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Dog and Thimble is a comedy and review podcast about board games and RPGs, the friends who play them, and the dirty, awful things we say to one another. Dice suck, but friends are forever.


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Dog and Thimble is a comedy and review podcast about board games and RPGs, the friends who play them, and the dirty, awful things we say to one another. Dice suck, but friends are forever.




BryceCon 2020 - Day Zero

Dog and Thimble is back in 2020! Tom and Alana are hanging out at BryceCon before the con even starts because of journalism or something! Sure there was supposed to be a snow storm coming that they wanted to avoid and they thought they could play more games if they showed up early, but also journalism. Anyway, we're talking very briefly about the games we played on day zero; Trophies, Chocolatiers, and Draftosaurus, along with dinosaur wizards, Alana's cool new name for lotion, and museum...


Space Gate Odyssey

Are the Dog and Thimble crew the best people to populate the newest discovered exoplanets? Probably not, but we ended up here anyway! Dog and Thimble returns once again to discuss Space Gate Odyssey from Ludonaute. But populating planets take time, so you better believe we filled the minutes by talking about when the last time Chris ate a Hot Pocket was, Tom's history of energy drink consumption, and regrets about our failures to be witty in a given moment. Game discussion starts at 7:26


Funkoverse Strategy Game

Halloween has fallen upon the Dog and Thimble podcast and the curse is kicking in. Our edges are softening, our features are becoming more simplistic, that's right we're becoming Funko-Pop figures, which is fitting because we're talking about the Funkoverse Strategy Game from Funko Games. Also, Alana learns about kindling, Tom talks to his cats, and Chris has a duffel bag full of Heroclix!


The Zorro Dice Game Mini-Sode

Why has D&T been carved into your drapes on a Monday? It's a surprise mini-sode where we're previewing The Zorro Dice Game from Pull the Pin Games which is up for funding on Kickstarter through November 16, 2019. Is it worth your time? Does it command the respect that comes from donning the mask? Listen and find out!


Horrified and Universal Monster Movies

We were working in the podcast lab late one night when our eyes beheld an eerie sight, the release of our episode about Ravensberger's game of Universal Movie Monsters, Horrified! But that's not all, we've got all the fun details about Spanish Dracula, ranking all the monsters in order of how iconic they are, and the lurking horror of a cup that might explode! You'd have to be a real scaredy-cat to skip this episode so check it out!


Betrayal Legacy

When the spookiest month of the year rolls around, there's only one way to celebrate; playing thirteen games in a row of haunted house simulator, Betrayal Legacy! But that's not all, we've also got substantial discussion of the implied Jane Austen Universe, the hottest celebrity gossip of the late 1990's, and a detailed history of the various cons, schemes, and scams that Alana was running through middle school. P.S. We tried real hard not to spoil anything about the story, but if something...


Spieltember - There's Just One Valley of the Vikings

Award season rolls on mercilessly and the Dog and Thimble crew happily find themselves being crushed under its powerful wheels as they discuss Spiel Des Jahres winner "Just One" and Kinderspiel Des Jahres winner "Valley of the Vikings". Plus, Tom discusses his new favorite superpower, Chris debuts the hottest new song since "Old Town Road", and Alana doesn't know how to describe movies. This is one episode you're not going to want to miss!



This week the Dog and Thimble crew take flight with Kennerspiel des Jahres winner, Wingspan! Do you like, hate, or find yourself feeling largely indifferent about birds? If you answered yes to any part of that question then this episode is for you! Also in this episode: candy, pretzels, Tom is tired, and the phrase "tear-assing." Discussion of the game starts at 4:32


Disney Villainous

In an episode that can charitably be described as having gotten slightly out of hand, the Dog and Thimble crew is here to discuss Disney Villainous and its expansions Evil Comes Prepared and Wicked to the Core. But this isn't just about games, we're also answering important questions like: "In the Disney universe, who is daddy" and "What's a good name for a burger restaurant in Baltimore?" Again, this one is pretty off the rails so if you want to get into the game talk, it starts at 13:30.


