New Jerry Casper"

Frank and Scott welcome "Chad Blue" AKA "Jerry Casper" AKA "Jerry O'Colon" back to the show with his bag of topics. As random as his topics seem to be we always have a good time talking about the shit he brings on the show. We also showcase some of our favorite Ohio music #supportlocal #ZTOTV #weareohio 00:00-ZTO-Radio-"Fake George Lopez News" 05:53-J.R. Junior LIVE @ The Tree Bar 19:15-Zoo Trippin-"Animals" 21:51-ZTO-Radio-"Santana The Man IS Santana The Band" 27:50-T.F.U.-"O.G. Grab...


LRHSpod ep.19-”Tourist Trap, Terrifier and Dagon”

The Last Roundup Horror Show is back in action with 3 all new spoiler ridden reviews and part 2 of our featured interview with author Jonathan Raab about his upcoming book and his work on the latest Mississippi Bones album "Radio Free Conspiracy Theory". In this episode we ask the important questions, How much did a laptop cost in 2001? Should Tourist Trap be rated PG? and who the fuck mailed lime green Skittles to Jared? Movies this episode Tourist Trap----selected by Jason...