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A celebration of pessimism with Chris and Sarabeth. It's all bad!

A celebration of pessimism with Chris and Sarabeth. It's all bad!
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A celebration of pessimism with Chris and Sarabeth. It's all bad!




Episode 039: Far'd Up!

Git some toot! It's new episode time! Things aren't going great for Papa John. Luckily for us, it's super funny because he's a bad person. Kinda Funny Kinda Sad makes a return as we delve into the world of freebasing cocaine! This fine southern gent we nicknamed Toby Toot tells us about how freebasing saved his life! Er, uh, ruined it. Right. Ruined his life. Oops. Sarabeth not only learns us some shit about snakehead fish (spoiler: they're trash), she also shares a mac n' cheese recipe...


Episode 038: Pig Lips

HONK ALERT! It's clown time! Hope you're ready for a super talky episode. We blather on about bullshit like we've never done before on this one and you'll either be into that or not really into that. Definitely some clips of people getting hurt and stuff, though. Don't worry. We kick things off with some of our recent movie watching/music listening which also led to some new additions to the soundboard. Then we get into PAPA territory! Do you even know what it's like to consume over 40...


Episode 037: Daddy Fat Sack

Gobble gobble, right?! Ha, no... Welcome to episode 37! This one has a ton of stuff in it. Probably too much, as it went a little over. Look - sometimes they're going to be long, okay? Podcasting is one of the few joys we get in life and sometimes we like to extend that happiness. We open the show with some of Sarabeth's controversial(?) entertainment opinions as well as Chris's foray into the world of country music. Then we get into Thanksgiving territory with some wholesome holiday...


Episode 036: Spicy Swan Sandwich

We are back with a reasonably-sized episode for easy consumption! Speaking of consumption, this episode begins with food talk. Do we always do food talk? Yes. Do we have any plans to stop doing food talk? No. Food forever. Sarabeth's got some shit that ALL OF US need to be learnin'. Swans and parasites (Yeah the ones that swim up your parts) are the topics of today's episode. Prepare for discomfort! We also re-visit The Cock Destroyers! If you don't remember them you definitely will after...


Episode 035: Our Own Brand Of Disney+ (With Will!)

This episode is long as shit. Sometimes that's gonna happen. If it's long as shit, that must mean it's very structured and organized, right? Uhh...sure. This episode is us hanging out with our good friend Will. He's never heard the podcast so we wanted to make sure he got to experience a LOT of our bits, games, and classic clips (honk honk). This episode has it all! Learnin' shit? Check. Disney-themed FMK? Oh it's in there. Sarabeth's recipes? Hey! We're celebrating our good friend Will,...


Episode 034: Jeremy Renner Sucks

Is it clown time again? You bet! Hey! On this episode we blab about a bunch of shit. That's why we have a podcast. Anyway - we talk at length about how Jeremy Renner sucks ass, Sarabeth shares a story that will ruin pumpkin seeds for you, and she also informs us all about fatal familial insomnia. It's a bummer! That's why we're the Zero Fun Podcast. Don't worry, though! We watch a mattress fall on a kid and it's funny. Oh and have you been missing the sounds of Chris's ass? Enjoy the...


Episode 033: Halloweenis

Happy Halloweenis! It's our Halloween special, and it's full of all sorts of SpOoOkY surprises. Mostly weird porn clips and peepee poopoo jokes, but yeah. We're celebrating. Join us. Our opening clip is a perfect example of how 3D-rendered fetish videos are INFINITELY creepier than live-action ones. It's got some farts in it. And a demon. A farting demon. Learnin' Shit with Sarabeth is back again this episode and she's teaching us all about THE WENDIGO. Kinda scary, but mostly just made us...


Episode 032: Jerky Ass

Hey! Okay! Honk honk! The clown car is rolling in, everybody! This week we open the show talking about a certain bodily...situation that Chris has been having this week and the sneeze that changed his life forever. Oh, and before that we watch some kids smoking blunts in a K-Mart. Sarabeth learns us all some shit about quokkas! They are very cute and their mothers are savage as fuck. You'll see. Chris has risen to the challenge to find grosser clips for this episode. This might actually...


Episode 031: White Claw Wedding

We've returned from our trip to Des Moines! We go over how our trip went, the massive overflow douchery that invaded our hotel, and we laugh at people named shit like Ainsley and Kimber. Did you Brits like our sponsored post? We sure hope so! Yeah, so, the "peanut butter" guy got a LOT of traction over the past week as Instagram actually approved our ad featuring him. It wouldn't be a ZFP episode without a bit of food talk, so we of course have some food-related clips. Wondering what to do...


Episode 030: Learnin' Sh*t With Sarabeth

We made it to episode 30! Holy shit! Hey...pretend that airhorn sound is playing...from the hip hop. This episode is packed full of tee-hees and laugh-out-louds, as well as a few old fashioned giggles. We explore why adults (or children, for that matter) shouldn't be on TikTok, and why the internet simply shouldn't be given to some people. People named "Larz" specifically. We also introduce our newest segment: Learnin' Shit With Sarabeth! This week Sarabeth teaches you all about HOLES!...


