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He’s skeptical. She’s spooky. Together they explore the unknown, unsolved, unbelievable, and just plain weird. With a shared passion for history and the truth, Sean & Carrie realized they could bring their different perspectives to the world of crime, the paranormal, and the inexplicable. Sean’s sharp eye on the logical and Carrie’s open mind to the unexplainable combine in every episode for an informative hour with a lighter touch.


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He’s skeptical. She’s spooky. Together they explore the unknown, unsolved, unbelievable, and just plain weird. With a shared passion for history and the truth, Sean & Carrie realized they could bring their different perspectives to the world of crime, the paranormal, and the inexplicable. Sean’s sharp eye on the logical and Carrie’s open mind to the unexplainable combine in every episode for an informative hour with a lighter touch.






Ep. 74: Ghost Ships, Pt. 2

We're singin' more sea chanties on the finale to our 2-part series on ghost ships! This week Sean rounds things out with two twentieth-century tales of ships turning up abandoned at sea, their crew and passengers vanished without a trace. First, MV Joyita recalls last week's Mary Celeste affair with a drifting vessel whose crew never should have dropped their lifeboats. Then, the twists and turns of the Carroll A. Deering incident leave a luxury shipping schooner high and dry on the Carolina...


Ep. 73: Ghost Ships, Pt. 1

In this first of two nautical episodes, Sean introduces us to three of history’s eeriest ghost ships.First, the Flying Dutchman sets the stage (and sails) for all ghost ships to come. Then, the passengers and crew of the Mary Celeste vanished on the way across the Atlantic, leaving no trace behind. Finally - the steamship Valencia meets a watery grave, only to find its way into local legends. Come back next week for some phantom ships (or phantom crews) of the 20th...


Ep. 72: The Day the Music Died

"A long, long time ago, I can still remember..." February 3rd, 1959. Three of the brightest stars in the rock 'n roll galaxy - Buddy Holly, the bespectacled frontman of the Crickets; Ritchie Valens, the first crossover Latino artist in rock; and JP "The Big Bopper" Richardson, a famous DJ making waves with his first hit records - boarded a small plane after the eleventh show on the Winter Dance Party tour to skip an arduous 400 mile journey between performance stops and escape the bitter...


Ep. 71: Herb Baumeister

This week we take a look at Indiana's most prolific serial killer, Herb Baumeister. After a string of disappearances of gay men in the Indianapolis area throughout the early 90s, the police investigation eventually leads to an apparently mild-mannered family man and successful business owner - with bodies buried all over his sprawling estate.Sean takes us through the facts - from Baumeister's birth to his deadly double life to his ignoble death - and we try to figure out how Herb's wife...


Ep. 70: Flat Earth

In the incredibly polarized times we're living in, it's comforting to know there are some things we can all agree on, even if it's just the shape of the planet we live on. Right?This week Sean digs into the history of Flat Earth belief and conspiracy thought, from ancient Greece to Christopher Columbus and right through to the Internet era. There is overwhelming scientific evidence and consensus that the Earth is round and virtually zero evidence to the contrary - so what has kept people so...


Ep. 69: The Winchester Mystery House

In 1886, Sarah Winchester - widow of William Winchester, the son of the founder of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company - took her $20 million inheritance ($550 million in today's money), moved from Connecticut to California, and began a project that would only end with her death in 1922.Winchester began to build a house...a house that would defy explanation. This house at its peak comprised 7 stories, 24000 square feet, and 161 rooms including 40 bedrooms and dozens of stairways and...


Ep. 68: The Strange Death of Edgar Allan Poe

In October 1849, now-legendary horror and suspense writer Edgar Allan Poe was found in a tavern in Baltimore, delirious, with clothes that didn't appear to be his and no concrete answer for where he'd been since he left Richmond, Virginia almost a week before. Just days later, the author would be dead - and it's still unknown what exactly caused his death, and what happened to him in the time before his tragic demise.Was goth king Edgar Allan Poe the victim of alcoholism? A fatal illness?...


Ep. 67: Hudson Valley UFOs (w/ the NY Mystery Machine podcast)

This week, we're teaming up with our friends at the New York Mystery Machine podcast for a crossover look at UFOs and abductions in the Hudson Valley! Adam and Christina from NYMM join us for part 1 of the saga as Sean introduces us to the Hudson Valley Boomerang. Hudson Valley, New York is an all-time UFO hotspot, with thousands of sightings of a boomerang-shaped craft the size of a football field over the most active period in the mid-80s. We follow the adventures of J. Allen Hynek and his...


Ep. 66: The Springfield Three

Graduation Night, 1992.Suzie Streeter and Stacey McCall arrive home to Suzie's mother Sherrill's house in a giddy daze. They're finally done with high school, and they have summer - and their whole lives - ahead of them. The next day they're heading to the water park with friends to celebrate, and starting to think about what the future holds.They would never find out.Suzie, Stacey, and Sherrill disappeared from the Streeter-Levitt home sometime between 3am and 8am the next morning, and they...


