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Some of America's best comedians, writers and performers come together for conversation.

Some of America's best comedians, writers and performers come together for conversation.


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Some of America's best comedians, writers and performers come together for conversation.




Cuomo, Woody, Bezos, Biden & Other Predators, Episode 1218

Topics: Cuomo's hostile work environment includes sexual harassment, assault and killing grandma; Woody Allen turns out to be a thug; Jeff Bezos is a disease and Joe Biden's handing 2022 to the GOP. Guests With Time Stamps: (3:16) David does The News (44:03) Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling (57:40) Jon Ross, comedy writer and gentleman farmer (1:10:37) Mark Breslin, founder and president of Yuk Yuk's, the largest comedy club in North America (1:39:08) Congressional Candidate Shervin Aazami...


Senator Joe Manchin's Dirty Secret, Episode 1217

Topics: West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin doesn't want you to know where his daughter Heather's 50 million dollar fortune comes from. How his connections got her a job at one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. Or how he helped her get away with lying about her MBA, or how she price gouged Americans on EpiPens, jacked the price up by 600 percent and then moved her pharmaceutical company to The Netherlands to avoid paying taxes. He doesn't want you to know any of this because...


Texas, Just Like America, Is A Failed State, Episode 1216

Topics: America makes up 20 percent of the world’s Covid deaths; One in 670 Americans has died from Covid-19; But Trump will never be prosecuted no matter what his taxes reveal; Ted Cruz will get reelected; Nobody in Texas will go to prison for the latest disaster Guests With Time Stamps 00:00 1:30 David Does The News 28:52 Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling 41:40 Cale Brooks from Jacobin 57:54 David "Citizen" Bacon, candidate for selectman in New Hampshire 1:09:54 Jacob Morrison, Valley Labor...


Chillin' Ted's Great Adventure, Episode 1215

Topics: Ted Cruz prefers Mexico over Texas because in Mexico you can drink the water; Ted returns home to an icy reception; Texas turns blue, from frostbite; Rush Limbaugh dies way too late Guests With Time Stamps: (22:47​) Grace Jackson does The News (41:57​) Jon Ross, gentleman farmer (1:06:09​) Kelly Stone, comedian, politician, sex educator and Baby Mama (1:42:39​) Professor Ben Burgis, columnist for Jacobin and host of "Give Them An Argument" (2:08:16​) Dr. Philip Herschenfeld,...


Americans Powerless Not Because of Weather, Episode 1214

Topics: Claudia Conway abused on American Idol; How Amazon works with the government to keep workers from going union; Winter cold and power outages Guests With Time Stamps: (3:47) Christian Smalls, Stop Amazon Now, Roriki Hutchinson, Weekly Marx, and Grace Jackson (1:05:55) David "Citizen" Bacon, candidate for Selectman, Northfield, New Hampshire (1:12:23) Aaron Berg, whose latest comedy special is "25 Sets" (1:30:14) Jacob Morrison, Valley Labor Report, on Amazon workers in Alabama voting...


"Do The Right Wing Thing" Starring Josh Hawley, Episode 1213

Topics: Bruce's DUI; The Lincoln Project was a $100 million grift; Those who stormed the Capitol faced mountains of debt; Guests With Time Stamps: (3:46) Speaker Nancy Pelosi, AKA Martha Previte (12:30) Jim Earl, Emmy and Peabody Award winning comedy writer, author, comedian and FBI informant and Jon Ross do The News. (1:05:56) Grace Jackson, "Literary Hangover," and Henry Hakamaki talk with Vijay Prashad, author of "Washington Bullets" (1:38:50) Professor Ben Burgis, columnist for Jacobin,...


The Super Spreader Bowl, Episode 1212

Topics: Why the Super Bowl reflects everything that's wrong with America; Will Amazon's workers in Alabama vote for a union? Guests With Time Stamps: (1:49​) Jacob Morrison, Valley Labor Report, and Roriki Hutchinson, Weekly Marx, on Amazon workers in Alabama going union (29:49​) Henry Hakamaki talks to Glyn Ford, author of "Talking to North Korea: Ending the Nuclear Standoff" and "North Korea on the Brink: Struggle for Survival" (1:05:01​) Aaron Berg, whose latest special is “25 Sets”...


