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18 - Retail Hell and Red Bird Mints

If hell exists, it's probably similar to the checkout line at an Old Navy or Wal-Mart. That's right, this week we tackle the places that are retail hell for us. Plus, in peppermint news, we explain to you why Red Bird Mints are vastly superior to Bob's Mints. Follow us on social media on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @honestycheckpod. We have an unloved website over at www.honestycheckpod.com. If you have something you need to get off your chest send us an email at...


17 - Kid Stuff We Love as Adults

Our bodies may be old and decrepit, but we're young at heart. Do you like something that could be deemed childish, like face painting, stickers, coloring books or bounce houses? Well hot dang, so do we! Tangents in this episode include a debate about the best of all the Muppets (spoiler alert: if you're a Kermit or Miss Piggy fan you're going to be disappointed). Tell us who your favorite Muppet is via email at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. Or hit us up on social media on Facebook, Twitter and...


16 - Bucket Lists and Bunk Bed Trysts

Do you have a list of all the things you want to experience before you shuffle off this mortal coil? We do too...well, sort of. This week we discuss our bucket lists, as well as how bizarre and macabre the whole concept is of making a to-do list of all the outlandish things you want to accomplish before you forever expire. Plus, one of us has gotten busy in a bunk bed and lived to tell the tale. Have you had a bunk bed tryst before? Tell us about it at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. Or hit up...


15 - Would You Rather?

This week the ladies engage in a game of would you rather...with some psychologically revealing results. There's also a lot of talk about Steve Guttenberg for some reason. Why? You'll just have to listen to find out! Follow us on social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @honestycheckpod. Send us an email about your Steve Guttenberg fantasies at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. Or hit up our website at www.honestycheckpod.com There's more where this came from! Become a Patron of the Farts...


14 - Making a Murderer Discussion

We're true crime fans and also love a good documentary. So we both binged Netflix's Making a Murderer series, including the recent Part 2. We have a discussion of the new evidence revealed in Part 2 as well as some of our thoughts and feelings about the criminal justice system and appeals process. Tell us what you think about it by dropping us a note at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. Follow us on social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @honestycheckpod Subscribe to our Patreon and get...


13 - Scary Movie Mayhem

Happy Halloween! This week our dear friend and horror movie expert Matt joins us to honesty check the scary movies from our childhood. Does what scare you as a child still scare you as an adult? Take a listen and find out! Trigger Warning: We discuss a few movies that depict scenes of sexual violence. Listener discretion is advised. Tell us what movies scared the pants off of you when you were a kid by dropping us an email at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. Give us a follow on social media on...


12 - Fashion Flops and Infighting

Call the police because this week we are tackling crimes of fashion! And some people deserve life without parole for these heinous assaults against style. A heated debate from last week's episode rages on and threatens our friendship (and possibly the future of this podcast). Are you ready to confess to your fashion crimes? Consider us the judge and jury and send your confession to us a honestycheckpod@gmail.com. Give us a shout on social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram...


11 - Passive Aggressive Pinterest and Powder Problems

Do you find it hard to express what's in your heart? As usual, the internet holds the answer. We discuss the habit of creating passive aggressive Pinterest boards to spew your hateful garbage into the world. The ladies also discuss the best technique to address a particular chafing issue. Send us your best passive aggressive pins at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. Follow us on social media on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @honestycheckpod. Check out our website at www.honestycheckpod.com. You...


10 - Reality TV and Tina Rural Route Two

Reality television is a vast landscape filled with both trash and treasure. We discuss the hits and misses of this wild and crazy genre. We also determine our pen names with some unique results. Follow us on social media on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @honestycheckpod. Pitch us your idea for a reality show via email at honestycheckpod@gmail.com Hit up our website at www.honestycheckpod.com. Just can't get enough of us? Become a patron! Subscribe to our Patreon at...


9 - Travel Terrors and Tickledicks

We love traveling but flying the unfriendly skies isn't always our favorite. We break down why air travel kinda sucks, including some nefarious behavior to keep your eyes open for on airplanes. Have you caught a stranger in the middle of some questionable behavior on an airplane? If so tell us all about it at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. Interact with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @honestycheckpod. Show our website some love at www.honestycheckpod.com We have more of our garbage...


