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This Weeks News Headlines and more

Inside The Cave new day for podcasts is Monday but for everyone thats use to a podcast being uploaded on Fridays this new show is for you. This is our takes on this weeks news and headlines. *NEWS RUMORS & HEADLINES* Pop Culture News -Kanye West says to a crowd with Chance The Rapper that he is officially moving back to Chicago and moving the production of his signature shoes Yeezys to Chicago as well. Politics In another example of being associated with Trump not being a good...



We ARE BACK AFTER A 4 WEEK HIATUS We start the podcast by wishing Kat a Happy Birthday, then we discuss all the headlines, news, gossip, and politics since we been gone. Plus Roland is back from the Panic Room, Sly dips in for a sec, Velle confesses his love for his wife, CB explains where everyones W-2s are at, and Big Dawg tells him to SHUT THE F*CK UP, and more *HEADLINES SINCE WE BEEN GONE* Since we haven’t recorded in 4 weeks we will give our opinions on stories that happened...


Best of Kats Corner part 2

My boyfriends Gay Tendencies Husband sleeps with his wife little cousin and more on the Best of Kats Corner part 2.


Gossiping Heifers interview part 2, Sly and Dawg reminisce on Freaknik 93, Kats Corner and more

The ladies we met from being fans of the J Anthony Brown show, The Gossiping Heifers are back this week with part 2 of our interview with them. On this episode we dig deeper into relationship issues and they answer the all important Inside The Cave "Cave Crush Questions" to the amusement of Kat. They also play #TellThaTruth with Sly and answer Dope Boy or Police Officer Right after the Heifers we go to Kats Corner where she helps a mother who isn't ready to see her son leave for...


Gossiping Heifers interview and more

This week on Inside The Cave Podcast we are blessed to have two sisters from Houston Texas that are featured on The J Anthony Brown Radio show, The Gossiping Heifers. The Heifers come on to talk about this week in politics with the latest on Omarosa and Trump taking away former intelligence security clearances. We get ratchet and talk about the latest with Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. Then CB introduces them to the #HeTooMovement. The interview is so loaded that we have to bring them back on for...


Bloody Weekend in Chicago, How to deal with a liar,Can I bring home a plate from another woman to my wife, Porn Hub Awards and more

Cousin Lamar reads the feedback from the past two episodes and more. Kat gives out counselors information for people dealing with mental health issues after another bloody weekend in Chicago. CB praises women while trying to get a better understanding of the Bible. Big Dawg tells us how to deal with Trump A Lady asks should she leave her man that has been lying to her since the beginning which leads to Kat telling us her true feelings about Ced. Sly asks can he bring home a plate from...


DL Hughley, Deon Cole, Taneshia Rice, Rodney Perry and more on Best of Comedians Inside The Cave part 1

Sorry about the delay but we will explain what happened and why the podcast was delayed. Thank you to everyone that has reached out asking whats up? We appreciate the Love and we will be right back this Friday with another episode of Inside The Cave Podcast. Enjoy this Best of Comedians Inside The Cave with two never before heard interviews with Deon Cole and DL Hughley. *We Apologize for the audio on the DL Hughley interview, we were backstage after one of his shows in Chicago and DL...


Beyonce' added to the #HeTooMovement, How long am I supposed to be engaged before marriage, and Ninja Please

On this episode of Inside The Cave, CB add none other then Beyonce and Destinys Child to the #HeTooMovement and Kat ends up agreeing with him. Joe Dirt gives props to NFL player Jurell Casey for taking a stand against the NFL and not worrying about being fined for not standing for the anthem. Sly gets political and CB asks are we ready for a potential Mike Pence Presidency is Trump is impeached. On Kats Corner we help a lady who has been engaged for two years with no plans of marriage in...


Fixing Drug Homes to revitalize the community, interview with Tiffani D'Andria

On this episode of Inside The Cave we talk with the This past week on Instagram a meme with a beautiful black woman went viral but this time for positive reasons. Meet Tiffani D'Andria a young black woman who buys abandoned houses, rehabs them and puts them back in her community as new. Tiffani is a former model that decided it wasn't enough money in it for her, and after a rough divorce she decided to go back to her roots in Birmingham Alabama and reinvest. Tiffani talks about her early...


Will My Wife Help Me Raise My Dead Mistress Kids? Stranger Pizza? Big Dawgs Revenge? and more

On this episode of Inside The Cave Podcast we help a man who is hurting over the loss of his ex mistress who recently died in a car accident and he wants to bring her kids home to his wife and kids. Big Dawg is back and seeks revenge against Sly CB brings a conspiracy to Roland that damn near makes Joe and Kat quit on the Cleeze Report. Stranger Pizza, #TellThaTruth, Dirt Sheets, plus Cousin Lamar is back to read..... Thank you! *RIGHT AFTER THE SHOW LISTEN TO BONUS SEGMENT WITH BIG DAWG...


