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Episode 226: Soundtrack & Fears

Few things get us into the Halloween spirit faster than eerie music, which is why on this episode of Baconsale, we’re talking spooky soundtracks! Kent and Joel have selected spine-chilling tunes for 13 horrific categories such as Theme You Never Wanted to Hear as a Kid, Creepiest Classical Piece, Worst Song to Play on a Date, Hipster Horror Pick and Most Annoying. Along the way, Kent tries to summon a demonic presence while Joel subliminally shares a recipe for German pancakes. Press play...


BaconBit: Goodnight, Sleepy Zombie

Kent and Joel made a book! A real-life book that people can actually purchase and read at home! It’s a children’s picture book called “Goodnight, Sleepy Zombie.” Joel came up with the idea to entertain his kids and Kent used his drawing skills to help bring it to life. . .eventually. Listen to hear how the process worked and why it took Joel over a decade to get his idea published (SPOILER ALERT: procrastination). Also, enjoy a live reading by the author, even though there are less than 50...


Episode 225: Gateway Horror Movies

Let the Halloween season officially begin! Not a fan of scary movies? Well, then this episode of Baconsale is specifically for you! We’ve created a list of 13 horror films to help you ease into the genre, and hopefully give you a pleasant, yet spooky experience that will make you want to watch more. Joel chooses a bunch of softball horror-comedies to coddle our listener, whereas Kent feels like our listener is an adult who can take a little traumatizing terror in stride. Blah, blah, blah,...


BaconBit: Lindsay’s Spooky Stories

After we were done recording our pumpkin spice episode, we sat down with our friend Lindsay and asked her to tell us some of her real-life supernatural experiences. Kent and Joel had heard these chilling stories last year, and really wanted her to share them with you, the listener, to set the mood for the Halloween season. WARNING: While these stories are not explicit or even violent, they are unsettling, so you may not want to listen with your kids around. #NightmareFuel Press play for...


Episode 224: Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

It’s autumn, which means it’s time for Baconsale to embrace the basic as we eat & drink a variety of pumpkin spice goodies. And we’ve invited a self-professed fall-flavor lover, our friend Lindsay, to join us! Kent, Joel, Jacob and Lindsay brought cookies, chips, cereal, doughnuts, cakes, salsa and more that are laced with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves and occasionally some actual pumpkin. After we try each item, we’re going to rank them and let you know which pumpkin spice products are...


Episode 223: Snap Back to Reality

Reality TV contestants have faced brutal physical challenges, harsh living conditions and draining social interactions, but nothing can prepare them for the unbridled enthusiasm that comes from our guest this week, Mats Mudrow. Mats asked Baconsale to watch 21 reality competition programs, including Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, The Biggest Loser and a bunch we’d never heard of before. After we introduce them to you, Kent, Joel and Mats are ready to rank them as tier one, tier two...


Episode 222: Last Comic Book Standing

Comic books—they’re not just for nerds & geeks anymore. In fact, graphic novels have been adapted into some of the highest grossing movies of all time. But there are decades of illustrated stories ready for reading, so where does one start? Well, Baconsale has brought on a special guest, Spencer Myers, to help us understand the history of comics and give some recommendations, too. Spencer & Kent geek out, Joel tries to relate while getting them to explain stuff, and Jacob tries to stay...


Episode 221: Category Night Live

Live from the Baconcave, it’s Saturday Night! Actually this show was pre-recorded and, let’s be honest, you’re probably not listening to this on a Saturday evening. Nevertheless, on this episode of Baconsale, three wild & crazy guys are talking about the comedic TV staple that is Saturday Night Live. This show has everything: Favorite Recurring Characters, Underrated Cast Members, Best Fake Commercials, Classic SNL MVPs, Greatest Celebrity Hosts, Dan Cortese... And it’s up to Kent and Joel...


Episode 220: End of 2019 Movie Preview

The summer season is officially over, which means it’s time to turn our attention to the films that will be coming out at the end of this year. Joel and Kent have each picked five movies they’re wanting to see along with five flicks they want to bomb. Kent is predictably a hipster in his choices and even selects some straight-to-streaming options, while Joel, makes some ridiculous fake picks and, at times, lets the hate flow through him. Double tap that play button—it’s time to listen to...


Episode 219: Celebrity Mix-up Match-up

Do you get Michael Cera mixed up with Jesse Eisenberg sometimes? Did you enjoy Amy Adams’ performance in Wedding Crashers? Have you ever wondered how Sawyer from Lost landed a starring role as Jaime Lannister on Game of Thrones? Well, then, this is the episode for you! Today Kent and Joel are discussing popular doppelgängers with our special guest, Steven Ross. We’ve got 20 pairs of celebrities who often get confused for one another, and we’re going to pick which twin wins each round. Look...


