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Endgame of Thrones-Season Finale!

Season 02 Episode 22 "The Matrix is everywhere. It surrounds us, and penetrates us (eww) it binds the galaxy together." This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... Last episode of the season and it all falls apart within the first 3min of the show Daddy Louie turns into a Dalek, Game of Thrones deadpool recap, spoiler free Endgame thoughts, Tommy's cat Sirius Black makes a brief appearance and murders a mouse in front of the crew. We have a great discussion on body image, health, screen...


Think Outside The Dream Box

Season 02 Episode 21 "Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords are no match for a good blaster at your side." This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... We're joined by Martin and Albert, the team behind Dream Box Girl. We also talk a bit about actors vs. cosplayers, the joy that is Tropic Thunder, and, of course, the conversation turns to Star Wars. Dicks and Star Wars. That’s what we do. We also dive into our favorite and least favorite film adaptations and geek over...


The Rise of the Last Skywalker Strikes Back

Season 02 Episode 20 "The geekery runs strong in my family." This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... We get freaky with the new Star Wars trailer, nerdy birthdays, The Mandalorian, and we spend a little time in the thanus of Thanos. You definitely don't want to miss out on that. Yikes. Featuring: In Studio: Smooth Bob, General Knowledge, Mr. Devoe, Rubbecca and TommyD Discordians: Papa Wookie and Daddy Louie. If you like the podcast and would like to help it grow, consider becoming a...


Another Beautiful Day In Post-Apocalyptia

Season 02 Episode 19 "I'm your private dancer. A dancer for money. I'll do what you want me to do." This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... We go for a walk in the wasteland. But not before we get sidetracked by all kinds of other shit. Our love of Sideshow collectibles takes over, all the feelings on the Cowboy bebop casting, Love Death and Robots, and that new Joker trailer! Tommy may or may not have been ripped off by an infomercial, but it was all in the name of Star...


Board Games! Kinda. Mostly. Eventualy.

Season 2 Episode 18 "Out of the mouths of Nerds" This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... It should come as no surprise that this episode completely jumps the rails, smashes through a petting zoo, ruins a sweet sixteen birthday party, and finally crashes into an ethically run factory where well paid orphans are making adorable, plush puppies for less fortunate orphans. It’s that kind of show this week. We were supposed to dedicate the entire episode to board games today his week. Yeah,...


Did Someone Say Turtle Wax?

Season 2 Episode 17 "You've won a lifetime supply of Turtle Wax and the Cosmic Disasters Show home game!" This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... We’re talking about our favorite sci-fi tv shows. Did we miss any? Probably. We get important feedback from listeners, aaand of course we go off on a tangent about the rights of elderly strippers. This is definitely lowest common denominator entertainment. We also roll out a new game, Nerd Rage over why The Twilight Zone is the G.O.A.T., and...


Theon, Grey Worm, and Varys Walk Into a Tavern...

Season 2 Episode 16 "Human sacrifice, Dothraki and Unsullied living together – mass hysteria!" This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... It’s the Game of Thrones episode!! We’ll talking about all things Game of Thrones, but mostly we’re super excited about our draft picks for the Season 8 Survivors Deadpool! Who will live? Who will die? Who will win the Game of Thrones?! We pick our hopefuls. We also take a few shots at Scientology, geek out over Sideshow Collectibles Skeltor Statue!...


It's Only Insensitive If You're Sensitive

Season 2 Episode 15 "I am nerd. Hear me roar!" This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... In honor of International Women’s Day we’re celebrating strong, nerdy women and all of the amazingly nerdy things they do to help make our community great! We’ll be sharing our first impressions of the Captain Marvel film, Brie Larson controversy, The Top 5 Most Powerful Women in the Marvel Universe, and a little listener feedback. We’ve also got some solid news from the Nerdyverse, Geek of the...


Avatar The Last Cheesecake Bender

Season 2 Episode 14 Sponsored by Aang's Thongs. Premium undergarments made by benders, for benders. This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... It’s the Avatar Episode! Actress Dara Kamila Thomas joins us and talks about her journey to become Katara in the live action Avatar the Last Airbender Netflix series and she endures TommyD’s inability to pronounce her name correctly. We've got our Top 5 most powerful (non-Avatar) benders, dive deep into who is the better bender: Toph or Katara,...


The Night is Dark and Full of Nerds

Season 2 Episode 13- The Magnum Episode This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... We give you the full length you've been asking for! That's right...a full length episode that is usually a Patreon supporter exclusive! This week everyone gets it. "Why?" you may ask. I dunno. So if you've ever wondered what a $5 donation gets it is. We have a guest! And she was actually brave enough to join us in the Lair! Say hello to the lovely and talented Darkroast Cosplay! She's our Geek of...