Episiode 029: Human From The Neck Down (with Josh!)

This week we have a very special guest in the studio: Josh! Do you know Josh? Probably not, but he's a friend of the show and one of the funniest people we know. That's why this episode is so long. A lot of tangents, arguing, impression-based games that don't land at all. You get it. We check in with The Cooking Goth who shares with us a VERY interesting method of cooking steak. Joey is also in the mix with a food creation that he created. Let that sink in for a bit. Cuppla' rounds of FMK...


Episode 028: Explosion at the Bull Semen Factory

Hey amateur and professional chuggers! We're back with another joyful and not at all disgusting episode. This week we give you an update regarding Sarabeth's progress on creating a detailed rule-list for the Chopped drinking game. To go along with that, we play a clip from Chopped that features an ingredient you'll DEFINITELY want to eat by the handful. We also find out that not only is Badlands Booker multi-talented, he makes instructional videos to help others improve their chugging...


Episode 027: Bad at Surprises

You know those people that are always calling things "epic?" Can't stand that shit. Anyway, this episode is E P I C! We receive a VERY special message from one of our frequent characters on the show. Did we pay him for it? Yes. Yes we did. We also get into the joys of english-dubbed hentai, another..recipe(?) from The Cooking Goth, and some more talk about filthy comments on Instagram ads. Please comment filthy things on Instagram ads and send us screenshots. We love that stuff, and...


Episode 026: Goth Cuisine

We were thinking we don't do nearly enough food-related videos on our podcast, so this episode is almost ENTIRELY about terrible treats! You're welcome! We get into some chicken sandwich ASMR, watch Joey take another year off of his life, and listen to a true goth visionary describe for us his love of Little Caesars seasoning mix! Also, we switch mics for a few minutes and neither one of us enjoy it very much! Oh, and Lisa Gail returns with some more uncomfortable music! We hope you...


Episode 025: Chili Spaghetti Western Rock

Whoa...another podcast? Yes, it's true. We get one more weigh-in on the Popeye's sandwich from a SERIOUS expert on the subject. You know who it is. Seat sniffing crew at the ready! We also discuss some very strange commercials that Texans have definitely seen before, Sarabeth has another gross recipe, and also some super cute videos. Chris might have cried at one, but the world will never know. Then we get into some listener-submitted videos and we close with the best song ever...


Episode 024: Simply Satan

Pop off some clown horns, because we're back with another road chug of an episode. We don't chug anything and we are not on the road. We're home. We've got a cuppla claws cracked into and we get into some shit. First off we weigh in on this chicken sandwich bullshit, and we even get the opinion of a trained professional on YouTube. I'm sure you can guess. Hint: He is definitely a ghost alien...phantom..boy. He has a lot to say as usual, and as usual he infuriates us deeply. Then we get...


Episode 023: Dakimakura

It's another episode and we're definitely taking you on a ride you do NOT want to be on! We start things off light with a nice Masterchef-themed game of FMK, but quickly veer into the bowels of the internet where sex toys are reviewed and anime body-pillows are...enjoyed. Also, we reveal which popular brand of buttery crackers is actually filled with AIDS! Tune in and have a lovely time. Why did I say "tune in" that's terrible. Never say that. Anyway, we very much love all of you and we are...


Episode 022: Tastes Like Rudy (Ft. Alyssa!)

Hey, podcasters! Alyssa is back and this episode is 1000x better with her here! We cover a LOT on this episode. We check out a youtube review of White Claw hard seltzers (which are totally okay for ANYONE to drink), evaluate a couple potential suitors that might win the hearts of Alyssa and Sarabeth, go over some SERIOUSLY disgusting recipes and, uh... Hang on a minute. Our recipe segment takes a serious turn for the worst this episode. Your gag reflex will be challenged. Our deepest...


Episode 021: Cheese

Hey! Great news! Chris found the video of the guy blowing crack smoke up another guy's butt! So that's something we watch. More importantly, we debut Sarabeth's long-awaited theme-song(s) for her disgusting recipe segment, watch a video about how you should DEFINITELY clean your sex doll, and play the world's dorkiest game of FMK to date! You gotta love this city baby! Thank you so much for listening. We appreciate you. Success and nothing less, C + S Instagram & Twitter:...


Episode 020: Grease Fire

It's our 20th episode! Because we can't believe we made it this far, and we can't believe you beautiful people listen to our show, we decided to celebrate by visiting some of our favorite(?) people to ever appear on our show! That's right: Disgusting food reviews! Also we cover a guy that has a pickle juice addiction, and play one of our classic games! Here's a hint: Chris is DUMB! This episode is brought to you by pickles. They come up a lot for some reason on this one. Thank you so much...