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Four longtime college friends reunite to discuss important issues, dumb habits, sex & relationships, college stories, and 80s and 90s nostalgic memories. Appropriately Inappropriate. We aim to keep you laughing out loud during your commute. Weekly episodes released every Friday morning.


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Four longtime college friends reunite to discuss important issues, dumb habits, sex & relationships, college stories, and 80s and 90s nostalgic memories. Appropriately Inappropriate. We aim to keep you laughing out loud during your commute. Weekly episodes released every Friday morning.






Cannot Confirm Nor Deny – Chavo

Episode 246ALTERNATE TITLES: Waste of Height, Lying About His Dick, I Can Neither Confirm or Deny, One Demerit, My Case to Be The Fifth Fella, I’m A Brother, My Voice Got Me Laid, Artificial Intelligence is Acting Funny, Can I Cheat with an AI Robot?, Sexting With A Bot, You Hear That Oso? You Hear […]


The Search for the 5th Fella – Oso

Episode 245ALTERNATE TITLES: Friend of Ours, Friend of Mine, Search for the 5th Fella, Friend Whore, Blowing It Up, Match/Spray/Fan, Holding It In, Clogging The Toilet, Known As The Shitter, Nudes To All Your Contacts, You Wanna Cry?, Make You Want To Cry, Art, (0:23) Welcome.(09:22) Confession. Clogging the toilet.(19:04) WOULD YOU RATHER?: Clog the […]


Get The Gang Bang Going -Noelia

Episode 244ALTERNATE TITLES: Dangle A Carrot, Carrot and the Stick, Tired, Dangle It In Your Face, Get The Gang Bang Going, A Three-Way, Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness, A Esa Torta Le Falta Un Chile, Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich?, You’re Thong Is Hanging Out, Who Pays?, Independent Woman, (0:23) Welcome.(9:25) Don’t tell me what […]


Can’t Sleep

Episode 243ALTERNATE TITLES: Unbalanced, The Fifth Fella, Double Dip, Tickled Pink, Getting Tickled, Tickle Spot, Big Mistake, Can’t Sleep, Won’t Sleep, We Need A Break, Hiatus, Ask The Guys, Losing Listeners, Found Money, (0:23) Welcome.(05:00) Jaba The Slut(10:20) The Search for the Fifth Fella.(12:05) Wings N’ Thangs.(19:02) Double Dipping.(32:30) Bubble Guts(34:20) Tickled Pink.(37:45) Eating.(39:25) Chilaquiles.(50:25) […]


The Most Dangerous Sex Position

Episode 242ALTERNATE TITLES: She Comes First, Ladies First, Un-retiring, Grape Kit, Statutory Grape, Intermission, HOLD!, Edging, Worst Advice Ever, The Wet Spot, I’m Leaking, (0:23) Welcome.(05:32) Different baby daddies.(11:55) She comes first.(24:45) LISTENER QUESTION: My son, 18, is dating a girl that is 17 years old.(36:22) Wet spot(39:00) The Most Dangerous Sex Position.(46:40) Do you […]


Spilling the Beans – Chicano-ish

Episode 241ALTERNATE TITLES: Spilling the Beans, Poor Man’s Solution, (0:23) Welcome.(03:55) Split or Itemizing the restaurant bill.(14:00) Getting your money’s worth.(20:15) Poor Man’s Ceviche.(31:15) The Party Room.(40:00) LISTENER QUESTION: Married to your own cousin.(54:10) Chucky doll is actually evil!(57:25) Break-up Sex.


Cereal Killers

Episode 240ALTERNATE TITLES: Let It Sit, Poor Man’s Ceviche, Cereal Killers, It Was Cold, I Don’t Remember It Being That Small, Nostalgia, Mutual Combat, (0:23) Welcome.(05:25) Poor Man’s Ceviche.(07:40) Favorite Cereal.(20:00) Favorite Chips.(23:20) WOULD YOU RATHER: 7’7” or 3’3”(40:45) LISTENER QUESTION: Someone cuts you in line: Do you speak up or let it go?(54:05) LISTENER […]


Softer, Softest w/ Sebastian Cetina

Episode 239 ALTERNATE TITLES: Bombing, You Never Forget Your Worst One, Bringing Work Home, I Hate Strip Clubs, Getting Soft, Soft Flirting, Soft Swinging, Soft Porn, Getting Soft w/ Sebastian Cetina. (0:23) Welcome. (10:55) Attacked on the comic’s stage. (13:50) LISTENER QUESTION: What’s the going rate for teeth from the tooth fairy? (18:33) Cruise Ship […]


Dirty Mouths

Episode 238 ALTERNATE TITLES: Cruisin’, Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’, Disconnected, All You Can Drink, Knocking ‘em Out, I Eat Ass, I’ll Eat Anything, How Much Do You Love Your Dick?, Swapping Spit, Dirty Mouths (0:23) Barlos is going on a cruise. Muted car colors. Huge finger nails. (9:22) Sharing a toothbrush. (16:50) LISTENER QUESTION: How […]


