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Homeroom University is a podcast about podcasts, covering every genre of podcasting! 🎙️Listen Now On Spotify, Apple Podcast, and MORE!🎙️ https://homeroomuniversity.podbean.com/ Host: Tone Groove, J Noblez & AJ The Menace Produced by: Menace Material Ent. & LAY Ent.


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Homeroom University is a podcast about podcasts, covering every genre of podcasting! 🎙️Listen Now On Spotify, Apple Podcast, and MORE!🎙️ https://homeroomuniversity.podbean.com/ Host: Tone Groove, J Noblez & AJ The Menace Produced by: Menace Material Ent. & LAY Ent.



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Ep. 68 "Hard Convictions" | Complex Media List FIXED, Charlamagne SCREWED Everyday Struggle, Cam & Mase VIOLATE Jay Prince, Political Pundits, Mal v Brandon Jennings

00:00 Sizzle Intro 01:05 Show Start 07:07 Complex Media Power Ranking FIXED / Math Hoffa Slighted/ DJ Akademiks Shades Rory and Mal 54:07 Brandon Jennings VIOLATES Mal And Wants To Fight 01:14:52 Cam and Mase CHECK Jay Prince 01:28:46 Trump Attempted HIT and Podcast Political Podcasters FEAST 01:51:16 Out Of Context / Charlamagne Tha God New Show Ep. 1 LL Cool J 02:14:28 Don Lemon and Candace Owens HATE Each Other 02:29:01 Charlamagne RESPONDS To Flakko Claims He SCREWED Everyday Struggle 03:06:57 Brittany Renner Makes Just Pearly Things QUIT New Job 03:26:58 Office Hours 04:01:50 Closing Remarks


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Ep. 67 "Drunk Words Sober Thoughts" | Taxstone DESTROYS Adam22, Rory Apologizes, Poetik Flakko RUNS DOWN On MJTV,

00:00 Sizzle Intro 01:15 Show Start 03:59 Fair To Say Roast Gets DISRESPECTFUL 23:42 Taxstone, Akademiks & Rory DESTROY Adam22 for Interviewing Pop Smoke Shooter 55:55 Rory Apologizes To AJ The Menace For Twitter Rant 01:04:57 Wax FALL OFF After Being Fired By Charlamagne/ Bully and The Beast Podcast 01:17:57 JJ Reddick ABANDONS Old Man Podcast and other shows to coach Lakers 01:27:28 What A Experience Podcast with Lonzo and Gelo Ball 01:44:00 Has DJ Akademiks FALLEN OFF since Drake & Kendrick BEEF 01:59:34 Poetik Flakko RUNS DOWN On MJTV 02:16:38 Office Hours 02:43:55 Closing Remarks


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Ep. 66 “Battered Victims” | Rory COOKS AJ The Menace, Joe Budden 20 vs. 1, Andrew Schulz vs. Jeff Wittek, Bag Fuel & More



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Ep. 65 "False Narratives" | Tax Season RETURN, Queenzflip BEEF w/ Joe Budden, Tony The Closer, Mexicans On Juneteenth, Charlamagne ADDRESSES Tyla Rumors, Who Is Raqi Thunda

00:00 Sizzle Intro 01:01 Show Start 05:42 Tax Season RETURN / Who Is Raqi Thunder 22:11 Tony The Closer RUINS Tax Stone’s Twitter Spaces 42:32 Eye Con Upset There is no Mexican Representation at The Pop Out Show 58:37 Josh At No Jumper Misses old host ( AD, Housephone and Doknow ) 01:08:26 Charlamagne Address The Tyla Situation on Breakfast Club 01:27:35 Queenzflip FAKE Firing from Joe Budden Podcast 01:57:53 Office Hours


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Ep. "Quality Crashout" | NORE FAKE VIEWS, Taxstone ROAST Poetik Flakko, Queenzflip FIRED?, Candace Owens Is BACK, Charlamagne BACKLASH & More

