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Marshall Stern and Nancy Howland Walker host a series of podcasts about the art of Improvisational Acting in general and Zenprov, how Zen thought relates and helps you as an actor, in particular.

Marshall Stern and Nancy Howland Walker host a series of podcasts about the art of Improvisational Acting in general and Zenprov, how Zen thought relates and helps you as an actor, in particular.
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Marshall Stern and Nancy Howland Walker host a series of podcasts about the art of Improvisational Acting in general and Zenprov, how Zen thought relates and helps you as an actor, in particular.




64. Zenprov:Diversity,Inclusiveness,Health

Inspired by a post by Lauren Morris on diversity and a comment by Ann Crippen, pointing out the need to deal with diversity issues in Improv. With our special guest Dale Smith, longtime Zenprov listener and Director of Marketing for SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando, we explore a zen approach at understanding the issue of diversity, inclusiveness and what it says about the health of our art form as well as thigh health of our individual projects.


63. Zenprov: Trumprov

With the election of Donald Trump creating a wave of strong reactions around the world politics is currently a very important and relevant subject to include in your shows. It is also a minefield that can leave people offended and angry and leave any troupe ultimately very lonely on show nights. This episode deals with using the Buddha's tests for Right Speech to ensure you are coming from a pure and loving place so that you can effectively communicate with your audience. It can also be...


62. Zenprov : Surrender

Our first post heart transplant episode talks about our experiences in the hospital and beyond with the greatest lesson we both learned from this experience. This is all about Surrender. We have talked about letting go and trusting in the past. This is light years beyond that. Surrender is an order of magnitude beyond anything we have talked about before. Enjoy!


61. Zenprov : Buddai

In September we received a request from a listener to do a short Podcast on the subject of Buddai which everyone thinks is the Buddha. You've seen the little smiling fat guy in Chinese restaurants? That's Buddai. In this short Podcast we will tell you all about Buddai and why he is so often confused with the Buddha. Chicago Improv Associates


60. Zenprov: Love

On our 60th Episode we go to the fundamental ground of everything as we discuss the role of Love in our performance and our preparation as well as our daily lives. Chicago Improv Associates


59. Zenprov: Post-V (as in Vipassana)

Back from a ten day intensive Vipassana retreat Nancy and Marshall share their experiences and insights in this somewhat extended Episode. Chicago Improv Associates


58. Zenprov: Pre-V (as in Vipassana)

In a few days Nancy and Marshall will be attending a ten day intensive silent meditation retreat known as Vipassana. Issues related to meditation and letting go are discussed in preperation for the retreat. This is the first part of a two parter, the second half of which will be recorded and uploaded after the ten day Vipassana. Chicago Improv Associates


56. Zenprov: Flowing with Change

Some of the most important concepts in Buddhism are Impermanence and Dependent Co-Arising which will be discussed in this episode in the context of the constantly changing reality of the world and how to ride the wave of change rather than getting lost in it.


55. Zenprov: The Dharma of Improv

The core of Zen Buddhist thought is the Four Noble Truths and the Noble eightfold path which get very specific about the characteristics you need to develop in yourself for a succesful life. They also happen to apply ver well to improv as well as you will find out when you listen to this episode. Chicago Improv Associates


54. Zenprov: Preparation

In this episode we discuss short term (right before the show) and long term (for rehearsals and in daily life) things you can do to prepare and improve your performance and of course, most importantly your life. We have a lot of practical exercises in this one. Chicago Improv Associates


53. Zenprov: Actor/Character

In a scene we want and audience to see only the character but the actor must be present as well if in a diminished backstage way. This balance which must be struck between the improviser, the character and the ultimate Actor is the topic of this Episode. Chicago Improv Associates


52. Zenprov: Longest Form Of Them All

In that past we have discussed short form improv and long form improv. Today we are discussing the longest form of improv there is, an Improvised Life!


51. Zenprov: YES!

As Improvisers we are taught early on that we must say yes. In this episode we explore the full implications of this word and the attitude you must cultivate to fully engage with the spirit of yes. Does this mean the word and the idea are deeper than we normally think of? YES! Chicago Improv Associates


50. Zenprov: Emotions

Last Podcast we revealed our Unified Field Theory of Zenprov which cebters around using emotion as a doorway to the Source. Since then we have taught workshops in the UK and have learned some lessons about emotions we are sharing in this podcast. This marks the beginning of an exploration into the world of Emotion looked at in a new light that will transform your performance and your life. Chicago Improv Associates


49. Zenprov: Center of Zenprov

After publishing E=MC2, Einstein spent the rest of his life in an unfulfilled search for a Unified Field Theory which could explain all tyhe physics of the ubiverse in one elegant formula. He failed but we have succeeded. In this episode we share the discovery we made about a year ago that we have been tyesting and working out ever since. Now at last we are ready to share it. How's that for a sales pitch? Seriously though this episode centers on the one essential beginning middle and end...


43.Zenprov : Failure and Space

Failure and the fear it engenders can stop us from reaching our full potential and living a joyful life. In this episode we discuss how to embrace failure as a positive thing and how just a little bit of space can make all the difference. Chicago Improv Associates


41.Zenprov : Knowing and Believing

What is the difference between knowing something and believing something? It seems like almost the same thing but the difference is all important. In this podcast we discuss the importance of knowing what you know, and not knowing what you don't know. Believing is not the same as knowing and knowing is everything. Chicago Improv Associates


39.Zenprov : Art and Craft

Sparked by ideas presented in our Yesand.Com article. we take a deeper look at the role of Art and Craft in Improv. We define Art and Craft and explain why both are necessary to creating works of genius. Chicago Improv Associates


37.Zenprov : Hospital Zen

With Marshall having had a small heart attack and facing a risky third bypass operation, we take this situation and opportunity to talk about Zen in action and how it works in practice. Even with all of that it is still connected to the art of Improv.


36.Zenprov : Bold Choices

Playing it safe will keep you from making any big goof ups but it will also keep you from brilliance. Learning to hear and trust the Source of Genuis is discussed with some practical tips at the end for how to accomplish this consistently. Chicago Improv Associates


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