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A daily look into the mind of a mid-level stand up comic in the midwest. Often featuring conversations with other comics on the St. Louis scene, ranging from a first year open miccer to headliners. No topic is off limits, even those considered too controversial to be discussed in polite company.


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A daily look into the mind of a mid-level stand up comic in the midwest. Often featuring conversations with other comics on the St. Louis scene, ranging from a first year open miccer to headliners. No topic is off limits, even those considered too controversial to be discussed in polite company.








Impolite Coffee Break: Comedy, Rock and Roll, and Oprah

CHRISTIAN LAWRENCE INVENTED COMEDY AND ROCK AND ROLL AFTER DISCOVERING OPRAH A booking mishap results in Yale hosting Christian – not Steve – Lawrence. Fortunately Christian has a big show to promote as Bare Knuckle Comedy celebrates its tenth anniversary by……..dying. Christian expounds on his tremendous influence on the entertainment world as we know it today and his ex-partner weighs in by proxy with a set of counterpoints. All this plus the comedy rundown.


07122019 - Impolite Coffee Break: Take Your Listener to Work Day

It's Take Your Listener to Work Day on Impolite Coffee Break! Yale's back from his travels with stories about the UK comedy scene, a dispatch from the trenches of the local comedy competitions, and a brand new feature - an audio essay! All this plus the comedy rundown for the low low cost of free!


07022019 - The Lyons Den: Breast Bumps and Engagement Rings (a.k.a. We're Fine)

Sam and Kate trade stories of love, loss and laughs, and get into the gritty of what comedy, performance and art mean to each of them. Hit them up if you need an engagement ring, wedding dress or a breast pump. You can catch Sam at Helium Comedy Club 7/14, and Kate at Kingside After Dark (7/5), New Comic, Who Dis (7/11) and Impolite Company's WAL takeover at Southtown Pub(7.25).


06252019 - The Lyons Den: Heavy Anchor, June 27 - Be There Nerds

7th Heaven is still perplexing. Netflix is still just putting out whatever the hell they want. And Sam is still talkin bout it. Come to Yours, Mine, and Ours Thursday at The Heavy Anchor, 8PM.


06212019 - Impolite Coffee Break: This Is Not A Sports Show

THIS IS NOT A SPORTS SHOW. Except this week it is. Ron Finger joins Yale in the studio to let go of 96 combined years of angst about the St Louis Blues. We've got exultations, analysis, probing ethical questions and the formula for foolproof barbecue ribs. All this plus a loaded lineup of local comedy shows. As loaded as Brett Hull? Perhaps not, but damn close.


06192019 - Impolite Company: New Year's Summer Day

Chris makes the case for moving New Year's Day to the summer. He rants about a lot of stuff. The late night crowd at his show this weekend hated him, which was awesome. One more call for a revolution.


06172019 - The Lyons Den: The HinderLyons Den Pt. 2

You thought the Blues winning the Stanley Cup was special, but the real miracle will be if Sam acts like an adult and goes to the dentist for his toothache. Tune in for the second part of that lost nonsensical interview with Lucas Hinderliter, complete with a No Limit Records dining experience.


06122019 - Impolite Company: Two Street Jokes

Chris is on the road today, so there's not a regular episode. He did fire up the ol' remote studio (a.k.a. The Samsung Galaxy S 8) and give you his two favorite street jokes in observance of Comedy Contest Season!


06102019 - The Lyons Den: The Lost HinderLyons Episode

Take a trip back in time to 2 months ago, and listen to Sam and fellow comic Lucas Hinderliter discuss their comedy and their youth. See Sam at Westport Plaza tonight as the preliminary rounds of the Funny Bone Comedy Competition continue, and catch him at Southtown Pub for We Are Live's Free Comedy.


