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Your weird BFFs got a podcast! Your best friends got a podcast! We might laugh too loudly, hug your brother for too long, or wear white to your wedding (and look fabulous, by the way). Everyone has a few of us in their friend group. Be patient with us. We're an acquired taste.

Your weird BFFs got a podcast! Your best friends got a podcast! We might laugh too loudly, hug your brother for too long, or wear white to your wedding (and look fabulous, by the way). Everyone has a few of us in their friend group. Be patient with us. We're an acquired taste.
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New York, NY


Your weird BFFs got a podcast! Your best friends got a podcast! We might laugh too loudly, hug your brother for too long, or wear white to your wedding (and look fabulous, by the way). Everyone has a few of us in their friend group. Be patient with us. We're an acquired taste.






The Floral Romper Dilemma - REPLAY

The podcast is off this week, but we're still here for you! We thought OG TasteBuds would enjoy remembering Bethany and Sam's first big "disagreement:" The Dirty Street Romper. And if you're a new TasteBud, here's a sample of what we sounded like before we got our amazing intro song from Staxx! Join us on this little walk down Memory Lane, where you may or may not find a dirty romper for your closet...


Eating a Watermelon Cow Without Blinking - Ep.140

Velcome to the spooooooky season! Bethany tells the women about the scariest haunted house in the US. (Just signing the waiver takes hours!) Sam shares a traumatic dinosaur memory, Kathleen realizes that one-third of her could have been a serial killer, and the group learns which one of them used to set fires in her bedroom growing up. Grab your stolen Game Gymnasium sign: it’s time for a well-adjusted episode of An Acquired Taste podcast! Please support the companies that support us!...


Uncle Kenny - Ep.139

It’s time for listener advice! Listener Ruthie is worried she just made a giant mistake and needs help figuring out her next step. Plus, insane mock job interview questions and Sam teaches the class how many “i’s” are in “Funfetti.” Oh, and the women give an update on the live Dollop! Please support the companies that support us! FabFitFun: Sign up for FabFitFun today to get the Fall Editor’s Box, in LIMITED SUPPLY! Go to and use the code TASTE to get $10.00 off your first box!...


Cooking: The Modern Day Sylvia Plath - Ep.138

It’s a mixed bag episode this week! Kathleen has thoughts on meat, Bethany’s mad at the walking baby tee Zak Bagans, and Sam? Well, we find out that Sam once burst into tears when she saw someone’s hand. Whose hand was it? Listen and find out! (That, TasteBuds, was a shameless tease. You’re better than that. We’re sorry. Here, have a platter of meat.) Please support the companies that support us! We love them and we think you will, too! MaxiClimber: Visit for 15% off...


An Emu Joyride - Bonus 10

As promised, the women wrote their own obituaries and share them with the class. (Don’t think about it too hard and you’ll be fine.) Also, it’s time to shake shake shake the stressies out. Plus, Kathleen is VERY angry about a certain soda’s movie theater commercial…..


A Dollop...of Extreme Awkwardness - Ep.137

Bethany and Sam are going to see one of their favorite podcasts live and it’s causing some unforeseen anxiety… Plus, surprisingly awesome obituaries and what NOT to put in your Vitamix. Please support our partners! We love them and we think you will, too! Care/Of: Visit and enter the code TASTE to get 25% off your first month of personalized Care/Of vitamins! ModCloth: Go to and enter the code TASTE at checkout to get 15% off your purchase of $100 or more! (This...


No Offense, But You’re Fabulous - Ep.136

Kathleen got a troubling, gross email from a colleague and needs advice on how to handle it. It’s also time for another listener advice email! When do you know it’s time to break up with a friend? And things get heated when we bring up the Oxford comma... Please support the companies that support us! BioClarity: Visit and use the code ACQUIRED for their first month to get 50% off a routine and free shipping! Visit and enter the...


The One Where We All Chugged Coffee First - Ep.135

Quick! Let’s run laps! Listener “Hillary” needs advice on a problem that ends up hitting closer to home than anyone originally realized. Sam is actively working on making friends as an adult (which sounds like a nightmare to Bethany and Kathleen) and she has tips for you! Plus, why did a spider rain from the ceiling and how can we host our own Lumberjack Seminar? GRAB YOUR COFFEE AND GET ON THIS TRAIN. Bzzzzzzz. Please consider supporting our partners! We love them and we think you will,...


