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A grammar nerd's delight. Co-Hosts Morgan Obidowski and Linda Huss break down current language and communication issues while drinking multiple bottles of wine. If Grammar Girl, Throwing Shade and Drunk History had a 3-way baby it would be this podcast.

A grammar nerd's delight. Co-Hosts Morgan Obidowski and Linda Huss break down current language and communication issues while drinking multiple bottles of wine. If Grammar Girl, Throwing Shade and Drunk History had a 3-way baby it would be this podcast.
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A grammar nerd's delight. Co-Hosts Morgan Obidowski and Linda Huss break down current language and communication issues while drinking multiple bottles of wine. If Grammar Girl, Throwing Shade and Drunk History had a 3-way baby it would be this podcast.




#76: Joel Schwartzberg, I’m Coming for Your Job

Linda doesn't love all doggos, or even puppers, but she'll never reveal her breed ranking. We research the origins of the internet's favorite word and realize this podcast is el doggo. Linda can't find Youtube and tells us to write like pubescent children if we want people to actually read anything. Lastly, your emails are ruining your life. Or at the very least, your credibility. BUT WE HAVE TIPS!


#75: Get This Woman a Dictionary!

We squeeze in a few more end-of-2017 lists because how can we resist the best sentences and most popular dog names of the year? Also, we reveal the trendiest baby name in U.S. history; you won't believe it. If you're planning to become friends with Morgan, keep your family tree handy. She requires it for all new friends. One of Morgan's many secret Facebook groups enjoyed a holiday thread about the words and phrases family members just can't get right. Let's all make fun of our parents!


#74: A Grammar Show With a Christmas Problem

IT'S CHRISTMAS! We know you woke up early and gathered your family to listen to this episode. Big news: The name Aryan catapulted to #32 for baby boys in 2017. Happy birthday, Jesus. Everything is terrible. By the way, the most popular girl name was like Ava but longer, and the #1 boy name took Morgan by surprise (hint: Jake Gyllenhaal's dog). We also review Dante's nine circles of hell for grammar nerds. Worth noting: Linda is a Trekkie, and Morgan once yelled at a guy for calling her a...


#73: It’s Always Cuffing Season When I’m Wearing Pants

Brian is ruining the podcast and Morgan is in a German immersion program. We throw out our best guesses for "Word of the Year" and reflect on how naive we were just a year ago. The Economist asks, "r the kidz ruining writing?" (no) and have no fear, the NSA is verrrrry busy with important grammar issues so our country is totally safe from any kind of threat.


#72: I’m Not Having an Australian Tell Me How to Speak English

On this episode: Linda helps a listener out by distinguishing formal job titles from stupid job titles. Morgan moonlights as a Dr., but not in the Jill Biden way and we finally find out, "What is Coco thinking???" After a deep dive into Twitter exclamation points we talk about the latest hot jam, 'Take a Knee, My Ass (I'm Racist)'. Lastly, um, uh, huh? Byeeeeee! Check out our new store! Show your word nerd pride and support your favorite podcast. Get all the goods at shop.drunkwordnerds.com.


#71: Stay Tuned Lawyer Dogs

It's holiday card season, and that means one thing: We find out that all our friends and family members don't know how to write their own names. NO APOSTROPHES. There is no such thing as a lawyer dog, but for some reason, police officers thought that's what a man was requesting when he said, "Get me a lawyer, dog." Guess who the judge sided with? We love BuzzFeed's Quibbles & Bits newsletter, and you will too. The most recent email delves into mental health terms we should eliminate from...


#70: John Stamos Is a Bot. Spread It.

We record on Friday the 13th and things get spooky, so don't clip your nails! We take a long, disturbing look at what Facebook considers hate speech while taking even longer looks at celeb butts on Instagram. We also learn that you could read thousands of books if you stopped being an online troll and that Brian was once literally white bread. Lastly, Morgan doesn't help nerds and Linda collects her junk mail. Cool!


#68: You Are the Oprah of Bulleted Lists

Were you a BSB, 98°, or N*SYNC fan? And how committed were you? In this ep we discuss: • Linda's interest in a *current* TV show • The newest words to make the cut at Merriam Webster AKA who's off the schneid • Which words the U-S-A can't S-P-E-L-L • And Linda's biggest passion in life — bullets!