Best of Cleeze Report on Inside The Cave

On this episode we go back to the origins when we first added Roland to Inside The Cave as a permanent host in October of 2016. In Rolands first appearance he explains his way of thinking and his already popular Instagram and YouTube page The Cleeze Report. Then CB gives a conspiracy about Magic Johnson for Roland to prove or disapprove. Rolands second appearance Roland introduces the official segment for Inside The Cave, The Cleeze Report and talks about the death of Michael Jackson The...


Lee Daniels vs Dame Dash, Things Gay Super Heroes shouldn't Say, Sly vs Velle and more

On this weeks episode CB is back with new segments and with Kat absent the guys go all in so if you have sensitive ears this show might not be fore you. But if you love to laugh then enjoy. After listeners feedback we talk about Lee Daniels vs Dame Dash in things that Lee Daniels shouldn't say. After putting Big Dawg on BLAST two episodes ago Sly now calls out Velle in the same fashion. Does Sly have an agenda to take out the original Inside The Cave members? We talk about rising kids...


XXX Tentacion death, Things Suge Knight shouldn't say, Woman not attracted to her kids first choice, and Sly takes more shots at Dawg!

Roland is still in charge this week but has help from Velle. Sly keeps the cheap shots at Big Dawg coming but does Big Dawg return to settle the score? Kat sets a young woman straight for not appreciating a guy who adores her and loves her children in Kats Corner. Joe Dirt returns with another shitty story for Dirt Sheets. Thoughts on the recent murder of rapper XXX Tentacion, things Suge Knight shouldn't say, #TellThaTruth, plus we read your feedback, and more on this weeks episode of...


Things JR Smith shouldn't say, Guys Trip to Hawaii, Sly goes to Exxxotica, Aware or Awar? and Big Dawg is in trouble, TROUBLE!

Roland takes on hosting duties this week, with the "Skeleton" group of Inside The Cave and this show gets out of hand quick! Roland has a tough time reading Listeners Feedback and Ced calls for his job right away. Kat calls out a man for his cheating ways when he asks about going on a guys trip to Hawaii, to the displeasure of his wife. The guys go in on JR Smith after he cost Lebron James the NBA Finals Sly talks about his trip to Exxxotica in Chicago and more on this weeks episode of...


Masturbation Month, Ro and Sly birthday, and more

The crew celebrates the two newest members birthday the Cave Way! New segment This Time in 2038, #KYSASO, Kats Corner, Around The Cave, and more. New episode of Inside The Cave with Cave Crush Brooke Mackie in a couple days! Shop and use the promo code Aware and support the Inside The Cave Autism Awareness shirts Subscribe on iTunes to Inside The Cave Podcast . . Listen to Inside...


Kanye gone cra-cra, Meek Mill out, 2038, guess the race and more

On this episode, Inside The Cave becomes Kanye West worse DREAMS and NIGHTMARES by giving him the highest recognition you can get on the show, a KILL YASELF AND START OVER. CB goes off on a rant and the group CANT TELL HIM NOTHING as he calls out Kanye for being a hypocrite and giving Ray-J some credit. Cousin Lamar returns to read listeners feedback and told a crazy story, that if Kanye didn’t make news this week his story would’ve definitely been the biggest story! Not to be out done...


Boycott Starbucks? Kat helps CB, 420, new member to #HeToo and more

This episode is loaded with lots of laughs, arguments, and disapointments! Right after Listeners feedback CB surprises the crew with the old game YOU GOT 30 SECONDS revolved around this weeks headlines. In KYSASO the crew gets into a heavy debate over what happened at Starbucks and going old school with Roland arguing with everybody. In Kats Corner a guy writes in to vent but doesn’t ask us a question so Kat and the crew help CB with a childhood crush. Big Dawg and Roland wants CB to get...


Make prostitution legal? Kardashian drama, and more

With most of the Cave no where to be found an unexpected member took the lead role this week, Seasonal Ced! For those that don’t know much about him (How could you he’s seasonal..) Ced is one of the original members of Inside The Cave and always like doing things his way and since CB doesn’t edit you all will hear the show exactly like its recorded. Ced along with Sly starts the show off by talking about the latest with Tristian Thompson cheating on his pregnant girlfriend Khloe Kardashian...


#HeTooMovement, Autism Awareness and more

Fresh from Spring Break, Inside The Cave is back with the thought-provoking ignorance! This weeks show starts with a lot of feedback from the past few episodes and the crews responses. Next in KYSASO CB talks about his hemorrhoids, Fab domestic issues messing up the #HeTooMovement, and a potential KYSASO to Lebron but it could be rescinded. Next in probably the most serious Around The Cave segment ever Velle talks about what black men should do when being stopped by the cops, Kat talks...


Inside The Cave COURT pt.2

After last weeks show with our special guest Cave Crush, we had a little personal business to take care of and on this episode we let all of the listeners hear it. One of the co-hosts of Inside The Cave has been called in as a defendant to Cave Court with the honorable Judge Big Dawg. Kat once again is the plaintiff and she is taking another member to court for sexual harassment and his name is not CB. Velle represents Kat and Attorney Joe Dirt represents…. Well you have to tune in to see...