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Podcasting from the steam tunnels deep beneath the soft white underbelly of Raleigh, North Carolina, K. Ryan Parker & Reid Pegram bring you the latest on Comedy, Punk, Games & Books. New episodes are available on the first Wednesday of every month. Contact CPGB at cpgbpodcast@gmail.com. Follow CPGB on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @cpgbpodcast Available on Radio.com, Apple Podcast, Google Play, Spotify, TuneIn, Stitcher, Podchaser & Blubrry.


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Podcasting from the steam tunnels deep beneath the soft white underbelly of Raleigh, North Carolina, K. Ryan Parker & Reid Pegram bring you the latest on Comedy, Punk, Games & Books. New episodes are available on the first Wednesday of every month. Contact CPGB at cpgbpodcast@gmail.com. Follow CPGB on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @cpgbpodcast Available on Radio.com, Apple Podcast, Google Play, Spotify, TuneIn, Stitcher, Podchaser & Blubrry.




Dispatch from Atlanta (CPGB-036)

With Reid's boots firmly planted in Georgia clay, he gives us an update on what it's like to be the new comic in town, plus he gives us a rundown of all the hot comedy clubs in ATL and he spends some time reliving the feel good energy at the Obituary show


2021 in the Rear-View Mirror (CPGB-035)

It's been over a year since Reid and Ryan sat down and recorded a podcast, and these are the results. Reid is heading to a new adventure in the even deeper south, Ryan visits a farewell tour at PNC Arena and the triumphant return of Magic: The Gathering Card or Metal band.


Hiatus (CPGB-034)

CPGB is going on vacation. We are taking a much needed rest and you should, too!


Riverdale Book Club, PS5 Debacle, Red Arkade, Rooftop Comedy (CPGB-033)

Taking a deep dive on an old comic, we look at "Archie" in a new segment called "Riverdale High Book Club", Sony drops the ball on its PlayStation 5 pre-orders, more hot Afro-punk from "Fuck You Pay Us" and "Red Arkade", plus Reid gets back in the comedy saddle with a rooftop show in Chapel Hill.


Forever has Fallen - Interview with Kimon Lycos (CPGB-032)

An exclusive interview with Kimon Lycos Founder and CEO of "Forever has Fallen" an innovative new multimedia gaming experience that utilizes, podcasts, social media and a dedicated website to bring players into the mysterious world of Forever Social. Find out how you can become a bounty hunter and start tracking down an assassin. Plus reading recommendations you should have on your night stand and another you can throw directly into the trash, and the campaign to #SaveOurStages.


Guilty Pleasures, Pleasure Venom, Farkle and Theros (CPGB-031)

Episode 31 is LIVE! In this episode, punk band reviews of Pleasure Venom, Five Three Eyes, and Meet Me At The Altar. We list off our guilty pleasures, including Ryan's fascination with Gilmore Girls, and Reid's Respect for Juggalos, and Reid returns to the stage at Goodnights Comedy Club.


Support Your Local Afro-punk Scene (CPGB-030)

Growing up in the south, Reid and Ryan have a discussion about race in small rural towns, and how African Americans and black artists influenced their sense of humor, the music they love, the games they play and the books they read.


Blackout (CPGB-029)

In memory of George Floyd.


Covidiots Attack, UFOs Confirmed, GWAR's PSA, & Ryan's Never-Ending Reading List (CPGB-028)

UFOs are confirmed by the Pentagon (how is that not front page news?), GWAR issues a Public Service Announcement on disinfectants, why video games should be social first and a game second, stand up comedy gets comfortable online, Ryan's Never-ending Reading List, and what do you do when covidiots start protesting in your town?


COVID Pandemic Gouging & Books (CPGB-027)

Joining me LIVE from an undisclosed location, Reid Pegram is back (sort of), as we discuss how we are going to survive this crazy dystopian nightmare. In this episode how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected the stand up comedy scene, touring musicians, video and tabletop games, and the publishing industry.


David Price Lead Singer of "Eldritch Horror" - Special Guest Host (CPGB-026)

Our special guest host this month is David Price, the founder and lead singer for the Raleigh-based death metal band "Eldritch Horror" and General Manager of Game Theory tabletop gaming store. We discuss the origins of Eldritch Horror, how the metal scene has changed, why he quit smoking for his band's sake, how Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: the Gathering changed the landscape of game stores everywhere, Dave's immense collection of old school D&D books, coming to terms with the racism of H.P. Lovecraft and Dave takes on everyone's favorite quiz show "Magic: The Gathering or Metal Band."


