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In each episode, comedian Jarlath Regan is joined by a well known Irish writer, actor, performer, sports person or public figure to discuss their life and shared experience of moving abroad.

In each episode, comedian Jarlath Regan is joined by a well known Irish writer, actor, performer, sports person or public figure to discuss their life and shared experience of moving abroad.
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In each episode, comedian Jarlath Regan is joined by a well known Irish writer, actor, performer, sports person or public figure to discuss their life and shared experience of moving abroad.




Mick Finnegan (Returns): Episode 292

It has been almost 5 years since Mick first joined Jarlath on An Irishman Abroad to tell his astonishing story of abuse, mental health struggles, failed suicide attempts and how he was saved by rugby coaching. To this date, it is unsurprising that that incredible conversation is one of the most popular episodes in our archive. This week, Mick returns to the podcast to tell the powerful story of the journey that he has been on since his first meeting with Jarlath and how it is truly...


Niall O'Dowd: Episode 291

As the CEO of Irish Central, activist, writer and journalist Niall O'Dowd is, without a doubt, one of the most influential Irish people living in America. This week, Jarlath had the pleasure of speaking with him about his fascinating life and journey from Tipperary to America. With refreshing honesty, Niall speaks about how it is a worrying time to be in America (19:00), the truth behind being the negotiator between Sinn Féin and The White House during the Good Friday Agreement process...


Sinead O'Shea: Episode 290

Sinead O'Shea is the director and writer behind the critically acclaimed documentary A Mother Brings Her Son To Be Shot. As Brexit negotiations drag on, she joined Jarlath to discuss the growing significance of this 5 year project about the realities of one community in Northern Ireland. Sinead gives her fascinating perspective on the impact Ireland's dark history has had on modern mindsets (53:00), what she believes Brexit will do to Northern Ireland (1:02:00) and the 'grim' truth behind...


Ian Madigan: Episode 289

Ian Madigan welcomed Jarlath into his home in Bristol to discuss his rollercoaster ride his career has been in recent years. Ian opens up about his injury at Bordeaux (17:00). He explains in detail how he maintained a level head during the madness that he has experienced over the last few years (30:00). Jarlath asks about the possibility of Simon Zebo returning to the Ireland squad in the 2019 Six Nations (8:00), why Johnny Sexton might not be the nicest person on the pitch (48:00), the...


Conor Horgan: Episode 288

This week Conor Horgan joined Jarlath from his home overlooking the city of Paris to discuss his life as one of Ireland’s most respected photographers, his work as a director and new path in screenwriting. Conor tells the incredible story of being a runaway teenager in London (5:00), how he became obsessed with photography (11:00) and the beauty of not having a plan in life (22:00). Conor also discusses the life-changing experience of directing The Queen of Ireland while history was being...


Seana Kerslake and Lee Cronin (The Hole in the Ground Moive Special): Episode 287

Seána Kerslake stars and Lee Cronin directs the most talked about Irish film in years, The Hole In The Ground. In this bumper episode Jarlath meets them both individually to talk about their journey’s out of Ireland and back to make this box office smash. Jarlath announces the public release of season 1 of his new true crime podcast series Irishman Behind Bars - To hear the full extended cut of both interviews,...


Kevin Doyle: Episode 286

Kevin Doyle scored hundreds of goals at the highest level before his career was cut short through injury. Kevin explains his journey from the League of Ireland to the Premier League and to the MLS. Kevin speaks frankly about the relief he feels having dodged the social media demands that modern players live with (4:00), how there is always a negative player in every dressing room (14:00) and why the League of Ireland was the secret to his remarkable start for Reading (30:00). From his fear...


Thomas Lennon: Episode 285

Thomas Lennon made his name as a member of The State, an early 90s sketch group that changed comedy in America. He has gone on to create and appear in movies and shows such as Night at the Museum, Memento, 17 Again, Reno 911 to American Dad, Bob’s Burgers and I Love You, Man. This year he took on a new challenge. Drawing upon his Irish heritage, Thomas has written a new novel about a secret rank in An Garda Síochána focused on solve peculiar and unusual crimes. The conversation ranges from...


Paul McVeigh: Episode 284

How do you go from being a Premier League footballer who is afraid of public speaking to then go and quit the game to face your fear? This week former Spurs, Norwich and Northern Ireland player Paul McVeigh tells Jarlath the truly incredible story of how he did just that. Paul explains how he discovered the world of self-help when he wasn't making an impact in games (14:00), what it felt like to reach the weekly wage that he used to dream about (21:00) and the time Gareth Southgate once...


Nick Frost: Episode 283

Nick Frost is one of the most well-respected comedy writers and actors in the world today. This week he joined Jarlath to discuss his life and career on the eve of the release of his new film Fighting with My Family. With exceptional honesty, Nick explains how he feels as though he has never done enough despite his success (18:00), the life he once made for himself in the mountains of Israel after he had to remove himself a very difficult situation in London (37:00) and the battle he...