Raccoon Tycoon

Dog and Thimble returns to the world of podcasting having found some petticoats in a dumpster! This turns out to be serendipitous as now they're dressed to impress just like the critters from Raccoon Tycoon and can talk about the game from a place of experience. That's right, in this latest episode of the Dog and Thimble Podcast, we're talking Raccoon Tycoon from Glenn Drover and Forbidden Games! If you want to skip the nonsense, discussion of the game starts at 9:14.



When the full moon shines bright in the night sky, the Dog and Thimble crew can't help but be struck with an unusual sickness: the need to talk about a game involving werewolves! This time around it just so happens that they had the opportunity to play Werewords from Bezier Games, and they have some thoughts about it! Also in this episode: Tom says the phrase "Jazz cigarettes," Alana finds the worst pictures on the internet, and Chris reveals a scandal!


Keyforge: Call of the Archons

A curse is broken as the Dog and Thimble gang finally release an episode where they discuss Keyforge: Call of the Archons! Also in this episode, the gang gets weirded out by children, Alana is miserable, and Chris meets a mysterious stranger.


Big Easy Busking

Out there on the Bayou, there's some of the finest music to ever be created being played in the clubs, streets, and alleys. Rumor has it that if you hold the box for Big Easy Busking up to your ear, you can hear the sounds of all that fine New Orleans jazz come from out of the cardboard. On the newest episode of the Dog and Thimble podcast, Tom and Alana test out that theory and much more as they review the new game, Big Easy Busking from Weird Giraffe Games. Big Easy Busking is available...


An Interview With a Weird Giraffe

In this episode of the Dog and Thimble Podcast, Alana and Tom were lucky enough to have the chance to talk with board game designer, publisher, and general superstar Carla Kopp of Weird Giraffe Games. We talked about Weird Giraffe's newest release, Big Easy Busking, the process of publishing games, designing games, refreshing salads, and the pitfalls of evolution. Carla is such a wonderful guest and was a true joy to speak with, so do yourself a favor and get listening!


Magic: The Gathering - War of the Spark Pre-release Recap

In this episode, a very tired Tom and an equally tired Josh provide their hard-won insight on the newest Magic: The Gathering set, War of the Spark. We'll tell you all about how a glut of new planeswalkers change the flow of the game, whether amassing a giant army of zombies as satisfying as you'd assume, and Tom's cat Vinnie demonstrates the battle-cry he uses to run up stairs. Also, Dog and Thimble is now available on Spotify and Podcoin if those are things you're into!


The Golden Girls and the Fall of Rome

Purportedly this episode is about Pandemic: The Fall of Rome, a new version of Pandemic from Z-Man Games. However, there's a truly wild amount of time where Dog and Thimble becomes a Golden Girls Fancast. Won't you come on this wonderful adventure with us? If you do you'll also get dueling Stallone impressions, Tom singing, and Alana's secret PowerPoints!


Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr

Sometimes you just want to kick back with a couple of friends, a nice cold drink, and take care of a terminally ill man on hospice care. On this week's episode of the Dog and Thimble Podcast, the gang decides whether or nor that's actually something you want to simulate doing through a board game as they review Holding on: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr.


Ancient Games - The Royal Game of Ur Ft. Good and Basic

Surprise! It's an off-week upload to line up with the release of a new video from our good friends Joseph Bjork and Joseph Fisher with Good and Basic! In this episode, Tom sits down with the Josephs to talk about a game that has been around 5,000 years, The Royal Game of Ur. Is it good? Is it bad? Does it deserve to have hung around for 5,000 years? What does it all mean? Find out the answers to those questions, or at least our best guesses, and more in this week's episode of the Dog and...


The Silly, Salty, or Sweet Game Special

In the latest episode of the Dog and Thimble Podcast, while Chris gets his appendix removed, Tom and Alana review ten different smaller games which Alana has divided into arbitrary categories. We're talking Swordcrafters, Slapshot, Echidna Shuffle, Scarabya, Joust for Fun, The Bears and The Bees, Churrascaria, Inoka, Frontline No Komrades, and Biblios. Chris lost an appendix so that you could get this episode, it's the least you can do to check it out!


A Special Announcement

Hey y'all! This isn't a full episode or even an apple-sode. This is just a quick announcement about Dog and Thimble's release schedule that we hope you'll be cool with!