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The Got Faded Japan Podcast gives listeners a glimpse of the seedy side of Japan's news, culture, politics, parties, drinking spots, and all around mischief and mayhem. Hosted by Johnny and Shank.

The Got Faded Japan Podcast gives listeners a glimpse of the seedy side of Japan's news, culture, politics, parties, drinking spots, and all around mischief and mayhem. Hosted by Johnny and Shank.


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The Got Faded Japan Podcast gives listeners a glimpse of the seedy side of Japan's news, culture, politics, parties, drinking spots, and all around mischief and mayhem. Hosted by Johnny and Shank.




Got Faded Japan ep 504. Coronavirus & A Cafe

Got Faded Japan ep 504 Johnny meets up at an undisclosed cafe with a doctor who is working hands on with patents who are infected with the Coronavirus. We learn all that there is to know (up to now) regarding this most serious pandemic on Got Faded Japan. THIS WEEK'S END OF THE SHOW TRACK! “It's All Lemons " by DEMSKY DEMSKY: If you are or were in a band or have a friend who is in a band, send us one of their tracks and we'll play it at the end of the show....


Got Faded Japan ep 503. Happy Faded Valentine with DEMSKY & Chris Grundy!

Got Faded Japan ep 503 Happy Faded Valentine's Day and there is no better way to celebrate the most depressing of holidays than to get completely Faded with Tokyo's own DEMSKY and Chris Grundy! Oh yeah, In this episode DEMSKY & Chris breakdown their music careers, gift us with some great stories of Tokyo past and they even help us fire up the weekly bizarre Japan news! DYNAMITE goes BOOM & FADE ON! GET MORE DEMSKY & Chris Grundy INFO, TRACKS ,& MERCH AT: DEMSKY: Chris...


Got Faded Japan ep 502. A Healthy Dose of DOSE COMICS with SEAN!

Got Faded Japan ep 502 The "KING OTAKU" joins the show and enlightens us about his page thumping new comic that's now hot off the press and available for your your eyes only! DOSE is here and you need to get your copy ASAP, supplies are limited!! In this weeks bizarre and wild news, forget the coronavirus cuz cops are loosing their guns, all love dolls go to heaven, Black Widow gets a Louis Vuitton and a whole lot more! FADE ON! SERIOUSLY GET YOUR COPY OF DOSE TODAY! The art and story...


Got Faded Japan ep 501. FADED FILMS with Ray & Paul !

Got Faded Japan ep 501 Forget everything that you know about TV & the movies, in fact set fire to your TV Guide (do they still print them?) Ray & Paul are here to school you with their underground knowledge of movies, TV shows and cinematic trivia in FADED FILMS! What will they review? What will they say? How Faded will they get? FIND OUT NOW ON FADED FILMS! FADE ON! THIS WEEK'S END OF THE SHOW TRACK! “Whiskey and Red Wine" by David Shanhun DAVID SHANHUN tracks and...


Got Faded Japan ep 500. Podcast Pirates of Tokyo Bay ! ! !

Got Faded Japan ep 500 Podcasting pirates with nothing to loose, mic in one hand the other holding our booze. Rum in our bellies and hilarity in our hearts, our souls went to heaven while our bodies were eaten by sharks! Never before has anyone dared to smuggle a shit ton of booze and audio equipment on a luxury cruise liner just to podcast on the mean seas of Tokyo Bay! WE DID IT and we did it all for you with the Tokyo podcasting pirates, Jeremy, Anthony H and Pee Wee. HOLY SMOKES...


Got Faded Japan ep 499.5 1/2 part 2. Tokyo Odd Jobs

Got Faded Japan ep 499.5 ½ PART 2 Forget about climbing the corporate ladder and fetching your boss his morning coffee, join us in the ODD JOB ARMY! Get your own coffee when you want it and how you want it! Johnny takes the wheel this week and flies down the odd job highway, don’t spill your cup-a-joe in this episode! FADE ON! THIS WEEK'S END OF THE SHOW TRACK! “RISE UP by CREAM...


Got Faded Japan ep 499.5 1/2 Vintage Fadeing with Tom & Sean

Got Faded Japan ep 499.5 1/2 Getting Faded at the Tama River! With Johnny unavailable to do Episode 500, Tom Tom Tokyo and Shawn from Vancouver settle down with some beers, Champaign, and craft gin for GFJ’s first ever show on the Tama River where they break down New Years and New Jobs, play a few rounds of Adult Trivial Pursuit, and of course break down the news. This week’s stories include a hanging outside Shinjuku Station, a drunken flight attendant, a man who beat a fast food...


Got Faded Japan ep 499. Faded Films with Ray and Paul!

Got Faded Japan ep 499 After almost 500 episodes we have decided that we are going to shed our worn out white belt and upgrade to the kick ass platinum alligator skin black belt, HELLS YEAH it’s time for a FADED upgrade! Unlike New Coke and Crystal Pepsi we’re NOT gonna screw a great thing up, we’re gonna fire up the show right with a karate kick to your earbuds by keeping the GFJ format exactly the same but we’re gonna add 2 bonus shows every month!! TWO BONUS SHOWS! What are...


Got Faded Japan ep 498. Kyle Eastwood Joins The Show!

Got Faded Japan ep 498 The remarkably talented Kyle Eastwood joins the show to discuss his upcoming Asia tour (Blue Note in China & Tokyo), his latest jazz album, writing music for major films and having Clint Eastwood as his father. FADE ON! Get tour dates, merch and more info on Kyle Eastwood at: If you are or were in a band or have a friend who is in a band, send us one of their tracks and we'll play it at the end of the show. UNDERGROUND BANDS ONLY. We...


