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She Did It The Episode

On this week’s episode of Prestige Worldwide, the host’s have lots of questions for the listeners. Travis recounts a family trip to Applebee’s where he needs to know if he’s a jerk or not, and the listeners get to decide! Also, Bobo and Travis revisit last week’s homework assignment to fanbase, and get into the details about Amy Shumer and her “empowering” speech. Also, Bobo and Travis recap the new Christopher Nolan movie trailer they finally saw, and boy is Bobo not happy about it. This...


So Wrong It's Right The Episode

On this week’s episode, Travis and Bobo want to discuss their own viewpoints on things that not everyone else might agree with. Welcome to their unpopular opinions! Travis and Bobo rip on such things as Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Peanut Butter, and old people still having a say in our country’s future. Also, they recap the movie league from last week, where Bobo would like to point out, he’s still on pace to beat Andy, and absolutely no one else. This week on End Times, the boys discuss the Dine...


Saved By The 90s The Episode

On this week’s episode, we’re back this week with more quizzes that are sure to enrage both Bobo and Travis by showing how little they actually know. However, before that, there is more Fantasy Movie League discussion and as it turns out, Travis also did his homework. The boys also have a voicemail to get through. No End Times as the quiz show goes long this week, but don’t worry, it’ll be back next episode. Instead, sit back and enjoy showing how much you know about the true best decade of...


Public Freak Out The Episode

On this week’s episode of Prestige Worldwide, Bobo and Travis venture into the world of people being filmed freaking out in public, all thanks to the recent trending Chris “Bagel Guy” Morgan freaking out about not being able to get a date online. And since everything is a contest on this program, the boys decide to bring in their favorite public freak out videos and have the other one attempt to guess what the video is about, with only the audio. As you can imagine, hilarity and absurdity...


Missing Link The Episode

On this week’s episode, Bobo brings in a wild tale from work that he promises everyone is so unbelievable, you have no choice but to believe it. Also, Bobo insults, and Travis comes to the defense, of University of Phoenix graduates. In addition, the boys talk about the rise in ransomware attacks on cities, school districts, and other public entities, and how they’re only going to get worse. This week on End Times, Bobo boycotts San Francisco for only banning e-cigarettes, but not regular...


Super Necessary The Episode

On this week’s episode, the boys are real up in arms about old people and their use (or misuse) of technology. Whether it’s not knowing how to fact check or share proper information on Facebook, to literally throwing rocks and running driverless cars off the road, old people and their fear and misuse of technology is real, it’s laughable, and Bobo and Travis love to make fun of it. This week on End Times, Bobo and Travis share the press conference audio of Jorge Masvidal after his...


Too Much Freedom The Episode

Happy birthday America! On this week’s episode, the boys show their appreciation for their country by dedicating the entire episode to America and freedom. And by this, they bring in examples of how there is literally too much freedom these days, and by embarrasing themselves by doing very poorly on quizzes about the fourth of July. This week on End Times, the boys bring back the audio of “Your’s Truly,” AKA OJ, from the robbery that landed him in prison for 9 years. Also, We have more new...


The Juice The Episode

The Juice is loose on this week’s episode of Prestige Worldwide! The man everyone can’t stand because he’s pure human garbage, O.J. Simpson, is on twitter, and the boys bring you a play-by-play update of his videos and thoughts as they’re rolled out. Which, is about as ridiculous as it sounds. No End Times this week because Travis spends way too much time talking about his road rage problems that Bobo just can’t seem to comprehend. Also, Bobo finds a new guru for his fantasy football advice,...


First Impressions The Episode

On this week’s episode, the boys are here to say one word and one word only. What exactly does that mean? You’ll have to listen to find out! Also, Bobo threatens his insurance company with an official Prestige Worldwide boycott if they don’t straighten things out with him, and Travis offers a PSA to the listeners about the protocol for hosting a children’s birthday party. This week on End Times, Bill Cosby is back in the news for wholesome Father’s Day tweeting. Also, Travis tries to read...


Road Rage The Episode

Welcome to Prestige Worldwide the Podcast, where on this week’s episode, we solve all of our listener’s problems! And by listeners, we mean really just one listener, because there is just an hour in the show and only so much can be accomplished in that timeframe, nahmean? However, Bobo and Travis do their best to resolve a faux road rage incident, and then proceed to tell a few stories from the road themselves. Mostly with ridiculous endings! This week on End Times, Bobo decides to become a...


