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Jim and Them is a pop culture comedy show based out of Las Vegas, NV, the show consists of Jim, Mike and Jeff aka The Best Dudes. We have had interviews or run-ins with the likes of RL Stine, Dan Harmon, Rian Johnson, David F. Sandberg, Max Landis, Andrew Dice Clay, April O'Neil, Axel Braun, and tons of other special guests. The show has been going strong for 12+ years with tons of content readily available.

Jim and Them is a pop culture comedy show based out of Las Vegas, NV, the show consists of Jim, Mike and Jeff aka The Best Dudes. We have had interviews or run-ins with the likes of RL Stine, Dan Harmon, Rian Johnson, David F. Sandberg, Max Landis, Andrew Dice Clay, April O'Neil, Axel Braun, and tons of other special guests. The show has been going strong for 12+ years with tons of content readily available.


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Jim and Them is a pop culture comedy show based out of Las Vegas, NV, the show consists of Jim, Mike and Jeff aka The Best Dudes. We have had interviews or run-ins with the likes of RL Stine, Dan Harmon, Rian Johnson, David F. Sandberg, Max Landis, Andrew Dice Clay, April O'Neil, Axel Braun, and tons of other special guests. The show has been going strong for 12+ years with tons of content readily available.




ACAB - All Champs Are BAE #634 Part 1

BACK: Things are finally getting back to normal after dealing with a global pandemic, USA is over it and we are BACK BABY! RIOTS: Protests are popping off all over the USA as well as riots, we check in to see if there is any close up magic or molotovs going off. RIOT MIKE: Not only was RIOT MIKE in Minneapolis this week, but RIOT MIKE was also representing for the homeless right here in LAS VEGAS. EXTRACURRICULAR!, NOT GAY!, MR. SHOW!, CHIP OFF THE SHOULDER CLUB!, BACK IN THE NEW YORK...


Bam-ba-Lam - #633 Part 2

Mask Etiquette: People be geeking and not wearing their masks, it's wild out there! BIOVYZR: A mask that goes too far for nerds. Galactic Starcruiser: Let's go over how Jeff gets dragged to theme parks for his own good. JORDAN!, ISIAH!, THE LAST DANCE!, ASSHOLE!, SANTANA!, ROB THOMAS!, SMOOTH!, SCREENPLAY!, GAY SCARFACE!, GAY GUY!, EVERYONE NOT IN THIS ROOM RIGHT NOW JIM!, SUCK ALL THE DICKS!, YA'LL READY FOR THIS!?, BLACK BETTY!, UNDERAGE!, BUSSY!, BLACK PILLED!, J-NEELY!, PEDOPHILE!,...


LUCKY 13 - #633 Part 1

Here is a link to the Power Hour Playlist https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/00dirty30-1/pl.u-o2plFak1Mb IT'S A CELEBRATION!: It's a Jim and Them CELEBRATION! In honor of our anniversary we are busting the drinks out, come celebrate with your boys! Is this a call from JOE BERRY!? STAR WARS: Jim tries to watch The Rise Of Skywalker documentary on Disney+ and starts to realize that maybe he hates Star Wars. Has Star Wars ever made a movie star? Hunks: In Jim and Them fashion we get into a...


Train Yo Kids - #632 Part 2

6ix9ine Vs. Ariana Grande and The Industry: 6ix9ine is breaking down some injustice going on in the music industry and the fact that Billboard #1s CAN BE BOUGHT! Boosie: Boosie goes over his biggest fear that one of his sons might be gay and how he trains them. Sarah's Hubby: Sarah's Hubby putting that Trumpulus to good use with his shotgun house and crayola ceiling fan. GET IN YOUR ASS!, MICHAEL JORDAN!, TYRANT!, DOWN WITH THE KING!, RUN DMC!, SHIP!, SAILORS!, CAPTAIN!, COAL!, GAYER...


Coronatine - #632 Part 1

Mike: Mike Steele is in the building, telling tales of working overtime, Denny's and not being able to have fast food. Coronatine: People are going crazy over this coronatine, between fights at Red Lobster, fights over masks and plastic baggy weed masks. Conspiracy Ramblings: Has the Internet empowered or unified crazy conspiracy theorists or does it just feel that way? Also home remedies for COVID-19 CRAIG EHLO!, MICHAEL JORDAN!, FUCK THIS BULLSHIT!, THE LAST DANCE!, HOUSE OF FUN!, ALL...