Congress's Conspiracy Against Marjorie Taylor Greene, Episode 1211

Topics: Marjorie Taylor Greene stripped; Trump refuses to testify; Biden says "C'mon on Man!" to Yemen; Hunter's two million dollar book deal Guests With Time Stamps: (2:49) Speaker Nancy Pelosi, AKA Martha Previte (14:16) Jim Earl, Emmy and Peabody Award winning comedy writer (31:40) Jon Ross, gentleman farmer (1:00:06) Henry Hakamaki talks with Lee Wengraf author of "Extracting Profit: Imperialism, Neoliberalism, and the New Scramble for Africa (Haymarket Books) (1:30:07) Professor Ben...


Comic Greg Fitzsimmons Punches Down, Up & In The Face, Episode 1210

Topics: Greg regales David with all the times he's punched a man in the face; Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is the maskless face of the GOP; That's a lot of snow Guests With Time Stamps: (1:08) The News with Jon Ross (30:21 )Greg Fitzsimmons, Emmy award winning comedian, comedy writer, author and podcaster (1:31:01) Grace Jackson talks with Gelek Badheytsang host of the podcast, “A Good Refugee” about Tibet (2:10:59) Roriki Hutchinson, Weekly Marx, talks with Kinverly Dicupe cocultural...


The Call Was Coming from Inside the House, Episode 1209

Topics: GameStop; How shorting a stock works; Why shorting a stock often performs the due diligence on a corporation that the SEC won't do; GM goes electric; Trump's hold over the GOP; Biden might surprise us Guests With Time Stamps: (0:05) Professor Corey Brettschneider, author of "The Oath And The Office: A Guide To The Constitution for Future Presidents" (49:47) Senator Susan Collins, AKA Martha Previte (1:00:02) Jim Earl, Emmy and Peabody Award winning comedy writer (1:10:02) David...


Biden Hits The Ground Limping, Episode 1208

This is our pledgisode. Please support the show by donating whatever you can. We accept all major credit cards: Topics: Senator Rob Portman is a coward; Sarah Huckabee Sanders is running for governor; Reconciliation, Executive Orders and The Filibuster; The truth about Bacon's Rebellion; How to kick your Amazon addiction; Comedians are philosophers but they are not doctors or journalists so don't get medical advice or news from them; The Left doesn't understand what January 6, 2021 really...


Biden's First Day: So Far So Mediocre, Episode 1207

Topics: You can't restore a Democracy that never was; America's soul needs free healthcare Guests With Time Stamps (1:51) The Rev. Barry W. Lynn, Americans United for Separation of Church And State (35:26) Henry Hakamaki's "Marxist Power Hour" with Professor Ashok Kumar and Grace Jackson (1:32:08) Professor Ben Burgis, Jacobin columnist and host of "Give Them An Argument" (2:02:07) Dr. Philip Herschenfeld, psychiatrist, and son Ethan, actor/comic (2:28:18) Burt Ross, columnist Malibu Times...


Why Twitter Should Suspend Twitter, Episode 1206

Topics: Time to boycott Amazon; Oath Keepers stalk the Oath Takers; Will the FBI dig into who was really behind the insurrection? Or will it bury the evidence just like they did after 9/11?; Was income inequality the real reason Trump came to power? The answer is no. Special Guest Dr. Gerald Horne, author of "The Bittersweet Science: racism, racketeering and the political economy of boxing" Guests With Time Stamps: (2:57) Grace Jackson and Henry Hakamaki with The News (33:34) Christopher...


