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Episode 88: The Lincoln Avenue Lawyer (LIVE at Lincoln Avenue Brewery)

Adam and Steve take a visit to Bellevue, PA to talk to Grant the owner/brewer of the Lincoln Avenue Brewery and his wife Lisa. We talk about the challenges and excitement of opening the first brewery in a town that was dry from 1931 to 2015. We talk about the ways the community as come together to help get the brewery open and how Lincoln Avenue is giving back. We learn Grant's history as brewer and finally we hear the return of the Dirty Anagrammer 9000 featuring holiday...


Episode 87: A Barley Brown Christmas

We're back from Thanksgiving, fatter and drunker. This week Steve and Adam have a solid bout of brown talk, talking about the oft overlooked and sometimes forgotten about brown ale. They talk about Sierra Nevada's charity beer, the Resilience IPA, the other breweries participating and how homebrewers can get in on the spirit of giving in the name of the Camp Fire Relief Fund. Then Adam and Steve answer beer questions from Beer Advocate. Finally Steve provides reviews of beer apps. Spoiler,...


Episode 86.5: Drankskilling

Happy Thanksgiving! It's a real hodgepodge of an episode featuring comedy from Anbrew Dipa, unaired goofs and clips from previous shows, and a special liquor review with Sean from the In Poor Taste Podcast. #ChristBash Beers: Cigar City Marshal Zhukov's Russian Imperial Stout


Episode 86: The Fault in Sour Stars

Adam is joined by a new cohost Haley to highlight sour beers from all over the country. Steve is also there and unhappy about the whole affair. They talk about PBR being killed by MillerCoors and the brewer of Blue Moon is coming out with a new THC Beer. Then they talk sours styles, what separates them from other beers and homebrewing tips for sours. Finally, it's time for The Prime is Wrong the best game show about the worst craft beer gifts you could give someone this holiday...


Episode 85: Flagons of Our Fathers

Steve, Adam and Dennis celebrate Veteran's Day. Dennis has stories from his military experience and Adam has fun military facts. Then we recap Making a Murderer for Adam and everyone else who isn't up to speed. Finally we end with Thanksgiving recipes utilizing craft beer. All this and more. Beers: Destihl Flanders Red Wild Sour Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales Calabaza Blanca White Ale Decadent Ales Blueberry Creamsicle DIPA


Episode 84: Barley and The Chocolate Brewery

Adam and Steve are drinking their post Halloween haul in the form of chocolate stouts. They talk about the new Brew Dog Airlines and the Brewer's Association changing the definition of craft beer...again. Then they get into how use chocolate in your own homebrews and well as a short history lesson on the relationship between beer and chocolate. Spoiler; beer invented chocolate. Finally it's back to the lab again to concoct a homebrew recipe for an All-Inclusive Holiday Beer. All this and...


Episode 83: Beeroween II

Steve, Adam and Dennis are in for a night of frights with spooky beers from across the country. First they recap Brewtal Beerfest 3 with a sidetrack to Making a Murderer. Then they have tips for making your Halloween more craft beer and hombrewing centric with costumes, haunted houses and decorations. Finally they take a quiz putting their horror movie and beer knowledge to the test. Beers: Lavery The Devil's Pumpkin Ale Latitude 42 + Ninkasi Lucifer's Cuvee 3 Floyds Zombie Dust


Episode 82: Ginger Beer Snaps Back

Steve, Kelsey and Adam are back at it. This week they're reviewing ginger beers and beers with ginger in them, but not ginger ale. Helltown buys Rivertowne and Maumee Bay has a plant problem. Then we learn about Jamaica, Spain, spice trades, and the Civil War in the history of ginger beer. Finally, Kelsey and Steve take the ginger quiz and Adam bufus the job of Quizmaster. Beers: New Belgium Lemon-Ginger Tartastic Sprecher Hard Ginger Beer Mother Earth Call Me Ginger Blonde


Episode 81: Too Much Spice World

Kelsey, Adam and Steve revisit the world of spicy beers in hopes of finding redemption from Episode 29. They are reminded, "Be careful what you wish for," when they drink The World's Hottest Beer. Also they talk about Natty Light's 77 rack of swill, the European Craft Brewers Association forming, Kegadeth and Rivertowne up for auction. Then they talk about trends coming out of the Great American Beer Festival and finally play a round of would you rather while their faces melt. Beers: North...


Episode 80: The Hunt for Rye Oktoberfest w/ Jason Cercone

This week Adam, Steve and Dennis are joined by Pittsburgh Libations Week organizer and Breaking Brews siterunner Jason Cercone. We talk about the upcoming PLW Kick Off Bash as well as what we can expect from Pittsburgh Libations Week. Then Jason takes over the show in preparation for the return of Over A Couple of Beers and interviews the Hop Nation USA hosts. Finally, we put Jason on the spot again in honor of WWE Evolution and have him pair female wrestlers with some of his favorite beers....


