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Talking with Accomplish Photographer, Artist, and Entrepreneur Monica Rodriguez

In this new edition, I talk to a fantastic woman who is doing it all from making art to baking cupcakes, Monica Rodriguez. She is the original founder of The Skinny Piggy Bakery in Little Italy on Taylor Street, a spectacular photographer and overall artisan. You can find her bake goods @, and some of her artwork on Instagram @monimeowmeow. Once again thank you for taking your time to listen to Bizarre Ride to X Y Z.


Talking with World Renowned Interactive Artist Miroslaw Rogala

In this edition, I talk with Dr. Miroslaw Rogala. We talk about art, life, and young artists. Miroslaw Rogala has been practicing art all his life from walking to school with an accordion, and to his breakout work with Pulso Funktory, and also collaborative works with recently minted, Venice Biennale’s Golden Lion award 2017, Carolee Schneemann, and much, much, more. You can find Miroslaw Rogala @,, and if you’re interested in purchasing his work, you can find him...


Talking with Tony Lossano

I’m Santino Santiago and I love learning about how people get involved in their career paths and what choices lead them to their path, and in most cases I always hear how strange, weird, or odd the road has taken them, and with that said, I welcome you to take a Bizarre Ride to X Y Z with me. In this first episode, I take a walk with WLS-AM executive producer, Tony Lossano, of Sirott and Murciano, and he is also the creator of the legendary local TV show The Big Fat Nude Hippo. We talk about...