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IWS is a free-flowing conversation between Matt-Man and Jayman and their guest, callers and various imaginary friends and show correspondents.

IWS is a free-flowing conversation between Matt-Man and Jayman and their guest, callers and various imaginary friends and show correspondents.
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IWS is a free-flowing conversation between Matt-Man and Jayman and their guest, callers and various imaginary friends and show correspondents.








Riding a Blue Wave of Hilarity

Well, the midterm elections are finally over, more or less, and all that's left is to make fun of all the stupid politicians and pundits who made fools of themselves during the election. That's exactly what Matt-Man and Jayman are going to do. We gonna take a deep dive into the electino and thoroughly analyze what happened. Or something like that. Actually, we're just gonna goof on silly people and losers and generally yuck it up. And, let's not forgot that it's Veteran's Day. Matt and Jay...


Dangling Chads And Dead Delicious Turkeys

At long last, the 2018 midterm elections are but two days away and everyone is ANGRY and AGITATED, and probably exhausted by the thousands of ads cluttering up the airwaves, social media, and the litter of signs along the highways and by-ways. So...While we here at IWS Radio are serious about voting, we are going to take a break from the seriousness, dangle our chads, and mock the vote with some pre-electoral hilarity. We'll be praising some candidates, poking fun at others, playing some...


Just Two Creepy Old Dudes Talking and Laughing

"I tried to listen, but it was just two old men talking." That's how someone OUTRAGEOUSLY described IWS Radio recently. It was very hurtful, but since that's apparenlty what the people want, that's what they'll get. Matt-Man and Jayman are gonna just kick back and shoot the breeze and tell of a few stories and laugh it up. Everyone is welcome to join us too! Plus, since it's almost Halloween things could get spooky and creepy up in here. Okay, it's always a little creepy, but you know what...


Midtermin' It With Renea Turner

It's that time of year folks, when robocalls infest your phones and door knockers come by to ask you to support their candidate. The midterm elections of 2018 are here, and IWS Radio has an action packed and informative show awaiting on you. We'll be talking politics with a hilariously biting and satirical flair that only we can. So don't think of it as a boring pundit show. Noooooooo. It will be a blue or red wave of frivolity. We'll have witty electoral banter, some bad midterm election...


We Are Surrounded by A-Holes

We don't know about you guys, but Matt-Man, Jayman and Jamie have noticed that society is getting meaner and more hateful by the day. What's up with all the assholes everywhere? Why can't people be nice? Why do they have to be so argumentative all the time? Whatever happened to being able to have a conversation? Or being able to express an opinion without getting attacked and called names by strangers? Is social media to blame? Or have we always been assholes? Also, who are the biggest...


Oktoberfest 2018: Arkansas Invades Munich

Willkommen and Achtung Baby!! It's Oktoberfest on IWS Radio, and we are going to invade the luftwaves with a blitzkrieg of hilarity!! Witty banter will abound, German culture will be celebrated, good/bad music will be played, and we will be drinking and talking craft beer with Scott of @woopigbrewey and the www.arkbeerscene.com We will be dropping our lederhosen, throwing shade at Brett "I Am A Pissed Off Drunk" Kavanaugh, and getting our advances toward Jamie Mapleleaf rebuffed. All of that...


Do Dogs Rule While Cats Drool? An IWS Investigation

Are you a dog person? Are you a cat person? Are you both? Is that allowed? Can someone be both a dog person AND a cat person? Are dogs filthy animals? Are cats always scheming to kill their owners? The whole Dogs vs Cats debate has been raging for centuries, but IWS Radio has decided to put an end to. Matt-Man and Jayman have wildly different views on this issue and believe it's time to settle the discussion once and for all. We're gonna break things down scientifically and throw in the...


IWS Radio Season 9: Enter The Nonagon

Well folks...Season Nine of IWS Radio is here and we are re-dedicated to providing you with quality comedy entertainment at a fair price. We are, as they say, re-doubling our efforts to make you laugh, shake your heads in disdain, and possibly ask yourselves, "Did they really just say that?" So climb aboard Engine 9 of the IWS Radio Show as we exchange some witty banter, tease what is new and edgy this year, drink some bad alcohol, play some good/bad music, and make fun of Jamie Mapleleaf...


Show Prep 090718

Has Jamie ever had a hickey on her boob? I say yes


Season 8 Finale: The End of the Road?

After last week's disaster, Matt-Man and Jayman are celebrating our Season Eight Finale by picking through the charred remains of the IWS Radio empire hoping to salvage enough to use as a foundation to rebuild. We're dealing with hurt feelings, dysfunction and low morale. People are angry, man. People are angry. IWS Radio is most definitely at its nadir. Rebuilding will be a Hurculean effort and we just don't know if we're up to it. It is Matt and Jay's hope that by looking back at the good...