Episode 79: Room Full of Spoonwood (LIVE at Spoonwood Brewing)

Adam, Dennis and Regular Steve sit down the Steve Ilnicki the headbrewer at Spoonwood Brewing. They talk about the upcoming the charity beer release event for the Turtle Survival Alliance, featuring the release of the Turtle Waste of Time Black Lager. They also talk Spoonwood history, Steve's favorite beers to brew, music and The Simpsons as inspiration, pizza and take a quiz around charity in beer. Beers: Spoonwood Turtle Waste of Time Black Lager Spoonwood Cinnamon Ghoul Pumpkin...


Episode 78: AmeriCAN Graffiti

Steve, Adam, and Bubba discuss the finer things in life, art. More specifically beer can art. The labels are getting reviews just like the beers. They talk about Gaffigan's gaff, when he derided craft beer on CBS Sunday Morning and then move onto the discovery of the oldest brewery in Israel. From there they profile three beer can artists; David Paul Seymour, Keith Shore, and the well known Ralph Steadman. Finally, the hosts take their shot add conceptualizing can art for the upcoming Venom...


Episode 77: A Canadian Wolfcop in Ellicottville

It's just Adam and Steve this week and they're reviewing beers from the Ellicottville Brewing Company. First they talk about the Atlanta Falcons new stadium beer from Wild Heaven, brewer wages, and events in the Pittsburgh area like Greensburg Craft Beer Week. Then Adam provides a travel guide when travelling from Pittsburgh to Ellicottville including breweries on the way and what to do once you get there. Finally Steve forces Adam to talk about another independent film featuring craft beer...


Episode 76: The Longest Half Yard (Fantasy Fridge Craft Draft 2018)

Kelsey, Adam and Steve are ready to draft their 2018 Fantasy Fridges full of craft beer. But first they talk about the life and death of breweries including Tallgrass, Enix and the Lincoln Avenue Brewery. Then they get into the etiquette of football watch parties and not being THAT guy of the party. All the while they provide scouting reports for beers from breweries that have never been on the show before. Beers: Adelbert's Brewery Mango Wit Fulton 300 Mosiac IPA Odd13 QDH Codename:...


Episode 75: Mystery Science Theater Beer-Thousand (Mystery Fridge 2)

Adam, Bubba and Steve reach deep into the fridge of mystery once again for three totally random beers. Adam and Steve recap their trip to Cooper's Lake for the PA Brewersfest. Then they get into the new BrewDog streaming TV service. Is it worth it? Who would watch it? How pathetic does Steve sound begging for a job there? Finally, they all come up with their own beer festivals include cars, trains, and hockey. Beers: 2 Roads No Limits Hefeweizen Platform Speed Merchant White...


Episode 74 BONUS

In this Batch of Bonus Goodness: - We ask Doug if he'd ever organize a Beer & BBQ fest - The Strawberry Frosty Mandela Effect - Tips for making your own BBQ sauce - The origins of 412 BBQ - Bob Nutting gets called out


Episode 74: Pitmasters of the Universe

Steve and Adam are joined by Douglas Derda, host of the Should I Drink That? podcast and curator of YinzLoveBBQ.com to talk about BBQ around the city of Pittsburgh, pairing beer with BBQ and events around the city. They're also joined by Jamal Harrigan the owner and proprietor of The Smokey City's 412 BBQ talk about inspiration for sauces and rubs, and owning a small business. Their BBQ knowledge is tested as they're pitted against each other, and Steve in a trivia showdown. All the while,...


Episode 73: Bract to School

Adam's wishes come true, as he gets to do a full episode of hefeweizen beers...but is it a monkey's paw wish? He's joined by Steve and Kelsey as they recap Freshfest, the first black beer fest, and another beerfest which wasn't so good. Also it's back to school time, so they take a trip down memory lane looking at some of their favorite drinking games, and end the episode with an edutaining quiz about the brewing schools in America. Beers: Rhinegeist Hugh Hefeweizen Weihenstephaner/Sierra...


Episode 72: Porter's Guide to the Brewery Apocalypse (w/ Porter Brewery Tours)

Steve and Adam are joined by Aadam, Johnny and Hank from the Porter Brewery Tours in Pittsburgh. They sit down to talk about how their business got its start, how the guides' first found craft beer, and the Pittsburgh craft beer scene in general. They get into their perfect brewery tours and favorite spots around the Burgh. Finally they find themselves on an Oregon Ale Trail designed by Steve; a cross country brewery adventure meant to test their skill as navigators. Find out how many names...


Episode 71: Bright Lights, Allegheny City (LIVE at Allegheny City Brewing)

Adam, Steve, and Dennis are joined by Al, Matt, and Amy the owners of Allegheny City Brewing in the heart of Deutschtown on the North Side of Pittsburgh. They sit doown to talk history of the brewery and brewers, collaborating on beers, and the upcoming Fresh Fest. They also talk about the new Pittsburgh Brewer's Guild and what that means for tourism to the city. Finally, it's a Team ACB vs Team Hop Nation USA in an alphabet trivia battle to the end. Beers: Allegheny City Brewing A Beer...