In The Name Of The Joseph, The Gordon & The Holy Levitt - #631 Part 2

Myq Kaplan AKA: A visit from Myq Kaplan's Twitter Jim leads us to the release of the new comedy album from the one and only MYQ KAPLAN! Phase One: Nevada is gearing up for phase one of reopening which means things for the gang, and Jim is too polite for COVID-19 Hot Dogs: Jim tells tales of stranger's hot dogs and we go down a hot dog hole that just may surprise you! Also people getting hit by cars. BALLS!, GENDERIZING!, 18 AND LIFE!, SKID ROW!, DEAF!, CHARITY!, SMASHMOUTH!, MUSHMOUTH!,...


BIG MAD - #631 Part 1

QUIBI: Is everyone currently on QUIBI!? Are we watching all of the episode of Judge Chrissy!? 6IX9INE IS BACK: 6ix9ine is out of jail, dropped a single and set an Instagram record. The Boy Blue: Your Boy Blue up on here reviewing the new 6ix9ine and smoking K2 laced with weed. LIP!, SPECTRUM!, GET OFF IT PRONTO!, COBRA KAI!, JIM AND JEFF!, GOING THROUGH SOMETHING!, COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE!, STAY AT HOME!, FOLLOWING ORDERS!, SHARING!, MASKS!, ANIME!, AKIRA!, ACURA!,...


Eat Your Neighbors - 630 Part 2

Daddy Thicc: A new Alex Jones rant of course brings up discussions on who's daddy right now. EAT YOUR ASS: Alex Jones dropping knowledge on the proper food chain once the shit goes down, eating your neighbors. But what Star Wars aliens make good eatin'? DJ Akademiks: Akademiks had a wild night partying with Drake over Instagram live, well deserved. Also a man watches his daughter's face droop mid vaccine and dogs showing up for their owners in fights. GEORGE CLOONEY!, FANTASTIC MR FOX!,...


May Day Dirty 30 - #630 Part 1

May Day Dirty 30: Jim and Them, the official podcast of essential workers is showing solidarity with the WORKING MAN!, SHOT OF BEER! 12 Thousand: We have settled on a number that will turn the likes of Pusha T and Propagandhi into Trump supporters. Also checking in with some drunk Bible stories. Universal Vs. Theaters: After finding out what a "Potter's Field" is, we get into the fight for the fate of kino between Universal Studios and AMC Theaters. Also what is the end credits song of the...


Rock Legends - #629 Part 2

About A Girl: Nirvana covers are all the rage, we check in on Post Malone covering some Nirvana and check back in on the Puddle of Mudd debacle surrounding their cover. Legendary Rock: Yes, rock is dead, but what is considered "Legendary Rock" post-Nirvana? Linkin Park? Blink 182? Limp Bizkit? OT Genasis Vs. Keyshia Cole: Keyshia Cole is salty at OT Genasis for making her song an actual classic, also a girl shoots her boyfriend on Live and some crazy eyes. TODD DILLERSON!, TY DOLLA SIGN!,...


Stomp Mob - #629 Part 1

Mask Gang: Jim got some free masks so we get into the etiquette and proper usage of being MASK GANG! Also a Kenyan preacher screaming about PUSSY. Carolyn Goodman and Donald Trump: Las Vegas Mayor offers us up as the control group for the coronavirus and Trump recommends that doctors try injecting disinfectants to fight the disease. Stomp Mob: We discuss the herd mentality of reacting to someone coughing in public which of course leads to us watching people shitting in public. POPCORN!,...


The Alex Jones Of Pedophilia - #628 Part 2

Emotional Corey: Corey Feldman is reeling after the Coronavirus took all the shine away from his recent documentary movie release. PIRACY: (my) Truth - The Rape Of 2 Coreys was posted all over the Internet which equals Corey crying some more, also Tiger King. BOOSIE: Boose gets confused over a trick question and we watch the "trailer" for his reality show. DICK IS MADE OF BALLS!, DAVE!, LIL DICKY!, MIDNIGHT SPECIAL!, CREEDANCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL!, SATURDAY IN THE PARK!, TWITTER JIM!, DEMI...