06072019 - Impolite Coffee Break: The Tradition Continues

As he does each June, Yale shares Tom Junod's humorous, poignant and - yes - useful story "My Father's Fashion Tips" via a quasi-dramatic reading. Bask in its magnificence and let it carry you through the next two weeks, which is our way of saying Yale won't have a show next week. The comedy rundown is also here with plenty of suggestions as to how to spend your idle time in wake of next week's vacancy.


05312019: - Impolite Coffee Break: It's a Good Thing

Your Podcast Dad(TM) takes some time out to chat about all the great things going on in St. Louis comedy and explains/atones for the reason why last week's show was scrapped. A new feature makes its magnificent debut and we close with the weekly independent comedy roundup.


05292019 - Impolite Company: L'il Wu Tang Clan

Chris gives away three million dollar ideas on today's episode. The best of which is a new children's series featuring the remaining members of the Wu Tang Clan. He recounts his memorial day weekend, and complains about a car that needs to be retired. Welcome to Impolite Company.


05272019 - The Lyons Den: Yours, Mine, & The Lyons Den 3: Homecoming

Play Gloria and come to the Justice Cup at 7PM Memorial Day to stand against the abortion ban and other injustices. 400 14th St. across from the Enterprise Center. Meredith's back on the mic this week to gush over the genius that is Beyonce and reminisce about high school parties. Check her out Wednesday at The Heavy Anchor for Sorry, Please Continue and Thursday at Southtown Pub for We Are Live.


05202019 - The Lyons Den: The Watch Has Ended

Sam is shellshocked by the ending of Game of Thrones this week, so he's offering you some lighter alternatives in TV Land: including a show about a town of high schoolers who get thrown into their own personal Lord of the Flies, complete with teen pregnancy and homicide. Check out the Clayton Comedy Series, Yours, Mine and Ours, and all the great mics in St. Louis this summer. Valar Morghulis.


05172019 - Impolite Coffee Break: Don't Call it A Ted Talk

Your Podcast Dad comes to you from his kitchen table this week where he processes a change in circumstances by delivering a lecture on the business of comedy and how not to be an asshole when dealing with others in a professional capacity. Learn from his experience and insight, then stick around for the weekly, local indie comedy roundup.


05152019 - Impolite Company: Hugh Jackman's Claws Are Real

Chris discusses Game of Thrones, insomnia, conspiracies, LSD, and good Christian values. Impolite Company is here to remind you, #NoGodsNoMasters


05132019 - The Lyons Den- We Might Be Making Out

The Lyons Den becomes the Lovin Den when St. Louis Comedy sweetheart Tony Gardiner drops by to talk about his Comedy Digest showcase, adventures in exotic dancing, and why a Blues player would name his kid that. Catch Yours, Mine, and Ours and Pit Stop Comedy at The Heavy Anchor 5/16 and 5/21, respectively.


05102019 - Impolite Coffee Break: Meet Megan Rice

Podcaster, baking mogul, former/future(?) comedian and LA transplant Megan Rice joins her only (current) St. Louis friend Yale in the studio to chat about her years on the LA comedy scene, her adjustment to full-time residency in St. Louis, savory hand pies and more! She also makes a respectable showing on the "how St. Louis are you" quiz. Yale gets you caught up on all the local comedy action as well as next week's packed lineup of shows.


05082019 - Impolite Company: Your Mom's Really Into Sepultura

Back from his trip to New York, Chris catches up with the audience, discusses NYC, Game of Thrones, Avengers, Illinois's recreational marijuana effort, and wants to know "Are we recording?" Welcome to Impolite Company!


05062019 - The Lyons Den: Seven Hells, It's 7th Heaven

Sam just emailed a proposal to Brenda Hampton for a remastering of this classic family drama, with yours truly playing the role of Eric Camden. Shang isn't seeing the bigger picture when he sings for Ping(Mulan) to pack up and leave basic training. Come see a show: Yours, Mine, and Ours 5/16, and The World Series of Comedy Satellite Round at Wichita's Loony Bin, 5/22. The theme music for this episode is VHS by Keanutis Smith & lyfestile. Used with permission of the artist.