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I'm Upset Ep. 026 #fw4upodcast

The guys are back. Due to technicalities with our host server, here is the episode. Enjoy. New platform announcement!!


Sebastian And Mordecai Kith Ep. 025 #fw4upodcast

The guys are back to talk about the recent battle lost against Pistachios, the growth within manhood, and the importance of relying on others. Make sure you emotionally listen to these emotionally open responses because that is how we emotionally interact. Now Kith. Be sure to check us out on iTunes, GooglePlay, RadioLab, Stitcher, TuneIN Radio or wherever you listen to Podcasts. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and BLASTchat @Fastwifi4u Send us some questions at...


How Stella Got Her Groove Back Ep. 24 #fw4upodcast

Dating is extremely vulnerable. What if they told you, that there was more? IT's not an infomercial because this happens. Dating with a kid is another part of life that some people have to do to find happiness. Some people want to know, others want to hide. Where do you land? You decide. The guys unpack dating someone with children and how to properly address it. Take a listen. Somehow it gets to religion and Chakras and wine. Which is always a recipe for a great convo. Be sure to check...


Half Ass Head Ep. 023 #fw4upodcast

And We’re Back, It’s Fastwifi4u with Jay and Kev. The guys are back like the rubberband man talking about their impressions of Black Panther (minimal spoilers) before the deep dive into Wakanda. The convo continues into the realms of resiliency, bouncing back when the odds are against you and in true Fastwifi fashion, it leads to raunchy-ness. What makes you whack in the sack? And is sex reallllly important? Did you have a hoe phase? Be sure to check out the guys on Instagram, Twitter,...


Chadwick Boseman the Alien (ft. Los Da 5'6) Ep. 021 #fw4upodcast

The guys are back and joined by Los Da 5’6”. They breakdown some of their best and current Netflix or binge watch worthy shows ad movies, as well as common trends in entertainment. Things head a little South (or North if you like it) when the topic of Android 13, I mean Chadwick Boseman comes into play. Stay Woke. Heck, check out Jay’s conspiracy theory on the gifted actor. Stay Woke. Be sure to check out the guys on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and BLASTchat @Fastwifi4U Subscribe for...


The Art of Seduction, Death Burger, Roll up or what? Ep. 020 #fw4upodcast

The guys are back. They start the show off with Jay coaching Kev through liking pics on the gram and that is where it unfolds. Jay gives the lesson of the "hehe" (smh) and the guys relive some horrible yet enlightening memories of the art of seduction. Kev offers some great assistance to those understanding body language and when to go for the number as well as some interesting stories from their college times and what led Jay to stop certain behaviors. The duo talk about dating someone...


Greyhound Boo-Loving & Rich Kids (ft. Los da 5’6) Ep.019 #fw4upodcast

Greyhound Boo-Loving & Rich Kids (ft. Los da 5’6) The guys are back to talk about having a successful long-distance relationship. They are joined by Los da 5’6 and his plethora of knowledge on the topic. Do you believe in magic? For some reason, this girl did. We cannot explain. This conversation is not one to miss. The guys then go into the makeups of a successful legacy and what they would do for their children if they were rich as well as the challenges of dating between ethnicities. In...


Interracial Erectile Dysfunction IV Ep. 018 #fw4upodcast

The guys are back to talk about the controversial issues within relationships that are made up of more than one race. From the perspective of the melanin male, Kev and Jay discuss what surrounds these relationships and the societal differences. The guys also flex their clinical chops and go through the DSM-IV for the most immature analysis of common disorders. 2018 is bigger, better and blacker for Fastwifi4U. Be sure to check out the guys on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and BLASTchat...


Intro to 2018 Fastwifi4U The Podcast

Hey, Jay here! Letting y'all know what's good with the episode! It's about to get real in this piece. 2018 is not our year. EVERY DAY IS OUR YEAR. Stay tuned for exclusives. Make sure you are subscribed to get notified when these new things drop! Check out the social media and other pages for exclusive content, behind the scenes and giveaways. Send us email as well if you got a question or problem. We are here to help, as well as make sure you forget your stress. Also, help us get Olivia...


God Bless Olivia Munn Ep. 017 #fw4upodcast

The guys are back with the last episode of 2017. Wow. What a time! We sincerely thank y'all for the amazing support and appreciation. We love you all for it. Shout out to all of the people that keep checking in, send questions, follow social medias and refer the show to new people. This is all 4U. The guys start off spicy by discussing Olivia Munn to Louis CK and the death of monogamy. On a positive note, the guys bring back educational exchange and answer some questions from you all. Got...


