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ZTO Radio-”Cooking Food In A Dishwasher”

Frank and Scottt are back with discussions of our dipshit president, suggestions on how perhaps police officers could stop tasing non violent misdemeanor criminals and we tell a story about our friend good ole Doug Cooper. All the best Ohio music as well. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU CHECK OUT THE VIDEO EDITION OF THIS PODCAST AVAILABLE SOON AT www.facebook.com/ZTOTV Thanks for listening. 00:31-ZTO Radio w/Frank & Scottt-”Can’t somebody stop these idiots?!?!” 04:57-Mix-”Sweet...


LRHSpod ep. 16-”Boys In The Trees, The Banshee Chapter & The Witching Season”

Tacos! Tears! and a 3 part harmony that will make your butt water. This is the Last Roundup Horror Show and we review horror movies of all shapes and sizes. In this episode we talk about Frank’s pick “Boys In The Trees” (a heartfelt tale of ghostly friendship), Jared’s pick “The Banshee Chapter” (A drug adled supernatural thriller) and Jason’s pick “The Witching Season” (A fun Halloween themed anthology series). Jason had an interview planned to accompany his review but unfortunately it...


Exploder ep.12-”WCW Disasters”

This week Dan talks about some of the biggest failures WCW ever was a part of. Bad gimmicks, terrible storylines…..the WCW was legendary for so many horrible things. #ZTOTV #Exploder


SchlockFest-ep 2.-”Freaked (1993)”

“Jean-Paul Mantilla is back and ready to torture ole Ray McGuff with another one of his Shclocky films from his very own Schlock-Vault. This time around he subjects Ray to the 1993 cult-classic “FREAKED”. Ray watches in terror as Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted Theodore Logan play other characters in this $12 million dollar flop of a film. Clearly geared towards the 90’s slacker generation and anyone who had a taste for 1950’s garbage horror cinema, this 90 minutes is sure to make Ray want...


Area 42 ep.2-”The Nazi Bell & The Kecksburg Acorn ”

“The Nazi Bell…The Kecksburg Acorn…What do these two stories have in common? If you tune in, you’ll find out! In this episode, Area 42 takes you behind enemy lines in 1945 the final days of Nazi occupation to learn the truth about the Nazi involvement in a secret project referred to as “Die Glocke” or the bell. Hosts Randy “Ray McGuff” Woten and Jacob Thornburg peel back the layers of the story to reveal the hidden truth inside. Then, be whisked to Kecksburg, PA 1965 and dig into the crash...


Stranded In Mayberry S1 Ep.13-”A Plaque For Mayberry”

We’re back!!! Ray left Frank behind in Mayberry but Frank enlisted his ZTO Radio partner Scottt to join him as he continues to uncover the darker side of Mayberry. In this episode we ponder why exactly it would be a boon for a small town to have a resident within it’s populace that might be related to some random revolutionary war hero. We talk about getting drunk on hand sanitizer, the most ridiculous sobriety test you’ll ever encounter and why Otis doesn’t have the DTs. We are only...


LRHSpod ep 15.-”Pieces, The Hills Run Red & Bad Taste”

An early release for your memorial day! We talk about 3 movies of course but unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict Jared’s “Reading Rainbow Of Death” interview with Mer Whinery had to be postponed until a later date. #LRHSpod #ZTOTV


ZTO Radio-”Chuck Hears Donut”

Scott discusses his new and amazing “atomic lighter” in a weird review we hope translates to the audio format, A somber Sports Corner for Cavs fans, the single most boring discussion we’ve ever had on the show gets cut off before the rambling begins and Charles Barkley takes on the “Laurel/Yanny” controversy. 00:27-Echoes Of Empathy-”A Killer In Us All” lyric video 04:48-Funeral Moon-”Wasteland” LIVE on The Groamy Show 11:57-ZTO Radio-”Smoke In Your Shower...


Exploder ep.11-”A Big Undertaking”

Today we cover the career of a true icon, The Undertaker. #ZTOTV


SchlockFest-ep 1.-”Schlock (1973)”

Welcome to “SchlockFest” a new show from the minds of Randy “Ray McGuff” Woten and Jean Paul Mantilla. Ray and Jean Paul both love movies but their taste is completely different. This show will center around Jean Paul forcing some of his favorite schlocky movies on Randy and then discussing both the good and bad aspects of these films. On the debut episode Ray and J.P. talk about John Landis’ debut film and namesake of this podcast 1973’s “Schlock” AKA “The Banana Monster” #ZTOTV...


LRHSpod-ep 14-”Videodrome, The Barn & 10.31″

On this very special episode of The Last Round-Up Horror Show Frank watches “Videodrome” for the first time, Jared Collins previews an upcoming conversation with author Mer Whinery and Jason Miller talks with writer/director Justin M. Seaman about Scream Team Releasing’s “The Barn” and “10.31″ which also recieve the #LRHSpod review treatment. Thanks for watching #ZTOTV Make sure you check out all the rad stuff available at www.screamteamreleasing.com TODAY!!!!



In this special episode, we look at something wrestling like, it’s Roller Jam, wrestling storylines with roller derby action. Just listen. #ZTOTV


Area 42 ep.1-”The John Titor Report”

John Titor is a name used on several bulletin boards during 2000 and 2001 by a poster claiming to be an American military time traveler from 2036. Titor made numerous vague and specific predictions regarding calamitous events in 2004 and beyond, attracting world-wide attention during the ensuing decade.[3] His descriptions of the aftermath of a nuclear war—including the devastation of numerous countries around the world, a breakup of the United States into five smaller sovereignties, and...


Stranded In Mayberry S1 Ep.12-Andy & Opie, Housekeepers-The New Doctor

Ray and Frank cover episodes 23 and 24 of Andy Griffith season 1. They also announce that they will be winding down the show at the end of this season to pursue a different podcasting path…..the brand new FORCEFED movie podcast (*note we never brought back the Forcefed podcast and do not know if it will ever return to our network but we are proud to announce that coming soon MORE STRANDED IN MAYBERRY!!!!!!) See you soon with all new format and brand new episodes from season 1 of The Andy...


Stranded In Mayberry S1 Ep. 11-Andy And The Gentleman Crook-Cyrano Andy

Frank and Ray are back with more historical tales of Mayberry. Plus a bonus rant about abortions at the end for all you people who want some abortion talk with your Andy Taylor.


Stranded In Mayberry S1 Ep. 10-Mayberry On The Record-Andy Saves Barney’s Morale

This episode covers all discussion surrounding episodes 19 and 20 of season one Andy Griffith. You’ll also see behind the curtain and hear some hilarious audio from last episode where Randy fell asleep during the taping.


Stranded In Mayberry S1 Ep.9-Alcohol & Old Lace-Andy, The Marriage Counselor

Frank and Ray laugh about inconsistent alcohol laws in Mayberry and unrealistic domestic violence


Stranded In Mayberry S1 Ep.8-Those Gossipin’ Men-The Beauty Contest

Frank and Ray talk about episodes 15 and 16 from Andy Griffith Show season 1. Plenty of fun is had by all as these are two top notch episodes. podcast originally released in 2016


Stranded In Mayberry S1 Ep.7-Mayberry Goes Hollywood-The Horse Trader

Frank and Ray talk about politics in Mayberry, licorice seeds, Rock Hudson, Aunt Bee’s menopause and much much more originally released in 2016


Stranded In Mayberry S1 Ep.6-Christmas Story-Stranger In Town

Frank and Ray indulge in Christmas fare during October……..such a bummer. Season 1 episodes 11 &12 are discussed on this episode Originally released in October 2016 when the world still had hope