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In each episode, comedian Jarlath Regan is joined by a well known Irish writer, actor, performer, sports person or public figure to discuss their life and shared experience of moving abroad.

In each episode, comedian Jarlath Regan is joined by a well known Irish writer, actor, performer, sports person or public figure to discuss their life and shared experience of moving abroad.
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In each episode, comedian Jarlath Regan is joined by a well known Irish writer, actor, performer, sports person or public figure to discuss their life and shared experience of moving abroad.




Rory Scovel and Seann Walsh (Live): Episode 257

This week Jarlath is joined live on stage at the Vodafone Comedy Festival in Dublin by his friends and comedians Rory Scovel and Seann Walsh for what is maybe the funniest live episode in the series to date. Rory explains how, while filming the blockbuster movie ‘I Feel Pretty’, Amy Schumer told him she would fire him if his performance was not up to scratch (5:00) and why he genuinely believes that he can be the US President some day (38:00). Seann tells the oddly hilarious story of the...


Bronagh Waugh: Episode 256

This week, actor and activist Bronagh Waugh joined Jarlath for a discussion about her struggle, success, belief and perseverance. Bronagh describes the xenophobic nature to her earlier experiences in Britain (23:00), how racism towards her made her more patriotic (28:00) and her personal connection to fighting for the introduction of abortion rights and marriage equality into Northern Ireland (29:00). Jarlath challenges Bronagh on the belief that the BBC are protecting vested interests...


Tom Dunne (returns): Episode 255

Tom Dunne is, without a doubt, one of the most beloved voices in Irish broadcasting. Having made his first appearance on Irishman Abroad almost 5 years ago, Tom sat down with Jarlath this week to have the much-anticipated follow-up conversation to their ridiculously entertaining first meeting. Tom opens up about his most humiliating experiences with Something Happens (3:00), his differences with Dave Fanning (43:00) and his struggle to retain the optimism for which he is so well known...


Ibrahim Halawa: Episode 254

Ibrahim Halawa went into an Egyptian prison as a child and, 4 years later, he was released as an innocent man who would never get back those formative years of his life. Upon his much-anticipated release, instead of enjoying his freedom, Ibrahim battled with racism and scepticism from the Irish public. This week, Ibrahim gives the most open and honest interview of his life. In incredible detail, Ibrahim explains how he wasn’t mentally stable during the first few interviews that he did...


Holly McGlynn: Episode 253

This week, fashion photographer Holly McGlynn, spoke to Jarlath about her incredible journey of hard graft and commitment that has seen her win international recognition and work with some of the biggest brands in the world. Holly discusses her views on the overwhelming nature of modern life (11:00), the abuse by certain photographers and the place of the #MeToo movement in the fashion industry (50:00) before opening up to Jarlath about her battle with antenatal depression...


Men Behaving Better: Episode 1

This week, Irishman Abroad Podcasts is proud to deliver to you the inaugural episode of our new podcast series Men Behaving Better. It’s a new collection of conversations that nobody else is having. This is a podcast for men who want to change and for women who believe that change is possible. In front of a packed Soho Theatre in London, Jarlath was joined by comedian’s Pierre Novelli and Fern Brady, and the celebrated human rights lawyer Simone George for the first pathfinding episode of...


Graham Linehan on his cancer journey and Father Ted - The Musical: Episode 251

This week, writer and all-round legend Graham Linehan makes his 4th appearance on the podcast to give us an exclusive update on his recent cancer battle (3:00) and his struggle with anxiety in recent years (11:00). Graham also breaks his silence over Father Ted: The Musical (52:00) and clarifies the controversy that blew up after he tweeted his thoughts on transgender politics and feminism (30:00). This incredibly powerful and inspirational conversation is a must-listen. If you’re...


Episode 250: Bumper Comedy Episode

To celebrate the monumental milestone of 250 episodes, An Irishman Abroad presents some of the funniest stories ever told on the podcast. These are eyewateringly hilarious tales from more than a dozen of our guests since the series began way back in 2013. Jarlath also reflects on some of the moments that went into getting the series to this point and reveals more news on the new series coming soon from Irishman Abroad Podcasts. For an extended version of this episode and to access the...


Emmet Kirwan and Ian Lloyd Anderson live: Episode 249

Emmet Kirwan and Ian Lloyd Anderson, the writer and stars of Dublin Oldschool, joined Jarlath live at the Vodafone Comedy Stage at Body and Soul for a rip-roaring chat about one of the most anticipated Irish movies of the year. From the hilarious stories of writing, casting and filming Dublin Oldschool on the streets of the Irish capital, to setting the right tone for this powerful piece, this conversation is a thoroughly enjoyable chat about what is tipped to be one of the biggest films...


Miguel Delaney: Episode 248

Miguel Delaney is the Independent’s Chief Football Correspondent and this week he joined Jarlath just before jetting off to Russia for 5 weeks at the World Cup. Miguel speaks about the business of football (12:00), being an outcast in school just because of his name (17:00) and why he believes that football is not free from doping (35:00). From discussing the lowest moment of his career (52:00) to his advice to young writers (1:10:00), how Ken Early is fooling nobody (1:05:00), his online...


