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Ep. 21 - Jordan Levine Presents a Chunk of Milk

I know what you’re thinking: ANOTHER milk joke? God it seems like every comedian out there is doing nothing but milk jokes. Amirite? Nevertheless Jordan is determined to put a unique spin on the genre of milk-related comedy. Meanwhile Dan is getting caught up in bathroom stall drama. Jordan Levine is a man of many talents, though as an improv artist he is currently between troupes. He discusses the development of his world-famous opening catchphrase, much to Dan’s delight. The two...


Ep. 20 - Kiragu Beauttah Teaches Comedy

Is it possible to appeal to Tyler Perry in exploring common ground between white and black people? Kiragu thinks so, although he explores different ideas for which white political leader Perry most reflects. Meanwhile, Dan is trying to add a new element to an old, well-established joke in his act. Kiragu teaches comedy to students at Frederick Douglass High School, and has some fascinating things to say about what that entails. Dan shares an email from another comic regarding a joke...


Ep. 19 - The Mike Moran Episode, with the Director’s Commentary

Mike is a music snob who won’t listen to anything past Now That’s What I Call Music 14, but what else would a person like that be snobbish about? And how do you make it funny? Mike knows there is something there, and just wants to figure out what it is. Meanwhile, Dan is looking for a good way to misdirect the audience about his new living situation. Dan has been a fan of Mike’s comedy since becoming a comic himself, and swears he once heard Mike do a joke about sequels and Mountain Dew:...


Ep. 18 - Christine Ferrera Gives Sports Teams a Better Name

How do you take a fun idea for getting rid of offensive team names in sports, and turn it into a workable bit for the stage? Christine’s joke is in its early stages of development, but it definitely seems to hold a lot of potential for good comedy. Meanwhile, Dan is still talking about hipsters. Christine talks about her pathway to comedy through the world of performance art, and chronicles a fascinating letter correspondence that she shared with Starbucks for about a decade. Dan and...


Ep. 17 - Ian Salyers Pretty Much Derails Everything

It’s the most stonerific episode yet! Ian has some ideas for jokes about Frasier and alcoholism, but oh boy does the conversation go off topic and get weird. Really, guys… this is a hard episode to describe. But it’s fun! Dan and Ian talk about local comedy competitions, and Ian doesn’t really need to pay attention to underlings like Dan now that he has been crowned the most important comedian who ever lived. Dan talks about opening for a comedy hypnotist, and he and Ian speculate about...


Ep. 16 - Your Good Driving Changed Greg K’s Life

How do you build an entire surrealist narrative out of a normal everyday bumper sticker? And what, if anything, does this have to do with Facebook friend requests? Greg wants to do something fun with a joke about taking a “how’s my driving?” truck sticker too seriously, but he’s not sure what direction to take it in. Meanwhile, Dan is working on a joke inspired by a very strange recent news story. Greg runs a monthly showcase in Mt. Vernon and, much to Dan’s delight, publicly invited Bill...


Ep. 15 - Anna Phillips Stands Up for Redheads

Is she Syracuse’s favorite Baltimore comedian, or Baltimore’s favorite Syracuse comedian? Probably both, but either way, Anna Phillips is a force to be reckoned with onstage. Dan and Anna talk about how to make a joke with a really long setup work, using Anna’s poetry joke as an example, and then Dan shares a joke he’s been working on that takes four minutes to get nowhere. Before getting to that, however, Dan shares some exciting news about Kurtis Blow, who (I must remind the listener)...


Ep. 14 - Stefen Micheal Doesn’t Want Your Positive Vibes

At what point does it become unhealthy to make yourself feel positive feelings? Stefen can’t stand “positive vibes” people, but needs to find a way to joke about them while getting the audience to side with him. He also has a joke about people who overshare, and perhaps there is a connection to be made between these two bits. Meanwhile, Dan is preparing for a big college gig, and has some ideas for how to engage the audience with college-related jokes. Stefen is a relatively new comic who...


Ep. 13 - OLGA Gets a Voluntary Colonoscopy

How do you convince an audience that you’re so desperate for laughs, you may actually be willing to subject them to a live colonoscopy? And is there a way to work in a swimming pool noodle as a prop? These are just some of the questions pondered by Jen Diamond and Pam Hugi, members of Baltimore’s favorite two-person comedy group, OLGA. Meanwhile, Dan dredges up a painfully awkward memory from high school in search of a joke. This episode marks the first time in Dan Has Jokes’ long and...


Ep. 12 - Josh Kuderna Is Definitely a Josh

Face tattoos, escape rooms, and squeegee kids - these are just some of the ideas occupying Josh’s mind. Why would someone do that? Who would pay for that? And how did those kids know his name was Josh? As Josh contemplates his inner Joshness, Dan tries to draw material from his past experience of professionally chasing bears away from campers. Dan and Josh talk about the differences between improv and stand-up while Dan’s unpaid interns crumble under the stress of their job. Josh really...