Fear, Loathing, And BETRAYAL at IWS Radio

After a meteoric rise to the top of the podcast comedy charts and eight hilarious seasons of IWS Radio...the laughter has turned to tears, the champagne has turned to vinegar, and the fun-loving Jay and Matt have been exposed as nothing more than a couple of low-rent, high-living human compost heaps who have made millions and blew millions off the backs of their once loyal IWS team. Secret recordings of Jay and Matt discussing their disdain for their staff, their drunken womanizing, their...


IWS Radio Gets Political

As we close in on America's midterm elections several of our IWS Radio correspondents have been inspired to run for office! Bobby, Slyder, Guy, Rev Moneymaker, hell even Jamie Mapleleaf and others are throwing their hats into the ring! They'll be running for various local, state and maybe even federal offices. Since Matt-Man and Jayman have always encouraged IWS employees to be civic-minded, we hare pleased to give the people running for office a platform to make their arguements! We'll...


A Very IWS Radio Family Reunion

The Dog Days of August are here and with that, many High School and Family Reunions take place, and in this instance, as we move our IWS Headquarters to Three Way, TN., it's time to have a reunion of our own, and celebrate some of our correspondents who have moved on from the IWS Radio family. Great men and women who gave their all to our team such as Marty Martstein, our traffic guy Dusty Sandman, and others such as Lance Cranston, Drew Peacock, Sinjin Burke, Rocky Rhodes, and our former...


IWS World Headquarters: And The Winner Is ....

We have made a decision! After hours and hours of anguish the staff of IWS Radio finally settled on which city will host the NEW IWS RADIO WORLD MEDIA HEADQUARTERS! Who won? You'll have to tune in to find out! As you know there were four finalists: Truth or Consequences, NM, Intercourse, PA, Spread Eagle, WI, and Islamberg, NY. Each city had many positives and a few negatives, but after putting it up for a vote on Facebook and discussing it amongst ourselves we finally decided on one city...


Grillin' And Swillin' In Detroit Rock City

After a harsh and hilarious smackdown and sacking of Paducah, KY., the IWS Radio staff needs to take a deep breath and relax for a bit, however; we are currently without a permanent offcie. So, we have bought a house in Detroit and are having a Pool Party and Cookout Blowout!! Awwwww Yeahhhhh!! Join us as we party down, dodge bullets, and blow off steam in the Motor City at our temporary digs. We'll supply the burgers, the booze, the laughs, and the clothing optional Paducah Community...


Happiness is Paducah Kentucky in Your Rearview Mirror

For EIGHT LONG YEARS Matt-Man and Jayman and the entire staff of IWS Radio have done nothing but praise our adopted hometown of Paducah, Kentucky. We worked hard to cultivate a strong friendship built on mutual admiration and respect. We were in the process of building the most amazing and beautiful World Headquarters there. Just as we were ready to hold our grand opening Paducah hung up on us. LITERALLY! Needless to say Matt, Jay, Jamie and our entire staff are in shock. We're hurt. We're...


Celebrating The Virtue Of Our Vices

People have vices...from smoking, to eating six burrito supremes in one sitting, to drinking cheap wine, to engaging in hot meaningless sex, and the staff at IWS Radio are no different. Oh sure, succumbing to one's temptations are a sign of human moral frailty, but by golly, acting on one's immoral desires are also fun, and lead to hilarious stories for a podcast!! So...Jay, Matt, and the IWS team are going to come clean about their personal vices and celebrate them as well with witty...


A Big Gay Pride, Canada Day and Fourth of July Extravaganza

It's gonna be a great big fabulous rainbow colored star-spangled maple leaf extravaganza on IWS this week! This might be our most ambitious undertaking yet. Matt and Jay are hosting our annual Big Gay Pride Show and combining it with a celebration of Canada Day and the 4th of July! How will we fit it all in? Who knows, but if anyone can do it we can! Probably. Well, I guess we'll find out. Also, Matt and Jay did something very special this week that they will tell the masses all about. You...


National Sperm Appreciation Day

It's that time of year folks; it's a time and a day to celebrate your real daddy and for some of you moms out there, celebrating your baby daddy. It's Fathers Day, and IWS Radio is cooking out, swilling some drinks, playing some good/bad music, and telling stories about our the dads who raised us, and lead down a lifelong path to obscurity, uncertainty, and in some cases, heartache. Join us LIVE as we celebrate dads from all walks of life, engage in witty banter, keep you updated on the...


Joke Show VIII: The Funny Never Dies

Good evening ladies and germs! We know you're out there because we can hear you breathing. It's time once again for IWS Radio's annual Joke Show! Get ready to laugh until you cry folks cause the funny is gonna be coming at ya from all angles. Matt and Jay will share funny stories, one liners and some of their favorite comedy bits from their favorite comedians. Maybe we'll even get into a comedy discussion about things like working dirty vs clean and different styles of comedy and stuff like...