Mario Rosenstock: Episode 247

Mario Rosenstock is, without a doubt, one of Ireland’s most prolific comedic talents. This week, the true master of impressions, joined Jarlath for a fascinating conversation about the invaluable mentoring that he received from Ian Dempsey (55:00), his formula for creating comedy characters (Patreon extended cut only) and the fear and anxiety that saw him come close to a breakdown due to the demands of the early stages of Gift Grub (59:00). From the hilarious story of getting his big...


Eamonn Coghlan: Episode 246

This week, Irish sporting icon, Eamonn Coghlan, joined Jarlath for a mammoth chat about his life and career at the top of Irish sport. Eamon opens up about his crippling homesickness at Villanova University (22:00), how he harnessed emotion and put it into his running technique (34:00) and how he coped with losing the 3 most important men in his life prior to winning a World Championship (54:00). As things have changed significantly in the place of athletics in sporting life, Eamon...


Gary Lightbody: Episode 245

Gary Lightbody has seen all of his dreams come true as the frontman of Snow Patrol and yet, the last 7 year’s have been the most difficult of his life. In this incredibly raw and powerful interview, Gary opens up about facing his demons on the new Snow Patrol album (37:00), the incredible toll that constant touring takes (13:00) and the risky surgery that he turned down which could have cost him his career (28:00). From the hilarious story of his discovery of acupuncture (32:00) to...


The Repeal episode (Bumper Edition): Episode 244

With just 7 days to go until the Irish public goes to the polls, the Irishman Abroad has put together this bumper Repeal The 8th episode comprised of some of the most outspoken voices on the frontline of the Yes campaign. Writer and Activist Una Mullally speaks to Jarlath about the influence that Irish people abroad can have on the outcome of this Referendum (3:00). Amnesty International’s Colm O’Gorman offers us a clear break-down of the outcome of the proposed legislation for abortion,...


Stefanie Preissner: Episode 243

This week Stefanie Preissner joined Jarlath for her most open and honest interview to date. With sobering honesty, Stefanie opens up about her struggles with moderation (7:00), being excluded from her own group of friends (16:00) and how she handled the success of her series ‘Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope’ (20:00). Her thoughts on learning to say ‘no’ to conformity (46:00), living with social anxiety (48:00) and the Cork versus Dublin debate (42:00) are ones that must be heard. This is a truly...


Donncha O’Callaghan: Episode 242

This week, Ireland and Munster legend, Donncha O’Callaghan, sat down with Jarlath for a conversation which is a highlight in the series to date. Donncha explains why he is glad to hide behind his persona of ‘the joker’ in front of journalists (19:00), the issue he had with Obama’s visit to Ireland (26:00) and being jealous of teammates who can escape from their heads in their personal life (29:00). From how he struggled to motivate himself following on from his move to the Worcester...


Barry Keoghan: Episode 241

Barry Keoghan is, without a doubt, on track to becoming one of the biggest Irish movie stars of all time. This week he joined Jarlath to discuss having no back up plan (8:00), why he appeared on The Late Late show with hesitancy (12:00) and how he completely blew his first big pay cheque (27:00). Barry also explains how Conor McGregor is a huge influence to him (37:00), why he lives in Kerry (41:00) and how he very nearly missed out on becoming a Dior Brand Ambassador (46:00). From using...


David Freyle and Sam Keeley (The Cured): Episode 240

Writer/director David Freyne and actor Sam Keeley join Jarlath to discuss their stories and their new movie “The Cured”. In the first half of this bumper episode, David explains the pressure of proving his worth in his first feature film (21:00), the genius of Tom Vaughan Lawlor’s performance (14:00) and his hope that ‘The Cured’ finds the right audience (31:00). Sam joins Jarlath in the second half to discuss how he prepared for the incredibly challenging role of Senan (53:00), living...


Laura Whitmore and Roisin Conaty (live at Soho Theatre): Episode 239

In what was one of the most enjoyable live episodes of the series to date, Laura Whitmore and Roisin Conaty joined Jarlath live in front of a sold out Soho Theatre to discuss sexism, consent and their hopes for gender equality in the future. With refreshing honesty, Laura and Roisin speak about the routine abuse of women (11:00), how men are judged differently to women for the exact same behaviours (23:00) and hilariously beating online trolls at their own game (39:00). From Laura’s...


Richie Sadlier: Episode 238

Richie Sadlier is a journalist, qualified therapist, former international footballer and the man currently at the forefront of a vital discussion in Ireland right now. He joined Jarlath for a conversation about his life, Repeal the 8th and his groundbreaking work with teenage boys. Richie speaks about the need to teach the fluid nature of consent from a young age, the shocking impact that pornography is having on attitudes towards sex and why he believes that the 8th amendment did not...