Highway to the Stranger Zone

Season 2 Episode 12 This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... We’ve got company this week! The ladies from the Biracial Unicorns Podcast stop by and only have to use their safe word once! Mr. Devoe gets a little pouty, we actually get all socially conscious for a change, The Unicorns keep us grounded, shatter our over inflated egos (just a bit), and tell us about the podcast life.⁣ Inner Circle Stuff: We tackle Blerd Culture, express our thoughts and prayers for the Mars Rover, The...


My Nerdy Valentine

Season 2 Episode 11 This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... Love is in the air! Our first episode in the new location! Of course with a new location there are new challenges and our old pal Technical Difficulty stops by for a visit. The show gets off to a very strange, very awkward start. Were we prepared for this episode? Nope. Not even a little bit. But we had fun so fuck it. We welcome a potential new cast member, talk about Steak & BJ Day, and dive into some of the most tragic...


Revenge of the Virgin Nerds

Season 2 Episode 10 This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... It's the Kingdom Hearts episode!! We give a special shout out to the Nerd Vault podcast on the show is his week. We see you Nerd Vault!! We've also got our thoughts on the Birds or Prey and Netflix Witcher teasers. We learn a new word...Heronesses! Our Geeks of the Week: Critically Awkward. And we begin our deep dive into Kingdom Hearts 3!! Beware spoilers!!! Inner Circle Stuff: The Rundown of this weeks nerdiest...


It Glistens in the Moonlight

Season 2 Episode 09 "Tis the witching hour of night, Orbed is the moon and bright. Mr. Devoe's penis glistens, glistens, Seeming with bright eyes to listen- For what listen they?" ~John Keats (sort of) This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... Mr Devoe does the show nekid and talks about Legos then and now! We start the show with dick which has to be some sort of record. Superman swoops by for a surprise visit and missed double xp on call of duty just to be on our show! The crew...


No Dicks! Just kidding. All the Dicks.

Season 2 Episode 08 "If you want my Broly and you think I'm Saiyan, come on Shenron let me know." This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... We totally stay on topic and don't talk about dicks! Just kidding. We talk about dicks AND go off the rails...a lot. Radio Bitch shares an intimate personal secret, happy birthday to James Earl jones, TMNT Shadows of the Past drama, we deep dive into the Star Wars Theory Darth Vader fan film incident and the crew weighs in on it. Inner Circle...


Riding on Couches with Boys

Season 2 Episode 07 This week on Cosmic Disasters... We're going retro! The women folk are out! Leaving the men to fend for themselves with no adult supervision. We've got your headlines, a look into the Nerdyverse, your Geek of the Week, Mr. Devoe's Retro Review, and Uncle Tyler forces us to release the boreworms. Inner Circle Stuff: We run down our individual picks for retro games you need to play before you die, film franchise reboots that sucked, a little nerd rage action...


The Oddessy of Emperor Testiclese

Season 2 Episode 06 This week on Cosmic Disasters... This Week in the Nerdyverse reveals lots of celebrity birthdays and one unfortunate imperial death. Our Geek of the Week intercepted our hearts and Daddy Louie gives us the Rundown on what’s new in the world of games, collectibles and more! All that plus the usual shenanigans and shameless Patreon plugs. Inner Circle Stuff: We discuss our top 5 favorite animal companions. Oddly enough your mom didn't make anyone’s list. We also talk...


And a Happy Nerd Year

Season 2 Episode 05 This week on Cosmic Disasters... Our old pal Technically Difficulties drops by the studio to give us a kick in the soft stuff and absconded with the first 12 minutes of the show. But nothing can stop the unholy marriage of science and magic and we were able to “recover” the lost 12 minutes. Once the show gets rolling again we recap some of our favorite things from 2018, round up our Geeks of the Week and name our Geek of the Year. Inner Circle Stuff: Mr. Devoe drops...


A Very Cosmic Disaster Christmas Special!

Season 2 Episode 4 This week on Cosmic Disasters... We're coming to you uncut and uncensored! That's right, we're giving you our full length and girth for the holidays. Usually this sort of high quality content is reserved for our Patreon subscribers but 'tis the season for giving. And we're going to give it to you just the way you like it! Consider this our gift to you. Feel free to regift. We talk a little about the incredibly fun Star Wars Resistance and Aquaman and we roll out a brand...


The House of A Thousand F-Bombs

Season 2 Episode 03 This week on Cosmic Disasters... So many shenanigans. It's actually not a bad show this week. We talk about all of the magical things happening in film and television this week: Voltron Season 8, Bumblebee, Spider-Man into The Spider-Verse, and we derail on the hell did that happen? Say howdy to our Geek of the Week and get you some Gundam love. Lots and lots of Gundam love! Also, this episode marks our highest curse count to date! 6 F-Bombs and 2...