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Random Thoughts with Buddha & Sidewayzzz

In this episode Sidewayzzz and I reminisce about how we started started the podcast. We peel back the process of recording and how for me how I find recording and submitting it for our listeners to enjoy. We also talk about our brother Master Windbreaker and how his hard work is paying off becoming a professional wrestler. My advice follow your dreams! Enjoy the episode.


First Trick, Then Treat later!

It's our Halloween episode in the only way we know how. We start off discussing how people decorating their houses for Halloween is nonexistent where we live. We get into a discussion of how it was different where we grew up. We also got into discussion on trick-or-treating and how it was a lot longer than it is now. After talking about Halloween sidewayzzz then goes into a rant about his upcoming fight and how his opponent showed up to his work unexpectedly and how we both feel that this...


Pumpkin Spice Flesh

In this episode we start off with movies I have been watching to get into the holiday spirit. We talk about Cult of Chucky,Critters, children of the Corn, Rob Zombies 31 , Black Death, and the House movie series from the 80's as starters. Listen to the episode to hear my thoughts on these movies. Afterwards we take a little turn and start talking about random topics like trying to download a song back in the day on dial-up. Overall a fun episode as we inch closer to Halloween!


Friday the 13th

In this special edition of the podcast. We cover the day that brought us one of the more iconic film series: Friday the 13th. We go over what we feel is the worse if the series. This leads to a discussion on the dampness of the series. We then discuss some come myth and superstitions that deal with Friday the 13th. Give it a listen and enjoy!


It Looks Like A Sack

It's October which means it's Halloween season! For the next month Sidewayzzz and I will be covering all things horror. We will give our thoughts on movies, we will reminisce about being younger and going trick or treating. Feel free to join in on the conversation at our Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/ztpodcast or on Twitter @zombiethuggin. This episode we cover Sidewayzzz's guilty pleasure in horror movies. Enjoy!


Golden Boy Robbery

In this episode Sidewayzzz and I discuss the results of the Canelo and GGG fight. This is a very spirited episode. You will hear our analysis of the fight and why we feel that GGG was robbed last night. Please let us know on our Facebook page or Twitter @zombiethuggin if you agree or don't agree.


Bubble Chucky Nut Surprise

In this episode we discuss the upcoming weekend and plans to watch the GGG vs Canelo fight. I then mentioned watching parts of the new film adaptation of IT. This leads us into a discussion on Stephen King books and movies. We also discuss the aftermath of Hurricane Irma and how Florida will bounce back from it. Sprinkle in some other random topics and you get a funny and serious episode.


No 2nd Place In War

In this episode we start off discussing Sidewayzzz upcoming boxing match as well as the looming GGG vs Canelo fight and how excited we are to finally see this fight take place. Afterwards we get into big time discussion about Joel Osteen and how much of a fraud he is. We then dive into a interesting discussion on religion. This conversation then breaks off into a discussion of Confederate Statues and if Sidewayzzz feels they should be left alone or brought down. Listen as he makes good...



In this episode we talk about the shocking news of Jon Jones failed steroid test. We then briefly discuss the upcoming fight between Conor and Floyd and how its almost over. I also discuss mumy thoughts of the Netflix series The Defenders and how I feel it could of been improved. Near the end we get into a discussion of Sidewayzzz play WWE 2k15 and the characters he is creating. Give a listen and leave us feedback.


I want to Motorboat you!

In this episode we start of talking about Sidewayzzz watching old Stone Cold Steve Austin Promo's. This leads into a discussion on how current WWE Superstars are not able to improvise or create their own material and how that hampers their ability to be different. When then get into a discussion of a new app that Sidewayxzzz is using that allows anonymous people to post anything and Sidewayzzz will recieve a post. We going over some of the rather unsusual ones he has received. Near the end...


Big Bird vs Cookie Monster

In this episode we discuss the train wreck that was the 4 McGregor vs Mayweather press conferences. Sidewayzzz goes into detail how he feels that this fight is not going to be a good fight. We make fun of both fighters attempt to talk smack to each other. Overall this is an episode not to miss of you are not a fan of this fight.


George A Romero

In this episode Sidewayzzz and I pay tribute to the man who was a pioneer in thr modern horror genre. He gave us the zombie genre that we all know of today. Walking Dead who not be the show it is without the vision of one George A Romero. He wasn't just known for zombie movie's though. He went on to direct other movies like Creepshow, Martin, The Crazies, and many more. He will truly be missed. Please give a listen and let us know your thoughts of Mr Romero at https://facebook.com/Ztpodcast/


Bo knows Hoe's

In this episode we discuss New Japan Pro Wrestling. I explain why prefer it over the WWE. Afterwards we cover the bogus scoring of the Horn vs Pacquiao. We both agree that Manny won this fight. I bring up how certain broadcaster like Skip Bayless believe that Horn won the fight. We then start going into random discussions covering Barbers,Helen of Troy, Strippers, and many more topics. Give a listen and enjoy!


Gangsta B**ch

We're back!! In this episode we discuss the upcoming fight between McGregor & Mayweather as well as the fight between Canelo & GGG. We discuss which one we are more looking forward to and why the other one is not worth buying. Afterwards we get into a discussion on hip hop. Sidewayzzz gets into detail on who he listens too and how it has changed since he was younger. Give it a listen and leave some feedback!


Quest for PS3

In this episode we are on a request to get Sidewayzzz's a PS3. While on the quest we discuss the news of Castlevania coming to Netflix. We also discuss the upcoming Spiderman movie. Afterwards we why Darth Vader took so long to find out that Luke and Leia were his kids. We both agree that Darth Vader is a bad father. Very funny exchange. Listen to find out if we were successful in finding a PS3.


Go Gussie!

In this episode we discuss the previews for the new Alien movie as well as the new Transformers movie coming out soon. This lead us to a discussion of Transformers and the previous movies. In the 2nd half we finally answer the question who is the greatest NBA player Michael Jordan or Lebron James. Give a listen.


Gorilla Juice

In this episode we start off talking abou the news of a Deadpool cartoon in production. We get into a discussion of the character of the Deadpool and how its not a serious character. We also discuss the news of a upcoming Judge Dredd tv series and how that could turn out. We then discuss the possibility of Ghostrider getting a series on Netflix. Later on we talk about Mauro Ranallo leaving the WWE over news he was bullied by JBL and how it's a big loss for the WWE. Sidewayzzz then brings...


Sidewayzzz We Coming For You N***a!

In part of 1 of 2 Sidewayzzz and I discuss the results of the Lesnar /Goldberg match as well as how long the Wrestlemania card was. We also briefly discuss the retirement of Anthony Johnson from the UFC and how this leads a big hole in the Light Heavyweight division. Afterwards we pay our respect to Charlie Murphy and talk about his career and the influence he had on his brother and other comics. Near the end we discuss how much better the anime voltron was compared to Power Rangers....