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A Very Special Crossover Episode

Yes indeed! It is a very special crossover episode of 1978’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Go back to a gentler time with Heidi Bennett, Harper W. Harris (of The Thing Minute), and Molly Bailen as they discuss peak Donald Sutherland and dissect Invasion. Have a awesome summer folks – beware of extra-terrestrial flowers and … Continue reading "A Very Special Crossover Episode"


Minute 90 – I Wanna Bleep You Like An Animal

It’s the final episode! Molly & Heidi say farewell to Dana & Marty and discuss Nine Inch Nails, Miniature Trees, Production Babies and more. Thank you to all our amazing guests and listeners. Stay subscribed for upcoming Special Episodes! Heidi’s new podcast will launch this summer. Follow her on Twitter & Instagram or sign up … Continue reading "Minute 90 – I Wanna Bleep You Like An Animal"


Minute 89 – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Joint

Dana and Marty share a joint, an apology, and get right with letting go of humanity. Interview with Kristen Connolly about Cabin in the Woods


Minute 88 – Going Away

Heidi and Molly chat about Kristen Connolly trivia and the acting direction Kristen and Fran received for minute 88.


Minute 87 – Here Comes Patience

Ben Walker-Storey and Heidi finish out the week with a conversation about how we watch movies, how to stay focused on our creative projects and most of all how to find Cheap Chills! Ben Recommends: Hoopla Heidi Recommends: I Was There Too Check out Ben’s Podcast at: Cheap Chills Fan Club


Minute 86 – When In Doubt, Moonwalk Out

Ben Walker-Storey is back and he and Heidi discuss a young man’s desire to be a hero and the difference between retro and vintage. Find Ben’s podcast at: Cheap Chills Fan Club


Minute 85 – What, Me Virgin?

Heidi and special guest co-host Ben Walker – Storey of the Cheap Chills Show Podcast get up close and personal about work-place romance! Check out Ben’s podcast, t-shirt designs and campy b-movie trailers at: Cheap Chills Fan Club


Minute 84 – Youth Dew

Heidi and Molly chat about Sigourney Weaver being a bad ass, the artistic renderings of the carved relief slabs, and revisit good ol’ Commander William Riker. Are you on the Gabbin in the Woods Facebook group? Have a Friday recommendation for us? If you need some dirty heartwarming Christmas fun, check out Molly’s Friday recommendation … Continue reading "Minute 84 – Youth Dew"


Minute 83 – Stone Crackles

It’s an ancient ritual! We’re the reliefs! Dana’s ahead of Marty for once. We get ancient sounds and weird stirrings below as Dana and Marty continue to explore the carved rock relief site. Plus, we shout out some of our Movies by Minutes bretheren. Movies by Minutes


Minute 82 – Farewell Sitterson

Molly & Heidi discuss a rather biblical moment in our big monster movie. We say goodbye to Sitterson and hello to the chamber below. Find more “Minute Movie” Podcasts at:


Minute 81 – It’s All Fish Down There

Jonathan Howell is back for a very special Merman Minute! The crew talk about how minute 81 is a “perfect” minute, the recent Oscar winner The Shape of Water, and that half of our control room folks get taken down by aquatic monsters. Find Jonathan at: Minute Impossible Plus, we’ve got sexy recommendations for you! … Continue reading "Minute 81 – It’s All Fish Down There"


Minute 80 – Hay Fever

The Husbands are back and we’ve made it to the Control Room, but so have the Scarecrow Folk, Giant Spider and Merman! Be careful what you wish for. Check out curated vintage finds by Brian at History Hoarder and Portland Insight Meditation Center for meditation classes and dharma talks by Gregory.


Minute 79 – Murdercorn, The Chastity Horse

Brian Bennett and Gregory Maloof join the ladies for the husband bulge episodes! Yep, that’s right – our hubbies weigh in on the unprepared staff of the underground complex, scary clowns, and unexpected werewolf feet. Check out curated vintage finds by Brian at History Hoarder and Portland Insight Meditation Center for meditation classes and dharma talks by Gregory.


Minute 78 – Scarier than a New York Rat

Steve Lastoe returns one last time to chat about a vicious dragon bat, love of Amy Acker, and securing She-Hulk as your attorney. Plus, it is Friday and we have piping hot recommendations! Stephen Baxter Books Robert A. Heinlein The Princess Bride Minute X Minutes Podcast Sarah Silverman – A Speck of Dust Dave Chapelle … Continue reading "Minute 78 – Scarier than a New York Rat"


Minute 77 – Intestine Moustache

Steve Lastoe from X-Minutes podcast returns to chat with Heidi and Molly about adorable zombies, crazy doll people, and Cabin in the Woods references to Serenity, Buffy, and Angel. X Minutes Podcast The Princess Bride Minute Podcast


Minute 76 – CGI Snakes, Dismemberment Goblins, and Killbots, Oh My!

Steve Lastoe from X Minutes Podcast and The Princess Bride Minute hops on the elevator of death this week with Heidi and Molly. The Scooby Gang “get this party started” with the first wave of newly freed creatures. The Princess Bride Minute Podcast X Minutes Podcast


Minute 75 – Purge Button Blue Balls

Thomas Howeth finishes out the week with a discussion about an insincere apology from The Director and a curiously unsecured giant red purge button. It’s Friday and we have fun recommendations for your eyeballs and ear holes! Atypical X-Minutes Podcast Voracious The Never-ending Minute Podcast


Minute 74 – Good Work Zombie Arm

Thomas Howeth joins Heidi and Molly for the great elevator escape! Show Links: IMFDB X-Minutes Podcast The Neverending Minute @TheWookieeLives


Minute 73 – Blood Snuggles

Thomas Howeth of X-Minutes Podcast joins Molly and Heidi for a lively game of “what’s in the cube?” Find Thomas at: X-Minutes Podcast The Neverending Minute @TheWookieeLives


Minute 72 – My Therapist Fornicus

Jon and Niall from Bat Minute 89 make their final appearance before disappearing in a magical puff of glittery smoke- leaving only a delicious bottle of pancake syrup behind. In this episode, the crew explore the connection between Fornicus and Hellraiser, and take a deep dive into modern horror franchises (serious and cheesy alike). Plus … Continue reading "Minute 72 – My Therapist Fornicus"