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Episode 160: The Boys of Summer Songs

You know what the cure for the summertime blues is? Baconsale! Today we’re discussing (and sometimes singing) the biggest summer tunes from 1960 to 2017. Kent and Joel have each picked their favorite & least favorite hits from each decade, along with an alternate #1 song of their choice—based on Billboard data, personal preference and imaginary Jeep rides with the boys. Press play to enjoy the sounds of summer and to hear how many times Joel references “Weird Al” Yankovic.


BaconBit: Killer Dad Bracket

Last year, we pitted nice fictional fathers against each other in a battle to the death. However, we saved the most deadly dads from TV for this year’s tournament! We’ve got the paternal figures from Breaking Bad, Alias, The Sopranos, 24, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Arrow and Supernatural on this mini bracket ready to duke it out and see who will be the last man standing. Press play to enjoy this bonus round of TV dad mayhem! And print your own Killer TV Dad Bracket at...


Episode 159: Quizoner of Azkaban

Grab some gillyweed, because Baconsale is doing a deep dive into the Harry Potter film franchise! Jacob has come up with more than 100 ridiculously specific questions about The Prisoner of Azkaban (we’re talking “How many crows are there in Hagrid’s pumpkin patch?” kind of stuff) and Kent & Joel are going head-to-head to see who can remember more from their multiple viewings. And with two chile verde burritos on the line, the stakes have never been higher! So, first watch the third Harry...


Episode 158: The Mom Show

M is for the many times we’ve tried to do this show O is for how overjoyed our moms are to say hello T is for the topics we picked for them to talk about H is for how hard it was to not interrupt or shout E is for the embarrassing stories they told, to our dismay R is for our respect & love for Abby, Fraya and Renae Press play to learn more about the Baconsale boys than you probably want to!


Episode 157: Sci-Fi High School

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K, because Baconsale is doing another round of ranking high school movies. This time, however, our Final Destination is supernatural, sci-fi and horror films. But before you start to Scream, [Your Name], you should know that this isn’t a Freaky (Friday) Halloween episode. We’ve also included beloved classics like Harry Potter, Back to the Future and Encino Man, as well as box office phenomenons like the Twilight Saga and I Am Number Four. So whether...


Episode 156: TV Seasons of Love

Into every television series a peak is created: one season in all the show, a chosen one. It alone can wield the strength and skill to fully entertain Kent, Joel and the ever-coughing Jacob. Baconsale is talking TV today, and we’re picking our favorite seasons of 20 popular TV shows, including Friends, Game of Thrones, The Simpsons, Battlestar Galactica, Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, Seinfeld, Saved by the Bell, The Office and The X-Files. So dig through your couch cushions, find...


Episode 155: My Bae Michael Bay

Okay, listener, this show is your fault. You voted and have forced us do an episode where we have to defend Michael Bay, even though we may not want to. Kaboom! However, Kent and Joel brought in Dan Farnsworth, a friend of the show and a legitimate fan of movies like Transformers, The Rock, The Island, Bad Boys and even Pearl Harbor to help us stay positive and not constantly point out how this director’s movies are often nothing but car chases, CGI and explosions. Kaboom! So crank up the...


Episode 154: Baconsale-Approved Office Etiquette

Uh-oh! Looks like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays! Don’t worry, Baconsale is here to get you through the workday with our office etiquette show! Jacob, Joel and Sprinkles are ready to give the final ruling on things like cooking fish in the break room microwave, sitting on people’s desks and “private” cubicle conversations. We’ll also tackle broader topics like dating in the workplace and how work acquaintances can become real friends. In fact, the greatest weakness of this episode is...


Episode 153: PS1 I Love You

Listen in your world as we podcast in ours, because today we’re talking about the original PlayStation console. Kent and Joel have created a list of their favorite PS1 games and are going to do their best not to geek out too much—although there are times when things get emotional. Join us as we explore with Lara Croft, fly high with Spyro the Dragon and try to not get frustrated with Crash Bandicoot. What are you waiting for? Press play…station.


BaconBit: Avengers: Infinity War Review

Jacob is hanging out with Ant-Man and Hawkeye, so it’s just Joel and Kent reviewing the superhero ensemble that is Avengers: Infinity War. Kent has had his issues with Marvel movies in the past, but will his avoidance of spoilers increase his enjoyment of this one? And will Joel simply be wowed by the sheer scale of this culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Don’t worry, the first 15 minutes of this review is completely spoiler-free. Thanos demands you press play!