That Whooshy Feeling - Ep.134

Are you “micro-cheating” in your relationship? Kathleen brings up this touchy topic and the women try to pull apart what constitutes actual cheating and what’s harmless fun! Please support our sponsors! We love them and we think you will, too! TomBoyX: Visit and check out their special bundles and pack pricing! Plus, use the code TASTE to get an extra 15% off!


Bethany Saw My Puberty List - Ep. 133

Bethany’s sister just sold her YA novel (yay!!!) which causes the women to discuss their most traumatizing young adult experiences. Take out your retainer and put on your zit cream because it’s going to get mortifying! Please consider supporting our sponsors! We love them! Use the code ACQUIRED to get your first month for 50% off a routine plus free shipping! Visit to get a 2-month VIP membership and a bonus gift!


Camel-Style - Ep.132

Sam is stepping out of the panicked fog of planning a surprise engagement and has some questions. Then, Listener Agatha had a drunken night with her BFF - and upcoming roommate - and is wondering what to do! Should the two still move in together? Should they tell Agatha’s ex? Should they outlaw pools from their hangout repertoire? And Bethany has your new favorite Wikipedia page! Visit our sponsors! Click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and enter the code TASTE to...


A Good Ol’ 1950s Hypnotism - Ep. 131

Kathleen found an old hypnotism book in her Dad’s basement and now fancies herself a hypnotist. How well can she succeed in hypnotizing Bethany (and you)? Then, Kathleen has a LOT of feelings about emojis. Like, a lot of feelings. And why is Sam irritated with herself?


That Time You Made Out with Your Brother - Bonus 9

It’s time to follow up on some unfinished business! Bethany and Sam are still fighting over whether or not Bethany’s cousin is hot. Plus, we call Sam’s friend Dylan to see if his feelings were hurt when Sam forgot who he was during that bachelorette party. *Spoiler Alert: Dylan has Hot Voice.*


Bachelorette Party Hijinks & Murder for the Whole Family - Ep. 130

We have so many feelings! Kathleen, Sam and Bethany all brought in things they wanted to talk about so it’s a mixed bag episode! Grab your headlamp and buckle up, kids.


My Dad Sweet-Talked the Monkey - Ep.129

How did Bethany’s mom learn what a Molotov cocktail was? Why did she grow up in a house filled with venomous snakes? And why is Bethany offering to hire a serial killer? Bethany’s mom and niece, Nunu, join the women for this very special episode! Plus, we debut a new segment, “SCIENCE CORNER!” Science!!


On Sunday You Rest and Buy the Shoes - Ep. 128

It’s time for some uninformed advice-giving! Heather needs help with her daughter (who’s proving to be quite the heart breaker!) and “Princess Charlotte” needs advice on how NOT to get so overwhelmed with grown-up life tasks. Plus, Mama Watson makes a special cameo, live from Wisconsin! Big day!


You Have So Many Bigger Problems - Ep.127

Both Sam and Kathleen need life advice for very different reasons, while Bethany is just over here in the fetal position thanks to #science. *Sorry in advance for Bethany’s mic sounding weird! Our engineer, Minerva Purr, is under the table now working on it!*


Does This Picture Match How I Feel? - Ep. 126

Sam brings in her friend Paris, who recently took herself off Instagram for mental health reasons, and the women discuss the darker side of social media and how to cope!


Never Have I Ever (aka “I Learned So Much About My Book Club”) - Bonus 8

Hey, everyone! Grab your coworkers and let’s play the game that’s sure to make everyone super uncomfortable around each other tomorrow! Things don’t end so well for Bethany…...


A Hatchet Behind the Back - Ep.125

If you could design your perfect universe, what would it look like? Kathleen, Bethany and Sam describe their perfect worlds to each other (including travel by slides, horse-sized Labradoodles, and limitless espadrilles). Grab your tiny top hats! It’s time for a podcast!