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105 - Truck

I'll be honest, you're gonna love this one. Tons of truck talk. Also, stick around to the end to hear some very important phone calls! And don't forget to take our survey, the link is right on our home page:


104 - Fuzz Banjo

When you think "fuzz banjo" what comes to mind? Is it a banjo plugged in to a fuzz pedal? Incorrect. It is not. It is something far cooler. Listen to find out! Also, don't forget to take our survey! You can find the link right on the front page of our website at! Thank you, slimers. And remember... Bernie Sanders cares deeply about your cock. <3


103 - Cyclopean Pesci

What's it mean to pop one's pussy? You really wanna know? Well, listen to this show, you freak! We're also gonna tell you about each one of the Best Picture Oscar nominees' original concepts. You'll be surprised to hear they were quite different...


102 - Hard Blood: Enter the Goid

Let's have a chat about Skull & Bones & drones! We've got some great mysteries in store for you on this episode, so let's solve 'em, k?


101 - Dark Susan Rises

We're chatting about Gwyneth Paltrow's pussy candles, Air Buds, and (of course) Bigfoots! Also, The Book of 2 Chainz is back. Thank you for listening!


100 - TOOK: The Untimely Disappearance of Sexy Boy Justy Boy

Justy Boy has gone missing. Can Curtis peel back the layers of a seedy New England criminal underworld and uncover the vast conspiracy that's concealing his whereabouts? The truth will shock you...


Best Goofs! (Ep. 20 - 90)

Here are some of our favorite goofs spanning from episode 20 up to 90. Enjoy! See you next week for our extra special 100th episode!


99 - The Ufoglyist Pageant

"I got 99 episodes and this is one. Hit me." -J.Z. Olivia pays us a visit to cover a topic we're all wild about: CRYPTID SMUT!


98 - Goof Dad Begins

A wild Goof Dad appears! Listen to our first Goof Dad brainstorming session and prepare for an emotional roller coaster. The guy just cannot stop goofing... and he's a judge! Later, we take a look at some interesting Tinder profiles in a brand new edition of Tindergarten Cops!


97 - The Blueberry Enigma

Chuck Biscuits played drums for Danzig. That's just a fun fact for you folks. Also, is Kid Rock actually a misunderstood genius? Nope. He fully sucks shit. Wanna know why? Listen to our dang show! Luv u <3


96 - Shrimp Criminal

The Bible is a little out-dated, let's just face it... It's time for a reboot! Listen as we plan our own take on the "Good Book" with a hip new all-star cast! Also discussed: electric RipStiks, butt-chugging sunlight, Kid Rock, and a masturbating ghost ape. Have fun! #rebootthebible


95 - Punk Suck

Confused by the title of this here episode? We are too. Help us figure it out, please. We got Tough Guy Poetry, Pervert Proverbs, and a brand new segment called Fittin' Pipes here for you folks! Enjoy!


94 - Web to Web

We're joined once again by Warren (AKA W.C. Brigham) to discuss Valomilk candy, Twilight tote bags, idioms, and how "real" men shake hands. Then we dive into some Tindergarten Cops! What we find may shock you... but it most likely will not.


93 - The Dart Cobra in "Operation Eyeball Tattoo"

This may be the most outrageous Making a Muscle Boy this world has ever witnessed. We're talkin' snake creatures and the long-awaited return of the Neck! Also, Justy Boy presents an... interesting conspiracy theory regarding John Lennon's death. Hint: it involves Stephen King?


92 - Mo' Ghost, Mo' Problems

This week, we're doing a little experiment! We're watching and commenting on the Ghost Adventures Halloween special: "Curse of the Harrisville Farmhouse" in which Zak and the gang investigate the house that inspired that Conjuring picture. [Ghost Adventures is property of Travel Channel. Any audio excerpts presented in this podcast are used under fair use for critique/parody.]


"Smorgasbord of Orbs" by Cool Parents

Happy Heckoween everybody! Here's a track about hunting GHOST from our upcoming full-length album Who Cares?


91 - Born Nasty

The return of Mad Lips! Also some chit-chat about ghosts, mummies, demons, and deep sea lake tortoises. Real spooky stuff.


90 - Sasquatch Your Back

Folks, we have a banger on our hands here. We're talking 'squatch and Missouri's Bigfoot, Momo! We've also got some Pervert Proverbs for ya, along with a couple additions to our newest segment Butter Man. Listen for the premiere of a brand new Cool Parents track, "I Got Eaten by a Bigfoot," off our upcoming album Who Cares? Thanks for listening!


Bonus Episode: Butter Man

Here's a quick introduction to a brand new unnamed segment in which we discuss misheard song lyrics!


89 - Dr. Killdoctor & the Dark Dork Detective Dagency

It's Ghostober and we decided to punish ourselves by watching Feardotcom! This is our live commentary. Neither of us had seen it before, so we watched it with no sound and no subtitles, relying on the video portion alone to piece together a plot. The results are very spooky! Check out our sponsor at and use our promo code "PARENTS" to double your first deposit!