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Twitter hating, August bashing, 'druggie' shaming, extractor fanning, Uno playing, K-Pop loving, smart cars campaigning episode Six!

This sixth full length episode is brought to you by Gregory's Tree, and features the following chaos. TGFR News "It Drives Me Crazy" (Twitter parody song) A rant about Twitter Inside A Woman's Head - she rails on the month of August Weird Oven Door stuff - Drama! - features an angry Facebook rant about a 'druggie' Guess The Sound - can you identify what the f*&k this sound is? Inside A Child's Head - he's bemused by mummy's...


'Celebrity' iTunes Chart Cheats, Lady Gaga Stole Her Best Work, Inside A Man's Head During Sanitary Shopping

It's the FIFTH episode ALREADY!! During this one, there's a HUGE rant about supposedly high profile people possibly buying their way to iTunes chart 'success', with two female podcasters named and shamed for suspected manipulation. Did you realise that Lady Gaga is a massive thief? There's another Facebook post that's been re-enacted by human voices and turned into a 'Drama', and Alexa gets stuck into another listener question! Remember to review and subscribe! It REALLY makes a...


Don't Be Facebook Friends With Your Parents

This episode is sponsored by Gregory's Tree The *NATION spoke, and I've responded! This show now features more of ME, doing ME stuff. My parents are becoming a problem on social media. Also, we hear exciting news of a show that might fill the void in your life left by Love Island, we hear what's going on 'Inside A Man's Head', and we take a listen to the show's Whatsapp calls. If you want to watch the video featured in this episode, here's the link *about three people on Facebook.


Eminem Disses Boris Johnson And We Hear About The Music Collaboration Of The Summer

The THIRD full episode is here, and it features a lot of good stuff. Eminem gives the new British Prime Minister a rap beatdown, there's another bit of great advice from 'Alexa', an opportunity to learn some more street, we go Inside A Man's Head, and we're still really glad Dave has gone. What you waiting for? Download now, and listen! Sponsored by!


Excitement For The Movie Event Of The Summer, and Inside A Woman's Head

The second FULL episode is here, and it's only gone and become better than the first, innit?! There's another social media 'Drama!', 'Alexa' gets in on inappropriate coffee drinking and there's a brand new movie coming out, and we have the 'exclusive trailer'!! Also, really happy Dave's still gone.


Bonus Episode - Top 10 (Alternative Cut)

This is a special 'Bonus' 10 Top List. I had ditched it from the first full episode due to artistic differences with myself, but after a bit of mild arguing with myself, a reflective moment with myself and then some medical intervention with myself, I myself, decided myself was right, and I decided to release it as a bonus clip. I really should listen to myself more often.


When Neal Was Stalked By An Acting Legend

This one's plucked out of Veglio's Vault - a depository of audio from Neal's long and meandering radio career. Sponsored by In this episode. we're reminded of a time when Neal got Star Trek actor Sir Patrick Stewart (who's about to reprise his role in the Amazon show Star Trek: Picard) on the show as a guest, for what he thought would be a cute appearance. But things got VERY weird. *WARNING - Some Bleeped Profanity *


My Mother Wrote A Porno, and a New App Stops You Being Stupid On Twitter

The first FULL episode! Sponsored by We dramatise another social media meltdown in "Drama!", Alexa handles an issue for our listener Colin in Oxford, we hear about a brand new app which aims to stop people being stupid on social media, it seems my mother wrote a porno, and I steal a classic comedy bit. * WARNING - Some Bleeped Profanity *


Neal Veglio - Too Good For Radio - Promo 2

The 'brand new' podcast is just days away. Here's some audio which tells you absolutely nothing, and wastes seconds of your life with unnecessary hype.


Too Good For Radio - Promo Spot

Following the success of "The Mourning DJ" podcast, host Neal Veglio goes back to his roots, with a new show that is definitely Too Good For Radio. Expect fun, laughs, guests and other kinds of ridiculousness. Neal Veglio's Too Good For Radio is coming soon, to your favourite app's player!