Episode 152: With Great Power Comes Great Immaturity

Tier on! If you were suddenly given a superpower, what would you do with it? In this episode, Baconsale is tiering some of the most famous superpowers from movies, TV and comic books. And as we rank such powers as teleportation, flight, shape-shifting and super breath, we learn that Joel is a scaredy cat, and Kent would turn into a supervillain even with a tier 3 ability. Feel that? That’s us using telekinesis to get you to press that play button.


Episode 151: The Baconsale Necessities

Let’s get down to business! It’s time for Baconsale to talk about (and sing about) Disney music. For this episode, we have created a list of categories such as best villain song, most irritating song, saddest song and song that is better than the movie. After some reflection, Kent and Joel must go the distance and pick a winner for each one. Meanwhile, Jacob must be feeling the love tonight because he is very generous with his point giving. Want to play along? Be our guest! Press play and...


BaconBit: Team Listener vs. Team JK

The war ain’t over yet! After battling among themselves, Sam, Spencer and newly crowned Listener Adrienne are now ready to take on Joel and Kent. Jacob has created a quiz that will test the pop culture knowledge (and the patience) of everyone in the room, but there can only be one winner. And with Taco Bell gift cards on the line, the stakes have literally never been higher! Press play to hear the final boss battle on our anniversary show of Baconsale!


Episode 150: Our 150th Episode!

Okay, listener, it’s time to crown the new Listener! We’re celebrating our 150th episode by bringing on three highly competitive contestants (Sam, Adrienne & Spencer) and having them duke it out in a battle of trivial pop culture facts and random Baconsale trivia. Sam has held the title for the last year, but will he be able to survive 10 rounds of questions created by Jacob, the Reverse Listener (praise shim!), Joel and Kent? Listen and play along as we discuss Star Wars, band names, My...


Episode 149: We Need to Talk About Kevin

We’ve given Kate Beckinsale (Bacon number of 2) a lot of love on our show, but now it’s time for us to give our podcast’s other namesake, Kevin Bacon, time to shine. Kent and Joel (Bacon number of 3) are each going to talk about their least favorite Kevin Bacon movies. Then they’re going to combine their powers and give you a list of Baconsale-approved Bacon films. Plus, as an added bonus, we even play a game of Baconsale live on this episode. Stop your Tremors! Cut Footloose and press...


Episode 147: Tournament of 80s New Wave Bands

We Just Can’t Get Enough of these March-Madness-style music brackets, so Baconsale is going to Talk Talk and use our Weird Science to determine which 1980s new wave band is the best. Don’t Get Me Wrong, you may say it’s a Cruel Summer when your favorite bands are eliminated, but don’t Panic, it’s a Good Thing. As for declaring an ultimate winner. we Save It For Later because we only make it through the first round in this episode. But which artists will still be Alive and Kicking at the...


BaconBit: Tomb Raider Review

Video game adaptations don’t have a good track record, but can this latest Tomb Raider film break the stereotype? Kent and Joel saw it, and they’re ready to give their review. Well, Joel would like to give his review. Kent just wants to talk about his crush on the pixels that made up Lara Croft in the 90s . . . and his current crush on Alicia Vikander. Press play to see if Warner Bros. Pictures has finally uncovered the secret to a good video game movie. And don’t worry, the first half...


Episode 146: Lord of the Fries

Would you like fries with that? We don’t. At least, not for a while, because for this episode we have eaten crinkle-cut, curly, shoestring and waffle fries from 22 different fast food restaurants, including McDonald’s, In-N-Out Burger, Arby’s and Chick-fil-A. Then we created a French fry matrix to scientifically compare each deep-fried & salted potato side, and are now ready to present to you our official Baconsale rankings. Press play to hear how Jacob tried to sabotage our scoring, what...


BaconBit: A Wrinkle in Time Review

What? Two BaconBit episodes in one week? We must love you, listener. OR…Kent and Joel really, really wanted to talk about the new A Wrinkle in Time movie. But why? Did they feel like it was a beautiful adaptation of a beloved novel finally brought to the silver screen? Or did they find this film to be a huge mess of color, CGI and close-ups that is doomed to fail? Only Giant Space Oprah knows for sure. Press play to tesser to the world of Baconsale!


BaconBit: And the 2018 Oscar Winners Are…

Now that the 90th Academy Awards are over and done with, it’s time for Kent and Joel to compare their answers and see who got the most right and who wins the coveted Caveman Burger. But wait! What’s this? Jacob has submitted answers as well? And he had over a week and a half longer than the other two to prepare his ballot? Hmmmm, that seems a little shady… Press play to hear us discuss the lowest-rated Oscars in broadcast history!