00:00 Sizzle Intro 01:25 Show Start 07:00 Juice Wayne “Crawfish and Crashouts” 26:11 Tax Stone On Twitter Space ROASTING Poetik Flakko 44:47 Tax Stone Reason For Hating Joe Budden Is Because Of Combat Jack 53:21 Taxstone EXPOSES NORE for Fake Views on Drink Champs and Losing CBS Deal 01:14:29 Queenzflip FIRED Or Suspended From Joe Budden Podcast / How Will The Show Evolve 01:38:43 Charlamange BASTED For Tyla Interview 01:49:40 Ray J Breakfast Club Crashout 02:01:04 Tariq Nasheed DESTROYS Myron From Fresh and Fit 02:21:03 Candace Owens is back and Independent / Forced Blackness In New Rebrand 02:33:00 Aba and Preach CLOWN Fresh and Fit For Terrible Yacht Party 02:44:21 Charleston White On “A Safe Space” Podcast w/ Lil Boat / 02:48:08 Jidion Is Still Christian 02:55:11 Office Hours 03:24:21 Closing Remarks


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Ep. 63 "PTSD" | Sharp CHECKS AJ, Who Sh*t Dejon, No Jumper STOLE From Homeroom, Twins Pod, Mackwop vs FMW, Skulls > Squabbles

00:00 Sizzle Intro 00:51 Patreon Pre-Show Snippet 01:10 Sizzle Intro 01:39 Show Start 05:01 John Breaks Bad News / Therapy Frog / Office Hours Strangest Things We Watch 19:50 Point and Shoot Shot At Music Video? 24:33 Full Send Podcast Will Smith 39:38 Twins Pod w/ Fresh & Fit and Destiny 57:00 Where is Just Pearly Things / Angry Reacts 01:12:47 Mel STORMS OFF After Argument With Ish / Is Mel ruining the podcast and why are the patterns so mid? 01:38:09 Shame On You Have Dejon Paul telling the story of when he got shot 02:00:59 No Jumper CANCELLED The Stop, Poetik Flakko & AJ The Menace Show 02:14:26 Brick Baby Admits To Having More Skulls than Squabbles VIOLATING Luce Cannon 02:34:47 Sharp calls AJ The Menace and Homeroom University SMALL FRIES & Weenies 02:54:02 Mackwop Goes CRAZY On Syxx during Ace Boyz World Wide 03:07:29 Ace Boyz Violating Poetik Flakko telling him to PULL UP 03:23:08 White Men Freestyling On Basketball Podcast 03:34:36 Office Hours 04:04:14 Closing Remarks/ Big Chief Shoutout 04:06:50 FAILED Outro


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Ep. 62 “Small Talk” | Where Is Wax?, Danny vs. Chigs Smooth, Charlamagne SHOTS At Elliott Wilson, Sharp VIOLATES Smack

00:00 Sizzle Intro 01:20 Podcast Start 04:08 Danny From The Stop VIOLATES Joe Budden Entire Crew 17:40 Danny From The Stop and Chigs Smooth HEATED ARGUMENT 36:07 Logan Paul vs George and Mike 58:05 Charlemagne’s New Book Answers Where Is WAX 01:11:29 Charlamagne VIOLATES Elliott Wilson on Brilliant Idiots 01:22:24 Sharp and Smack FACEOFF For Best Pimp 01:39:16 Random Topics 01:40:49 Office Hours


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Ep. 61 “Overstayed Welcome” | AJ VIOLATES Sharp Rob, Unapologetic Heaux, Back On Fig AMBUSH, No Jumper, Big Sloth, Ace Boyz

