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Episode 23: You're Still Here?

The beer du episode from Real Deal Brewing in Menomonie, WI is a fantastically executed Black IPA which helps spark a conversation about the idea of a drunken science fair. That is, a science fair where everyone gets hammered and then comes up with a science fair project. Great idea in concept, but becomes an even better idea when everyone’s project is jalapeño cheese sticks with ranch dipping sauce. Eric talks about a book by Ron Miscavige—the father of David Miscavige, who is the leader...


Episode 22: Spite Poop

This is the one where the guys did an afternoon recording and Eric and Andy are coming off of a long night. The guys get started by talking about how wonderful coffee is. Of course, as a show sponsored by a brewery (thanks Real Deal Brewing, Menomonie, WI!) it’s an episode fueled by uppers and downers. Your positively patriotic podcast posse talks about the recent eagle cam in Pennsylvania that showed a cat being eaten by bald eagles on a live stream. Despite what the internet was saying,...


Episode 21: Cheap is Not Free

This is the one where the guys give their final salute and a moment of silence to His Royal Badness. I think we can all agree that the world is slightly less awesome today. Also, in honor of the Purple One, this week’s beer, courtesy of Real Deal Brewing in Menomonie, WI was renamed Little Rye Corvette. Eric takes a detour to recommend something outside of the part of the show where we normally recommend things and talks about a book he just ordered, Dubya & Eddie by Pedro Sanjuan which...


Episode 20: Birkenscience

This is the one where the guys talk about the difference between Celiac Disease, a clinically diagnosable condition, and the notion of gluten sensitivity, which is most likely a condition made up by the organic foods industry to sell more carrots or whatever. They also discuss Ian’s recent Mega Bus trip to Iowa where he was arrested for exposing himself to a girl and masturbating for three hours, presumably while making eyebrows at her and nodding to his penis in his hand. Oh, did I say...


Episode 19: #ericsmom

This is the one that the fellas recorded on National Beer Day! Naturally this leads to Ian talking about crushing Legos with a hydraulic press. I mean, what else would you do to celebrate the holiday of holidays? Eric takes a stab at covering a science story about transparent wood but it becomes quickly apparent that, although he obviously read something about it, he did not make note of the most important things that would be interesting to talk about. He promises to do better in the...


Episode 18: No Piercer

We are excited to announce our latest Twitter follower, Lacy Rhyner (@yancamxoxsex) who is almost certainly a real person and not a porn bot. You, too, can follow us on Twitter @InsincereBull. Speaking of people who may or may not be who they say they are, you should check out the YouTube channel of comedian James Veitch. He has spent some time replying to scam emailers and creating videos with the responses. Eric took a trip to Phoenix to see some spring training baseball, which brings...


Episode 17: The Gimli Glider

This one starts off with a discussion about the merits of old carpet remnants to soundproof the Nerd Bunker versus investing in actual soundproofing foam. The guys are a little worried about how the studio is going to smell when the weather starts to warm up. Ian played Dungeons & Dragons for the first time and sounds like his life has changed forever. Eric has trouble moving beyond the fact that Ian played it with only two people, like somehow that shouldn’t even be possible. It is kind...


Episode 16: F**k That Dog

This one starts out with some updates on some of our favorite stories. First up is the garbage crisis in Lebanon. The waste disposal company is an organization called Sukleen. Sukleen’s headquarters are in Beirut proper. Because Beirut’s economy relies heavily upon tourism, the streets of Beirut were kept clean and the garbage piles were pushed to the surrounding communities. Next up was touching base with the Bundys. Clive is trying to get out on bail, but it seems—by the things that are...