#68: Deer Whom It May Concern,

On this episode: Looking for a new gig? This one's for you. We break down annoying words and phrases to delete from your resume (no, we're not doing the accents over resume); how to address a cover letter to—gasp!—a woman; and how to send a non-obnoxious follow-up note. Morgan's advice: List all the important people you know and your dean's list semesters in your email signature. Links: 31 annoying words and phrases on your résumé that make hiring managers cringe, Business Insider How to...


#67: It’s Almost Pear Season

On this episode: A studio makeover throws us off our game, but we push through to discuss the emoji that's the symbol of our time, the USC–UCLA fight over the spelling of Shakespeare (dorks) and the 10 things you probably don't know about the English language. Links: The Thinking Face Emoji Is the Symbol of Our Time, Esquire 'To E Or Not To E': USC And UCLA Quibble Over How To Spell Shakespear(e), NPR Ten things you might not have known about the English language, Oxford Dictionaries Check...


#66: I Work Where Jack Bauer Works

Did you know that once you go on the internet you're not nice anymore? We make this important discovery when talking about the over-correcting of online grammar. We also learn that both Morgan AND Linda have been tricked by fake news. Spoiler alert: no such thing as ocean crocodiles. Lastly, people think you're a full idiot if you :) in emails. Poor Smiley.


#65: You Do You, Cooter Brown

Hi to our new listeners! On this ep, we dive back into the Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE), discuss whether owls are solemn and stupid or wise lollipop lovers, and try not to throw up our boots. We also cover important grammar lessons as taught by Game of Thrones and discover that Coco is a "throner".


#64: Tickle Away Your Polio

On this episode: I guess we can't record too far in advance because our story about Anthony Scaramucci is now as relevant as your most clever and colorful AIM profile. Enjoy our mocking story anyway. Also, how do you laugh? Haha, he he, lol, ha, heh, HAHAHA. There's something wrong with all of them. But they can all cure disease, probably. There's a new language of dating, so three old married people discuss its credibility while trying to contend with an especially tricky online...


#63: You Think You’re a Bunch of Lindas?

Welcome to our stupid Titanic podcast. On this episode we discuss sad lady stuff starting with, is the Old Grey Lady sexist? We defend uptalk (question mark implied) and dive deep into how Linda got so smart. Plus, proper "too" usage. Get into it!


#62: Xennials: Mixtapes, Dial-Up and Call Waiting

Who is a bigger mixtape nerd: Brian, who crafted works of art for girls who didn't care, or Linda, who made an entire "My Heart Will Go On" cassette? They're both dorks, and they're both Xennials. New York Times reporters stand up for their copy editors because journalistic standards and accuracy. Female doctors aren't introduced with their "Doctor" title as much as male doctors. OMG SHOCKING. Shout-out to the Northwest Independent Editors Guild conference, which Morgan and Linda wish they...


#61: Tilde Swinton

Listener emails! Tildes are sarcastic. Is Frances a man or woman? An update from Anna, the boner photographer. And more!


#60: You Always Ignore Me When I’m in That Chair

Brian moved his seat in the studio, got laser eye surgery and switched from a Mac to a PC. After marveling at these major changes, we answer a listener question about ellipses. Apparently all we care about are email sign-offs, so we feature yet another article on that topic. Please note that if Morgan sees "Please consider the environment" in your email signature, she prints it and burns it. Did you know that vowels affect word order? You do now, dong-ding. Also, Brian wrote only one paper...


#59: Lie (NOT Lay) Down Sally

Remember the Tan Mom? We do. Anyway, guess who uses more semicolons: literary types or us normals. If you're about to get a dog, think long and hard about the name so your pup isn't a basic bitch (literally). Listener Anna emailed because every day she says, "Lie on the table." Is she a doctor, a masseuse, a butcher or a murder? We don't know, but we explain the lie vs. lay situation. Lastly, if you're in the bushes, you probably fell in drunkenly. If you're among them, you're at the Bush...


#58: Grief Bacon

The tres drunk word nerds record on Cinco de Mayo and it's a margarita fueled bonanza. We cover the hilarity of the K sound, English words with Spanish roots, and foreign words we should adapt ASAP. Linda also teaches us about initialism vs acronyms vs blends vs acrostic poems. Lovely Individual Nerdy Drunk American


#57: Buzz, Your Girlfriend

After discussing musicals and Morgan's 7th-grade choir career (not impeded by her back brace), the team does a deep-dive into corporate robot language, per your constant requests for more workplace jargon coverage. And since we can't get enough of the singular they, we answer a listener email about pairing verbs with the non-binary pronoun. Lastly, we discover "doggo lingo." ("Discover" = we find out about it because NPR did a story of this years-long trend.)