00:00 Sizzle Intro 01:18 Podcast Start 04:51 Adam22 Is The West Coast Boogeyman 17:26 AJ Face Off With Pun On Cuhmunity Clips 27:28 AJ vs. Sharp / AJ VIOLATES Sharp for being a Bad Podcaster 56:56 Adam Cancels all show / Exit Interviews 01:07:51 Trell and Smac AMBUSH Homeroom University During Apollo Appearance / F YO MAMA 01:31:32 Ace Boyz Rio Virtue Signal King 01:53:54 Anomalous DM compliment 01:55:53 Big Sloth In the Apollo Comments 02:03:22 Final Thoughts On West Coast Podcast Tour 02:14:02 Office Hours


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Ep. 60 "Bad Podcasting" ft. Adam22 | No Jumper LAYOFFS, Elliott Wilson CHECKED Us, Joe Budden, Charlamagne, Akademiks SUED, Reddit Censorship & More

00:00 Sizzle Intro 00:59 Podcast Start/ Introduction Adam22 01:53 Adam Describes His relationship with Joe Budden 04:13 Why the west coast caters so much to their coast and not the entire country 08:08 Elliott Wilson G Checked Homeroom University at LA Function 10:27 Elliott Wilson Charged Adam22 10,000 For a interview 12:19 Elliott Wilson G Checking AJ The Menace / Put Some Respect On My Name 24:37 Adam22 plans for content after CANCELLING All No Jumper Shows 35:03 Joe Budden FINALLY Addresses The Diddy and Cassie Video / Tahiry and Joe have a heated exchange on instagram 58:24 DJ Akademiks SUED By woman who claims she was taken advantage of at his house 01:12:06 Math Hoffa and Joe Rogan Experience thumbnails are TERRIBLE 01:13:00 Terrance Howard Joe Rogan Experience 01:24:09 Raw Talk w/ Sneako and Myron / Myron still HATES Andrew Schulz 01:27:56 Adam22 and Andrew Schulz almost started a podcast 01:28:28 Adam breaks down Charlamagne LORE About him going PC and flagrant blowing up 01:31:37 Would Adam22 Every step into political interviews 01:32:49 Full Send Podcast Trump, Falling Off dropping YouTube videos and Conservative alignment 01:36:49 Myron on why he hates Andrew Schulz on Raw Talk 01:42:23 Adam22 Relationship with The Whatever Podcast 01:43:49 Are there any real friends in media 01:45:01 Tell vs Adam22 BEEF status 01:46:24 AJ’s mistake in giving criticism about Trell on the No Jumper Show 01:48:45 Adam22 Reacting to Trell saying he made his fans turn against him on “What Could Go Wrong” Podcast 01:50:05 AJ asking Adam22 about how the reddit mods were unfair during the Trell and AD era of No Jumper 01:56:15 What happened to Danny Mullen 01:59:32 Office Hours 02:00:41 Review Adam22 and Trap Lore Ross My Expert Opinion Episode 02:01:52 Does Homeroom University work for No Jumper now? 02:05:03 J Noblez slam poetry voice over request 02:06:51 No Jumepr having some of the worst podcast ever 02:11:11 Best B Mic on a podcast Housephone 02:15:33 AJ getting feedback on annoying repeat phrases 02:15:53 AJ’s feelings on Trell talking about Cuhmunity appearance 02:19:09 J Noblez look alike comparisons 02:20:01 AJ’s feelings on Shame On You podcast reacting to Cuhmunity appearance / does Pun hate AJ? 02:27:00 Club Shay Shay Amanda Seals and Gary Owens comparisons 02:28:24 Closing Remarks


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Ep. 59 "2pm In Jersey" | Ish DESTROYS Joe Budden Pod Vibe, Andrew Schulz & Akademiks, Mal's EPIC Drake Rant, Shannon vs Shaq & More!



