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Expect the unexpected as Ian makes radio that's worth talking about.

Expect the unexpected as Ian makes radio that's worth talking about.
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Expect the unexpected as Ian makes radio that's worth talking about.




Episode 108 - Matthew Floyd Jones and Arabella Burfitt-Dons

This week actor Matthew Floyd Jones was the first guest to join Ian in the studio ahead of his tour of Richard Carpenter Is Close To You, followed by film producer Arabella Burfitt-Dons, who joined the gang to talk about her new film, aptly named ‘F.U.B.A.R’. Producer Nat suggested Arabella should screen her film in the Prince Charles Theatre, before uttering the now immortal words ‘pop it in an Odeon’.


Episode 107 - John Altman & Chef Roze

John Altman (AKA Nasty Nick from Eastenders) was our first guest in the studio this afternoon as he treated us to a drum solo on the desk and dreamed about appearing in other soaps as Nick Cotton! Following John was international Chef Roze Traore, who discussed how he started cooking and his plans for world domination. Producer Nat also swooned and Ian installed a klaxon in an attempt to silence her


Episode 106 - Johnny Vegas, Dave Spikey, Graham Fellows and more

What. A. Show. Johnny Vegas hung around and was elevated to co-host for this very special show! Johnny talked about his hate for Grease 2, and how Ian is essentially a borrower, which we can’t really argue with. Joining the gang on the phone was comedian Graham Fellows, who spoke the upcoming (and the first ever) Jilted John tour, and comedian Dave Spikey, who is about to start a 30th anniversary tour of his Juggling On A Motorbike tour. The final guest was actor and filmmaker Brad Moore,...


Episode 105 - Linda Lusardi, Johnny Vegas, Sam Kane and more

Linda Lusardi and Sam Kane were the first guests on this week’s show. They came in to talk about panto, their time spent with Lembit Opik and calling Ian short. Hannah George and Taylor Glenn from new podcast Drunk Women Solving Crime were also in the studio, and they got a bonus interviewer in the shape of Johnny Vegas, who popped into the studio largely unannounced to make a personal plea to Nat to visit West Drayton and a variety of other UK theme parks (once he could remember her name...


Episode 104 - Wallis Day and The cast of High Ridin

Ian was feeling feisty in this episode and decided to challenge Krypton actor Wallis Day (trained in Boxing, MMA, Kung Fu, etc) to a fight in Northern Ireland, because there is no better way to welcome a guest into the studio. Naturally, it was concluded she would probably win. Also joining Ian was Chicho Tche and Tom Michael Blyth from High Ridin’ at the King’s Head Theatre. Nat remained angry with Ian.


Episode 103 - Christopher Biggins, Spencer Jones, Robert Muchamore

It’s September, and guess what? Ian is still tired! Joining him this week was a trio of wonderful guests; first up was actor and comedian Spencer Jones, who spoke to Ian about adapting his most recent Edinburgh show for a BBC TV special. Following Spencer was author Robert Muchamore, who was in the studio ahead of the release of his new book, Killer T. And last but by no means least, the one and only Christopher Biggins was in the studio! With absolutely nothing to promote, Ian and Biggins...


Episode 102 - Bob Saget and Iain Lee

Knock knock. Who’s there? Just two huge guests for Ian’s show! First up is American comedian Bob Saget, who was on the phone from the US of A to talk about his gig in London on the 21st September, and also make a large number of dick jokes with Ian. Following him was broadcaster Iain Lee, and it’s safe to say that whilst the first half the interview was all lovely, the second half got a bit… heated.


Episode 101 - Christina Bennginton and Johnny Vegas

Joining Ian on the show was star of Bat Out Of Hell – The Musical Christina Bennington, who popped by to talk about how the run of the show is going, and Johnny Vegas, who was supposed to be talking about the recent charity bowls match he organised, but instead had a long conversation about what films are relationship deal breakers with Producer Nat. It was also decided that Nat, Ian and Johnny are going to go to Thorpe Park using Johnny’s VIP pass and are definitely not going to go to West...


Episode 100 - Tom Phillips, Kate Berlant and Tommy Martyn

It’s the big one; Ian’s 100th FUBAR show as Ian! And what better way to celebrate that with the age-old question – if you were beheaded, would you say you’ve lost your head, or lost your body? A trio of guests joined the show to celebrate Ian’s century, starting with Tom Phillips, author and former Editorial Director of Buzzfeed, who came in to talk about his new book Humans: A Brief History of How We Fucked It All Up, and ended up starting a newspaper with Nat and Ian. Kate Berlant also...