Ep. 65: Santa Claus - Dark Origins

We're back from the sick bay and rounding out the holiday season with some Yule-tide cheer this week! Sean takes us through the folklore and traditions that inspired our modern-day American Santa Claus, from pagan ritual sacrifices to jolly old St. Nicholas' crew of child-beating European sidekicks. Knecht Ruprecht! Zvarte Piet! Krampus! The gang's all here, and they're absolutely going to kidnap your children.________________________________________Connect with us on social media:Facebook:...


Holiday Greetings from Ain't it Scary

Happy holidays from your favorite ghoulish couple! No, not Gomez and Morticia...okay, maybe second favorite, then.Due to health reasons we unexpectedly have to take a break this week (fingers are crossed that Omicron hasn't come down our chimney) but we wanted to leave our Scary Squad a message of holiday cheer to sustain you until next week's Yuletide episode. Thank you all for making this year so awesome, and thanks for bearing with us during these - everyone say it with us! - "uncertain...


Ep. 64: Deaths on Everest

The weather outside is frightful...but not as frightful as the weather on Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world and highest point on Earth! In honor of the chilly season we're taking a dangerous journey to explore the most horrific tragedies and creepiest facts about the world's tallest peak...including the fact that the mountain is literally littered with corpses.Yes, the culmination of mountaineering achievement - summiting Mt. Everest - isn't possible without basically climbing...


Ep. 63: Mercy Brown & the New England Vampire Panic

In 1892, 19-year-old Mercy Brown's corpse was exhumed and her vital organs were ritually burned by Exeter, Rhode Island townsfolk convinced the recent consumption victim was a vampire, feasting on her surviving younger brother's life force from the grave. As Sean shows us this week, the desecration of Mercy's corpse was only the latest in a hundred-year trend of rural New England vampire exorcisms, known as the "New England Vampire Panic". Were these "oddly preserved" corpses really...


Ep. 62: "Paul is Dead" - The Beatles Death Conspiracy

In honor of the Beatles documentary Get Back premiering over Thanksgiving on Disney+, Carrie takes us through one of her favorite conspiracies of all time: "Paul is Dead". This conspiracy theory, which spread across the globe like wildfire beginning in late 1969, purports that the "Cute Beatle", Paul McCartney - writer of such classic songs as "Yesterday", "Hey Jude", and more - was killed in a tragic car accident in November 1966. Not wanting to cause mass hysteria, The Beatles partnered up...


Ep. 61: Paul John Knowles - The Casanova Killer

Plenty of trigger warnings apply as Sean takes us back to the grim world of serial killers with the human string of misadventures known as Paul John Knowles. After killing (probably) 20 people on a cross-country crime spree, Knowles was dubbed the "Casanova Killer" by the press, who mistook him for a dashing ladies' man and mastermind murderer. In reality - as we'll see - he was as much a failure as a criminal as he was in the bedroom.Uhh, Happy...


Ep. 60: America's Most Haunted Hotels

Hotels are places of transition, whose rooms have seen intense passions, furious hatred, great joys, deep sorrows, and even murder. Not surprisingly, hotels are also places that seem to attract the spirits of their former tenants. From a golf course ghost in upstate New York to the super-haunted hotel that inspired Stephen King's The Shining; from the spirits of Lizzie Borden and her possible victims to the crooked cancer doctor who buried his specimens in a resort's backyard and the specter...


Ep. 59: Valiant Thor

On March 16th, 1957, a Venusian named Valiant Thor landed his flying saucer in Alexandria, Virginia. After meeting Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon at the White House, Thor would live in an a luxury apartment in the base of the Pentagon for the next three years, while he helped the American government develop new technology and... tried to share the good word about Jesus?Anyway, that's the assertion made by 1967's Stranger at the Pentagon, a classic of UFO contactee "nonfiction" whose...


Ep. 58: The Salem Witch Trials, Pt. 3 - The Executions

Here we are at the long-awaited final episode in our Salem Witch Trials series. What is there to say aside from that on this episode we examine the worst miscarriages of justice in the whole hysteria: the 20 innocent people executed on blatantly vague charges of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts during the latter half of 1692. We see the deaths of John Proctor, the hero of the play The Crucible; the brutal pressing death of stubborn Giles Corey, the tragic murder of Salem's former minister...


HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: "Ain't it Kitschy?" Ep. 1 - Halloween Novelty Songs (Patreon Preview)

What does that mishmash of an episode title mean? Well, gentle listeners, this week in honor of the approaching All Hallow's Eve we are taking a short break to prepare our intense final episode of our "Salem Witch Trials" series and dropping in a preview of some content we have going on over at Patreon!We just launched a currently Patreon-exclusive new mini-series, "Ain't it Kitschy?", where we will be diving into everything, well, kitschy - kitschy being defined as things considered to be...


Ep. 57: The Salem Witch Trials, Pt. 2 - The Accused

In this 2nd part of what's become a 3-part series, we dive deeper into the tragic events of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials and how the hysteria began to rapidly spread across Salem and beyond - now in the guise of dozens of arrests and hearings with suspected witches fingered by a gaggle of mostly teenage girls. Carrie introduces us to the key players in the Salem Witch Trials and the context in which they existed...from afflicted girl Mercy Lewis' deep-rooted trauma from being orphaned by...