COVID IS 5G - #628 Part 1

Intro Thangs: The Best Intro In The Gang at least 5 years in a row continues the streak as we discuss who's ass you would eat a silver spoon out of, some COVID-19 bus stories from Mike and Jeff is single!? Churches Be Wylin: Some churches don't know how to act during the pandemic but they have no problem putting people in danger and begging for money. COVID Is 5G: It is time to delve into where this conspiracy is coming from and what the endgame is, LET'S TURN TO THE YOUTUBE...


Sanitizer Face Spray - #627 Part 2

VOTE RAP: In the midst of Bernie Sanders announcing the end of his campaign we get back to the vote rap that Jim couldn't find a few weeks ago and we get educational up in this, also crank some NOFX. Custom Clown Clips: Insane Clown Posse are back with yet another scheme to make money off of their fanbase, CUSTOM CLOWN CLIPS! Face Spray: In the midst of ICP discussion, Legendary Jeff arrives and people start getting sprayed in the face with sanitizer. RETARDED!, LOUIS CK!, SINCERELY...


MEN'S WORK - #627 Part 1

ESSENTIAL: Some words from your favorite essential workers as we continue keeping this great world afloat. SOCIETY: Jeff has tales from the essential life as he gets into it with a black Trump supporter with vitiligo. FUTURE: Everything is cancelled, will it ever come back!? Will we ever be able to go to Tokyo again and is Halloween cancelled? YOU NO FINISH?!, LOUIS CK!, SINCERELY LOUIS!, TRUMPULUS HITTING!, PATREON!, WOKE SHOW!, TOM HANKS!, VIOLENT PEDOPHILE!, ADVERTISEMENTS!,...


The Rise Of John Gabbana - #626 Part 2

Offset Loves Cheating On Cardi B: Offset once again shows how much he loves cheating on Cardi B despite being so bad at it. A Whole New Boonk?: Boonkgang is back as his true self, John Gabbana, does he deserve a second chance? Machine Gun Kelly: MGK & Travis Barker release a sweet Paramore cover as MGK shows his true self. SWEAT!, SOUP!, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM!, THE IMPRESSION THAT I GET!, MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES!, DOCTORS!, MEDICINE!, DRIPPY MIDGET THAT WANTED TO GO TO DISNEYLAND!, LIVE!,...


Can You Believe They Have To Deal With Me? - #626 Part 1

Are We Not Supposed To Be Doing This?: Now that we are weeks into our Coronavirus quarantine, are we not supposed to be doing the show?! Are the Westboro Baptists infected? Tom Brady: Are people realizing that the coronavirus may take valuable play time from Tom Brady amidst his upcoming comeback with the BUCS!? People Going Crazy: Quarantine is pushing people to the limit, people in India attack health care workers and a wacko in America fights doctors that are trying to help him. BABY!,...


The Fellowship Of The Possum - #625 Part 2

Sarah's Hubby: What started as watching a man make DIY repairs to his sex doll has now become a fascination with a handyman trying to rebuild an 80 year old shit hole. Masked Singer: Playing some more catch up we watch and react to Sarah Palin from The Masked Singer and more of Sleepy Joe being awkward in interviews. Rita Wilson Decoded: We get into the secret messages being sent to us by Rita Wilson. EULOGY!, BALLS!, NUGGETS!, TIGER KING!, BACK IN THE DAY!, AHMAD!, COVID19!, LAYOFFS!,...


Losing My Religion - #625 Part 1

Quarantine Life: Are we used to this yet? The life of isolation, gloves, masks and spraying Lysol everywhere. Post Coronavirus World: We discuss the possibilities around our upcoming trip, we also watch the Dean of NYU Tisch and her reaction to students requesting refunds. Corey Feldman: Corey checks in to make sure everyone is holding up during the Coronavirus but more importantly complain about his film being available for free on Youtube. HOW STRAIGHT ARE YOU!?, PORN!, NOT THAT...



The Boy Blue: Has our documentary subject been tainted? Yes and no, the Boy Blue still delivers by shaving his eyebrow and doing the milk challenge. Max Landis: Max goes live and gives us an interesting look into dealing with the fallout of being cancelled and trying to regain some sense of normalcy all while drinking a Corona beer while quarantined from the Coronavirus. TRADITION!, THINGS SUCKED THEN TOO!, GILMORE GIRLS!, RMR!, RASCAL!, PERFECT STRANGERS!, R/WICCAN!, COME HITHER!, OLD...