8 - Greatest Fears and Demonic Possession Preparedness

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself...well, that and clowns, spiders, drowning, accidental murder, child trafficking and a bunch of other stuff. Adina has a proactive plan ready just in case Sonya falls prey to demonic possession. Share your greatest fears with us on social media via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @honestycheckpod. Send us an email to tell us we're scaredy cats at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. Hit up our website at www.honestycheckpod.com If you want more Honesty...


7 - Blame it on the Alcohol and Aspergers

Excessive consumption of alcohol brings out a different side of people, and we are no exception. Here's a few of the best stories of us at our worst. In other news, an online psychology assessment leads to a revelation for Sonya. Give us a shout on social media (Twitter, Insta, FB) @honestycheckpod. Send us one of your best drunk stories at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. Give our website a gander at www.honestycheckpod.com. Subscribe to our Patreon page and get more of us than you can handle!...


6 - Vacation Tales and Blister Lake

Weird things keep happening to us on vacation, like Sonya getting smacked in the face or Adina being accosted by street performers. We share some of the best of our worst vacation stories, as well as come up with a brilliant idea for a new luxury planned community. Give us a shout on social media on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook @honestycheckpod. Give our website a peep at www.honestycheckpod.com. Send us an email with your craziest vacation encounter at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. Are you...



Hi there! At least half a dozen of you loyal listeners have asked for more Honesty Check, and we aim to please. So we have launched a Patreon community for Honesty Check! You can go to www.patreon.com/honestycheckpod to become a patron and get more details. Patreon content will drop on Fridays to tide you over through the weekend until your new regular episode drops on Tuesdays. We appreciate all of our listeners and your continued support of the podcast! Give us a follow on Twitter,...


5 - Smart Devices and Husky T2B

Do smart devices make you dumb and ruin your empathy? Probably. Spoiler Alert! This episode is Husky T2B with references to a whole bunch of tv shows and movies, most of which are off topic. Use your smart devices to give us a shout on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @honestycheckpod. Use the interwebs to find our website at www.honestycheckpod.com. If you just can't get enough of your favorite podcast, we have more for you on Patreon! Become a Patron of the Farts at...


4 - Fitness Fails and Ayds

Your hosts discuss all the various fitness trends they have tried and failed. A brunch date with a dear friend provides a retro gift that keeps on giving. You can find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @honestycheckpod. Send us an email about your favorite jazzercise class at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. Hit up our website at www.honestycheckpod.com. Subscribe to our Patreon! www.patreon.com/honestycheckpod Intro music by MIC - find him as burtonm6 on Fiverr!


3 - Haunted Antique Malls and Survival Skills

Do you believe in ghosts? Sonya sure does and thinks antique malls are the most haunted places on earth. Adina threatens to bring a medium into the situation and is met with aggressive resistance. We also ponder the survival skills needed to survive a shipwreck, including the consumption of your own bodily fluids. Holler at us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @honestycheckpod. Send us an inspiring tale of survival at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. You can find our website at...


2 - Social Media Sleuthing and Interspecies Romance

Adina puts her cybersleuthing skills to work to determine if she was catfished by her long lost AOL Online boyfriend. Sonya has not seen The Shape of Water but has a lot of questions about the interspecies romance central to the film. Shout at us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @honestycheckpod. Send us an email about your forbidden interspecies romance (words only, no pictures please) at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. Hit up our website at www.honestycheckpod.com. Subscribe to our...


1 - Our Bodies, Ourselves (Double Chins Edition)

Your hosts tackle the unspoken secrets of what happens to a woman's body as she nears or passes 40 years old. We might pee a little now when we sneeze, but at least we don't have a fruit fly infested forklift foot like Mama June. You can find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @honestycheckpod. Send us an email to let us know your middle-aged body woes at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. Hit up our website at www.honestycheckpod.com. Subscribe to our Patreon!...


Welcome to Honesty Check!

Hi there! Welcome to Honesty Check! Please listen to this short introductory episode to learn a little about our podcast and to meet your hosts. Each week we will honesty check a different subject, and then veer wildly off-topic on a few different tangents. Please be warned this podcast contains explicit language and will cover sensitive subjects. You might not want to listen out loud at work or in front of children. Sometimes we get a little gross, so if you are easily offended this might...