HoliChriKwaKkahmas & The Art of Gifting Ep. 016 #fw4upodcast

HoliChriKwaKkahmas & The Art of Gifting Ep. 016 #fw4upodcast What the hell should we call this season? Should you wish the racially charged holiday greeting? Or say nothing? Bro gifts? Can’t think of what to give your spouse or Significant Other? What does Jay get for his birthday after Christmas? Why does Kev not like house items? Do you have a budget on gifts for bae? Can Kev and Jay end the year without fighting? Make sure you pay your tithes, if not, then get those stunt 101 gifts for...


Cheater, Cheater, Quavo Eater Ep. 014 #fw4upodcast

"The problem i you dudes treat the one that you lovin' with the same respect that you treat the one that you humpin'." Shawn Corey Carter The guys are back to answer some questions from their recent reviews. Like we always say, this is 4U. We take every question as serious as possible and answer it because you are the associate producers here. The topic of today, CHEATERS! The guys talk about what causes a man to cheat, who they cheat with and what makes them feel good enough to not cheat....


Thanksgiving Fema Bae and Luminon Foil EP. 012 #fw4upodcast

Happy Holidays y’all! The guys are back to go over the proper preparations of the holiday season. Do you have your Thanksgiving Bae? You know it’s the holiday season! How come Kev wants to boycott all holidays? Is Black Friday a holiday? Can you eat healthy on Thanksgiving? Do Black Lives Matter on Black Friday? Can we make Black communities with our Black money? What should you do with your phone this week? What are you thankful for? Oh yeah, we also talk about the Justice League movie a...


Greed Kills Creativity, True Fandom, Do You Support Rapists?(Feat. Mac SYWG) EP. 011 #fw4upodcast

The guys are back. This is an episode chock-full-of goodness. The discussion starts off with a walk down the route of mindfulness, the death of creativity among music, movies and arts and continues into the description and reaches of being a fan. Are you a fan of a woman beater or rapist? Find out on this episode of Fastwifi4U the Podcast. Be Sure to check out the guys on YouTube, Soundcloud, Stitcher, GooglePlay and iTunes. Follow their social media for other content on Facebook, Twitter,...


Double Standard Rape Culture, 25 Things All Men Should Know Ep. 010 #fw4upodcast

The Guys talk about their updates for the week including Jay's obsession with Sephora and MeUndies. They discuss the double standards of rape culture and the respect amongst the opposite gender as well as go through the bizarre, but most important 25 things all guys should know. It's a treat. From dating to manscaping to jalapeno nuts. Check it out. Subscribe and check out the guys' podcast on YouTube, iTunes, GooglePlay, Soundcloud, and Stitcher. Be Sure to follow them on Instagram,...


Porn Chronicles, Babadook Sex (feat. Mac SYWG) Ep. 009 #fw4upodcast

The guys are back and better than ever with yet another controversial and taboo discussion of porn and sex. You know what? I can’t even make this sound any better. Just give it a listen. Yes, it is taboo as hell. DISCLAIMER: Blame Mac. That is all.


First of All, Wifey Material, Mouth on it, Childhood Dreams, Battle or War #fw4upodcast Ep.008

The guys are back with the eighth episode of the podcast. They sit to discuss Kevin’s first football game, the importance of being wife material, while understanding what a lane is, the avenue of giving your spouse space, the mindset of children in the 90s as well as why Jay can’t watch television without reading and why Kevin is concerned with the female thorax and the evolution of porn. Shoutout to the inventors of the last button on the remote and the Gameboy coil light. Be sure to...


Worth the Wait, Parental Punishment, Wingman Chronicles Ep 007 #fw4upodcast

The guys are back after their Syracuse Bar Crawl this weekend. They sit to discuss the topic of waiting to have sex until marriage and the conflicts that this may cause, the pro guide to being a wingman and corporal punishment we fondly call whoopings. Why does Jay have trauma at Toys R US? Who is the better parent? Can Kevin keep it strapped until a ring is on? Find out in this episode from the guys as well as updates. Follow the crew on IG: @Fastwifi4u Twitter: Fastwifi4u Facebook:...


Power of the Woman, CIA 80s, Get Out 2, Hitch In Real Life #fw4upodcast Ep. 006

Ep. 006 of Fastwifi4U the podcast. The guys are back as they sit down to talk about current events including the California proposal of lowering the purposeful and knowing infection of HIV to another person to a misdemeanor charge, Kevin’s weekend that included an amateur Get Out storyline, a response to a video of a female match maker on having realistic expectations of male partners, the controversy of religion and interaction with other people and the effect of the 80s on the household....


That's My Bestfriend, What's beef, Communicationship, Time Trials and Tribulations Ep 5 #FW4Upodcast

The guys are back again! Thanks for continuing to check out our show! Be sure to check out The Charge Up Show, Blastchat and the other networks around us! Thanks again for our continued support. We love y'all. This week the guys talk about female best friends, complacent relationships, insecurities in relationships and Kev and Jay get into a beef over texting, the importance of peace and nature in the mindset of the self, motivation and what time actually is. The guys take a somber note as...