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Forever Youngling

Season 03 Episode 16 We salute 90s games and toys ....sort of. This week we go waaaay off the rails. But you know what....we had fun so to hell with structure and format. Great episode this week. One of our best? We’ll let you decide. Special celebrity guest Mr. Deacon host of The Mr. Deacon Experience joins us and doesn’t get drunk. We go over some valuable listener feedback, an update on Cancer Watch 2019, and news about our new contest sponsored by our friends at Fight in a...


On the Blood Soaked Shores of Dawson’s Creek

Season 03 Episode 15 This week on your Cosmic Disasters Show... We begin our month long salute to the 90’s with some of our favorite TV shows! WE HAVE A (mostly) LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE!! Not sure if that’s a good thing or not. We field test a couple of potential new cast members, catch up with everyone’s week, check in with Radio Bitch for a Cancer Watch update, Smooth Bob finally moves out of his mom’s basement shattering several stereotypes, and we continue our journey through innuendo,...


Disney Plus Ultra!

Season 03 Episode 14 This week on your Cosmic Disasters Show... We’re going back to school with our uhh…Back to School Episode and talk about your favorite high school heroes and why things only seem to happen to kids in anime. Special guest Mr. Deacon, host of the Mr. Deacon Experience joins us and he BRINGS BEER!! After an 11 year hiatus and a 1500 mile journey, we're also joined by the one and only DJ T-Wreka! We've got Kung Fu shenanigans, a proud salute to our Geek of the Week: The...


Death By Podcast

Season 03 Episode 13 This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... We wrap up our month long salute to the 80's. The show gets off to a rocky start, to the surprise of no one, with a bit of light racism. We catch up on everyone’s week, and welcome back one of our favorite guests The Seattle Superman Mr. Jonathan Bell! We've got your Top 5 Things you didn’t know about 80s cartoons, our 80s version of Masters of the Nerdyverse, as well as a heated nerd rage: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs....


50 Shades of Green

This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... It's the 80s Toys and Games episode (sort of) We've got a few celebrity guests this week and we talk 80’s reboots, and the evolution of cartoons! We're joined by El Zacho from Pouring Pixels , future Mandalorian and long time listener Nathan, WWII reenactor Evan aka "The Man With No Name", as well as our old friend Technical Difficulties who stops by to poke us in the eye. We've also got 5 things you didn’t know about 80’s toys and games, Geek of...


O Buffy, Where Art Thou?

This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... It's the 80s Movies episode! Radio Bitch gives us a cancer update and our very special guest Ronald Seaman aka AquaMerman shared his cancer story with us as well. But it's no all doom and gloom, promise! We dive a little too deep into Daddy Louie's honeypot but end up working out his upcoming boudoir photo set! Also, Patreon Survivors, a rousing game of Masters of the Nerdyverse, and all manner of hilarity. Later we talk about Reboots of 80's...


For the Lost and the Survivors of Dayton and El Paso

Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la - "Not gone, merely marching far away" Mandalorian phrase for the departed. This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... This week we dedicate our epsiode to Dayton and El Paso. To those lost and those left behind.⁠ We're kicking off our month long salute to the nerdiest decade ever with our 80’s TV episode!! Special guest Madpropps joins us for fun and games and the triumphant return of the Voice of the Cosmos Mr Devoe!!⁠ ⁠Shout out to the Nerdfleet and info...


The Misadventures of Torso Yoda

Season 03 Episode 09 "Quaid....use the Mars" This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... It’s the LARPing episode! Rub-ecca gets pulled over on the way to the show but not for any of the illegal stuff she was doing, and General Knowledge drives by and laughs! Radio bitch offers legal advice, news about Nerdfleet, and we announce a huge contest brought to you by CosplayZine!!! We also somehow derail on Romeo & Juliet and the Lion King!! How the hell did that happen?! We've...


Because Good Is Dumb

Season 03 Episode 08 "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die, in an easily escapable situation involving an overly elaborate and exotic death." This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... It’s the Villainy episode! Brace for impact fellow nerds! We're going to the Dark Side! Evil is good this week as we explore some of our favorite villians, play a special bad guy themed round of Masters of the Nerdyverse, and talk about our favorite wicked characters to cosplay. And of course we derail on Star...


To Boldly Go Where No Nerd Has Gone Before

Season 03 Episode 07 "Spock! There's...something on the wing. Some...thing!" This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... It's the Star Trek Episode! Special shout out to our friends Head Nerds In Charge (HNIC) and Pouring Pixels. Radio Bitch is BACK AND CANCER FREE!!!! We've got Hulk Boobs, vagina weights, how the tooth fairy REALLY makes her money, and that’s all in the first 5min of the show! We do our best to get Daddy Louie into Star Trek and then engage our warpdrive and crash land...