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Ep. 58 "Nasty Work" | Charlamagne SLEEZY Move On Akademiks, Bridget Kelly STEALS From Mandii B, Vlad Goes KAREN, Ebro & Funk Flex, Kendrick vs. Drake WINNER, Brendan Schaub Copyright LOSS

00:00 Sizzle Intro 01:37 Podcast Start 06:16 Charlamagne uses Akademiks to promote his book 49:32 Ebro & Funk Flex take shots at Akademiks / Hot97 best combo 59:55 Full Breakdown on who won Drake vs. Kendrick Diss Tracks 01:34:14 DJ Vlad Goes Karen and tries to get Princeton Professor Fired 02:05:30 Bridget Kelly STOLE Mandii “See The Thing Is Podcast” pages for new show 02:09:37 Brendan Schaub LOST Copyright case and helps podcasters 02:29:06 Office Hours 02:57:43 Closing Show Remarks / Future Plans


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Ep. 57 "Podcafé" | Black Effect Festival, Amanda Seals, Redbar University, Akademiks DISRESPECTS Adam22, Joe Budden vs Poetik Flakko

00:00 Sizzle Intro 01:33 Podcast Start 03:52 Black Effect Podcast Festival Review 31:08 Whoreible Decisions vs Million Dollar Worth Of Game Sets 50:57 Podcast Cafeteria and the state of each network 01:07:14 Aba and Preach Copyright Strikes/EyeQ EXPOSES Adam22 for Copyright Strikes 01:28:37 Akademiks DISRESPECTS Adam22’s Wife and Campaigns to hook up with Lena 01:52:14 Mitch From “Safe Space Podcast” and Camp Gagnon w/ VBoogie 02:07:47 Amanda Seals Club Shay Shay HEATED Debate/ Who was wrong in the interview 02:50:08 Joe Budden Violates Poetik Flakko/ Is No Jumper a Hip Hop Platform 03:10:03 Redbar University/ J Noblez Is Mikes Favorite 03:24:47 Office Hours


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Ep. 56 "Cautionary Tale" | Joe Budden BEEF w/ Adam22, Jerrod Carmichael, Conversations w/ Unc, Adam VIOLATES AD



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Ep. 55 "HIGH School" | Akademiks Is KING, Media Top 3, Joe Budden VIOLATES Adam22, Champ EXPOSES Math Hoffa, Everyday Struggle RETURN



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Ep. 54 | Cole FOLDED, Boring Avengers, HOT97 Is FINISHED, Fresh & Fit Baby Drama, Andrew Schulz Submits To Joe Rogan, Sharp Is FINISHED

00:00 Sizzle Intro 01:20 Podcast Start 03:51 Cole Waives The White Flag AT Dreamville 30:57 Dreamville Block Party/ Meeting Mandii B/ Boring Avengers 49:14 Fresh Gets A Girl Pregnant/ Myron loses his mind 01:15:47 Candace Owens Should Join Fresh and Fit Podcast / Fired From Daily Wire/ Andrew Schulz calls out Ben Shapiro 01:37:24 Just Pearly Things Still Demonized after deleting 20k videos 01:45:49 Nessa On Air with Ian 01:52:08 Hot 97 Shutting Down in 2025 02:10:07 Everybody Turns On Andrew Schulz After Joe Rogan Experience 02:17:44 Kill Tony Podcast Isn’t Good 02:33:33 The Mothership Is Killing Austin TX comedy scene 02:46:31 Sharp Career IS FINISHED/ Beefing With Damnhomie 03:08:28 Redbar Is Watching 03:15:26 Office Hours


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Ep. 53 “Good Pod Bad Choices” ft. Olay | Olayemi Olurin DESTROYS Mayor Eric Adams, Coulda Been House, Yuriy v No Jumper, Joe Budden ACCUSED, Mandii B BLAMES The Stop & More

