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A fun, weekly take on Canadian news from journalistic comedians.

A fun, weekly take on Canadian news from journalistic comedians.
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A fun, weekly take on Canadian news from journalistic comedians.




LNG and Nestle

Don't approve an oil pipeline within ear shot of Brad! Oh boy, here we go!….plus we can't help but comment on the first presidential debate.


Wake Me Up When September Ends

September ends with a bang as science and tech explode in our pants AND our hearts.


Marijuana Poll

Jeff and Brad are back from another unannounced summer hiatus! We may not be reporting the news in real time but we're commenting on it and recording it, so that's even better!

Pokemon Go and WhatLivesMatter ?

Sorry for the long episode but you'll understand why when it's done. Anyway, Jeff and Brad do the usual commentary on this week's new stories including Pokemon GO and then a debate breaks out over AllLivesMatter vs. BlackLivesMatter, accounting for the double-sized episode. Soooo….enjoy!

Halfway Through the Year, or is it?

Jeff and Brad mark the halfway point of the year by wondering if June really IS the halfway point of the year. News topics from Canada and around the world get reviewed and skewed weekly on CaNews!

2 Days After Brad's Mom's Birthday

Jeff and Brad report on this week's news from around Canada and the globe. STI's are up and Prince Edward Island is adorable.

Elbowgate and Apologies

Join Jeff and Brad again for commentary on this week's latest news stories and events from Canada and around the world!

Canada Standing Strong!

We can't make the Fort Mac fires funny but we can find humour elsewhere! Sorry for the low tech episode but my editing software isn't letting me edit so I'll just be happy if this episode appears online!

Cold FX Season is Here!

Prepare to learn how petty the FBI are, whether or not Cold FX really works and learn how Disney supports the gay community to make political change!

Clinton V Sanders: Dawn of Justice

CaNews is back with a few debates of our own! Jeff and Brad return with news on Canadian Trudeau politics, American Trump politics and how AI will soon destroy us all!

Post Paris Social Implosion

We recorded our first episode of "season 2" the day before the Paris attacks so now we comment on it here. Comedy gold….? Nope. You also won't be able to wait until next episode as Brad makes a promise of a new segment starting next week! Get on board, now, people!

The Return of CaNews … Again

After our longest hiatus yet, we're back with some mostly Canadian news! Jeff Penner and Brad Rossington go over the most-discussed and possibly-overlooked stories of the past week. Although we've had 6 months off, don't expect a full update because we are nowhere near that organized!

Nickelback Pros and Cons, oh, and News

Canada and Australia love Nickelback and also hate them. Find out why, from our non-scientific personal opinions! Plus for realz news, too! Science rears it's ugly head to figure out why animals are dying by the thousands. Also, Nickelback!

California, Has Oil, No Water

Let's chat about how companie's don't know how social media works, then discuss California's oil spill and water problems!

It's a Fat Fat Fat Fat World

Join Brad and Jeff as they battle obesity, the UK government, gang wars and more! Canadian news stories make an appearance, too, don't worry. Thanks to Alberta's vote last week for the NDP. Also, kudos to the pizza hut app for it's live-saving abilities!

Sports, Politics, Science and Poop!

This week Jeff and Brad cover science, politics, emoji's, sports, piracy and the Canadian budget! Also, a cute and fluffy story that literally takes the darkest turn imaginable. Download now if you want to hear: Vancouver Canucks hockey stats in 3 seconds. The new balanced budget of Canada made exciting! Why Canada is the dirtiest texting country in the world!

Don't Steal Game of Thrones

Whether we're stealing the latest Game of Thrones leaks or playing Survivor on Reddit, the internet has us by the balls! Why are Reddit users at eachother's throats? Who leaked HBO's hottest show? Oh, internet. This week, we report on Canadian senator Mike Duffy and his love of Barbara Bush plus some Canadian parenting tips from free-range parents. Plus, some fun facts about plants! No, seriously. It's FUN.

Rihanna, Kanye, Madonna: Together At Last!

Happy long weekend! Get the scoop on "Tidal", the new music streaming service that combines Rihanna, Kanye West and Madonna as business partners. Learn how to make money scamming big corporations and the reason Future Shop is closing! Using the best in Canadian technology, we have a technical issue halfway through but we recover miraculously! You'll never even know it happened! ... That is a false statement and I'm sorry I wrote it.

Vancouver Transit Debate/War

Check out Brad's interviews with members of Vancouver, do they know what they will vote, if they will vote or even that there is a vote going on? What is a plebicite, anyway?? Will we vote Yes, No, Oui or Non!? Money talks, sports retirements walks....and stuff. Hear more about Steve Nash and more Canadian news every week!

Crowd Funded Anti Fat Shaming

Jeff and Brad are mellowed this week by a mixture of baths and heavy medication. Time to record a podcast, right?! Check out the latest craziness in mostly Canadian News.