Over / Under The Episode

We’ve finally reached it, the end of another fantasy movie league season, and the reign of one of our listeners is extended to a third season title. But Bobo couldn’t care less about that, as he is the final weekly winner, and wants to make sure everyone knows about i! Also, who still uses the word “dweeb” anyways? Oh, and the boys also play a pretty fun game regarding the rotten tomatoes rating for classic movies. End Times this week features a teacher who, in 2019, still thinks it’s a good...


A La Carte The Episode

Do you enjoy ranking superhero franchises by popularity? Do you enjoy talking about Terminator? Do you enjoy underestimating how popular Godzilla is? Well, if so, welcome to the most absurdly interesting episode of Prestige Worldwide that has aired in quite some time! The boys go through all that and much more in a seemingly bizarre episode that builds up out of nowhere. But, it eventually finds its way! This week on End Times, we discuss a lunch lady who was fired for not denying a child...


Summer Blockbuster 3 The Episode

For the third year in a row, Bobo and Travis bring you their Summer Blockbuster movie episode! Seriously, three years of this and the boys are still going as strong, and recklessly, as ever, as they try to predict how this year’s crop of movies will perform at the box office. This year, the boys are riddled with remakes, sequels, and adaptations that have something to offer to just about anyone and everyone. Although, Bobo is still as salty as ever about how many unoriginal films exist, and...


It's As Easy As CBD The Episode

It’s finally here! The boys have exhausted their extensive backlog of topics and conversations, and can finally get to Bobo’s topic. However, the topic is now extremely late and ill-suited, but you know what, too friggen bad! Bobo goes on a rant about people brushing their teeth with charcoal, and taking CBD oil to cure every problem that has ever, or will ever, ail them. And don’t worry, Travis makes sure to mention how Bobo is sucking in the movie league. This week on End Times, the boys...


Nerd Olympics The Episode

Fresh off their two week interview, the boys are back and better than ever! Bobo brings the energy that he’s been accused of missing recently, and Travis brings the rage as he’s subjected to unwanted concerts and being tagged in videos without his permission. Also, the boys discuss Fat Mike and NOFX getting in trouble the the media, as well as Bobo’s new workout routine, which he was informed is actually “made for weebs.” End Times is back with a new Silicon Valley startup that’s literally...


Ten Foot Pole Part 2 The Episode

Welcome to Part Two of our interview with Dennis Jaggard on Prestige Worldwide! If you missed last week’s episode, you might want to go back and catch the first half, otherwise this might be a bit disjointed. However, you’re not going to want to miss more of Dennis discussing his band, working with Weird Al & Prince, and so much more. No End Times this week, but the boys do a quick recap of the fantasy movie league, and Bobo issues a new challenge to the audience. When the movie league...


Ten Foot Pole The Episode

The Boys are doing something a bit different this week and next week, so get ready for a delightful change of pace! Bobo and Travis conducted a 2 hour interview with the amazingly talented and generous Dennis Jaggard, lead singer, guitar player, and principal songwriter for the band Ten Foot Pole. While Ten Foot Pole never cracked the mainstream success that Bobo thinks they overwhelmingly deserved, Dennis has been a veteran of the music industry for over 30 years, and has a ton of...


Janties The Episode

Things really get off the rails on this week’s episode of Prestige Worldwide. Tiger Woods is winning golf tournaments, the Penguins are losing playoff games, and 900 year old buildings are burning to the ground. While you might think it’s the end of days, it’s just business as usual for Bobo and Travis! Join them this week as they comment on all events current, and all voicemails drunken and incoherent. Oh, and they discuss the new Star Wars trailer too! This week on End Times, Travis...


Florida Man The Episode

Someday, the boys will actually get to the topic they had planned months ago. This week however, is not the week! On this week’s episode, Travis recounts his lovely anniversary trip, which involved a hockey game and screaming at two women seated directly behind him. Bobo has his own story, which is indirectly corroborated by a listener voicemail, where he goes hard in the paint with some Pura. And to cap it all off, the boys play the newest fad hitting the internet, the Florida Man game! On...


Royal Ramble The Episode

Looks like spring cleaning has extended into week 2 on this week’s episode, literally! Travis tells a story about a failed attempt (in Bobo’s opinion) to relieve and then clean himself. Then, Travis tells another story that leaves Bobo appalled at what he actually considers the definition of clean to be. Looks like we used the best episode title to describe this week’s content a week too early! On End Times, the boys discuss women’s rights in Red Dead Redemption 2 and the lack of respect the...