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Get stuck off the realness as Sumit and Chris break down the important issues in Hip Hop music, culture and politics. From high-brow deep dives to low-end theories, expect clinical analysis and subjective perspectives from these two Rap Scientists. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


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Get stuck off the realness as Sumit and Chris break down the important issues in Hip Hop music, culture and politics. From high-brow deep dives to low-end theories, expect clinical analysis and subjective perspectives from these two Rap Scientists. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.




The MOWO (Music of White Origin) Awards

People love to say “I don’t see colour”. Yeah, right. But when it comes to music, it’s true for us. When the music bangs, it bangs. Don’t fight the feeling. We're Hip Hop heads, but we're music lovers first. This week’s episode is a fun conversation about some of our favourite songs by White artists. Some of our Caucasian brothers have been trained in the ancient art of The Funk™️, and we are here to recognise their rightful places in barbershop legend and cookout folklore. Welcome to The...


Reuben Vincent

In his first ever UK interview, we linked up with the future legend, Reuben Vincent, to talk about the making of his new album, 'Love Is War', advice he received from Terrace Martin (a reeeaaaallll music man), rolling deep with Young Guru and lots more. Thank you to Young Guru for the assist. Connect with Breaking Atoms Instagram: Facebook: Follow Sumit Instagram:...


House Shoes

We stay in touch with the streets, and the streets said, "we want House Shoes on the podcast". So we made it happen. We linked up with the man to talk about his life, career, and everything in between. We go back to the early scene in Detroit, making his debut solo album, Let It Go, the importance of record stores in the community, and, as always, you can expect some good old-fashioned Rap nerd talk. Known for his outspokenness online and in real life, House Shoes pulls no punches regarding...


Justin Tinsley

Before we took our hiatus, we spoke to Writer Justin Tinsley, who had just released his book, It Was All A Dream. The book about the life of the late great Notorious B.I.G. was published in time for his 50th birthday. Brian Nolan from Motown Records calls it "a must-read for any hip-hop fan who seeks to understand the journey of one of the most important artists of the twentieth century. There are a number of important, never-been-told-before stories that Justin Tinsley deftly weaves...


Sean Kantrowitz (The Questions Hip Hop)

We caught up with our guy Sean Kantrowitz to celebrate the release of his brand new board game, The Questions Hip Hop. Sean breaks down how he's expanded his brand, the level of planning that goes into putting a project like it together, and we even play a round live on air. Pick up your copy of The Questions here: Follow Sumit Instagram: Twitter: Follow Chris Instagram:...


Matthew "M-Eighty" Markoff

We told you we were back, and we meant it. So let's continue... this week's guest is A & R extraordinaire, M-Eighty. If you don't know who he is, then you were never inside the house reading those liner notes, and you should have your Hip Hop card revoked or defaced at the very least. You can see M-Eighty's name in the credits of some of the biggest and best indie Hip Hop records post-2000, and we talked to him about putting albums together and more. M-Eighty gave us his thoughts on a new...


We Like You, But We Don't Like You

We're back! The kings have returned with the newest edition of what you've been missing! Shout out to Low Budget Crew. We originally wanted to take six weeks off but ended up taking six months off. No beef. No tension. Just some well-earned rest and a chance to handle some life admin. For our return episode, we talk more about what we were doing during our hiatus, why we like and don't like other podcasters and the status of our narrative podcast series on The War Report by Capone-N-Noreaga....


Breaking Atoms Classic: Mic Geronimo

In the first of our 'Classic' series, we revisit our September 2020 interview with Mic Geronimo. The Masta I.C. revisits the making of his first album, 'The Natural', nearly signing to Loud Records, working with Jay-Z and DMX and much more! We're taking a few weeks off, so look out for more classic episodes coming soon! Follow Sumit Instagram: Twitter: Follow Chris Instagram:...


Dylan Green

We're back with a familiar face and voice. Dylan Green is a serious writer and friend of the show. He featured heavily in our series on The Blueprint, and we really wanted to learn more about him, his passions and what makes him tick. We got into music (obviously), but we also chopped it up about films, Mario Kart and more. Follow Sumit Instagram: Twitter: Follow Chris Instagram:...


