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If you have ever wondered what an out of body experience might feel like, wait no longer. Not for the faint of heart. Fun, current, and weird in the best possible sense of that word!

If you have ever wondered what an out of body experience might feel like, wait no longer. Not for the faint of heart. Fun, current, and weird in the best possible sense of that word!
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If you have ever wondered what an out of body experience might feel like, wait no longer. Not for the faint of heart. Fun, current, and weird in the best possible sense of that word!




This is Crazy

This is my way of dealing with the onslaught of serious nonsense and insanity we’ve been presented with. Includes the More Crazy Remix. Civilty. This is crazy. Take the children away. Knock the crap out of them. All kinds of crazy. Above the law (pardon myself). Win with lying. Make America sorry. Kim Jong-Un loves rockets. I am so smart. Toe trail. Look at the finger. Russia, come back in. The More Crazy Remix. Sources: ABC News 7, C-Span, CNN, CNBC, FOX News, Seth Meyers


San Francisco Trip

Went to San Francisco earlier this month. Lovely place, lots of culture and history, although kind of chilly for a Florida guy. Good-if pricey- food, music and beer. Glad I had the expeience. I gathered auditory ambience from various points along the way. Then I blended some of them into the following collage. Heading to San Francisco. Planes and trains. Airbus A380 for perspective. Asian flute players in the park. Ambulance in the streets of San Francisco. Innov Gnawa in Yerba...


What The Hell Is Going On?

This one took forever. Don’t know whether it was the topic or the timing, but I felt like i was looking for water in the middle of the ocean. It was everywhere and, frankly, overwhelming. What the hell is going on? The expanding topic. Infopocalypse. Computer generated opinions. Russian bots/trolls. M.I.T. study Twitterbots. Humans prefer the inaccurate. Facebook problem. Algorithmic anomaly. Misinformation uptick featuring The Russians. Make America hurt itself again. Internet...


Foundscape #10- Escuche

This collage started out playful, but took a rather dark turn sonically. I just followed it. Featuring: Spanish records, steamboats, fruitflies, sirens, stools, snores, a door and more. Listen carefully. Fruitfly drum. Donde esta Juanita? Repeata. Cleaning out the van. Steamboat. Ambulance passing. Digital glitch. The Stool. The door.


The Firing of History

It is disturbing to feel the pull of the impending political crisis on one’s attention. Every attempt to turn one’s attention away for any length of time fails. It seems like we’ve entered a transitional time and the outcome(s) could be dire. Looking away feels like complicity. Russian interference: not just smoke. Comey’s firing. Putin’s disinformation technique. Trump and Russians. Trump’s attraction to powerful men. The Big Story. Russian relations. No Fuzz. They’re laughing at us....


Trump Sessions

Take disinformation, distractions and falsehoods run them through the Mind Thing and something resembling truth emerges. Do your job. Gotta work it. Ranting and raving. Good at sucking up people’s money. The leaks are real. FOX and Friends: Good drug-dealers. Incredible racist. The “Fake People.” Gout. Horrible agenda. Nuclear weapons. Chaos. Bad dudes. Sessions, Franken and the Russians. Mike Flynn. Wrestle the truth. Nothing to love. The leaks are real. The wall. Fighting...


Sand Spurs

This episode I discuss sand-spurs a perennial and proverbial thorn is my side. The way they respond to my actions gives the impression that they are intelligent and actively working to subvert my efforts to eradicate them from my yard.



Recorded during the tail end of around three weeks of powerful rainstorms. Climate change talk over excerpt ofSteve Reich’sIt’s Gonna Rain fromReich: Early Works - Come Out / Piano Phase / Clapping Music / It’s Gonna Rain.

Mackro Makes The Scene

Another last minute gathering. We do welcome newcomer Mackro who shares his plans for a project focusing on the music of 1970. We talk weather, politics and A.P. Mike’s creative output along with a bunch of other things. Mackro and me. A critical discussion of A.P. Mike’s latest creative projects. Brian has tech issues. Talking weather and daylight. Seattle. Pike’s Place. The presidential election featuring Donald Trump. Where is the Rock and Roll? Dance To This...