The Organ Donation Episode: Episode 282

It’s two years since Jarlath donated a kidney to his brother Adrian. In this follow-on episode to its sister episode from two years ago, Jarlath opens up the discussion to the wider area of organ donation and speaks to both medical professionals and those who have been affected by organ donation. Jarlath is also joined by Health Minister Simon Harris to discuss his hopes for the introduction of an opt-out system in Ireland. From an incredible account of the world’s first heart transplant,...


Michael Conlan (Returns): Episode 281

As he prepares for one of the biggest fights of his life, Michael Conlan took time out to return to Irishman Abroad for a fascinating chat about his professional career to date. With his trademark refreshing honesty, Michael explains why pointing out the corruption within amateur boxing at the Olympics was the best thing that ever happened to him (16:00), the horrific/hilarious ordeal that he endured when he withdrew all of his money from his US bank account (28:00) and his...


Richard Dunwoody: Episode 280

Three-time Champion Jockey Richard Dunwoody is someone who many will be familiar with through horse racing but many will be unfamiliar with his incredible journey after his retirement. This week, Richard tells Jarlath how he was forced to retire from racing due to his physical condition at a time when he was not mentally ready (8:00), having to be a 'bit of a bastard' in order to succeed (18:00), how he unintentionally ended up on Strictly Come Dancing (32:00) and the fascinating story...


Ronan Raftery: Episode 279

With roles on screen in Fantastic Beasts, Mortal Engines and Moone Boy, and on stage in the National’s production of The Silver Tassie, Ronan Raftery is a star on the rise. This week he joins Jarlath for a conversation about the sad, funny and terrifying moments from his life story so far. With hilarious detail, Ronan explains his dislike for the drama school (24:00), how he once starved himself for 36 hours in preparation for just one scene (Patreon extended cut only) and what it’s like...


John Connors: Episode 278

This week the award-winning actor John Connors joined Jarlath for a fascinating discussion about his life and career. With brutal honesty, John opens up about how 2018 was a year which saw him 'riddled with depression' (25:00) having also lost the two biggest acting roles of his life for expressing his own personal views (3:00). John explains why he tried to make things weird between himself and Tom Vaughan Lawlor on the set of Love/Hate (55:00), how he battles with a lack of control...


Dermot Whelan: Episode 277

Dermot Whelan is one of Ireland's most loved radio personalities and, when you listen to this conversation, it's easy to see why. Dermot explains how he had to hide his inner culchie when the Dermot and Dave show started on Dublin's 98FM before moving to the national airwaves (4:00) and how his negative self-talk led to his fascination with meditation (35:00). Dermot, in what is a first for the series, also gives Jarlath a lesson in meditation live on the show (47:00)! From what he...


Karl Henry: Episode 276

This week, Ireland's leading health and fitness expert, Karl Henry, joined Jarlath for a much-needed conversation for this time of year about taking care of one's mental and physical health. With great honesty, Karl gives his thoughts on the phenomenon of 'quick fix' regimes (4:00), why emotional wellbeing is vital (59:00), the nature of obsession in the health and fitness industry (19:00) and the impact of living in an obesogenic society (54:00). From why Karl still believes that...


Helen Cullen: Episode 275

This week author Helen Cullen joined Jarlath for a fascinating and inspirational conversation about her journey from 2FM to becoming one of Ireland’s most talked about new authors. With refreshing honesty, Helen explains her thoughts on why it’s vital to take leaps of faith in life (55:00), why she lives with a constant cycle of fear (1:30:00) and the life-changing five season deal she has signed with the creators of Downton Abbey (1:35:00). The episode ranges from discussing the precious...


John C. Reilly (Live): Episode 274

This week, one of Hollywood's biggest names, John C. Reilly, joined Jarlath in front of a live audience at the Irish Ambassador's Residence in the Phoenix Park. The conversations flows from his incredible life and career to his new movie Ralph Breaks the Internet. Jarlath is also joined by Disney creators Phil Johnston, Rich Moore and Clarke Spencer to discuss this sprawling project. John explains what he is willing to do in order to obtain Irish Citizenship (56:00), his humble beginnings...


Hector O'hEochagain (Returns): Episode 273

Hector Ó'hEochagáin is one of Ireland's most intrepid broadcasters and, this week, he makes his return to Irishman Abroad to catch up with Jarlath and chat about his stunning new documentary series “O Siberia Go Saigon”. Hector tells the incredible tales of preparing for the -26 degree conditions in Siberia (3:00), dealing with the intense levels of bureaucratic scrutiny in China (19:00) and why he rates TG4 output over RTÉ (57:00). Hector articulates the importance of conversation...