Sharing A Toothbrush

Episode 237 ALTERNATE TITLES: Getting Older, Tuna Ceviche, Old Injuries, Put It In Your Mouth, Smelly Strings, Sharing Toothbrushes. (0:23) Barlos is Back…again! (3:40) Getting Old. (11:50) Poor Man’s Ceviche. (17:48) What are the whitewashed things that you currently do? (35:10) Getting Older. (40:55) Never been injured. (44:30) LISTENER QUESTION: Your partner using your tooth […]


Chris Rock / Too Soon

Episode 236 ALTERNATE TITLES: Too Soon, We Started This Gangster Shit, Alien dick, Rules for Dating My Daughter, Bend Your Dick, So Good You Gotta Slap Yo Momma, Chris Rock Bitched Out (0:23) Barlos is Back. (3:48) The People missed Barlos. (10:40) LISTENER QUESTION: Rules for dating your daughter. (10:45) Off-topic. (33:30) OSO QUESTION: Would […]


Unlicensed Therapy w/ Noelia

Episode 235 ALTERNATE TITLES: The Problem With Noelia B., Licensed Therapist, Unlicensed Therapy, Trauma, Body Count, Sex In Music, Jersey Shore…is back, Ratchet Stuff, Our Safe Space, Fatherhood, Crossing the Line, Friends Being Too Friendly, Brother/Sister Sensuality, Body Count Will Go Up, Boundaries, (0:23) Trauma. (15:45) Father Figure. (22:45) Meagan Hall: Sexually Groomed. (45:30) Sex […]



Episode 234 ALTERNATE TITLES: Choriblocked, Late For Class, 15-minute Rule, Coming Out, They Chinese Theater, Small Dick Energy, Hall Pass, Ana De Armas is my Hall Pass, Honor the Hall Pass, Fine Print, Hall Pass: DENIED, Hall Pass: Alysha Del Valle, Poking Around, First-Time: LOST, (0:23) 15-Minute Rule. (5:05) Cock-blocked. (15:30) Reading a map of […]


George Lopez vs. Ralph Barbosa – Oso

Episode 233 ALTERNATE TITLES: Saul Good Man!, George Lopez vs. Ralph Barbosa, We Can All Win, (0:23) Bitness Man! (04:15) George Lopez vs. Ralph Barbosa (23:53) We can all win. (28:45) LISTENER QUESTION: Does this mean she wants to smash? (35:20) LISTENER QUESTION: Should a married man lend a jacket to a single woman? (45:40) […]


I Failed As A Father – Oso

Episode 232 ALTERNATE TITLES: Social Anxiety, Did I Stutter?, Phone Rich, I Failed As A Father, I Give Up, Trauma, Adversity, Lo Chupo El Diablo, No Medical Insurance, We Can’t Raise Victims, Racist Menu?, Buenos Dias…Chimichangas?, Throat GOAT, Ta Buena Tu Vieja, (0:23) Social Anxiety. (6:15) Technology has made us dependent on it. (19:25) I […]


You Can’t Take It With You

Episode 231 ALTERNATE TITLES: In The Closet w/ Barlos, Spit Test, Folding T-Shirts, Bucket List, Work Wife, You Can’t Take It With You, Interoffice Relationships, Blood Suckers, Social Media (0:23) Bad Drivers. (8:02) RANT: Help me, help you. (12:56) Social Media: What’s to young to have an account? (20:40) Continued. (32:32) Folding T-Shirts. (38:38) The […]


Girl Fights

Episode 230 ALTERNATE TITLES: I Got Nothing, Bad Drivers, Hit N Run, Giving It Up, Lane Blocking, The 10 Freeway, (0:23) Bad Drivers. (7:45) The 91 Freeway. (11:10) Family Guy. (17:40) Raising my daughter. (40:03) Teaching my daughter how to fight.


The NeverEnding Story

Episode 229 ALTERNATE TITLES: Hall Pass, Never Ending Story, Can we go home now?, Are We there yet?, Fuck the kicker, Getting out of a speeding ticket, (0:23) RANT: Hall Pass. (13:12) Fuck The Kicker. (17:06) Upon my death, delete everything! (28:53) Collecting on a loan. (40:23) What would you do to get […]



Episode 228 ALTERNATE TITLES: JLo’s Ass, Ass Insurance, Stay In Your Lane, The Fast Lane, Bad Drivers, You Know What, Bro?, Machismo, Fuck This Foo, Aggressive Finger Flicker, Half Chub, What Happens In The Closet…, Crash Test Dummy, Rules of the Road, Breaking Rules, Coming Too Fast, Squirting, Exerting Dominance, No Days Off, Pumping Gas, […]


Living On A Prayer (2023)

Episode 227 ALTERNATE TITLES: Kinda Catholic, Confessions, Living On A Prayer, The Champagne of Seltzers, Dude Looks Like A Lady, Showing Their Ass, Fuck Them Kids, New Vocabulary, Dick Pic Law, Rate My Dick Pic, Free The Nipple, (0:23) Welcome. (10:08) I married my sister…by accident. (23:38) Sidewalk Rule. (34:30) LISTENER QUESTION: I discovered that […]