Got Faded Japan ep 497. Holiday Hangover with Dicky Crickets !

Got Faded Japan ep 497 Ho Ho Ho, NOW I HAVE A BEER! Once again its the holiday season and what better way to celebrate the end of the decade than to meet up with a couple of Faders, kill some brews, and break down the weekly news! And to make things even more jolly we kick it with Dicky Crickets!, YOU'RE WELCOME! Happy Holidays & FADE ON! Get the 411 on Dicky Crickets...


Got Faded Japan ep 496. Ardal O'Hanlon Joins The Show!

Got Faded Japan ep 496 Christmas comes early in this episode! We are greatly honored to have comedic genius Ardal O'Hanlon on the show. You may have seen him killing it on stage, in the movies, on TV, or chilling at a café sipping coffee and writing his newest ground-breaking joke! Ardal O’Hanlon will be performing live at The Good Heavens Bar in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo on January 23, 2020! Get your tickets here: SEE YOU THERE! If you...


Got Faded Japan ep 495. Anthony H & A Wall Of Beers !

Got Faded Japan ep 495 Tokyo legend and long time Fader, Anthony H Joins the show to help Johnny and Tom break down a wall of beers and crush the weekly local bizarre and off the wall news! Be sure to stay to the end of the show because we have a new track that Anthony H has just dropped! HAPPY HOLIDAYS FADERS! We are MOST HONORED to have ANTHONY H as this week's END OF THE SHOW SONG: "NEW NEW" Get more of ANTHONY H's music, info and merch...


Got Faded Japan ep 494. Loosing Our Minds with Taylor ! ! !

Got Faded Japan ep 494 Taylor joins the show to help us understand mental illness in Japan as well as help us break down the weekly news and HOLLY SMOKES do we have a lot of news in this most FADED of episodes! FADE ON! In the news, everyone loves boobies, cosplay gets costly, bloody badges, Akihabara looses it's edge and a whole lot more! We are MOST HONORED to have VAIWATT as this week's END OF THE SHOW SONG: "Czecho Ringo" Get more of VAIWATT's music, info and merch...


Got Faded Japan ep 493. Sick & Wrong + Faded!

Got Faded Japan ep 493 FADERS! THIS IS A DRINK ALONG EPISODE. EVERY 10 MINUTES YOU SHOULD DRINK A BEER TO KEEP UP WITH US, GAME ON! Dee Simon & Danny from the Sick & Wrong Podcast get SICK & WRONG with Johnny who took them around some of Tokyo’s most underground and ghoulish bars, shops, cafes and of course IZAKAYAS! And this is where the show went down, at one of Shibuya’s cheapest and grungiest drinking spots. The booze flowed like water from the Tamagawa and the stories raged like the...


Got Faded Japan ep 492. Faded in the Forest !

Got Faded Japan ep 492 Johnny leaves Tokyo's inner city and kicks it in the forest with non other then with FOREST. Kyle & Peter join the show and breaks down the past, present and future of how to FIRE UP FOREST, not to mention that the trio also FIRED UP the weekly bizarre local news, FADE ON! Follow FOREST. at: This week's end of the show song: FOREST. "Coopers" If you are or were in a band or have a friend...


Got Faded Japan ep 491. Dirty Diapers & Broken Guitar Strings!

Got Faded Japan ep 491 After two and a half years of being pregnant, Tom finally has his Mini-Me, no seriously it looks just like him but with a full head of hair! In this tell all, Tom breaks down what to do and not when having a kid in Japan! And as a birthday present to all FADERS in celebration we have KAOSIS on the show to breakdown the weekly news, FADE ON! Follow KAOSIS...


Got Faded Japan ep 490. LIPS from ANVIL Meets Got Faded!

Got Faded Japan ep 490 In this very special episode, Lips from from the iconic and legendary band ANVIL meets Johnny for an in-depth and inspirational conversation about metal in the 80's, old vs new groupies, the ins-and-outs of record labels and a whole lot more! FADE ON! GET TOUR DATES, INFO AND MERCH ON ANVIL AT: NOW YOU CAN DIRECTLY SUPPORT THE SHOW AND BECOME A...


Got Faded Japan ep 489. We Got A Punk Ass Summer Faded!

Got Faded Japan ep 489 It's a cool November Thursday with nothing to do but to hang out with two of our favorite drinking buddies from the Japanese punk rock band, PUNK ASS SUMMER! We drink, talk some smack and then break down 7 of the most bizarre and twisted local news stories of the week FADE ON! Punk Ass Summers new EP "Travels" now available on all streaming platforms! Listen to Punk Ass Summer: Spotify:...


Got Faded Japan ep 488. HI5 & All That Jazz!

Got Faded Japan ep 488 In this jazzolicious episode, Johnny and Tom expand their minds by exploring the world of electro jazz fusion. Guided by HI5, they learn what it takes to become global jazz performers, FADE ON! In this weeks news, woman jumps the gun to prison, real life suicide squad, PI helps pervy professor and much much more! Get HI5’s tour dates and merch at: This week's end of the show song: “BLOOM” by HI5 If you are...


Got Faded Japan ep 487. RACKETT in Tokyo !

Got Faded Japan ep 487 Music gives you energy, inspiration and makes you want to move and with Sydney’s RACKETT, you get all of the above with a fist full of teeth! Johnny sits down with RACKETT and chats about the past, present and future of her artistic movement! In this week’s news, Diamonds are forever (sometimes), invisible apples, and breaking skulls at the red-light kareoki ! Get RACKETT’s tour dates and merch...