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In each episode, comedian Jarlath Regan is joined by a well known Irish writer, actor, performer, sports person or public figure to discuss their life and shared experience of moving abroad.

In each episode, comedian Jarlath Regan is joined by a well known Irish writer, actor, performer, sports person or public figure to discuss their life and shared experience of moving abroad.
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In each episode, comedian Jarlath Regan is joined by a well known Irish writer, actor, performer, sports person or public figure to discuss their life and shared experience of moving abroad.




Hector O'hEochagain (Returns): Episode 273

Hector Ó'hEochagáin is one of Ireland's most intrepid broadcasters and, this week, he makes his return to Irishman Abroad to catch up with Jarlath and chat about his stunning new documentary series “O Siberia Go Saigon”. Hector tells the incredible tales of preparing for the -26 degree conditions in Siberia (3:00), dealing with the intense levels of bureaucratic scrutiny in China (19:00) and why he rates TG4 output over RTÉ (57:00). Hector articulates the importance of conversation...


Andy Lee (Returns) Plus Bonus John C. Reilly: Episode 272

This week, former middleweight champion of the world, Andy Lee, makes his return to Irishman Abroad for a cracking conversation about the incredible rollercoaster that has been his career since his last appearance on the show 5 years ago. With incredible honesty, Andy speaks about the importance of asking himself the tough questions throughout his life (3:00), knowing that his relationship with his wife was strong enough to survive his difficult career path (23:00) and why he believes...


Cecelia Ahern (returns): Episode 271

With an astounding 25 million books sold, there is no sign of Cecelia Ahern slowing down. This week Cecelia made her return to An Irishman Abroad during what is a very exciting moment in her career. Cecelia speaks frankly about the shocking meeting that inspired 'Roar', her new collection of short stories (8:00), the incredible TV deal that is in the works with the backing of Nicole Kidman (32:00) and why she feels people are too busy talking rather than listening in today's world...


"The Lonely Battle Of Thomas Reid” (Movie Special featuring Fearghal Ward and Luke McManus): Episode 270

How do you bargain with a man who doesn't have a price? Thomas Reid's life was turned upside down for years as a result of the the IDA’s aggressive and ultimately illegal attempts to buy his farm. This is a David vs Goliath tale the likes of which has never been captured on film before. Fearghal Ward and Luke McManus joined Jarlath this week for a fascinating conversation about their documentary 'The Lonely Battle of Thomas Reid' which explores one man's struggle against industry giants...


John Duddy and Tim Wheeler (Live from NYC): Episode 269

This week Jarlath is joined live in front of a packed Stella and Fly venue in the heart of New York City by boxer-turned-actor John Duddy and Ash frontman and award-winning songwriter Tim Wheeler for an hour of chat. Tim explains how it feels to have thousands of audience members in the palm of your hand (22:00), how he once lost a tooth on stage (15:00) and how little he trusts himself due to his addictive personality (11:00). John tells the story of his fortuitous move into acting...


Samantha Barry: Episode 268

This week Jarlath stopped by 1 World Trade Centre to meet Glamour Magazine's Editor in Chief, Samantha Barry. Samantha relays the story of her journey from RTE to Newstalk to the BBC to CNN before taking up the most coveted position at Glamour (8:00). She explains why you need to be delusional to make it in New York City (6:00), how she grew CNN's social media strategy (12:00) and the importance of not being overly sensitive to constructive criticism (27:00). The conversation covers...


Football Special: Episode 267

A collection of highlights from every football related episode of the series. Featuring previously unheard material and standout tales from the truly epic collection of Ireland footballing greats, this episode is bound to draw you, take you back, make you laugh and shake your head with disbelief for the beautiful game. Roy Keane: (1:00) -Mick McCarthy, Kevin Kilbane, Roddy Doyle, Seamus Coleman, Jack Conroy Retirement: (24:00) -Richie Sadlier, James McClean, Paul McGrath, Ronnie...


Nial Conlan: Episode 266

Níal Conlan is the bassist for Delorentos and is one of the nicest guys you'll meet in the music industry and a long-time friend of Jarlath. In this incredible conversation, Níal explains how Delorentos were almost forced to sign a record contract in shady circumstances (21:00), the massive error that cost the band (27:00) and how sharing his time between London and Dublin has resulted in him feeling as though he doesn't have a place to call home (38:00). From the incredible stories of...


Tom Markham (Kaiser Documentary Special): Episode 265

This week Tom Markham joins Jarlath to tell the incredible story behind the greatest con artist in football history. How did Carlos Kaiser manage to have a 26 year professional football career without ever kicking a ball? The documentary Tom helped to create entitled simply, Kaiser, separates the fact from fiction and the man from the legend. Tom also explains how he stumbled upon the story and despite having no movie making experience, decided he was the man to bring the tale to the big...