00:00 Sizzle Intro 01:30 Show Start 02:57 Olayemi Olurin VIOLATES Mayor Eric Adams On Breakfast Club / Charlamagne 42:43 Swag School ft. Housephone & AD on Figgmunity World 57:55 Coulda Been House Is EXPLOITIVE 01:14:14 Nav Green Podcast Broken Play 01:20:04 Lebron James and JJ Reddick Mind The Game Podcast 01:30:20 Flagrant w/ Lil Duval and JJ Reddick Interview 01:46:05 Andrew Schulz RUNNING From Juan Epstein Beef w/ Peter Rosenberg 01:52:51 Joe Budden ACCUSED Of Sexual Harassment by Good Moms Bad Choices Podcast 02:13:14 See The Thing Is Podcast BREAKUP & Mandii B BLAMES Danny From The Stop 02:28:48 Yuriy Goes VIRAL For Being INSECURE And Takes It Out On No Jumper 02:59:21 Poetik Flakko VIOLATES Potlord 03:07:17 Point and Shoot VIOLATES Trevor 03:26:23 AJ Thinks Elon Musk Fan Page Is REAL 03:32:08 Office Hours 03:55:37 Show Closing


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Ep. 52 "School Spirit" | Homeroom 1 Year Anniversary, Bridget Kelly RESPONDS To Mandii B, Office Hours

00:00 Sizzle Intro 01:00 Podcast Start 02:44 Thank You For This Past Year 14:29 Office Hours 17:36 Tone Groove Transcending To Leser Holt 22:52 Would We Sign With The Akamedy 34:31 Andrew Schulz vs Shane Gillis BEEF 44:45 End Of The Year Awards Suggestions 50:10 Who wold be the actors in Homeroom University Movie 01:01:41 Bridget Kelly Responds to Mandii B 01:13:19 PSA To Anyone Podcaster Contacting Us 01:16:21 Show End


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Ep. 51 "Check Mate" | Adam22 CRUSHES Trell, Mal Is The PROBLEM, PBD Cringfest ft. Andrew Schulz, Fresh n Fit v H3, Akademiks v Meek, Math Hoffa Storytime

True Tone Interview https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/truetone/id1662229270?i=1000648740507 00:00 Sizzle Intro 01:18 Show Start 04:10 Math On Upper Cut Podcast Details Crazy Champ Story 19:56 Mal Is The Problem with Rory and Mal Podcast/Too Cool for Collaborations 36:46 One Night With Steiny w/ Bob Menery 53:19 Adam22 CRUSHES Tell w/ Big Deal Interview 01:28:08 No Jumper RICO and Trells ONLY Option 02:00:55 Poetik Flakko vs Bricc Baby Police Games 02:12:42 Fresh and Fit vs H3 Ethan debate 02:31:37 Andrew Schulz on Patrick Beck David CRINGY Podcast 02:50:52 Joe Budden and Candace Owens HUMANS Interview Drops 03:02:30 Charlemagne on Steven A. Smith Show Was BORING 03:16:19 Meek Mill vs DJ Akademiks 03:22:43 Don’t Call Me White Girl VIOLATES Jess Hilarious and Mandii B 03:27:47 Office Hours 03:50:43 closing show remarks


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Ep. 50 "Don't Be Fooled" | My Expert Opinion FAKE Views & Co-Host Split, Rory & The Stop, Successful Podcast LIES



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Ep. 49 “We Started This” ft. AD | Need To Know Twitter, Adam22 Speaks On Joe Budden & AD w/ The Stop, Joe STEALS Guest, Candace Ownen & Joe Interview

00:00 Sizzle Intro 01:15 Podcast Start 02:48 Danny From The Stop Interview With Adam22 At No Jumper 19:32 AD Calls In To talk Adam22 Lies About Joe Budden and Status Of Figmunity World 39:04 Lush Returns To No Jumper And Sets It Off 01:08:53 Sharp and Bricc Baby Almost Beat Up Fan During Interview 01:13:16 Candace Owens having the blackest week 01:25:34 Savon from Need To Know Post Our Video 01:33:46 Akademiks CRASHES OUT On Meek Mill 01:47:13 Joe Budden GOES IN On Mandii About Stolen Guest 02:04:29 Joe Budden Check Queenzflip about A Mic and Wants Ish To Step Up More 02:18:49 Jesse Peterson on H3 and DC Young Fly 02:25:43 Katt Williams & Joe Rogan 02:36:59 Office Hours 03:13:25 Closing Show