Ep. 11 - Dark Mark Joyner Is Traumatized By Facebook

It’s easy to make jokes about vegans, but what happens when a vegan makes a really dark joke about depressing animal cruelty videos? It may not sound like a recipe for comedy, perhaps until you hear it in the voice of beloved Baltimore comedian Dark Mark. The joke lands really hard for Dan, but they acknowledge that a regular audience might find it too disturbing to laugh at. And yet Dan thinks that, framed as a plea for veganism, Mark could still pull the joke off. Dark Mark has been...


Ep. 10 - Beth Haydon Ponders Comedy and Mayonnaise

Chewing gum, homophobia and fetal alcohol syndrome: How does it all tie together? At first glance, Beth’s jokes seem to touch on very different topics, but she and Dan sense that they are all tied together somehow by the underlying persona Beth is bringing to the stage. Beth is relatively new to the world of stand-up comedy but has already established herself a bit in the local scene, even winning a competition at Magooby’s Joke House. She and Dan discuss the differences in their starting...


Ep. 9 - Don't Let Lyle Drescher Use Your Bathroom

The podcast officially has its first poop joke! What begins as an observational bit from Lyle about toilet paper quickly devolves into a discussion of strange bathroom behavior. But there is good comedic potential here. Dan and Lyle discuss Lyle’s early entry into stand-up, and what it was like being a teenage comedian. They talk about anxiety at open mics, and Dan reveals that he has recently been exploring his anxiety through comedy. Lyle talks about his short-lived but excellent Philly...


Ep. 8 - Michael Furr Takes on the Sologamists

At what point do you give up on love and settle… for yourself? Michael has some things to say about a bizarre practice in which people publicly commit themselves to themselves. He knows there is a comedy gold mine here, and wants to keep digging until he can find it. Michael is a beloved comic in the Baltimore comedy scene, and he and Dan discuss some of his recent accomplishments, including recording a stand-up album and MC’ing the Baltimore Pride Parade. Dan learns that Michael used to...


Ep. 7 - Ryan Lina's Friend Has Terrible Parents

You know how some parents are strict, while others are cool with their kid going missing? Ryan knows that the story of a classmate who stepped out of math class (through a window, for some reason) has great comedic potential, but right now it’s just a long setup with a single quick punch at the end. But Dan thinks he should dig deeper into just what is going on with this family (something perhaps the police should have done themselves). Ryan is back from a month-long comedy hiatus caused...


Ep. 6 - Eric Navarro's Very Sad Moving Day

How do you make the saddest day of your life funny? Eric reflects on his recent divorce, and wants to tell a joke about having to move to a new place. It’s a funny premise for sure, but there’s no payoff. Yet once Eric starts ranting about his useless neighbors, he and Dan see an opportunity for good comedy. Dan and Eric discuss the necessity of bombing, and share stories about weird jokes and wild crowds. Eric discusses one of his old jokes, and Dan gleefully points out that it was...


Ep. 5 - Nicki Fuchs Gets Weird on a Cruise

What do you do if a psychic offers you cryptic joke advice? In Nicki’s case, you spend years thinking about how to talk about one of your most embarrassing moments from the stage. This particular moment involved an ill-advised… let’s call it “show of affection,” while having dinner on a cruise with her boyfriend’s parents. Dan agrees that there is comedy in this painfully awkward story, but leans toward the idea of embellishing the story to make it crazier. Dan and Nicki have both been...


Ep. 4 - Elizabeth Norman Loves Possums, Hates the Color Perpel

You might think there’s a limit to how much a person should think about opossums, and you’re probably right, but Elizabeth is here to flout our silly social conventions. Opossums are weird, misbegotten creatures who come out at night - they might as well be comedians. Dan and Elizabeth try to find humor in their horrible existence. After Elizabeth mentions that she’s an art teacher, she and Dan talk about art and creativity and how it relates to stand-up comedy. Dan reminisces about his...


Ep. 3 - Brendan Krick, the Zoo's Worst Employee

To a casual reader of the Wall Street Journal, Brendan is a horrible man. Fortunately, his experience of being interviewed, and then misrepresented, by the popular newspaper seems to be a goldmine for stage material. Brendan was formerly a Pennsylvania comic, but recently moved out to LA. He and Dan discuss some quirks of the LA scene, and some of the hilarious ways that comics lie about how successful they are. Brendan reveals that he began his comedy career by performing in a suit...


Ep. 2 - Alyssa Cowan Rides a Tandem Bike By Herself

It’s not about the destination, it’s about feeling awkward while you ride there. Alyssa is determined to find humor in the inescapably weird concept of a tandem bike, but where does the joke lie? Alyssa talks about her frequent habit of quitting comedy, and Dan expresses admiration for this as he, too, would like to quit more things. They realize that they both hosted radio shows in college, and Dan discusses a fictional DJ named Mordecai who used to co-host with him. Alyssa explains her...