Episode 99 - Fuzzbox, Robert Bathurst and Louie Threlfall

This was the 99th episode of the show in this form, and it was a very busy one! Legends Fuzzbox were first in the studio to discuss their new single and tales from the 80s, followed by actor Robert Bathurst, who was on the phone live from Edinburgh ahead of his new show during the Fringe. Finally, actor Louie Threlfall was in the studio to talk about his upcoming BBC One show, Age Before Beauty.


Episode 98 - Dani B and Charlie Quirke

This week Ian was joined by Dani B, a live Ali G performer, and also actor Charlie Quirke, who was in the studio to discuss his two Edinburgh shows. Also, play higher or lower with celebrity voice mail messages. Classic.


Episode 97 - Jonny Labey, Bronagh Waugh and Jonathan Coy

Ian was live and he kicked off the show by trying to work out how Producer Nat would like to be kidnapped in a sexy way. Following that was actor Jonny Labey, and was grilled on whether his character in Eastenders was solely responsible for making Ben Mitchell ‘nice’. Following Jonny was actress Bronagh Waugh, who among many other things, was talking about the new series of ‘Unforgettable’ on ITV. Actor Jonathan Coy was the final guest in the studio, talking all about the tour of his play...


Episode 96 - Emma Woolf and Elf Lyons

Joining Ian in the studio was writer Emma Woolf, who spoke about the inspirations behind her new novel England’s Lane, as well as joining in on Ian and Nat’s big question: if you’re a Vegan, can you have sperm? Also in the studio was comedian Elf Lyons, who joined Ian ahead of her brand new show at the Edinburgh Festival in August. Here Ian tried to tackle Nat’s issues with balloons, however this was largely unsuccessful.


Episode 95 - Richard Wisker, George Blagden and Sebastian Roche

Ian was live and was joined by a wide variety of actors on this week’s show. First up was Richard Wisker, a cast member of Tracy Beaker, who was in the studio to chat all about his career, from acting to music, and he was followed by George Blagden & Sebastian Roche, who are both cast members in Moliere’s Tartuffe, which is currently mid-run at the Theatre Royal Haymarket until the end of July. Ian also ran a Twitter poll about Producer Nat’s height, and Barry was on the receiving of a joke.


Episode 94 - Anna Danshina and Men With Ven

Joining Ian and Nat in the studio this afternoon was Russian actress Anna Danshina, who was talking all about her new film ‘The Bromley Boys’. Also in the studio was David from Men With Ven, an epic musical adventure in seven parts. Ian and Nat also discussed their birthdays and tit pics.


Episode 93 - Elliot James Langridge and Shit-faced Shakespeare

Ian was live and was joined by Briony Rawle and David Ellis from Shit-faced Shakespeare in the studio, ahead of their run of ‘Hamlet’ at the Edinburgh Fringe. Also on the show was actor Elliot James Langridge, who stars in new film Habit, which is released on the 29th April. Actress Harriet Thorpe once again rang in to berate Ian for not seeing her show, Ruthless, The Musical, and Nat had an appraisal.


Episode 92 - Donny Tourette and Frank Maudsley

This week Ian was joined by two musical artists making a comeback; Towers of London frontman Donny Tourette, who spoke about the issues in the past as well as moving forward with a new album, and Frank Maudsley, bassist from 80s band A Flock of Seagulls, who chatted about the bands return and their new recordings featuring all four original members. Also on the show was Nat’s dating stories, plus regular Harriet Thorpe, who rang in live to continue to berate Ian for not seeing her show.


Episode 91 - Ellise Chappell and Alan Flanagan

Ian was live with an important show rebrand announcement featuring several swears, and was also joined by guests Ellise Chappell, actress featuring in the new series of Poldark, and writer and actor Alan Flanagan, who has a one man show opening at the Pleasance Theatre in London. Also on the show, as normal, was Harriet Thorpe, who once again shouted at Ian for not coming to see her show Ruthless, The Musical.


Episode 90 - Chris Woodley and Lara Pictet

This week Ian spoke to Chris Woodley about his play ‘The Soft Subject (A Love Story)’ and actress Lara Pictet about her plans for world domination. Ian also tried to get to the bottom of why someone keeps throwing holy water over Nat on the train, and tries to get in touch with former Danish intern Truls for the new feature ‘Truls’ Travel Time’, which will begin when Truls decides to answer his phone.


Episode 89 - Tom Ratcliffe and Olive Gray

This week Ian and Producer Nat were joined by actor and writer, Tom Ratcliffe, was was on the show to talk about his new play 'Gifted', which has a short run at the Pleasance Theatre. Additionally, actress Olive Gray was in the studio to talk all about her new series 'Home from Home' featuring the likes of Johnny Vegas and Emilia Fox. Harriet Thorpe also appears in the show to berate Ian once more, and Nat talks about her sex dreams which involve mummification.