Rosie - Movie Special (with Sarah Greene and Moe Dunford): Episode 264

Sarah Greene and Moe Dunford play Rosie and JP in Roddy Doyle's first film in almost 20 years. They sat down with Jarlath for a truly gripping conversation about their work on this moving and powerful film which comes at a crucial juncture in Ireland’s housing crisis. The actors speak about how this project forced them to come to terms with the terrifying realities that inspired this script. If you are in need of assistance or are looking to help out, please find further information in the...


Paul Dunne: Episode 263

This week Paul Dunne sat down with Jarlath where it all began for him in Greystones Golf Club to speak about his fascinating journey as he prepares to defend his British Masters title in the coming weeks. Paul explains the challenging nature of golf, which is a 'game of feels' (15:00), his realisation that reputation is nothing and performance is everything (29:00) and how a slow leaderboard update seriously let him down in 2017 (34:00). From discussing his struggle to control his anger...


Gordon Rochford: Episode 262

With his award winning podcast Those Conspiracy Guys, Gordon Rochford may be no stranger to many of our listeners but this week, for the first time, Gordon tells the incredible story of how he went from going off the rails to being on the verge of selling a massive documentary series to Netflix. Gordon speaks frankly about the truth behind the shocking world of YouTube censorship (24:00), the frightening places that his 'recreational alcoholism' took him (44:00) before speaking for the...


Jack Conroy: Episode 261

Jack Conroy is the goalkeeper for the Irish International Amputee Football team. At the start of the month he joined Jarlath to tell his own story and talk about the lengths to which he and his teammates have gone to raise enough funds to compete in major tournaments. Jack recalls the surprise encounter at a bus stop that changed his entire life (21:00), how Roy Keane advised him to not do what he did at the World Cup (38:00) while also detailing the mindset needed to play in goal...


Russell Howard (live at Electric Picnic): Episode 260

This week comedian and friend of the show Russell Howard joined Jarlath for a chat live at Electric Picnic in front of a packed Podcast Stage Tent. In this hilarious conversation, Russell speaks about how working alongside Frankie Boyle changed his career (48:00), why he feels sorry for reality TV stars (21:00) and the truth behind why he decided to talk about self-harm on stage (24:00). From being bruised by a flying dildo (39:00) to his thoughts on the supposedly sensitive modern...


Grainne Parker and Dominic Munnelly: Episode 259

Jarlath meets nutritionist Grainne Parker and her husband the game changing trainer and coach Dominic Munnelly to discuss his own personal struggle to get healthy. Grainne and Dominic have changed the conversation about fitness and well-being in Ireland and try to do the same for Jarlath. They open up about how tragedy brought them together and fatigue with the industry drove them to create their new book ‘Move, Train Nourish.’ The book has become a best-seller and helped thousands of...


Terry McMahon: Episode 258

This week, one of Ireland's most outspoken voices, Terry McMahon, speaks about his life and work as an award-winning writer/director/actor and activist. With incredible honesty, Terry opens up about his failed suicide attempts and his experience of being homeless (4:00), being on the receiving end on an RTÉ executive's abuse of power (22:00) and why he never understood the success of Fair City, despite it giving him life-changing earnings (15:00). From why he believe's his film Charlie...


Rory Scovel and Seann Walsh (Live): Episode 257

This week Jarlath is joined live on stage at the Vodafone Comedy Festival in Dublin by his friends and comedians Rory Scovel and Seann Walsh for what is maybe the funniest live episode in the series to date. Rory explains how, while filming the blockbuster movie ‘I Feel Pretty’, Amy Schumer told him she would fire him if his performance was not up to scratch (5:00) and why he genuinely believes that he can be the US President some day (38:00). Seann tells the oddly hilarious story of the...


Bronagh Waugh: Episode 256

This week, actor and activist Bronagh Waugh joined Jarlath for a discussion about her struggle, success, belief and perseverance. Bronagh describes the xenophobic nature to her earlier experiences in Britain (23:00), how racism towards her made her more patriotic (28:00) and her personal connection to fighting for the introduction of abortion rights and marriage equality into Northern Ireland (29:00). Jarlath challenges Bronagh on the belief that the BBC are protecting vested interests...


Tom Dunne (returns): Episode 255

Tom Dunne is, without a doubt, one of the most beloved voices in Irish broadcasting. Having made his first appearance on Irishman Abroad almost 5 years ago, Tom sat down with Jarlath this week to have the much-anticipated follow-up conversation to their ridiculously entertaining first meeting. Tom opens up about his most humiliating experiences with Something Happens (3:00), his differences with Dave Fanning (43:00) and his struggle to retain the optimism for which he is so well known...


Ibrahim Halawa: Episode 254

Ibrahim Halawa went into an Egyptian prison as a child and, 4 years later, he was released as an innocent man who would never get back those formative years of his life. Upon his much-anticipated release, instead of enjoying his freedom, Ibrahim battled with racism and scepticism from the Irish public. This week, Ibrahim gives the most open and honest interview of his life. In incredible detail, Ibrahim explains how he wasn’t mentally stable during the first few interviews that he did...