Stupid and Violent

This is my take on the shooting in Charleston South Carolina and the confederate battle flag. Also discussed are state’s rights, idiot logic and the media’s role in promoting ignorance. Dylann Roof. Charles Cotton N.R.A. board member, disingenuous or moron? South Carolina’s state’s rights flip flop. Imaginary Christian prosecution. There’s one sure way to get rich if you are an articulate black man. Idiot logic. Confounding Christ’s advice. Music break:Jump to Conclusionsby E.W. Jackson...


Bird Pile

A Fredericks Foundscape Intro The bells of St. John’s Avian speculation Avian observations Slow flying objects

On Time

Time has been a topic I find myself coming back to frequently. I am about halfway through Douglas Rushkoff’s fascinating new book Present Shock and felt inspired to create this piece. Analog vs digital clocks. The relativity of time. Perception of time. Time on my hands. The Bicameral Mind. Consciousness changes over time. Analog vs. digital music. An inappropriate transference of hostility. Under the control of something else.

You’re a Good Guy, AP Mike

The Best Show was delayed. So we pulled the gang together on short notice. Mike dishes about his experiences during the recent live shows. Climate change in Florida is banned. We spend quite a bit of time talking about music and The Jinx. Stan knows how to think. Where’s Mike? Static. Mike on stage. Kevin Corrigan. Jack White/Elvis. Mike’s Deemployment. ">

Bad Connections

According to Pew Research Group 91% of adult Americans have a mobile phone of some sort. We are more connected than ever. Using that information I mixed in ideas inspired by Brion Gysin’s cut up technique and Steve Reich’s Violin Phase and created this piece. Consider this an auditory argument that increased connections do not correspondingly increase the quality of communication.

Press Three If You’re Completely Terrified

Jews for Jerry, Israel/Palestine (Scott’s not going). Original American Art Forms. Artimus Pyle Is Far More Interesting Than Artemus Ward. The Who (Pino Pallidino), Iron Man Mike, Massa’s Movie Talk, The Storm, Tom Scharpling Talk, Best Show Update, Irresponsible Dog Owner Owns Up, Wally Wackiman, Puppet Talk, Tony Stops By and Gets Confused, Dougald’s Puppet Problems.

I Just Like Hearing You Ramble

Economists are Nuts, Massa’s Movie Talk, Old Popular Music is Superior to Current Popular Music, Best Show Update, More Music Talk includes Waco Brothers and Prince, Mike Speaks on the Grateful Dead.

A Somber Chat

Despite many sober and/or sleepy participants, this gathering was able shake off the somberness and delightedly delve in several dark topics. Including alcoholism, illegalwrestlingmoves, Nixon and a surprise in a Shop-Rite Bag. Stan: Sober and Out of the Loop; Shop-Rite Surprise at Massa’s; Mike’s DifficultWork Environment; Opryland; Hong Kong;

Deep Background

A very short, Best Show intensive, episode due to severe band-with limitations. Who needs complete control?; Six degrees of Best Show; A.P.M.C. Steinberg; Mike’s slow rise to stardom; Spike; Andrew Earles; Timing is everything; Mike doesn’t like Lionel (truncated)

What’s That Crazy Sound?

A wide ranging discussion covering topics asdiverseas bad neighbors, insects and Russian dashboard cam videos. The recycling bin pisser; Insect recap; Drum break; Donald Sterling update; Turn up your speakers; Russia’s funniest dashboard cam videos;[...]

Terrain Hazards and Manditory Processes

Apaucityof storage space forces an extreme compression of information; Touching on the tropes; Camping (Thetinklingof mosquito wings); The McLuhan is the Message (Get thee to the Gutenberg Galaxy); Beautiful books change one’s perception; The Variety of Audio Mediums; ">