A Dwarf, an Elf, and a Man Walk Into a Bar...

Season 03 Episode 06 "One podcast to rule them all." This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... Our old friend Technical Difficulties took the night off!! Finally! The Circle is talking all things Lord of the Rings! Everyone is tired from the 4th of July weekend but we soldier on. TommyD discovers MagiQuest and may have mishandled his wand. Mr. Devoe drops some LotR knowledge on us like only he can, special birthday wishes to our friend Rub-Ecca as well as our Geek of the Week. Masters...


The One That Almost Wasn't (worst episode ever)

Season 03 Episode 05 Technical Difficulties Strikes Back This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... We got hit hard, in the mouth, by our old friend Technical Difficulties. I very nearly didn't post the show because the audio quality is so bad. It seems that during the recording of the show this week only my laptop picked up the audio instead of our mixing board. It was a Cosmic Disaster. Big time. But we had the #seattlesuperman Jonathan Belle and The Silver Strike joining us for trivia...


OG NukNuk: Defender of the Nerdyverse

Season 03 Episode 04 "Welcome to my underground lair" ~Wayne Campbell This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... It's the ANIME episode! The lads from Urban Ironworks join us in the Circle to try their might playing Masters of the Nerdyverse, Smooth Bob hosts. The SIlverstrike stops by to work on upgrades to his crime fighting gear…while we record, we quickly derail into Star Wars chitchat, Hardware Wars specifically, and then finally…kind of…get back on track. We also announced our first...


The Cruelty of General Knowledge

Season 03 Episode 03 "Listen! You smell something?" This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... We recap E3 and go over what we loved, what we liked, and what was kind of meh. We're also joined this week by two very special was drunk. Very drunk. We marvel at the many Johns of Keanu and ponder lost Xbox technology. The PC master race takes a hit and Mr. Devoe defends his championship on Masters of the Nerdyverse as General Knowledge rips the contestants to shreds!! We've also...


Paranormal Cock Math

Season 03 Episode 02 "Not so fast, round boy. We're gonna have some laughs." This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... We’re celebrating the paranormal in pop culture! So of course we had to invite our friends from the Cleveland Area Paranormal Society to give us a hand. We’re also joined by none other than The Silver Strike who swings by to take a break from the crime fighting and share a little bit about his life and his mission! Daddy Louie hosts Masters of the Nerdyverse this week as...


Masters of the Nerdyverse (Season 3 Premiere!!!)

Season 03 Episode 01 "The game is afoot, Watson! To the Batmobile!" This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... It's our season premiere!! And boy oh boy do we kick off season 3 with a bang! New show format, new podcast set (that you can't see yet but trust's pretty cool), new intro (that nobody liked so we changed it back), new underwear and we’ve got a brand new game!!! Game of thrones dead pool final scores The squad is deep this week!! Daddy Louie comes for a visit from the...


Endgame of Thrones-Season Finale!

Season 02 Episode 22 "The Matrix is everywhere. It surrounds us, and penetrates us (eww) it binds the galaxy together." This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... Last episode of the season and it all falls apart within the first 3min of the show Daddy Louie turns into a Dalek, Game of Thrones deadpool recap, spoiler free Endgame thoughts, Tommy's cat Sirius Black makes a brief appearance and murders a mouse in front of the crew. We have a great discussion on body image, health, screen...


Think Outside The Dream Box

Season 02 Episode 21 "Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords are no match for a good blaster at your side." This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... We're joined by Martin and Albert, the team behind Dream Box Girl. We also talk a bit about actors vs. cosplayers, the joy that is Tropic Thunder, and, of course, the conversation turns to Star Wars. Dicks and Star Wars. That’s what we do. We also dive into our favorite and least favorite film adaptations and geek over...


The Rise of the Last Skywalker Strikes Back

Season 02 Episode 20 "The geekery runs strong in my family." This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... We get freaky with the new Star Wars trailer, nerdy birthdays, The Mandalorian, and we spend a little time in the thanus of Thanos. You definitely don't want to miss out on that. Yikes. Featuring: In Studio: Smooth Bob, General Knowledge, Mr. Devoe, Rubbecca and TommyD Discordians: Papa Wookie and Daddy Louie. If you like the podcast and would like to help it grow, consider becoming a...


Another Beautiful Day In Post-Apocalyptia

Season 02 Episode 19 "I'm your private dancer. A dancer for money. I'll do what you want me to do." This week on the Cosmic Disasters Show... We go for a walk in the wasteland. But not before we get sidetracked by all kinds of other shit. Our love of Sideshow collectibles takes over, all the feelings on the Cowboy bebop casting, Love Death and Robots, and that new Joker trailer! Tommy may or may not have been ripped off by an infomercial, but it was all in the name of Star...