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Expect the unexpected as Ian makes radio that's worth talking about.

Expect the unexpected as Ian makes radio that's worth talking about.
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Expect the unexpected as Ian makes radio that's worth talking about.




Episode 92 - Donny Tourette and Frank Maudsley

This week Ian was joined by two musical artists making a comeback; Towers of London frontman Donny Tourette, who spoke about the issues in the past as well as moving forward with a new album, and Frank Maudsley, bassist from 80s band A Flock of Seagulls, who chatted about the bands return and their new recordings featuring all four original members. Also on the show was Nat’s dating stories, plus regular Harriet Thorpe, who rang in live to continue to berate Ian for not seeing her show.


Episode 91 - Ellise Chappell and Alan Flanagan

Ian was live with an important show rebrand announcement featuring several swears, and was also joined by guests Ellise Chappell, actress featuring in the new series of Poldark, and writer and actor Alan Flanagan, who has a one man show opening at the Pleasance Theatre in London. Also on the show, as normal, was Harriet Thorpe, who once again shouted at Ian for not coming to see her show Ruthless, The Musical.


Episode 90 - Chris Woodley and Lara Pictet

This week Ian spoke to Chris Woodley about his play ‘The Soft Subject (A Love Story)’ and actress Lara Pictet about her plans for world domination. Ian also tried to get to the bottom of why someone keeps throwing holy water over Nat on the train, and tries to get in touch with former Danish intern Truls for the new feature ‘Truls’ Travel Time’, which will begin when Truls decides to answer his phone.


Episode 89 - Tom Ratcliffe and Olive Gray

This week Ian and Producer Nat were joined by actor and writer, Tom Ratcliffe, was was on the show to talk about his new play 'Gifted', which has a short run at the Pleasance Theatre. Additionally, actress Olive Gray was in the studio to talk all about her new series 'Home from Home' featuring the likes of Johnny Vegas and Emilia Fox. Harriet Thorpe also appears in the show to berate Ian once more, and Nat talks about her sex dreams which involve mummification.


Episode 88 - Jeff Wayne, Bobby Crush & Glyn Pritchard

A lovely trio of guests were on the show this week, starting with legendary composer Jeff Wayne, who was on the phone to talk about the 40th anniversary tour of ‘War of the Worlds’, with Ian telling him how scared the soundtrack made him when he was younger. Also on the show was actor Glyn Pritchard, who is starring in the the Soho Theatre’s production of ‘One Green Bottle’. The final guest was performer Bobby Crush, who it turns out Ian is a huge fan of, who is talking all about his part...


Episode 87 - Tom Lucy, Tommy Bastow and Brian Bovell

Three guests in the building! First up was comedian Tom Lucy, who was in the studio ahead of his ‘Needs To Stop Showing Off In Front Of His Friends’ show at the Soho Theatre. Following Tom was actor Tommy Bastow, who not only refused to reveal to Ian the last time he had sex, but also managed to turn the interview onto Ian. Finally, esteemed actor Brian Bovell joined the gang, to talk about his acting career and reaching the Celebrity Masterchef semi-finals. Also, Harriet Thorpe was on the...


Episode 86 - Chas Hodges, Calam Lynch & Chickenshed

Ian had a very busy show on Monday, with guests Ashley Driver and Olivier Leclair from Chickenshed Theatre in the studio ahead of their production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Then on the phone was the legendary Chas Hodges from Chas & Dave, who was discussing the duo’s new album and getting into emailing. Finally, actor Calam Lynch was in the studio to discuss his role in ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ at The Rose Theatre in Kingston. Also on the show was Harriet Thorpe (again) and...


Episode 85 - Ben Zand and Sarah Milton

‘Surprise’ guest Harriet Thorpe made it onto the fourth show in a row by once again telling Ian off for not yet going to see her show. Ian was then joined by documentary maker Ben Zand, who joined the show to talk about his new documentary for BBC iPlayer about rapper R Kelly and the allegations against him. Following this, actress and writer Sarah Milton popped by to discuss her show Tumble Tuck, which opens at the King’s Head Theatre later in April.


Episode 84 - Radu Isac and Ian Brown

Once again Harriet Thorpe joined Ian on the phone in her bid to appear on 21 consecutive shows and to get Ian to actually attend her show Ruthless, which is currently on in the West End. Ian then told tales of his first threesome, before Ian Brown, creator of adult animated series The Bruvs joined him in the studio to discuss the series, but also about his time as a writer on 'This Is Your Life'. Following this, Romanian comedian Radu Isac was on the show to talk about his upcoming English...


