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55 - People are Wild

Would you fly halfway across the world to marry a stranger you met on the internet? What about washing your clothes in the swimming pool to save money? Yep, there are people out there that do these things and you can find them on TLC's shows 90 Day Fiancee and Extreme Cheapskates. We discuss how people are absolutely wild and do insane things that they willingly let a tv network record and show to the world. Follow us on social media @honestycheckpod. Hit us up by email at...


54 - Bad Habits

Do you bite your nails? Leave your laundry on the floor? Pick at scabs? No judgment from us! We're full of bad habits, and we share a few of them with you this week. Follow us on social media @honestycheckpod. Tell us your worst bad habit over at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. If you need more Honesty Check in your life, you know where to find it! Head over to www.patreon.com/honestycheckpod and become a Patron of the Farts for only $5 a month and have access to exclusive content. Appreciate...


53 - Gettin Busy on a Budget

Do you feel like you have your finances in order? Well, we thought we did too until we realized we didn't. So we decided to get on a budget! This week we walk though the new budgeting program we are both trying, discuss where we bleed money, and come up with a new workout program. We are business minded and jacks of all trades. Follow us on social media @honestycheckpod. Send us your budgeting tips to honestycheckpod@gmail.com. If you've got $5 to spare you should treat yourself to more...


52 - Anniversary Extravaganza

Happy anniversary to us! We launched Honesty Check a year ago and this week we are celebrating! Join us in our stroll down memory lane as we share our favorite bits from prior episodes, as well as the lessons learned and meaningful experiences we've had in a year of podcasting. Follow us on social media @honestycheckpod. Send an anniversary greeting to us at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. A great anniversary present would be to join our Patreon! Head over to patreon.com/honestycheckpod and get...


51 - Group Dynamic

Guest host extraordinaire JP (professionally known as Nasty Pants) joins us for another episode as we tackle the trickiness and stickiness of group dynamics. Navigating friendships can often be fraught with obstacles, but it seems especially so in a group where you have to deal with a multitude of attitudes and behaviors. We share some of our experiences dealing with difficult people in group friendships. Also, we were about two champagne bottles of mimosas deep while recording so this one...


50 - All Gay All the Way

We have our first return guest! Our amazing friend JP (a/k/a Nasty Pants) joins us for this episode to discuss all things gay. We hit on more serious topics like coming out, dating in today's social media obsessed culture, and addressing hurtful gay stereotypes. And then we talk a lot about the Jonas Brothers (Nick Jonas in particular, hey how you doin'?) and which gay celebrities would make our top five lists. Follow the podcast on social media platforms @honestycheckpod. If you have any...


49 - Summertime Blues

The ladies of Honesty Check have had their fill of summertime. It's been three months of being too busy, too hot, too frustrated and too tired. The joke is on us though since we live in the South; it'll be summer until November probably. Follow us on social media @honestycheckpod. Send us an email about why your summer has been blah at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. You can find our website over at www.honestycheckpod.com. Join our Patreon! Head over to www.patreon.com/honestycheckpod and cool...


48 - Moving Sucks

Moving houses is a wild and unpredictable ride. Adina has been busy the last couple weeks packing up and moving out. She shares some of the misadventures that have kept her busy recently. In other news, paying bills is a pain and Sonya may need sensitivity training. Follow us on social media @honestycheckpod. Throw us a line over at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. Get up in that Patreon! Head over to www.patreon.com/honestycheckpod and join our community and help support the podcast. Appreciate...


47 - Patreon Potluck

Y'all, we've had a rough couple of weeks so we haven't recorded a new episode. But fear not! We've repurposed a couple of clips from our Patreon for your enjoyment while we get our lives together. Enjoy some knock knock jokes and our review of Skyscraper to tide you over till next week. If you'd like to join our Patreon head over to www.patreon.com/honestycheckpod and treat yo'self. Follow our social medias @honestycheckpod. Send us an email at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. Appreciate you!


46 - Common Decency 101

You know what's hot? Treating people with respect, courtesy and kindness. We've encountered some folks recently who need a reminder about manners, so this week class is in session for Common Decency 101. Basically, don't be a jerk, be thoughtful to those around you, and don't litter. Littering is a big one for us. Give us some tips on being decent people at honestycheckpod@gmail.com Follow us on the social medias @honestycheckpod. Hit up that website at www.honestycheckpod.com. What's on...