Do Republicans Hate America?, Episode 1205

Topics: Republicans hate Washington, they hate the administrative state, they hate government, they hate Democracy, they hate people of color, they hate the LGBTQ community, so do they hate America? Guests With Time Codes: (6:48) Henry Hakamaki, immunobiologist and host of "Guerrilla History" (33:12) Professor Ashok Kumar talks with Grace Jackson about striking farmers in India (1:34:09) Burt Ross, American Hero, columnist Malibu Times with Actor Comic Ethan Herschenfeld (2:00:32) Dr. Philip...


Make America Impeach Again, Episode 1204

Special Guests: Robert Smigel; Professor Richard Wolff, Congressman Alan Grayson, Comic Rick Overton, Constitutional Scholar Bruce Fein and Mark Green, author of "Fake President: Decoding Trump's Gaslighting, Corruption, and General Bullsh*t" written with Ralph Nader" Topics: Removing Trump; How big a conspiracy was there?; What exactly were Trump and Rudy thinking?; Is there such a thing as a "free market?" Baby It's Covid Outside Written by Jim Earl. Guests With Time Codes: (1:14) Donald...


The Insurrection Results Are In, Episode 1203

Special Guests Congressman Alan Grayson, Comedy Genius Robert Smigel and Maximillian Alvarez, editor-in-chief of Real News Topics: The attack on our Capitol; GOP abandons Trump; Who's really to blame; Can a rising tide stop racism and hate? Guests With Time Codes: (2:45) Jim Earl, Emmy and Peabody Award winning comedy writer and Grace Jackson, our Great Britain correspondent (21:15) Congressman Alan Grayson, author of "High Crimes: The Impeachment of Donald Trump" (1:12:03) Professor Ben...


Democratic Socialists Shahid Buttar & Lee Carter, Episode 1202

Virginia recently capped the price of insulin at $50 a month. That's because of Lee Carter. On today's show we tackle the Left's path forward with special guests Shahid Buttar, who ran as a Democratic Socialist against Nancy Pelosi last year and Lee Carter, who represents the people of Virginia's 50th District in the House of Delegates and is now running for governor of Virginia as a Democratic Socialist. Plus Comedy Genius Robert Smigel Topics: Donald Trump's New Netflix Deal; Capping the...


Dick Clark's Rockin' David Feldman New Year's Without Ryan Seacrest Episode 1201

Today's Guests: Melania Trump, AKA, Martha Previte and Jim Earl, Emmy and Peabody Award winning comedy writer; Jon Ross, Gentleman farmer and comedy writer; The Rev. Barry W. Lynn, Americans United for Separation of Church and State along with Grace Jackson our correspondent in Great Britain; Henry Hakamaki talks with Keyvan Shafiei; Dr. Philip Herschenfeld, Freudian psychiatrist, and his son Ethan, actor/comedian/Harvard apologist; Burt Ross, Columnist Malibu Times, Mayor of Fort Lee, New...


Hilaria Baldwin Is Also Not Chinese, Episode 11105

Topics: Lori Loughlin breaks out of prison; Columbus, Ohio police officer who murdered Andre Hill had long history of police brutality; Congressman Louie Gohmert not as ugly as he looks Guests With Time Codes: (2:05) Dan Frankenberger's Community Billboard (9:17) Melania Trump, AKA, Martha Previte, and Jim Earl, Emmy and Peabody Award winning comedy writer (35:10) The News with Grace Jackson and Henry Hakamaki (1:30:44) Mark Breslin, founder and president of Yuk Yuk's the largest comedy...


A Very Feldman Christmas, Episode 11104

Merry Christmas! From some of us to most of you On today's show!!! Robert Smigel and Martha Previte together for the first time ever!!! Guest and Time Codes: (0:01) Donald Trump AKA Robert Smigel and Melania AKA Martha Previte offer us a Christmas message (25:05) Dan Frankenberger's Community Billboard (28:58) Jon Ross, gentleman farmer and comedian (51:07) Pete Dominick, host of StandUP! with Pete Dominick (1:29:00) The Rev. Barry W. Lynn, Americans United for Separation of Church and State...