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Disneyland's Star Wars Galaxy's Edge - Blue Banta Milk for All!

Disneyland's Star Wars Galaxy's Edge opens in a matter of weeks and we couldn't be more stoked! May The Fourth has always been fun to talk about, but come the last day of May, history shall be made. A land that has taken years, if not DECADES, to conspire now takes up a good chunk (14 acres) of the Northwest portion of Disneyland Park in California, USA. "Star Wars Land" as many have come to affectionately call it, will be the gateway to Savi's Workshop where you can build your own custom...


Disneyland at Christmas Time - GoodTimesWithScar Vlogs the Adventure!

It is Christmas time at the Disneyland Resort in sunny (albeit cold) California! Your Ho-Ho-Host GoodTimesWithScar surprised his parents with a very special holiday trip to The Happiest Place on Earth! The sugar on the churro of this trip was the lodgings - Scar and his parents holed-up at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, and bring YOU along for the ride! From giant gingerbread houses, to Star Wars Land (Galaxy's Edge) sneak peeks, this Disneyland vlog leaves no crypt unexplored, no...


Disneyland Hotels - Hidden Passages and Secret Bathrooms!

The Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim California has seen many face-lifts since its 1955 inception. In fact, it was the first hotel to feature color televisions in the guest rooms! But did you know about the secret stairwells? The private bathrooms? We'll uncover the hidden passages and much, much more! Today's Kingdom Cable, brought to you by GoodTimesWithScar, focuses on the Walt Disney Company's content streaming service and what movies and shows we can expect from the Disney + Fox catalog!...


Disney World Product Placement OUT-OF-CONTROL!!

Disney World's Hollywood Studios gets Pixar'd out with the new Toy Story Land, aka Baybel Land! We talk Alien Swirling Saucers, Slinky Dog Dash, Woody's Lunch Box, and a park bench made out of used popsicle sticks! Wondering what they ever did with Aladdin's Oasis at Disneyland Resort in California? Well, nothing for a while there, but now it's going to be the Tropical Hideaway... goodtimeswithscar will be updating us on all things Tiki Room and how that relates to the Aladdin show of old....


Disney vs. Comcast & Disney Parks UPDATES GALORE!

Disney, or rather, Bob Iger, battles Comcast (Brian Roberts) for FOX, and the Disney foreign parks release a barrage of park improvements to take place over the next 4-5 years! The DOJ has approved Disney's merger with FOX, bringing them one step closer to a fairly large portfolio increase. Although anti-trust SEC regulations will require the piece selling of FSN and most likely The Simpsons, Disney still stands to gain a book of business that will bring them more IP opportunities in film...


Remembering Disney's Paradise Pier, The Early Years

Avast there! Come join the backlotboys in our Disney podcast as we recall the good, the bad, and the absolutely ATROCIOUS aspects of your favorite seaside area, Paradise Pier at Disney's California Adventure Park. Over at Disney Imagineering in Glendale, they've been busy conceptualizing and are now physically prepping the pier for its re-skinned, Pixar-washed debut as Pixar Pier. But before the walls come down and The Incredibles eat those Adorable Snowman edibles, let's remember... Let's...


Sharks in Disney's Pixar Pier Bay!

Paradise Pier is now Pixar Pier at Disney's California Adventure Park, and blood is in the water as the Backlotboys suggest their alternative attractions to those of the Walt Disney Imagineers.


Pixar Pier: Fun in the Sun... as Long as You're a Pixar Character

Pixar Pier: Fun in the Sun, as long as you're a Pixar Character. We report on, and discuss the latest Pixar Pier project updates at Disney's California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California.