Premium Pete

Either the pandemic is over, or Jesus is coming back, or both. We recorded our first episode together live in the flesh for the first time in 3 years! Only someone who is a descendant of official tissue can pull a power move like this. We sat down with Premium Pete to talk about his early life in New York, his time on The Combat Jack Show, the genius of Just Blaze, the importance of Hip Hop in Corporate America, and his favourite characters from The Sopranos and more! RIP DJ Kay Slay. We...


K-Nite 13

Another friend of the show pulls up to share his story and promote his wares. K-Nite 13 is one of the most talented people we know. With the beats, with the rhymes, he's always on point! We spoke to him about the latest instalment of his 'Nitefall' instrumental series, the influence of Calypso in his life and household, working with Your Old Droog and his relationship with Homeboy Sandman. You can buy 'Nitefall Vol. 5' here: Follow...


K-Nite 13: Nitefall



The Kathy Iandoli Fan Appreciation Society

Today, we pay homage to a fantastic writer, great mind and friend of the show. We rolled out the red carpet for none other than Kathy Iandoli. Kathy's work in the culture and heart for helping people makes her a real one in a world of fakery and posturing. We wanted to show love while she's still living in the flesh and let her know she gets props over here. Expect a fun chat, candid insight, silly jokes and heartfelt gratitude. Thank you, Kathy, for all you do and for being...


The Lost Tapes: Phife Dawg

Originally recorded for Black Sheep Magazine in 2010. To celebrate the release of Phife's new album, 'Forever', Chris unearths this interview with the Five Foot Assassin from his headline London show at the Jazz Cafe back in 2010. Phife speaks on the legacy of A Tribe Called Quest, his solo work, managing his Diabetes, healthcare and much more. RIP Phife. Follow Sumit Instagram: Twitter:...


The Kathy Iandoli Fan Appreciation Society

Today, we pay homage to a friend of the show, amazing writer, great mind and friend of the show. Thank you Kathy! Follow Sumit Instagram: Twitter: Follow Chris Instagram: Twitter: Connect with Breaking Atoms Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:...



We've wanted to speak to Buckwild for a long time. His name often comes up in our Rap Nerd conversations, and the legacy of D.I.T.C. is something that fans or critics cannot quantify. Buck graciously spared some of his time to go through his career and life highlights. As expected, we talked about his classic work on 'Word... Life' and 'Jewelz' by O.C., 'Nineteen Ninety Now' by Celph Titled, 'Life Story' by Black Rob, 'Between A Rock & A Hard Place' by Artifacts, his 'Diggin In The Crates'...


Shortee Blitz

They say that time flies when you’re having fun. This week’s episode was originally recorded 18 months ago. We had some technical difficulties. Local files got corrupted and whatnot, but this episode was so nice, we edited it twice, and here we are. Our guest is a friend of the show and a living legend in our culture. Shortee Blitz is one of the best DJs ever. His list of hits and accolades are longer than the Hammersmith and City line. He’s rocked stages with HOF'ers, including De La Soul...


Genesis Elijah

We're keeping the love local this week, and we're joined by one of the hardest working emcees on Planet Earth. Genesis Elijah pulls up, sits down and gets real about the highs and lows of the independent grustle (grind and hustle), working with the MOBOs, playing Basketball and more. In true emcee fashion, he asserts his position as one of the best on the mic device. Follow Sumit Instagram: Twitter:...


Da Flyy Hooligan

We travel to North West London to break bread and reason with Da Flyy Hooligan. Hooli is a friend of the show and a friend in real life. This conversation has been years in the making, and we made it count. We talked about his new project Ben Kingsley, his blood connection with Micall Parknsun, soap operas and more! Follow Sumit Instagram: Twitter: Follow Chris Instagram:...


Arusa Qureshi

Ladies first - from now until forever. We're honoured to be joined by Scotland's very own, Arusa Qureshi, Author of the amazing new book, 'Flip The Script: How Women Came To Rule Rap'. Arusa shares her Hip Hop come up story, putting the book together, the Scottish Hip Hop scene and the importance of women in Hip Hop, past, present and future. Follow Sumit Instagram: Twitter: Follow Chris Instagram:...