Episode 83 - Jamali Maddix & Lee and Dean

Last week actress Harriet Thorpe promised to be on Ian’s show every week until he came and see her new show Ruthless and, sticking to her word, she rang in to ask why he hadn’t been yet. Ian also berated poor Connor Wallace again, even when he rang in to apologise. The first guest in the studio was comedian Jamali Maddix, fresh off a plane from New York, to talk about his new worldwide tour and about Viceland’s Hate Thy Neighbour. He was followed by Miles Chapman and Mark O’Sullivan,...


Episode 82 - Brilliant Jerks and Harriet Thorpe

This week the show kicked off with a tale of Ian in a fight in a pub, and with a complete debacle over who should be on the phone to sing a song. This was interrupted by the arrival of Absolutely Fabulous actress Harriet Thorpe, who vowed to be a part of the next 21 episodes, ahead of her appearance in Ruthless! The Musical. Eventually, a caller named Sam rang up and decided to sing, although that wasn't without its own controversies, before two cast members of Brilliant Jerks, which is...


Episode 81 - Scott and Sid & Vincent Regan

Ian was live and kicked off the show by asking listeners to ring in; Mark did, and have nothing to say but it was agreed upon Nat would be his Best Man at his upcoming wedding, but only on a number of conditions. The first actual guest were filmmakers Scott & Sid, who have spent years making a film about their lives, which is now being released in UK cinemas in March. Barry joined Ian on the phone before having to hang up, and actor Vincent Regan popped in ahead of the release of his new...


Episode 75 - Daniel Ings and Leonie Elliott

Ian is back! For his first show of 2018 he is joined, as usual, by producer Nat, as well as actor Daniel Ings, star of Lovesick, and Leonie Elliott, who is the latest addition to Call The Midwife.


Episode 22 - Kit Redstone and Eddie Lin

Ian and Barry Dodds discussed where hardness comes from. Kit Redstone promoted his semi-autobiographical project Testosterone. Eddie Lin discussed the upcoming docu-feature American Aftermath about consuming placenta.


Episode 74 - Pippa Bennett-Warner and Hannah Warman

In the final show before Christmas, Ian attempts to get Christmassy, as Hannah Warman pops into the studio to discuss her new Christmas song 'Merry Christmas (Don’t Be A D)!'. Ian is also joined by actor Pippa Bennett-Warner, and scrutinises her CV. Nat also does a rendition of the Queen’s Christmas Speech.


Episode 73 - Levi Roots, Andrew Polec, Christina Bennington and Jennifer Kirby

This week’s show was a very busy one, starting off with the one and only Levi Roots joining Ian in the studio to promote his Christmas track 'Reggae Reggae Christmas', followed by Andrew Polec and Christina Bennington from Bat Out of Hell The Musical on the phone after their recent Evening Standard Award win. Finally, Jennifer Kirby popped in to talk all about Call The Widwife, and her eyes.


Episode 72 - Joseph Lynn and Mark Stanley

Joining Ian on this edition of the show is photographer and filmmaker Joseph Lynn to discuss his work, and actor Mark Stanley, who is currently starring the BBC One drama Love, Lies and Record. Ian also discusses unauthorised biographies, tells his very own Star Wars joke, and gets offended by Mark Stanley who accidentally insults Red Dwarf.


Episode 71 - Elysia Wren and Sam Bain

Ahead of an enormous world tour, Elysia Wren joins Ian to discuss Fast & Furious Live, and is questioned about whether she secretly wants things to go wrong. Then Peep Show and Fresh Meat co-creator Sam Bain pops in to discuss his debut play The Retreat, which is currently running at The Park Theatre.


Episode 70 - Improvised Twin Peaks, Tommy Donbavand, Connor Wallace

Connor Wallace joins Ian on the phone at the start of the show for an interesting rendition of a Tina Turner classic, before Tommy Donbavand chats to Ian about his battle with cancer. Later, Jonah Fazel and Lucy Trodd, director and actress from Improvised Twin Peaks come into the studio to convince Ian that Twin Peaks is worth his time.


Episode 69 - June Sarpong and Nathan Bryon

In this episode Ian is joined by June Sarpong, who is promoting her new book Diversify, but is more than happy to chat about *that* Michael Jackson seance, and Nathan Bryon who is releasing the second series of his comedy anthology web-series #Reality.