45 - Animated and Agitated

As it sometimes happens, this week's topic chose us as we began venting about all the things that currently agitate us. Topics include: strange and uncomfortable YouTube videos, aggressive hammock swinging, mismatched barstools, the barefoot neighborhood wanderer, making yourself sick by laughing too hard, and bangs on dudes. None of it makes any sense, but it doesn't mean we're not wrong either. Tell us what has got you all worked up lately at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. Or hit up our...


44 - PodX Wrap Up (and a Drunken Adventure)

We had the distinct pleasure of attending the PodX Conference in Nashville, TN earlier this month. We met people. We learned things. We got drunk on the first day. And we recorded ourselves being drunk. Don't worry about it! Stay tuned after the end of the episode and you'll get to experience a slice of that madness. If after listening to this episode if you still think it would be fun to have a drink with us, let us know at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. Follow us on social media...


43 - A Walk in the Woods

In our quest to become more physically active, we recently took a delightful stroll through the woods one sunny afternoon. And we brought the mobile recorder so you could be a fly on the wall during the experience. You'll hear us fart, be accosted by a Spanish ghost, complain about litterbugs, worry about troll attacks, fantasize about meeting Jason Bateman, and talk about our deceased pets. It's a journey in more ways than one. Follow us on the social medias @honestycheckpod. Throw us a...


42 - HGTV and Me

A rant about Trading Spaces led to a rant about the Property Brothers which turned into a whole episode of trash talking about HGTV. We had a different topic planned for the episode, but sometimes you just gotta sail where the wind takes you. Adina and Sonya also come up with several new wacky business ventures they'd love to pursue if time, talent and finances weren't a hindrance. Get social with us on the social medias @honestycheckpod. Slip by our website and get into the business over...


41 - And Scene...

Adina and Sonya have many talents between them; however, acting may not be one of them. This week your hosts embrace their inner thespians to perform a series of short plays for your listening pleasure (or torture). Special thanks to Monologue Blogger for providing us with the material. Critique our performance on social media on Twitter or Instagram @honestycheckpod. Send us a long form review by email at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. I promise there is no material on our website where we...


40 - Judge Not Lest Ye Be a Jerk

Those who judge will never understand, and those who understand will never judge. We didn't make that up, but wiser words were never found on an unattributed pin from Pinterest. This week, per listener request, we are discussing the ways in which we feel judged and how we handle judgment in our lives. In summary - let's just be nice to each other, y'all. Follow us on all the social medias @honestycheckpod. You can slide over to our website at www.honestycheckpod.com. Judge this episode by...


39 - We Don't Know What Happened Here

Y'all, this one is a mixed bag! We'd been feeling uninspired lately, so Adina thought she'd warm us up with some games of FMK and Would You Rather? A random mish-mash of conversation followed, including subjects such as SEC football, carousel injuries, country farm memories, and Sonya's cat hoarder neighbor. You never know where the journey is headed, friends. Tell us something random about yourself by dropping us a note to honestycheckpod@gmail.com. Or you can pop by our social media...


38 - Cool for the Summer

Summer is almost here! It's time for vacations, backyard cookouts, and hanging out at the pool. We talk about our plans for the summer, and reminisce about some of our favorite vacations. And we also say a silent prayer for all you folks that are about to have your kids at home for the next couple of months. Do you have any big summer plans? We'd love to hear about them. Send us an email at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. You can also hit us up on all the social medias @honestycheckpod. Swing by...


37 - Thankful for Pinker Dinker

This week we have an attitude of gratitude! We discuss having a mindset of thankfulness and appreciating life's blessings. In other happenings, an unusual birthday gift takes on a life of its own and becomes an official podcast mascot. Long Live Pinker Dinker! Hit us up on social media @honestycheckpod. Send us an email and tell us what you are grateful for over at honestycheckpod@gmail.com. Become a Patron! We have cool stuff over there for you too. Just hit up...


36 - Finding Balance

Life is filled with needs and obligations. Trying to find stability and feeling overwhelmed is a constant struggle. So this week we discuss the challenge of finding balance in our busy lives. In other news, Adina is still confused and losing time and Sonya made an Ambien-induced sleep snack. You know, the usual hijinks, snort laughing and ridiculousness. Follow us on social media @honestycheckpod. Send us any suggestions you have for finding balance (or curing Sonya's insomnia) at...