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A Chicago-based, independent, conversational podcast for you.

A Chicago-based, independent, conversational podcast for you.


Chicago, IL


A Chicago-based, independent, conversational podcast for you.






Episode 045 – Psychedelics and Goodbye

Welcome one and all to the Final Episode of the Acid Bath Podcast. The fates have aligned to place Ross and Brent into different cities once again; and rather than altering the nature of the podcast in an attempt to […]


Episode 044 – Live at Victor Alpha Again!

Join us for another Live episode of the Acid Bath Podcast! This week we’re featuring the content we recorded at the Playground Theater as part of the Victor Alpha Showcase on Monday, October 3rd. We decided to use this episode […]


Episode 043 – Artificial Intelligence

Tonight’s topic is the infinitely fascinating: Artificial Intelligence. We discuss the nature of intelligence and “Machine Intelligence”, the different ways that artificial intelligence is already in use today, and the incredible and intimidating future of AI. So plug into your […]


Episode 042 – The American Dream

Tonight we dig into a topic near and dear to our hearts: The American Dream. We discuss what the American Dream is, the different ways it has changed for each generation, and what it could be in the future. So […]


Episode 041 – Hats

Hats off to our topic: Hats. Tonight we dig into the history of hats, the absurd number of different hats, and the true value a hat builds over time. We also talk about Santa being more of a hat person […]


Episode 040 – Cyber Crime

Tonight’s episode is a fun-filled romp through an especially intimidating topic: Cyber Crime. We discuss the various types of cyber crime, the people or groups who commit these crimes, and their motivations. We explore the vulnerabilities of living in a […]


Episode 039 – Serial Killers

Tonight’s episode is one to chill the bones as we try to figure out Serial Killers. We attempt to explore the mind of a serial killer, we discuss some of the more (in)famous serial killers we know of, and we […]


Episode 038 – Wrestling

Today’s episode is a high-flying, acrobatic extravaganza as we grapple with our topic: Wrestling. Wrestling has appeared in some form in pretty much every culture and as far back as 15,000 years ago. We try to figure out why wrestling […]


Episode 037 – Chicago

Tonight we bring another guest into the fold. CJ Seestadt, a Chicago native, joins us for a discussion of the Second City. We talk about the origins of Chicago, what it means to grow up in the back of the […]


Episode 036 – Reunions and Anniversaries

Tonight’s episode is one you’ll want to come back and re-visit over and over as we discuss Reunions and Anniversaries. We swap gossip about our recent high-school reunion, discuss the nature of what a reunion is meant to celebrate, and […]


Episode 035 – Online Dating

Tonight’s topic is meant to appeal to those brave souls looking for love in all the right places: Online Dating. We talk about the origins of online dating and the source material from which it emerged, our experiences with online […]


Episode 034 – Live at Victor Alpha

Join us for the first Live episode of the Acid Bath Podcast! This week we’re featuring the content we recorded at the Playground Theater as part of the Victor Alpha Showcase on Monday, July 18th. We talk a lot in […]


Episode 033 – Factories

Tonight’s topic has a lot of moving parts: Factories. The building blocks of the building blocks of the industrial revolution, factories continue to play an integral part in today’s world. We discuss the origins of factories and the industrial revolution, […]


Episode 032 – Fashion

Tonight we get into a topic that the middle-school versions of ourselves would have no business talking about: Fashion. We discuss the difference between fashion and anti-fashion, our own experiences (i.e. failures) in fashion, and the wild possibilities of future […]


Episode 031 – Religion

Tonight we dig into a topic that is decidedly huge: Religion. We discuss the origins of religion and what it means to our society, our journeys in and through religion, and the potential future of religion as humanity grows and […]


Episode 030 – College

This week we dig into a topic that has become one of the central pillars of our contemporary society: College. We talk about our experiences with college and college life, the whole “point” of higher-education, and the possibility of universal […]


Episode 029 – Aviation

In this episode we do a high speed take-off into the world of Aviation. This topic resonates especially with Brent and his experience in the Air Force, but what’s not to love about flying? We discuss the wonders of Aviation […]


Episode 028 – Anxiety

This was an episode that was easy to get nervous about; because tonight we address Anxiety. Anxiety is something that everyone will feel at some point to varying degrees. We get into the many different types of anxiety, the severity […]


Episode 027 – Friendship

Tonight we dig into a topic that was instrumental in the founding of this podcast: Friendship. Your esteemed hosts have been friends for over 15 years. We spend this episode unpacking the idea of what a Friend is, how friend-groups […]


Episode 026 – Video Games

Brace yourself for an increased geek factor this week as we cover a topic very close to our hearts: Video Games. Losing yourself in the story of a video game is an experience topped only by doing so with a friend. […]