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Bookishly Lit is combining our two favorite “B” words, books and booze, for 60 minutes of entertaining and insightful debauchery. Join The Boozy Bookworm as she hosts guests from the bookish and alcoholish worlds, and forces them to partake in her shenanigans in the pursuit of inebriated enlightenment! Powered by Read More Media.


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Bookishly Lit is combining our two favorite “B” words, books and booze, for 60 minutes of entertaining and insightful debauchery. Join The Boozy Bookworm as she hosts guests from the bookish and alcoholish worlds, and forces them to partake in her shenanigans in the pursuit of inebriated enlightenment! Powered by Read More Media.






Merry Christmas from The Pinkerman's!



A Chance Was Certainly Taken with Ayman

The holidays are right around the corner and if you’re looking for a book you’ll instantly love… well, I bet you won’t fall in love as fast as the characters in this book! Join me and Ayman over at @aymansbooks on TikTok as we discuss the things we instantly loved, as well as the things we didn’t love so much, about Jacquelyn Middleton’s book The Certainty of Chance!


I'll Take One Brendan Please with Nicole Onyia

No, but seriously... why are book men always so perfect? If you loved Schitt's Creek on Netflix, especially Alexis Rose, and are looking for your next read, then look no further than It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey! A cute, funny, and SPICY summer read (or fall read if you're like me and are out of season) that you will absolutely love! Listen to me and Nicole of booksovertherapy on TikTok as we party it up like Piper!


So Many Books So Little Time with Jules Buonocore

2021 is coming to an end! I don't know how that happened, or where the time went, but it is without a doubt true nonetheless. It's time to hunker down and cram in as many last-minute reads as possible before this year comes to a close, but before that, listen to me and Jules of bookish_jules on Instagram talk about our 2021 favorites, our not-so-favorites, and all things bookish in this episode of Bookishly Lit!


Where Do I Get Me a Guncle? with Katie Fulton

This is a serious request for Guncle applications. Restrictions do apply and are as follows: you must be exactly like Patrick in The Guncle by Steven Rowley, you must provide me with wise yet humorous guncle rules, and you have to agree to hold this position indefinitely. Listen to me and Katie from @katieneedsabiggerbookshelf on Instagram discuss everything we loved about The Guncle!


I Love That You Hate Me with Mimi Faux

We shouldn't want the people we love to hate us, and we shouldn't want to hate the people we love, but for some reason when that's the scenario in books we all love it? I don't know, it doesn't make sense to me but also it does. I have no desire to explain that conundrum so give this episode a listen to hear what Mimi of mimi.reads.fiction on Instagram and I have to say about The Hating Game by Sally Thorne!


All For a Fricken Bridge with Ashley Whitlatch

I suppose if it’s the only way to provide for yourself and make a living I get it… but a bridge?!? Join me and the real-life Lara, Ashley of @booksaremythirdplace, as we talk about everything in The Bridge Kingdom except for the bridge! You might want a second or third drink because this week’s trigger word has us drinking!


Team She Did It or Team She Didn’t with Kenzie Catanzaro

Whether you think she did it or not, I think we can all agree that Verity by Colleen Hoover was WILD! Join me and Kenzie as we try our hand at being detectives, albeit tipsy detectives, but detectives nonetheless, and our futile attempts to solve the mysteries that are Verity! @kenzies.books


Drinking Girly Drinks And Proud Of It with Mallory O'Meara

And I mean that in the politest way possible! Whether it's tequila, whiskey, beer, bourbon, vodka... you name it, women had a part in it's making and success. Join me and author Mallory O'Meara as we talk about all things boozy and female in her book Girly Drinks. No matter what you're drinking, you don't want to miss this!


Feel Free to Get it Twisted with Ana Huang

Welcome to the stage, or microphone I suppose, Bookishly Lit’s first ever author! *Queue the confetti* Author Ana Huang (@authoranahuang) joins me in this episode to talk about her books, Twisted Love and Twisted Games- the first two books in her Twisted series. If you’re a fan of the “brother’s best friend” or the “I shouldn’t love him but I do” tropes then give these books a read-through ASAP!


It’s Not a Joke Anymore with Sarah Beckner and Alyssa Ford

This series started for us the way I suspect it did for many of you at home; as a joke! But now, almost all the way through all 20 books (excluding the novellas) and I CAN’T STOP!!! Big, blue, Alien smut… ha ha ha so funny! Anyway, Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon is the name, and reading about sexy aliens is the game! And now I need therapy.


I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying! with Angie Cox

Give a huge bookish and boozy welcome to Angie Cox who has once again graced us with her presence here on Bookishly Lit, and grab your tissues because we’re getting hella emotional! We’re talking about the podcast’s first ever fanfic, Manacled by SenLinYu. If you’ve ever shipped Draco and Hermione… this episode is for you! @thebiglittlelibrary


The More The Merrier

Is it hot in here or is it hot in here? The Boozy Bookworm welcomes back Bri Gonyou for the spiciest episode yet! To conclude season one of Bookishly Lit, Amanda and Bri are taking on the Madison Kate series by Tate James! Anyone else craving a hot dog?


A Touch of Alcohol and Godliness

Okay so maybe it's more than a touch of alcohol, but it's Friday so it's fine! This week, the Boozy Bookworm has not just one, but TWO guests! Sarah Beckner and Alyssa Ford are the hosts of the podcast Everything But The Book, and together with Amanda, they're getting bookish and boozy! Listen in to find out their thoughts on A Touch of Darkness by Scarlett St. Clair!


The Not-So-Silent Couple with Matthew Pinkerman

Murder is in the air this week on Bookishly Lit, but so is love! And those are two things that perhaps don't typically go together, but this week's book is the murder mystery by Alex Michaelides, The Silent Patient featuring the Boozy Bookworm's fiance, Matthew Pinkerman! Was it a forced guest appearance? Perhaps! Has he read the book? No, so buckle up and prepare for a very interesting episode!


When In France, Am I Right?

The Boozy Bookworm is getting French and spicy! Well at a bare minimum she’s getting spicy! Listen to Amanda and TikTok’s @meghansbooks, Meghan talks about Christina Lauren’s book Sweet Filthy Boy! We’ll let you determine who brings the sweet, and who brings the filthy this week!


Deals With the Devil... or the Boozy Bookworm

What would you do with forever? The Boozy Bookworm would read and drink until her heart's content, or until her liver fails... one or the other! Join her and Susanne Watson, the wonderful and talented woman behind @bookrecs_by_suse, as they discuss The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue and then some!


Throne of Intoxication

This week the Boozy Bookworm is joined by the lovely Cacie Anderson who is the owner and creator of Plot Twist Wicks! Her bookish candles bring the smells of some of your favorite fictional characters and places to life, including some of the characters in the incredible Throne of Glass series! As it just so happens, that's exactly the series we're boozily talking about! @plottwistwicks


A Court of Shenanagains

The Boozy Bookworm and Angie Cox, owner of the thebiglittlelibrary on TikTok, tackle the series taking TikTok by storm: A Court of Thorns and Roses. But they’re not talking about the books over some tea and biscuits. No, they’re getting boozy and they’re getting SPICY, as they cover all of the bases, including the home runs we all wish we could have.


Twihard: It Wasn’t A Phase with @booksdanireads

This week the Boozy Bookworm and her special guest Dani of @booksdanireads from TikTok are taking it back to the classics! Yes, Twilight is a classic, no that is not up for debate! Listen in for the conversation that they've been holding in for years now, as they revisit their Twihard phases in A LOT of detail!