Superbowl Chili, The Great Cover Up, Pinball Museum, Farewell Reed Mullin (CPGB-025)

In this episode Reid forgets to dip his pizza in Superbowl Chili, Jenna drinks all of Ryan's Crown Royal, melting faces at a metal show from the inside, pro tips on producing comedy shows with solutions that involve cats, Reid's stand up show without a microphone, the 20th annual Great Cover Up in Raleigh, secret video of Ryan singing Heart, Reid's visit to the pinball museum in Asheville, Evil Hat’s Fate of Cthulu draws praise and ire, Reid visits three comic book stores on his way home, and fond farewell to comedy giant Terry Jones and Corrosion of Conformity's Reed Mullin.


Happy New Year, KIFFMAS, Witcher, Tom King's Batman (CPGB-024)

Happy new year from Ryan and Reid! This month we discuss cutting down trees, flaming swords and breaking toilet seats for Christmas, plus a look ahead at some of the most anticipated movies and punk festivals for 2020.


Mitch Gerads, Horror Roast, Slayer Farewell, & Dreamblood (CPGB-023)

Reid gets engaged (finally) and interviews one of his favorite comic artists Mitch Gerard, plus more love for the books of NK Jemisin, plus Reid reports from the Altercation Comedy Festival in Austin, Texas and the Soda City Comedy Festival in Columbia, South Carolina, and what do Slayer and a dead grandmother have in common? The answers to these questions and much more in episode 23 of CPGB.


Best of Greatest Hits Solid Gold Vol 1 (CPGB-022)

A departure from our regularly scheduled show, we offer up an abbreviated podcast that contains a few gems from our earlier episodes. This is volume one of our "Best of Greatest Hits Solid Gold". This month we revisit an interview with the manager of "Goodnights Comedy Club" in Raleigh, NC, Brandy Brown, plus Reid tells us about the time he was mistaken for a prostitute, and relive the excitement of our first ever "Magic: The Gathering Card or Metal Band" quiz game.


Reunions, UFOs & Blink 182, Playstation Woes, Broken Earth (CPGB-021)

Summer is still hanging around (and so are we!) In this episode of CPGB, we examine one of the most punk things that has happened in a long while, a co-founding member of Blink 182 proves that UFOs are REAL, plus Reid bombs spectacularly in front the High School Reunion of 1979 and it couldn't be funnier. Ryan shares his obsession for N.K. Jemisin's Hugo Award winning trilogy The Broken Earth and we say a fond farewell to Ric Ocasek.


GalaxyCon Raleigh Part 2 & IndyCon (CPGB-020)

Interviews from GalaxyCon Raleigh with actor Brian O'Halloran, New York Times Best Selling Author Tim Seeley, and the co-creator of Spider-Gwen Robbi Rodriguez. Hear adventures from Reid and his comedy troupe Attention Horse as they travel from North Carolina to Indiana Comic Convention. Plus Reid gets an interview with comic book cover artist Glenn Fabry from the floor of the convention.


Live from GalaxyCon Raleigh (CPGB-019)

A very special episode recorded LIVE at GalaxyCon Raleigh, July 26, 2019 on the Comedy Stage. In this episode we discuss the intimidation of obscure cosplay, growing up nerdy in small towns, a geriatric royal rumble, and audience members go head-to-head with Reid Pegram in "Magic: The Gathering Card or Metal Band?". Also check out our CPGB Spotify playlist for some of our favorite sounds and songs. THANKS TO GALAXYCON RALEIGH AND EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT TO SEE US!


NC's Funniest, The Blind Tiger, E3 vs Origins, New X-Men (CPGB-018)

Reid is "one-and-done" with the North Carolina's Funniest Comedian competition (and he's NOT bitter). A Greensboro punk venue comes under fire for booking a controversial music act. The big announcements from E3, the video game conference and the award winners from the Origins Tabletop Game Fair. DC discontinues several of its popular lines and Marvel announces new X-men characters coming to its universe.


Conan Lawsuit, Yob & Garbage, Game Tariffs, Free Comic Book Day (CPGB-017)

Conan O'brien and his writing team are accused of joke stealing and settle a major lawsuit out-of-court. Reid takes us on a trip to Wilmington, NC where he tells jokes to strangers at the Cape Fear Comedy Festival. A tale of two live shows, Ryan gives us a front row perspective on Yob and Garbage and the guys praise the coming of Mac Sabbath. Plus, tariffs encroach into the tabletop gaming world and the big news in comics: writer Tom King is leaving the Batman series. What else could we pack into this show? How about reports from Free Comic Book Day, everyone's favorite quiz show, Magic the Gathering Card or Metal Band and a fond farewell to Tim Conway and Roky Erickson