Episode 218: We Don’t Need No Education

It’s a beautiful day in the Baconcave, a beautiful day for a podcast. Won’t you be our listener? Today on Baconsale we’re talking educational television programs for kids. This includes TV shows our children watch today as well as ones from our childhood. Can you say “nostalgia”? And, like a butterfly in the sky, Kent and Joel flit & flutter from category to category, picking good, bad and strange series for each one. Can you press play and tell me how to get to Baconsale Street?


Episode 217: What Would Baconsale Do—The Results

After listening to the previous What Would Baconsale Do episodes, everyone's favorite clinical psychologist, Dr. Matt, is back to give a final analysis of Kent, Joel and Jacob. And in order to make these findings more relatable to those three, Dr. Matt lets them know which Star Wars character they are, as well as which Disney Princess they're most like. Plus, Jacob has a few questions to ask about what would make them break off a possible engagement. Press play to hear each of us take a...


Episode 216: Love Me Tenders (and Nuggets)

If you like chicken nuggets then you gotta listen to this episode of Baconsale. Kent, Joel and Jacob have eaten chicken nuggets, chicken tenders, chicken fingers, chicken stars, chicken strips, chicken rings, chicken fries, boneless wings and popcorn chicken from 14 different fast food restaurants and they're ready to present their results. We used a matrix and math and to rank the taste, quality, breading, sauce and re-buyability of each poultry product. It's not speculation, it's...


Episode 215: Easy Kamen Rider

Amazon! On this episode of Baconsale, we would like to introduce you to the bizarre world of Kamen Rider, a popular Japanese TV show that has been running since the 1970s. Not familiar with the Kamen Rider series? Neither were we. Our special guest, Nicole, requested this episode and had Kent, Joel and Jacob watch an entire season of Amazon Riders in preparation. Join us as we try to understand the Rider mythology, level up on our geekiness and reference everything from Power Rangers to...


Episode 214: The Greatest Disney Hero (Tournament Finals)

What's this? It's a tale as old as time—classic animated characters fighting each other in a brutal deathmatch. And Baconsale is ready to go the distance and officially declare who the ultimate winner is in this second & final installment of our tournament of Disney heroes. But which is more powerful: Merlin's magic or Esmeralda's charms? Is Elastigirl going to stretch herself too thin? Will Ariel show Jasmine a whole new world of pain? What can we say except press play now! Print your own...


Episode 213: Stranger Influences

Are you getting the most out of your Stranger Things viewing experience? Kent and Joel have come up with a list of eleven (get it!?) movies, books and games that have influenced the popular Netflix series and they're ready to share them with you in a very spoiler-free manner—so even if you've never seen Stranger Things, you can still listen and then properly prepare yourself. However, as they share these 80s influences and references, Jacob shares some information that shocks Baconsale to...


BaconBit: Stranger Things – Season 3 Review

We've all had enough time to finish the latest season of Netflix's Stranger Things, right? Good. Let's talk about it. During this BaconBit, we'll do our best to stay focused on season three and not talk about the series as a whole—we're saving that for another time. And we'll also keep the first part of this review spoiler-free, so even if you haven't finished it yet (like Jacob) you can still hear and appreciate our overall thoughts and feelings about our most recent journey to Hawkins,...


Episode 212: Tournament of Disney Heroes

Have you ever wondered who would win in a fight between Tarzan and Maui? Does a tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff stand a chance against an inflatable personal healthcare companion? Well, Baconsale has pitted some of your favorite Disney heroes against one another in a no-holds-barred tournament to the death. However, we're only going one jump ahead on the bracket in this episode, so be sure to check out our upcoming tournament finals for these beloved animated characters. Press...


BaconBit: Spider-Man: Far From Home Review

Security around this movie was pretty tight, but Kent and Joel managed to see it and are now ready to present to you their thoughts on Spider-Man: Far From Home. Joel predicts Kent's review, Kent predicts Joel's review, and then they both discuss how they actually felt about the final film in Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Will Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) charm them? Will Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) impress them? Will Jacob (Jacob Rogers) be on this episode? Press play to...


Episode 211: What Would Jacob-sale Do?

It's been over two years since our last What Would Baconsale Do episode, but this time around there's a twist! Everyone's favorite clinical psychologist, Dr. Matt is here to deliver the questions and analyze the answers, and his sights seem to be set on the mysterious mind of Jacob. Plus, Dr. Matt makes Kent and Joel compete to see who knows Jacob better. Play along as we answer revealing questions about shopping carts, superpowers, desert islands, Universal movie monsters, chocolate, Disney...