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Fitzy and Wippa, every weekday from 6-9am on Nova. If you miss any of the fun, don't stress it, you can always download this daily podcast to get your fix.

Fitzy and Wippa, every weekday from 6-9am on Nova. If you miss any of the fun, don't stress it, you can always download this daily podcast to get your fix.
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Sydney, NSW


Fitzy and Wippa, every weekday from 6-9am on Nova. If you miss any of the fun, don't stress it, you can always download this daily podcast to get your fix.






Level 5, 33 Saunders Street Pyrmont, NSW Australia 2009 +61 2 9564 9999


FW Live from Forbes for Rural Aid and the Mega Farm Rescue (plus Luke Hemsworth)

The show went on a road trip to rural New South Wales to assist in the drought relief efforts. We caught up with some farmers to hear their story and offer some help. Luke Hemsworth also called in from LA as he is the new Tourism Australia ambassador. Plus Tom Time and getting your pants pulled down.


Matt de Groot meets Prince Harry and Fitzy's Bday Battles

Matt De Groot was set the challenge to give a massive bunch of flowers to royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan, and while we wrote him off ever being a chance he managed to complete the task and get global recognition in the process. Fitzy also had a fight with his sons on his 42nd birthday. Plus, Scotty Cam and Donny Hay drop by.


Sir Richard Branson, Joel Edgerton and major work stuff ups

Sir Richard Branson is in the country to promote some well being initiatives from Virgin Active, but also revealed how close we are to getting into space commercially. Joel has a brand new and very powerful movie out, and we also asked about those major stuff ups that cost the company a lot of cash.


Bradley Cooper, Julia Morris and unlimited money

Bradley Cooper joined the boys live from LA to chat his new movie A Star Is Born starring Lady Gaga, Julia Morris told us about her most awful blind date she ever went on, and Wippa told us the story of a guy who worked out how to get unlimited cash.


Mumford and Sons and Wippa Duet, Rhys Darby and Riddle Time

Marcus Mumford from Mumford and Son's joined us in studio to have a chat and stayed for a Bob Dylan duet with Wippa, Rhys Darby has a kid's book out so we caught up with him and found out his favorite song - we weren't expecting this. Plus, Riddle time returns


Dating your boss, Food thieves and The Bachelorette recap

Wippa had an amazing story about a woman dating her boss (though the guys struggled to keep focus away from his third bout of pink eye), every office has stories about food going missing from the fridge and we recap episode one of The Bachelor with some amazing audio.


Ali the Bachelorette, Paul Murray Headline off and families causing the split

The new Bachelorette Ali joined us ahead of the season premiers, the man from Paul Murray Live joined us to take on Matt De Groot in headline off, and we ask if the family was ever the reason you ended a relationship.


Andy Lee, Darryl Somer's Shoes and controlling girlfriends

Andy Lee has his third kids book out which has been a massive hit at Wippa's house, Darryl Somers has a weird diva reputation which Fitzy shares, and we talk about a list of 22 unreasonable demands a woman gave to her boyfriend.


Tim Minchin, Best Day Ever and Ruined Weddings

One of Australia's most talented men Tim Minchin is becoming Friar Tuck in a Robin Hood reboot, Best Game Ever is back for another week and we talk about that one person who goes overboard and ruins the wedding.


Sonia Kruger raps and Sophie and Brittany from The Bachelor

Sonia Kruger takes on Sarah in an epic rap battle, Sophie and Brittany both were not chosen by The Honey Badger in the Bachelor finale and we found out their take, plus Fitzy has another Michael Jackson acting update..


Brooke from The Bachelor, Ronan Keating and Michael Buble

The favorite to take out the bachelor this year Brooke walked out on the Honey Badger in a dramatic twist to the series and she joined us in studio to chat that and dispel any rumours she is dating Alex Nation. Ronan Keating called in from the UK and Michael Buble had a special message for Sarah.


Cass from The Bachelor, Curtis Stone and a cat ban

Cass had her heart broken by Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins on the bachelor, and we address certain rumors and find out if she is single, Curtis Stone is telling us what we'll be eating at Christmas, and we kick off discussing a Sydney council that is trying to ban cats.


Wippa's Bad Birthday, Ken Jeong, Best Game Ever - Tuesday October 2

Wippa had an awful time on his birthday over the weekend, Ken Jeong aka Mr Chow from the hangover called in from LA and another round of the Best Game Ever - which almost got called off halfway through.


Scott Morrison, Vance Joy, Dr Chris Brown, Shannon from the Bachelor and RIDDLE TIME

Usually I only write three things in the headline but today was SO JAMMED PACKED mentioned five. Huge list of names, great round of Riddle Time, throw in some scary stories and Rap up of the Week and hey, what a show.


The day after the formal! - Sam Frost, Colin Fassnidge and Dr Andrew Rochford

Plenty of gossip from last nights formal in the podcast today, we find out why Sam Frost was late, why Colin Fassnidge was in trouble with Sarah and why Dr Andrew Rochford and Tom Ivey have the word helicopter in common.


Ray Meagher, Post Malone is cursed and Headline Off

The aussie icon who plays Alf Stewart joined us to dispell any rumours he is leaving Home and Away, Post Malone might actually be cursed and Mark Beretta from Sunrise takes on Matt De Groot in the headline off


Food eating records, world's oldest beer and the team get formal dates!

We speak about the guy who was banned from a sushi place for eating 100 pieces and then we wanted to know what foody feats you have conquered. Fitzy has found the worlds oldest beer and each of the team members a listener as a date for our Back to School Formal.


Guy Sebastian, Best Game Ever and the most times someone has cheated?

Guy Sebastian is busy working on his new album but called in from LA for a chat, The Best Game Ever is back, and Fitzy tells us about a former NBA player who cheated on his wife - just how many different women he did the deed with will astound you.


Ben Simmons, Destiny's Child update and Riddle Time - Kid's edition

Australia's best basketball player Ben Simmons joined us to chat his brush with fame in the US, fashion week, and school formal. We found out how the original members of Destiny's Child found out they were no longer in the group, and we hat St Luke's school take over Riddle Time


Bachelor Bombshell, Sam Mac, Tom Time and Wippa's Pink Eye

We did a round up of the latest on the Bachelor and Brooke's admission of her previous relationships, Sam Mac joined us as he is an ambassador for R U OK? Day and to chat formal.Tom Time is back, and Wippa has Pink Eye. We obviously never would never mention that on air.